Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4597, Growing Stronger as the Battle Rages


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Somewhere in the void, when Luan Bai Feng saw Heavenly Sword Union’s Sixth-Order Masters wanting to flee, she immediately sent a transmission to Mao Zhe.


The three Mountain Lords of the Profound Yang Mountain had originally planned to assist Yue He to capture that Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm female cultivator named Zi Yan, but after receiving Luan Bai Feng’s transmission, they immediately changed directions and flew towards her.


A moment later, Luan Bai Feng withdrew from the battlefield and the three Mountain Lords joined forces to fight her original opponent, Heavenly Sword Union’s Seven Mysteries Heavenly Monarch, Qi Xuan!


Qi Xuan was originally an older generation Sixth-Order Master of Heavenly Sword Union. He spent most of his time in secluded cultivation in order to break through to the Seventh-Order. Even most of Heavenly Sword Union’s disciples didn’t know that they had an Old Ancestor like him. Only a few of the higher-ups knew of his existence.


Besides Seven Mysteries Heavenly Monarch, Heavenly Sword Union also had another Sixth-Order Red Sun Heavenly Monarch, Dan Yang.


Zuo Quan Hui had forcefully taken over Heavenly Sword Union with his Seventh-Order cultivation, so he naturally wouldn’t allow these two to freely do as they wished. Qi Xuan and Dan Yang had no choice but to come out of seclusion.


Originally, although Qi Xuan was shocked by Luan Bai Feng’s unpredictable methods when he fought her, he was still able to gain a slight advantage.


He even had the room to ask Luan Bai Feng why she had betrayed Zuo Quan Hui and joined Void Land instead.


When Luan Bai Feng left and Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya took her place though, Qi Xuan couldn’t help complaining bitterly. One against three, and with all of them being Sixth-Order Masters, forget about fighting, it would be difficult to even escape. From the start, Mao Zhe’s cultivation was about the same as his at the peak of the Sixth-Order. As for Geng Qing and Zhou Ya, although they were slightly weaker, they weren’t too far off.


[I guess things are not looking good for us today, unless Zuo Quan Hui manages to take down Yang Kai!] Qi Xuan was barely able to deal with the three Mountain Lords of the Profound Yang Mountain and was forced to only defend under their combined attacks while secretly praying for a miracle.


On the other side, after Luan Bai Feng broke away from her opponent, her figure shuttled through the void, wandering the various battlefields as she sent out her Array Plates one after another, instantly activating the Arrays engraved on them.


She had quite a number of Array Plates in her possession and of various types, but because Masters on both sides were fighting, Luan Bai Feng had chosen to only use Trapping Arrays or Illusion Arrays; basically, all the Array Plates she had thrown out were non-lethal.


Although the Arrays activated from these Array Plates could not kill or injure the enemy, and might even disturb the judgment of her own allies, they could temporarily trap these Sixth-Order Masters in place and prevent them from escaping.


A moment later, eight Arrays took shape in the void. Although no figure could be seen inside these Arrays, the cultivators outside were able to clearly sense the shockwaves and fallout coming from inside. Obviously, the Masters of both sides trapped inside were fighting fiercely.


After having done all this, Luan Bai Feng took a break and turned her head to look at Yang Kai and Zuo Quan Hui, and saw the two of them exchanging blows, constantly releasing their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques. Although Yang Kai was at a disadvantage, he was still able to hold on.


After seeing this, Luan Bai Feng could finally feel relieved. She then rushed into the Array in front of her to help her companion kill his opponent.


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were locked in a heated battle with their respective opponents, but the Heavenly Sword Union cultivators below the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm were getting slaughtered one-sidedly. The original 300 or so Open Heaven Realm Masters of Heavenly Sword Union had suffered great casualties under the hands of the three Mountain Lords of the Profound Yang Mountain. Now, less than half the original number remained.


On Void Land’s side, over 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters formed a huge encirclement, surrounding all of Heavenly Sword Union’s cultivators and steadily pushing inward. As the encirclement continued to shrink, the Heavenly Sword Union’s cultivators suffered more and more casualties.


Under the constant barrage of the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, the Heavenly Sword Union cultivators would explode into blood mists at a steady pace.


The huge gap in numbers made it impossible for Heavenly Sword Union to turn the tide!


No matter what the outcome of this battle ultimately was, Heavenly Sword Union, a peak second-class force that had enjoyed countless years of glory, would cease to exist.


On another side of the void, Yang Kai and Zuo Quan Hui were locked in a heated confrontation. It was a battle between High-Rank Open Heaven Masters. The void would shatter every time they clashed and their battlefield spanned millions of kilometres. Their World Force kept constantly clashing, causing the space to crack like a broken mirror.


This was especially true for the place where the Heavenly Sword Palace had exploded. A black hole had appeared there after the explosion. This black hole should have slowly closed under the self-repairing properties of the World Principles if it was not subjected to any external forces; however, under the influence of the intense battle between the two, not only did this black hole not show any signs of closing, it even grew larger instead.


A chaotic aura of nihility was coming from inside the black hole.


This wasn’t the first time Yang Kai had fought Zuo Quan Hui. The last time they had fought was in Void Territory, but that time, he had still been beaten miserably by Zuo Quan Hui even with the support of the Three Mountain Lords. Yang Kai would have been killed on the spot if it weren’t for the fact that his strength far exceeded an ordinary Sixth-Order Master’s. Although he had managed to force Zuo Quan Hui back in the end, he had suffered significant damage and had even exposed his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.


When they fought again after several years, the disparity between the first and this time was obvious.


A High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was indeed on a completely different level from a Mid-Rank one! Even if he had reached the High-Rank by borrowing World Force, Yang Kai was still able to exert the might of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master nonetheless.


On the surface, Yang Kai was still at a disadvantage; after all, Zuo Quan Hui was a veteran Seventh-Order Master, so he had better command of his strength and skills. However, Yang Kai was confident that it was next to impossible for Zuo Quan Hui to kill him with his current strength!


Moreover… he could feel his strength growing with every passing breath!


His current strength came from the Star Boundary’s World Force; thus, his strength was directly related to the foundation of the Star Boundary.


Previously, Yang Kai gained the might of the Seventh-Order and instantly destroyed the Heavenly Sword Palace with the help of the various Great Emperors who had entered the Star Boundary, causing countless Heavenly Sword Union cultivators to die.


It had to be known that the World Force released by every Open Heaven Realm Master who died would fuel the World Tree’s growth, which in turn would strengthen the Star Boundary’s foundation.


The more Heavenly Sword Union Open Heaven Realm Masters that died, the more energy the World Tree could feed back to the Star Boundary, thereby further strengthening its foundation.


This was the main reason why Yang Kai became more confident as he fought. With the Star Boundary as his backer, he had an endless supply of energy, unless the Star Boundary exploded and collapsed.


Obviously, this had not gone unnoticed by Zuo Quan Hui. In the beginning, Yang Kai was obviously much weaker than him, but as time passed, Yang Kai became stronger, soon almost equaling him in strength.


The World Force colliding with each other’s Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques was the best indication of this change.


Zuo Quan Hui’s confidence slowly sank to the bottom!


He thought that since Zhu Jiu Yin wasn’t here, victory was in his grasp, but it never crossed his mind that something like this would happen.


Zuo Quan Hui could feel his Small Universe shake every time they clashed. Although it wasn’t a big deal, it meant that Yang Kai had the strength to threaten him.


The only thing Zuo Quan Hui could rejoice about right now was that Yang Kai had not reached this Realm through painstakingly cultivating himself, so his control wasn’t perfect.


It was akin to a child holding a huge blade that weighed several dozen kilograms. Although the blade was sharp and deadly, the child could not wield it properly.


However, he was having a really hard time dealing with Yang Kai’s Space Principles!


Zuo Quan Hui did not find them that troublesome when Yang Kai was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but now that Yang Kai’s had reached the might equivalent to that of a Seventh-Order Master, he truly found the Dao of Space difficult to handle.


Yang Kai would appear and disappear without a trace, often appearing right at his most defenseless corner and then thrusting his spear out without a shred of mercy. These attacks were simply impossible to guard against!


Occasionally, he would be able to determine Yang Kai’s position in advance and launch a Divine Ability to attack him, but Yang Kai would simply disappear like a ghost. Yang Kai’s usage of Space Principles had almost reached perfection.


Zuo Quan Hui’s expression became solemn as Yang Kai’s World Force became stronger and stronger. And with the continuous increase in his strength, he couldn’t help but feel an urge to retreat pop up in his mind.


[I have no choice but to admit that I have grossly underestimated the Lord of Void Land. It’s just as he had said, it was a wrong choice to make enemies of him in this Great Territory.]


But if he wasn’t here, where could he fight with Yang Kai? He couldn’t fight in Void Territory, as that was even more disadvantageous for him with two Divine Spirits lurking in the shadows.


What’s more, Yang Kai had still not used his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. It was a Divine Ability that had injured him before, so its power was immense.


[The battle is already as good as lost! It would be unwise to stay here any longer. It would be better to retreat for now and plan what to do next.]


Although Zuo Quan Hui had decided so, it was extremely difficult to escape from someone who was proficient in the Dao of Space. While the two of them fought, Yang Kai also exerted his Space Principles to turn the surrounding space viscous, making it feel as if they were trapped in a swamp.


Had it been any other Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, even if the opposite party’s cultivation was much higher than his, Zuo Quan Hui was confident he could escape, but facing Yang Kai, he really didn’t have that kind of confidence.


Suddenly, fluctuations of another Small Universe collapsing spread out. It was Seven Mysteries Heavenly Monarch from Heavenly Sword Union, who had perished under the siege of the Three Mountain Lords.


Zuo Quan Hui’s face became dark and gloomy.


The situation would only become more dire as his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm subordinates fell one after another. And once the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land were to join forces with Yang Kai, he would be doomed.


Not daring to hesitate any longer, Zuo Quan Hui turned his head towards the direction of the black hole. [Since things have come to this, I can only take the risk.]


Knowingly or unknowingly, his body began to move towards the black hole. Yang Kai followed him like a shadow as his Azure Dragon Spear thrust out, releasing World Force in bursts all over the void.


The shockwaves from the battle between the two caused the black hole to expand further as the chaotic energy became even denser.


“Zuo Quan Hui, you will die today!” As Yang Kai shouted, he felt his strength sharply rise. This increment was far bigger than before, allowing him to feel as if he was now on par with Zuo Quan Hui. Without a moment of hesitation, a Golden Crow’s cry reverberated as a Great Sun leapt out, lighting up the void.


Golden Crow Casts the Sun!


In that instant, Zuo Quan Hui’s figure seemed to freeze for a moment. Yang Kai’s eyes immediately lit up at the sight of this. He promptly thrust the spear with the Great Sun on its tip straight towards Zuo Quan Hui without a moment of pause.


Space shattered under this attack, and so did Zuo Quan Hui’s figure.


As the Great Sun exploded, Yang Kai vaguely felt as if he had broken something, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. And before he could think about it, a mighty sword wave shot towards him.


He promptly raised his spear to block the incoming attack. The next moment, a violent energy drowned Yang Kai, sending him flying 10,000 kilometers back.




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