Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4598, Territory Gate


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Yang Kai’s vitality was in turmoil as his Small Universe trembled. Zuo Quan Hui’s all-out counterattack was truly terrifying. Yang Kai didn’t even see how Zuo Quan Hui had managed to avoid his first spear strike. It could only be said that a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was truly beyond common sense.


After quickly stabilizing himself, Yang Kai looked up again before his pupils shrank.


Zuo Quan Hui’s figure stood straight as a sword in front of the giant black hole, and beside him were several other figures. They were Zi Yan, Yin Xin Zhao, and several other Sixth-Order Masters.


After repelling him, old dog Zuo Quan Hui still had the strength to spare to save his trusted subordinates.


At this moment, Zi Yan and the others were still in a state of shock. They had expended a great deal of their strength during their respective battles. Furthermore, they had been trapped by Luan Bai Feng’s Array Plates. If Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t broken the Arrays and rescued them, they would have died here, their remains scattered across the void.


Now that they were standing beside Zuo Quan Hui, they finally felt a sense of security.


When they looked around, their eyes filled with sorrow.


The Heavenly Sword Palace had long since been destroyed, and the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Heavenly Sword Union had suffered countless casualties. Although there were still over 100 people left who were tenaciously holding on, it was only a matter of time before they would be defeated and killed.


Red Sun Heavenly Monarch’s lips trembled violently as his face turned ashen.


Heavenly Sword Union was done for!


Heavenly Sword Union, which had been gloriously standing for countless generations, was completely destroyed after this battle. Dan Yang felt as if a knife was being twisted in his heart. Although he was resentful over the fact that Zuo Quan Hui had dragged Heavenly Sword Union into this mess, he didn’t dare say anything. For better or worse, he and Huang Mao had been saved by Zuo Quan Hui, so as long as they could escape with their lives this time, with their Sixth-Order cultivation, they might still have a chance to make a comeback in the future.


“Honoured Master!” Zi Yan suddenly looked towards Zuo Quan Hui’s waist with a look of horror on his face. Much to her shock and dismay, there was a bloody hole in Zuo Quan Hui’s body which was surrounded by raging Golden Crow’s True Fire.


[Master was actually injured!?] Zi Yan couldn’t believe her eyes.


Yang Kai had injured her Honoured Master the last time they fought in Void Territory, but that was because Zuo Quan Hui had been too careless, and Yang Kai had joined forces with two other Sixth-Order Masters. The situation was much different compared to now when he was injured in a one-on-one fight! It was shocking to think Yang Kai was actually this strong!


Zuo Quan Hui didn’t seem to have heard Zi Yan’s concern as he simply stared indifferently at Yang Kai from a few thousands of kilometres away.


Yang Kai was also looking at him, his gaze slowly shifting down to the bloody wound as a big grin appeared on his face.


It turned out Zuo Quan Hui did not come out completely unscathed from their last clash!


Just now, Zuo Quan Hui had used some kind of unknown technique to avoid his fearsome strike, while simultaneously repelling him and rescuing Zi Yan and the others. Yang Kai thought that there was still a big gap between him and Zuo Quan Hui, but by the looks of it, Zuo Quan Hui had paid a great price to achieve this.


Yang Kai was overjoyed! Although he hadn’t been able to kill Zuo Quan Hui with that blow, if he could seriously injure him, he was not that far from killing him.


Raising his Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai looked at Zuo Quan Hui with a defiant expression on his face.


Zuo Quan Hui took a deep breath and indifferently stated, “This Monarch will pay you back a hundredfold for the ‘gift’ you have given me today!”


Yang Kai sneered, “You don’t need to wait, let’s settle this grudge now. Let us see if you die or I perish!”


Zuo Quan Hui slowly shook his head in response, “The time has yet to come!”


Having said so, he turned around and slashed his sword towards the black hole behind him!


Yang Kai was dumbfounded at the sight of this. He was completely unable to understand what Zuo Quan Hui was doing, but he instinctively felt that something was not right.


The next moment, the black hole suddenly expanded under the influence of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm World Force pouring out from this sword strike.


Zuo Quan Hui summoned his strength without a moment of hesitation, wrapping it around the few Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters beside him before diving in.


Yang Kai’s eyes widened in shock. [Is he courting death? That black hole is filled with nihility and chaos! Even if he’s a Seventh-Order Master, it’s impossible for him to find his way out once he’s inside. Sooner or later, he would be lost in the Void Crack and suffer a fate worse than death!]


But right then, Yang Kai felt a strange aura from the black hole. It wasn’t an aura of nihility and chaos, but rather a trace of the Power of the Stars.


[He’s trying to escape!]


Yang Kai shouted in anger, “Where do you think you’re going?!”


Pushing his Space Principles madly, he thrust his spear forward, straight into the black hole.


Yang Kai heard a muffled groan as he withdrew his spear and could see blood dripping from the tip of his spear. Be that as it may, Zuo Quan Hui and the others were nowhere to be found, and it was unknown who had been injured by that spear.


Standing in front of the black hole, Yang Kai’s gaze turned serious as he carefully examined it for a moment. The next moment, he ground his teeth in anger and shouted, “A Territory Gate!”


This black hole had formed due to the explosion of the Heavenly Sword Palace, and along with constant barrage of attacks, the Void in this region was completely shattered, which actually resulted in the formation of a Territory Gate that was connected to another Great Territory!


Yang Kai’s face turned extremely dark and gloomy. He actually let Zuo Quan Hui escape, even when he had such a good opportunity before him.


Earlier, Zuo Quan Hui deliberately stood in front of this black hole to lure him into attacking with his spear even at the expense of being seriously injured. At that time, Yang Kai clearly felt that his spear had broken something.


However, Zuo Quan Hui’s quick counterattack sent him flying thousands of kilometres away, so Yang Kai didn’t have time to carefully investigate it.


[I guess I broke the Territory Barrier at that time! He lured me into attacking him at the risk of his own life so that he could borrow my Space Principles!]


Although Zuo Quan Hui was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was not proficient in the Dao of Space, so even if he personally took action, he might not be able to achieve this. On the other hand, Yang Kai could. He knew that he could not escape from Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Dao of Space, so the only way out was to borrow Yang Kai’s strength to shatter the Territory Barrier and create a new Territory Gate to another Great Territory.


If it was the past Yang Kai, he might not have been able to do this; after all, his cultivation wasn’t high enough. However, the explosion of the Heavenly Sword Palace resulted in the formation of a weak spot in the Territory Barrier, which should have closed up soon after but due to the fierce battle between the two, not only did it not seal itself, it expanded, which made it possible for this to happen.


The right conditions and the right person with the right timing made this possible. If even a single factor was missing, this would not have been possible.


The fact that Zuo Quan Hui was able to come up with such a plan and find a lifeline even in such a desperate situation was a testament to his rich knowledge and experience. He really was an old fox!


Yang Kai’s teeth were about to break from all the gnashing. He gripped the Azure Dragon Spear so tightly that the veins on his hand were bulging.


Although he was filled with unwillingness, he was unable to launch a pursuit.


His current cultivation was thanks to the World Force borrowed from the Star Boundary, so once he chased after them and left this Great Territory, he would lose that boost. At that time, not to mention the sudden loss of his Seventh-Order might, his original Sixth-Order cultivation would be too exhausted to be utilised.


Yang Kai had consumed a great deal of his energy before borrowing the World Strength and had yet to recover.


“Mercy, please! I’m willing to surrender, I’m willing to submit! I’m willing to follow Void Land’s orders from now on!” Amidst the chaos, Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch’s begging could be heard from nearby.


After Zuo Quan Hui repelled Yang Kai, although he had managed to rescue a few of his subordinates, he did not get them all.


Apart from Zi Yan, Pei Wen Xuan, and Yin Xin Zhao, he only took Heavenly Sword Union’s Red Sun Heavenly Monarch and Huang Mao with him.


Zi Yan was his only remaining Disciple, so no matter what, he couldn’t ignore her. Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao were both Cave Heaven disciples, so he couldn’t leave them behind either; otherwise, even if he managed to escape today, Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven wouldn’t let him go. He only helped Heavenly Sword Union’s Dan Yang and Huang Mao because it was convenient.


As for the remaining Jin Gang, Cang Yan, and Heavenly Sword Union’s Liang Ce, Zuo Quan Hu, he couldn’t do anything about them and had no choice but to abandon them!


Now that Zuo Quan Hui had escaped and Heavenly Sword Union had almost been completely wiped out, how could Jin Gang and the others still have the courage to fight?


Hearing his request, Mao Zhe and the others who were surrounding them couldn’t help but slow down their attacks. Mao Zhe even retreated and turned his head towards Yang Kai with a look of inquiry.


A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was considered a powerful force in the 3,000 Worlds. Although there were currently over twenty such Masters in Void Land, no one was going to complain about having a few more. The more Masters a force had, the stronger their foundation would be.


Mao Zhe could not tell what Yang Kai was thinking, but he faintly felt that Yang Kai should not refuse such a good opportunity.


To his surprise, Yang Kai just coldly glanced over and shouted, without a moment of hesitation or mercy, “Kill them!”


Mao Zhe’s heart clenched, but he joined the battle once more without any delay, unleashing his Divine Abilities and attacking Jin Gang with everyone else, causing the latter to curse and complain incessantly.


Luan Bai Feng rushed over and stood next to Yang Kai, asking in a low voice, “No matter what, those three are Sixth-Order Masters… Isn’t it a pity to just kill them?”


Yang Kai let out a cold snort, “Anyone who only knows how to bully the weak while currying favour with the strong can only have the courage of a mouse, what’s the point of keeping such trash alive? What’s more, if a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master tries to rebel, who can suppress them? If I still had pages in my Loyalty List, I wouldn’t mind keeping them alive, but now that all nine pages have been completely filled, there is no place to write their names, unless I remove someone else’s of course.”


Luan Bai Feng’s face twitched, “I was just making a suggestion. If you want to kill them, it’s your choice.”


Luan Bai Feng could tell that Yang Kai was in a particularly foul mood, so she didn’t say anything else, lest she offended him somehow. However, she still found it a bit regretful. [Those three are Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, it would be better to throw them into the Black Territory as ore slaves than to just kill them here.]


She had been in charge of the Black Territory for many years and was always interested in acquiring all kinds of Open Heaven Realm Masters who had been pushed to the end of their ropes. She was not trying to plead for leniency for Jin Gang and the others, it was just her instinct to acquire manpower. Any Open Heaven Realm Master she could use was just an ore slave in her eyes.


However, if Yang Kai wanted her to give up her position in the Loyalty List, it would be impossible. Once someone had entered the Loyalty List, he or she would forever be a slave, unless her name was erased. And having her name crossed out meant her death!


However, after she gave it another thought, she realized that the current situation of the Black Territory was very different from before. Yang Kai could go deep into the Black Territory and bring back Ore Stars to mine, so it didn’t matter if she had Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters or not.


“What about those guys over there? We don’t need to kill all of them, do we?” Luan Bai Feng turned to look at the remaining Heavenly Sword Union forces, “They’re all below the Sixth-Order, if we train them a little, they’ll be good at mining and will be easy to control.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “I’ll leave them to you!”


In any case, there weren’t many Open Heaven Realm Masters left from Heavenly Sword Union, so whether they killed them or not didn’t matter. If Luan Bai Feng wanted them, he could just give them to her. She had made many great contributions in this war, and if she hadn’t risked her life to save Hei He and Lan Xun, Zuo Quan Hui would have definitely gained an absolute advantage over Void Land.


A bright smile immediately bloomed on Luan Bai Feng’s face, “Many thanks, Sir!”




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