Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4599, Old Dog’s Trap


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Luan Bai Feng was just about to take over the remaining Open Heaven Realm Masters of Heavenly Sword Union when suddenly, the aura of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm burst out from inside the huge encirclement formed by the 1,000 Void Land Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Immediately after, a figure shrouded in Demon Qi broke through the layers of the blockade and rushed out, sending many Open Heaven Realm Masters tumbling in the process.


Luan Bai Feng’s beautiful eyes widened in astonishment at the sight of this, “Breakthrough during a battle?”


Luan Bai Feng knew exactly how many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters there were in Heavenly Sword Union; after all, she had been there for several years and knew all of them like the back of her hand.


But at this moment, someone had broken through to the Sixth Order during this fierce battle.


Luan Bai Feng was shaken, and a storm blew through her heart!


On the Martial Dao, aptitude, opportunities, and destiny were all indispensable. Below the Open Heaven Realm, cultivators would often be able to break through to a higher realm under great pressure, allowing them to turn around desperate situations by killing enemies originally stronger than themselves. This was known as breaking through in battle.


Forget about others, Luan Bai Feng herself had experienced this once before.


She couldn’t remember how many years ago it was, but at that time, she was only in the Saint King Realm. A man who lusted after her beauty and wanted to do something heinous to her had chased after her relentlessly. Luan Bai Feng was still unable to escape from that man even after fleeing for a month.


However, during a cruel battle, she suddenly broke through to the Origin Returning Realm in a moment of life and death and defeated that sadistic bastard.


She clearly remembered that she cut off all that bastard’s limbs, severed his manhood, peeled his skin from his muscles and tortured him for three days and three nights before he finally died.


From the beginning to the end, she didn’t know the name of that bastard, she only remembered his cries and pleads before he died.


His pitiful begging was music to her ears and truly unforgettable.


However, she had broken through like this only once on her own path of growth, and she was a proud daughter of the Heavens; otherwise, she wouldn’t have reached the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Yet, someone with aptitude like her had only broken through like this once in a much, much lower Realm, so one could only imagine how rare such an experience was.


This was also just for the Realms below the Open Heaven Realm.


Once someone’s cultivation had broken through to the Open Heaven Realm, he or she would need time and accumulation above all else to advance further. It was practically impossible for any Open Heaven Realm Master to break through due to a life-or-death battle, because even if they did gain some insights during that moment of crisis, it would only advance their state of mind or comprehension, not their Order.


But now, she had personally witnessed a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master advance to the Sixth-Order in such a crisis! This came as a huge surprise to her.


“It’s that Myriad Demons Heaven’s disciple!” Luan Bai Feng’s beautiful eyes lit up as she developed a strong interest in this person. If such a man was captured and carefully examined, she might be able to gain some benefits.


“I’ll go capture him!” Luan Bai Feng stated before rushing forward. Impatience was clearly written on her face, as if she would miss out on something good if she was a moment late.


But right then, a spear suddenly appeared in front of her!


Luan Bai Feng turned her head in shock and saw Yang Kai staring at the Myriad Demons Heaven disciple who had just broken through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, silently.


Even when the man rushed into the newly formed Territory Gate and disappeared, Yang Kai showed no sign of stopping him. Although he could easily stop this man with his current strength of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm and his proficiency in the Dao of Space, he still didn’t make any moves.


Luan Bai Feng blinked her beautiful eyes in confusion, unable to understand what Yang Kai was up to.


Nonetheless, Yang Kai’s intention to let this man live was extremely obvious, so how could she not see it?


An extremely audacious idea suddenly popped up in Luan Bai Feng’s mind as she narrowed her eyes.


“If you don’t go now, none of Heavenly Sword Union’s disciples will be left,” Yang Kai indifferently stated, withdrawing his Azure Dragon Spear.


Luan Bai Feng promptly turned her head and saw that the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Heavenly Sword Union were all on their last legs. She could not delay any longer so she immediately rushed over and shouted to stop Void Land’s people.


Yang Kai turned his head and looked towards the three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters before his figure left a long streak of light as he shot towards them, thrusting his spear out.


The eyes of Jin Gang, who was still struggling at death’s door, suddenly bulged as he stood there in a daze. He looked down and noticed that a giant hole had appeared in his chest at some point. His heart had been eviscerated and his vitality was now leaking out.


Before he could recover from his shock, a series of Divine Abilities came crashing down on him from all sides, instantly reducing him to mist.


The other two battlefields did not fare any better. Cang Yan and the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master named Liang Ce were already exhausted, so how could they possibly withstand the might of Yang Kai’s spear?


Not to mention, they were besieged by four or five Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters each by now!


The three enemy Sixth-Order Masters died one after another, and their massive World Force instantly dispersed into the void. With their deaths, the shockwaves of the fierce battle slowly subsided.


On the other side, Luan Bai Feng had also taken over the battlefield of the cultivators below the Sixth Order. There weren’t many Heavenly Sword Union cultivators left, just seventy or eighty.


In this battle, Heavenly Sword Union’s Open Heaven Realm Masters had suffered overwhelming casualties. Five Sixth-Order Masters had lost their lives, while the casualties below the Sixth-Order were in the hundreds.


The death of so many Open Heaven Realm Masters had caused the World Tree’s growth to reach unimaginable levels!


In the Star Boundary, the massive canopy over 100,000 metres tall now blocked out the sun over a vast swath of land. One could even see the towering giant tree clearly from millions and millions of kilometres away in the void.


“Recover as much as you can. Two hours later, follow me to pursue the enemy!” Yang Kai ordered before immediately sitting down cross-legged and cutting off his connection with the Star Boundary.


He knew to hit a dead snake to avoid any future trouble. He had managed to injure Zuo Quan Hui with great difficulty, so if he let him escape again, it would only be more difficult for him to kill him next time.


The last time he escaped, Zuo Quan Hui returned with Heavenly Sword Union under his command. Who knows if he would return with some ‘Earthly Sword Union’ or something next time!


It didn’t matter which Great Territory this Territory Gate led to, or what kind of dangers they might encounter on their way there, Yang Kai was determined to kill Zuo Quan Hui!


Yang Kai’s Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation rapidly started receding like a deflated balloon. Even though he was mentally prepared and knew that his cultivation would fall back once he cut off his connection with the Star Boundary, he still could not bear the backlash entirely.


Only after coughing a mouthful of blood did he feel any better.


His cultivation returned to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and even his Small Universe was completely barren as his World Force had hit rock bottom. He secretly rejoiced that he had not chased after Zuo Quan Hui immediately as he would not have been able to defeat any Open Heaven Realm Master in his current state.


How could someone in the Open Heaven Realm without World Force be called an Open Heaven Realm Master?


After consuming a large number of Open Heaven Realm Pills, Yang Kai’s dry Small Universe finally received some nourishment and slowly recovered its World Force.


A short two hours was not nearly enough for Yang Kai to restore his strength to its peak, but time was not on his side. Zuo Quan Hui already had a head start, so if he didn’t chase after him now, he would not even be able to catch sight of his shadow.


Yang Kai slowly stood up and took a long, deep breath as he looked up.


22 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land had gathered around him, including Heavens Revelation and Wondrous Pill.


Yang Kai had already sensed their auras when he was borrowing the World Force from the Star Boundary, so he wasn’t surprised by their appearance here.


However, since the eight Great Emperors had previously poured their World Force into the Star Boundary to allow Yang Kai to borrow more power, their current condition was quite similar to his. Their auras were weak and they were probably at less than 40% of their peak.


Yang Kai nodded slightly to the two.


Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen, on the other hand, sized up Yang Kai from top to bottom. When he spotted Yang Kai’s gleaming eyes, he could not help but ask in surprise, “Did you gain something?”


Yang Kai gently nodded, “It saved me at least 500 years of cultivation!”


Yang Kai was able to reach the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm for a short period of time by borrowing the strength of the Star Boundary. Although his connection with the Star Boundary was cut off and his cultivation had receded back to the Sixth Order now, it wasn’t like he had gained nothing.


His Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm foundation had been greatly strengthened because of this, but because his Small Universe still had not recovered its World Force, he was unable to display too much strength right now.


Once he did recover his World Force, Yang Kai believed he would be much stronger than before.


This kind of gain was not inferior to when he entered the Divine Armament World.


Furthermore, he had experienced the strength of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm first-hand, which would be of great help to him when he advanced to the Seventh Order in the future.


“That’s wonderful!” Zhan Wu Hen nodded his acknowledgement, though he felt a little envious.


Bustling World Great Emperor asked in surprise, “If you can borrow some strength a few more times, wouldn’t you be able to step into the Seventh Order directly?”


Yang Kai waved his hand and explained, “Don’t speak about it so lightly. I had to consume a great deal of the Star Boundary’s foundation when I borrowed its strength. The Star Boundary has not shown any signs of degradation because many Open Heaven Realm Masters died in this battle, and the World Tree has received a great deal of nourishment from their collapsing Small Universes, which is why its foundation has strengthened instead of weakening. If I were to do this a few more times though, the Star Boundary’s foundation would be damaged, and the consequences will be unpredictable.”


Bustling World Great Emperor nodded lightly, “That’s true.”


Since Yang Kai was able to borrow the World Strength of the Star Boundary, the other Great Emperors of the Star Boundary could naturally do the same. Originally, Bustling World Great Emperor was considering whether he should use the same method to rapidly increase their strength, but by the looks of it, although this method was feasible, it would damage the Star Boundary.


No one was willing to do this.


Yang Kai turned to Qing Kui and asked in a low voice, “Is there something wrong?”


Qing Kui had been observing the newly appeared Territory Gate all this while. Unlike a normal Territory Gates, this new Territory Gate was constantly twisting and distorting for some reason, giving off an extremely uneasy feeling.


“It’s not very stable!” Qing Kui frowned, “I don’t know what we’ll encounter if we enter it rashly. We might end up torn apart by the Void if we aren’t careful… Ah, right, never mind, if you lead the way, we don’t need to worry about that.”


Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, so he naturally had a method to deal with this situation.


“How did he create a Territory Gate?” Yang Kai couldn’t understand this, but Zuo Quan Hui seemed to have anticipated this development; otherwise, he wouldn’t have lured him to attack the black hole in the first place.


Qing Kui pondered for a moment before explaining, “Rumour has it that the Great Territories were not connected with each other in ancient times. Each Great Territory existed independent of the others. Everyone thought that the Great Territory they were in was the entire Universe. However, the Great Experts of ancient times saw through the mysteries of the world and were somehow able to open passageways to other Great Territories, which was how the original Territory Gates came to be, similar to the one in front of us. As more and more Territory Gates appeared, the number of Great Territories they could explore increased, eventually forming the current 3,000 Worlds.”


Su Ying Xue added, “If one is strong enough, they can break through the Territory Barrier between the two Great Territories and open a new Territory Gate.”


Yang Kai’s expression became ugly, “I knew it. I fell into that old dog’s trap!”




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