Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4601, The Heavens’ Judgment


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Refining the World Force of a Universe World was a despicable act that went against the Heavenly Way. After all, doing so would damage the foundation of a Universe World which in turn would bring calamity to the trillions of living beings.


What the Great Demon God had done back then was more or less the same.


Only the lawless and wicked would do something so disgraceful. No matter what else, Zuo Quan Hui was from Thousand Crane Paradise. Before he was labelled as a traitor by Thousand Crane Paradise, he was an Inner Sect Elder, so it really was unthinkable for him to do something like this.


However, when everyone remembered how he had not hesitated to have Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch wreak havoc in Void Territory’s Three Brilliance World in order to lure Yang Kai out, killing countless people in the process, it became apparent that there was nothing he would not do.


Zuo Quan Hui had resorted to unscrupulous means before in order to avenge his Disciple, so he would naturally do so again.


Supplementing your own energy by refining a Universe World’s foundation was not something that could be done so easily, however. It was only possible if the Universe World’s foundation was compatible with one’s own Small Universe; otherwise, if their energies conflicted with each other, the cons would outweigh the pros.


Since Zuo Quan Hui was doing something like this, it meant that the foundation of this Universe World was compatible with his Small Universe.


Nonetheless, even if he could refine it successfully, Zuo Quan Hui would still need to spend a great deal of time and effort to eliminate the sequelae caused by this. There was no doubt that the foundation of the Universe World here was beneficial to him, but if he failed to remove the harmful energy, it would damage his foundation instead.


It was not as safe as painstakingly refining Open Heaven Realm Pills and cultivation materials of different Orders, but it won in speed!


Apparently, Zuo Quan Hui’s condition wasn’t very good; otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken such a risk.


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai shouted as he took the lead and rushed towards the Universe World. Since he knew what Zuo Quan Hui was scheming, how could he let him have his way?


On the Blue Clouds Continent, Lu Bai Yang was leaning against a large tree with his body drenched in blood, his hair dishevelled, and his face completely pale.


He was the strongest Master in the Blue Clouds Continent. He had gained some insights into the Heavenly Way and had gone into retreat for hundreds of years just to comprehend his own Dao. He didn’t know what kind of mysteries lay further ahead on the Martial Dao, but he could faintly feel that his path had not yet reached its end and that there was still a vast future ahead of him.


He could not prove this point, nor could anyone tell him about this; no one on the entire continent had this qualification.


After being invincible in this World for so many years, he longed for an even stronger Master to guide him. He had once fantasized about a wider world outside the continent, where cultivators stronger than him existed.


He even once thought that it would be great if a stronger Master really came to the Blue Clouds Continent. No matter if the other party was someone good or evil, he could at least ask for some advice from them. Even if he had to pay a steep price, it was still acceptable to him.


And such a day had really come.


When the world shook, it shook Lu Bai Yang wide awake. He immediately came out of retreat and looked around. The next moment, he spotted seven figures descending from the sky and landing on Tranquil Heavens Peak where he lived.


This was the Sacred Peak of the Blue Clouds Continent, the Holy Land of the Martial Dao that everyone on the continent yearned for, because this was where Lu Bai Yang lived!


Tranquil Heavens Peak was the source of all Earth Veins of this world, and Lu Bai Yang was its protector.


The auras of these seven people were as deep as the sea and Lu Bai Yang could tell each of them had a cultivation far greater than his own with a single glance. Even someone like Lu Bai Yang didn’t know how to face them.


He had longed for a stronger cultivator to guide him, but he hadn’t expected that when such a cultivator arrived, their cultivation would be so high that he couldn’t even see the opposite party’s back.


Just a casual attack from the other party had left him severely injured; his Foundation almost collapsed and his cultivation had nearly been crippled because of this.


He hadn’t even been able to clearly see how the other party had attacked. In the eyes of the other party, Lu Bai Yang’s title of strongest under the Heavens was no different than a scrap of paper.


What caused Lu Bai Yang to be bitterly disappointed even more was the fact that after attacking him, the other party no longer paid any attention to him. They did not even care if he was dead or alive. They let him lie on the ground, barely breathing, not even showing the slightest bit of vigilance.


Only if the disparity between them was too great would they ignore their opponent like this.


Lu Bai Yang coughed up a mouthful of blood, leaning against the tallest tree on Tranquil Heavens Peak. He didn’t know what these uninvited guests had done, but half a day ago, the Heavenly Way roared and the wind and clouds changed colour. Immediately, Lu Bai Yang noticed that the Blue Clouds Continent was losing something very important at a rapid rate.


He had been able to comprehend a trace of the Heavenly Way after painstakingly cultivating for so many years in the retreat, so he was able to faintly perceive the changes in the world.


It was not just World Energy that was being drained away, but something far more important.


This was the foundation of the entire world!


*Hong long long…* 


Deafening rumbles came from the ground as it cracked and the sky shook to no end.


Lu Bai Yang felt as if he was hearing the wails of all living beings in the World, each and every one of the heart-wrenching cries were so real that they seemed to echo in his ears.


He shook his head vigorously, but he was unable to shake off the noise.


He heard countless prayers and pleas.


He saw the world collapsing, volcanoes erupting, and living beings fleeing in a desperate attempt to seek shelter.


The world was ending!


Lu Bai Yang’s eyes went wide. He didn’t know why he was hearing these strange noises and seeing these strange scenes, but he knew that they were real and were happening all over the Blue Clouds Continent.


This was the home where he was born and raised, yet these invaders wanted to destroy it!


Lu Bai Yang actually broke into a fit of coughing as he braced himself and slowly stood up.


Not far away, Zi Yan, who was recovering, opened her eyes and glanced at him. Her eyes flickered with a cold gleam as she indifferently stated, “If you don’t want to die, just lie there!”


[I actually failed to kill him. This guy is quite tenacious.]


Lu Bai Yang coughed violently again, spitting out pieces of his internal organs before lowering his head and mumbling in a low voice, “This is Blue Clouds Continent!”


“I, Lu Bai Yang… am the strongest Master of the Blue Clouds Continent!”


“Everyone in the world knows that even if the sky collapses, someone will always appear to hold it up. If I, Lu Bai Yang, don’t stand now that it is collapsing, who will?”


He stated his inner thoughts word by word, taking a step with each one he spoke, leaving behind clear bloody footprints. After a few steps, his dispirited face slowly brightened as his hunched back straightened.


The world hummed.


The next moment, a cracking sound rang out.


Lu Bai Yang stopped in his tracks. He felt as if something had appeared in his body. The Grand Dao that had always eluded him, like it was covered in a layer of fog even after having been in a retreat for so many years, suddenly became as bright as day at this moment as a seal appeared in his body!


A steady stream of energy was flowing out from the seal, causing Lu Bai Yang to feel as if he possessed the same power as the Heavens and the Earth, and that he was able to control this omnipresent might of the World.


“Oh? You obtained the acknowledgement of the World’s Will and became a Great Emperor, allowing you to form a Dao Seal?” Yin Xin Zhao looked towards Lu Bai Yang with interest.


Red Sun Heavenly Monarch indifferently stated, “This world is sentient, it doesn’t want to be destroyed. So naturally, it will strive to find a chance to survive, but unfortunately…”


So, what if Lu Bai Yang had become a Great Emperor? In front of several Sixth-Order, and a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, he was still nothing more than an ant. If he had found such a genius in the past, Dan Yang might have been interested in taking him under his wing and meticulously nurturing him.


However, after the battle with Void Land, Heavenly Sword Union had almost been wiped out, with only him and Huang Mao surviving until now. There would be no Heavenly Sword Union in the future.


Dan Yang even didn’t have the heart to take in Disciples and teach them at this point.


While Lu Bai Yang was still in a daze, Zi Yan had already lifted her hand. The next moment, she sent a burst of energy towards Lu Bai Yang’s heart with a flick of her wrist.


In the moment of crisis, Lu Bai Yang instinctively dodged to the side, borrowing the might of the world to instantly teleport to another location, but the energy followed after him like it was alive.


This time, Lu Bai Yang was unable to dodge and his chest was pierced through, causing a fountain of blood to spurt.


Lu Bai Yang was shocked and fell into despair!


Originally, he had thought that he would be able to fight against these invaders after his strength had greatly increased. He would be able to take a few of them down along with him even if he lost his life.


However, he now finally realized that the gap between him and these people was simply too great. The woman had heavily injured him with a flick of her wrist, so it would obviously be a simple matter for her to kill him.


Lu Bai Yang looked up in anger and roared, grounding his teeth, “You will surely suffer the Heavens’ judgment for committing such vile acts! The trillions of dead souls of my Blue Clouds Continent will haunt you day and night, we will not let you rest in peace!”


Hearing this, Yin Xin Zhao sneered, “Haunt us? The Heavens’ judgment? Ignorant foo…”


Mid-speech, Yin Xin Zhao looked up and a look of fear appeared on his face as he shouted, “How did they find us!?”


The others also felt that something was wrong and all of them looked up as if they were facing a great enemy.


Even Zuo Quan Hui, who was refining the foundation of the Blue Clouds Continent, suddenly opened his eyes as a dark and malicious gleam flashed across his eyes.


Lu Bai Yang finally realized what was happening and also looked up as well. He then saw an upheaval in the void as a giant crack appeared in the sky. From the crack, a group of more than twenty people appeared, descending upon the world like divine soldiers from the Heavens.


The person in the middle was a young man who looked even more youthful than himself. He wore a tight-fitting outfit and had a majestic and dignified expression.


In an instant, everyone became tense. The invaders who were ridiculing Lu Bai Yang just now wore ugly expressions, as if their parents had just been murdered.


Although Lu Bai Yang didn’t know where this second group of guests came from, it was clear that these two groups were enemies. More importantly, the first group was obviously afraid of the newcomers.


Lu Bai Yang’s heart was filled with joy as he burst into loud laughter, “Those who act unjustly will die, the Heavens’ judgment has arrived!”


No one was in the mood to pay attention to this fellow who had just become a Great Emperor. Yin Xin Zhao and the others became extremely focused as they began circulating their World Force.


Up in the sky, Yang Kai stated in a calm and composed manner, coldly staring down, “Zuo Quan Hui, you won’t escape this time!”


Zuo Quan Hui clenched his teeth and coldly snorted, “And how are you going to fight me exactly? You can’t borrow the World Strength after leaving that Great Territory, can you?”


Previously, Yang Kai had advanced to the Seventh Order by borrowing World Force from the Star Boundary, obtaining the qualifications to fight him. Now that he had left the Great Territory, his cultivation had reverted to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Although he only had six Sixth-Order Masters beside him, including one more who had just broken through, a Seventh-Order Master like him alone was enough to bridge the gap between them, so the current situation was not necessarily worse than before.


As long as he could take down Yang Kai, he would be victorious!


Looking down at the Blue Clouds Continent, Yang Kai sighed softly and sympathetically mumbled, “Many people are going to die today…”




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