Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4610, Ownerless Land


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Yang Kai recalled that when the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary had to face the Great Demon God; their situation was similar to that of Lu Bai Yang. The only difference was that no powerful cultivators showed up and helped them at that time. However, on this day, those from Void Land appeared and killed the enemies, thus solving the crisis for this place.


Lu Bai Yang appeared somewhat bashful, “Many thanks for your compliment, Senior.”


“What’s this place called?” Yang Kai asked.


Lu Bai Yang replied respectfully, “Senior, this is Blue Clouds Continent.” He felt his heart pounding against his chest, thinking that these were indeed the senior experts that came from somewhere else. That was the reason they were not even aware of this World’s name.


He had previously speculated that there was a wider world and greater Martial Dao outside the Blue Clouds Continent, but that remained a speculation that couldn’t be proven. Nevertheless, what he had gone through on this day proved his theory right.


Upon seeing the other man’s fervent gaze, Yang Kai put on a smile, “You’ve obtained the acknowledgement of the Will of this World and condensed your Dao Seal, thus allowing you to become a Great Emperor. After that, you’ll need to refine various resources to condense the Powers of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements. Once you accomplish this, you must split Heaven and Earth apart within your body, allowing you to step into the Open Heaven Realm.”


There was a longing expression on Lu Bai Yang’s face as he muttered in a dazed state, “Split Heaven and Earth apart?”


Yang Kai went on to say, “We will remain here for some time, so I will have someone explain the abstrusity of the Open Heaven Realm to you at a later point.”


An elated Lu Bai Yang saluted him, “Many thanks for your kindness, Senior.”


It was like passing through a forest as a blind man when he cultivated on his own. If he could get the advice of some senior expert, it could save him time and allow him to take the correct path. It was expected that he was pleasantly surprised.


Yang Kai waved his hand, “The calamity that befell your Blue Clouds Continent is partly my responsibility, and your homeland has suffered immense losses as a result. Just see it as my compensation to you.”


Naturally, Lu Bai Yang wouldn’t dare to seriously take it as compensation.


Then, Yang Kai changed the topic by asking, “How old is the Blue Clouds Continent?”


Since Lu Bai Yang had obtained the acknowledgement of the Blue Clouds Continent and become a Great Emperor, he was definitely the one who knew this Universe World the best.


When Yang Kai became a Great Emperor in the past, the entire process of the Star Boundary’s birth and growth played out in his mind. He supposed that Lu Bai Yang had gone through a similar experience.


After giving it a thought, Lu Bai Yang replied, “It’s about 1 million years old.”


Yang Kai nodded, “It’s quite young.”


A Universe World that was born roughly a million years ago could be considered very young, and it was now confirmed that this place was a Newborn Great Territory.


“Mo Mei,” Yang Kai called out.


Mo Mei took a few steps forward, “Yes, Sect Master.”


“Go back to the Star Boundary and bring some people over. Tell them to form into groups to explore this Great Territory. If they discover anything of importance, report it to me immediately.”


“Yes!” Upon receiving the order, Mo Mei turned around and left.


This Newborn Great Territory was a lucrative ownerless land. Since Yang Kai had discovered this place, he definitely wanted to take control of it. If there were any hidden treasures in this Great Territory, over 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters would certainly be able to find some traces.


Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t want to miss such a great chance.


Void Land was tight on money right now. With a Territory Gate blockaded by those from Heavenly Sword Union, which was led by Zuo Quan Hui, for a few years and influencing trade, all of Void Land’s resources had been used up, so they seriously needed to replenish their reserves; otherwise, it would be hard for their disciples to cultivate.


Business in Void Star City had to be restored, and the problem regarding the lack of resources in Void Land had to be settled. Yang Kai also needed to make some future plans for the Star Boundary. Even though they had defeated Zuo Quan Hui, they had to deal with a lot of issues. All these were giving him a headache as it wasn’t until he began trying to solve these problems that he realised how difficult it would be to do so. He missed his days when he basically acted as an arm-flinging shopkeeper despite being a Sect Master.


Everyone had consumed a lot of energy in the epic battle, so Yang Kai told them to get some rest and asked Yue He to teach Lu Bai Yang some basic knowledge about the Open Heaven Realm before he started cultivating.


Zuo Quan Hui collapsed his Small Universe before his death, allowing his World Force to contaminate Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Although Yang Kai had cordoned off his Small Universe in time, and Wu Kuang had activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to gobble up the mixed heritage, some of Zuo Quan Hui’s World Force still managed to leak into Yang Kai’s wider Small Universe.


The power that belonged to Zuo Quan Hui was no different from impurities for Yang Kai. He had to get rid of it sooner rather than later, or else it would affect his foundation.


Lu Bai Yang personally led Yang Kai to a secluded place where he could cultivate, a Restricted Area of the top four Sects in the Blue Clouds Continent. 


Tranquil Heavens Peak was definitely a good place; otherwise, it wouldn’t have become the Holy Land of the cultivators in the Blue Clouds Continent. However, after the great battle, the area around Tranquil Heavens Peak was destroyed, and the peak itself was gone for good.


Lu Bai Yang was the most powerful cultivator in the Blue Clouds Continent who was respected by all. Since he had spoken, no one dared to disobey him.


Therefore, Yang Kai successfully entered the Restricted Area of this Sect called the Primordial Sect.


It wasn’t that he insisted on cultivating in a Restricted Area as to him, he could just cultivate anywhere. However, since Lu Bai Yang had mentioned it, he didn’t think it was appropriate to turn him down.


The Elders of Primordial Sect were beside Lu Bai Yang the whole time, and the fact that Lu Bai Yang treated this young man respectfully, as though he was the latter’s Disciple, terrified them.


They were fully aware of Lu Bai Yang’s capabilities. He was the most powerful Master in the Blue Clouds Continent, so why would he still treat someone else in such a solemn manner?


These elderly people were doubtful as they couldn’t figure out the reason behind it.


Eventually, the Sect Master of Primordial Sect summoned his courage and asked, “Saint Lu, who is that Sir?”


‘Saint’ was an honorific given to Lu Bai Yang by the cultivators in the Blue Clouds Continent. Other than his cultivation, he also received this title because of his temperament.


However, at this moment, Lu Bai Yang appeared bashful as he took a glance at the beautiful woman beside him. He reckoned that he didn’t deserve the honorific since he was so weak. Upon seeing that there wasn’t a change in her expression though, he wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and replied, “He’s a senior expert from the outside world. The noises we heard before were the fallout of Senior clashing with his enemies.”


The people from Primordial Sect widened their eyes in disbelief.


Earlier, the world-shattering noises reverberated across the entire Blue Clouds Continent. Many of them thought that the end had arrived. It wasn’t until this moment that they realised those were the repercussions of a battle.


Even the fallout was so horrifying, so how powerful was the person who made the move in the first place? Furthermore, Lu Bai Yang had mentioned the words ‘senior expert’. The people from Primordial Sect still couldn’t believe what they had heard.


Lu Bai Yang waved his hand, “All of you should treat him with respect. No one should approach Senior without his permission.”


All of them obediently saluted, “Yes, Saint Lu.”


It was then Lu Bai Yang bent his back at Yue He, “Many thanks, Senior.”


Yue He replied with a smile, “Since it is the Young Master’s order, I will definitely do my best. By the way, stop calling me Senior. I’m not that old.”


Lu Bai Yang hurriedly nodded in agreement. While he was excited, he took a glance at the Elders of Primordial Sect, but appeared hesitant.


Knowing what was on his mind, Yue He said with a smile, “You’re quite generous. The average person who has obtained such an opportunity would never expose it, but you’re willing to share it with the others. It is no wonder that you were able to gain the acknowledgement of the World’s Will and became a Great Emperor at the most critical moment.”


A humble Lu Bai Yang replied, “Many thanks for your compliment, Sen… Madame.”


Yue He put on a bright smile as she seemed pleased with the title, and then she said amicably, “Others are welcome to join. It’s not a secret anyway, just some common knowledge from where we come from. It’s just that the Blue Clouds Continent is fairly isolated, so you know nothing about the outside world.”


Lu Bai Yang let out a long breath, “Many thanks, Madame.”


He then sent a signal to the others from Primordial Sect.


These elderly people felt their hearts racing as they said in unison, “Many thanks, Madame!”


They previously thought that this beautiful woman was just a maidservant, but it wasn’t until Lu Bai Yang called her ‘Senior’ that they realised they had greatly underestimated her. She was also one of these senior experts. They had no idea what this woman wanted them to listen to, but it must be some valuable information since Lu Bai Yang regarded it as important.


The Sect Master of Primordial Sect then led all of them to a Grand Hall and invited Yue He to take the head seat.


These people in the hall were the cultivators at the peak of Martial Dao in the eyes of the commoners in the Blue Clouds Continent, but at this moment, they were seated with straight backs and looked attentively at Yue He, as though they were disciples awaiting a lecture.


Yue He then talked about the classification of the Martial Dao. After she was done explaining the Emperor Realm and the World’s Will, she went on to talk about Great Emperors and Dao Seals.


Lu Bai Yang and the Elders of Primordial Sect felt as though they had been struck by a huge wave. The classification of the Martial Dao was unified across the entire 3,000 Worlds; after all, the 3,000 Worlds were well connected and communication was frequent.


However, in this new Great Territory, the Martial Dao was classified in a slightly different way. It was vaguer than from the outside world.


In comparison, they realised that the classification system mentioned by this beautiful woman was more comprehensive and logical. They fell into their thoughts and realised that they were in the Emperor Realm, just like what she had said.


At the mention of the World’s Will and the Great Emperors, those from Primordial Sect started breathing rapidly.


Yue He said with a smile, “Every Universe World can be thought of as a bottle with certain limits, oftentimes referred to as the World’s Bottle. The number of Great Emperors any Universe World can support depends on the limit of the World’s Bottle. Even though there’s only one Great Emperor in the Blue Clouds Continent now, there will be more in the future.”


The Sect Master of Primordial Sect took a deep breath and looked fervently at Yue He, “So, all of us have a chance to become Great Emperors?”


Yue He smiled and nodded, “You’ll have the chance as long as you manage to gain acknowledgement from the World.”


These people traded glances with excitement. This was truly a piece of shocking news. They previously thought that Lu Bai Yang was already at the peak of the Martial Dao, but they hadn’t expected to find out there were more powerful beings in the outside world. With a clear goal in sight, they naturally wanted to work hard to tread further upon the Martial Dao.


The Sect Master of Primordial Sect asked humbly, “How does one go about gaining such acknowledgement?”


Yue He only shook her head with a smile.


They thought that she wasn’t willing to expose such a secret, but no one dared to complain.


Lu Bai Yang on the other hand asked with a frown, “Madame, what happens to the others of the Blue Clouds Continent once the World’s Bottle’s limit is reached? Does that mean it becomes impossible for them to advance further on the Martial Dao?”


“Naturally not. The Great Emperors can make use of the World’s Will to condense their Dao Seals, but it doesn’t mean those who are unable to become Great Emperors can’t do so as well. I’ve never been a Great Emperor myself. As long as one can find their own Grand Dao, they can continue rising. Alternatively, they can make use of Heavenly Dao Pills or other similar Spirit Pills. Many people in the Outer Universe rely on such pills to condense their Dao Seals.”


Dhael Ligerkeys – 1 million years old???? Seriously??? Just Earth is estimated to have formed more than 4.4 billion years ago. Some Hindu texts (which are also works of fiction in my opinion) say Earth has been around for more than 150 trillion years! And the best you can come up with is 1 million?





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