Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4611, Chaos Stirs and a World Is Born


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In comparison, Yue He was evidently more amiable to Lu Bai Yang, but that wasn’t because he was the strongest amongst these people. She was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master, so Emperors and Great Emperors were no different to her, ants she could squash with a snort


The main reason was that Lu Bai Yang was truly concerned about his world and people, which was proven to be true in their conversation.


The Emperor Realm Masters of Primordial Sect only cared about whether they would be able to secure a place in the World’s Bottle.


On the other hand, Lu Bai Yang was concerned about how others could move forward once the limit in the World’s Bottle was reached. That was why Yue He regarded him highly.


Half a day later, all of them left the place with excitement.


Yue He’s narration seemed to have opened the door to a new world for them, allowing them to know that besides the Blue Clouds Continent, there were more Universe Worlds that they were not aware of out there. Outside of their own Great Territory that consisted of many Universe Worlds, there were even more Great Territories.


The Emperor Realm was followed by the Open Heaven Realm, which was divided into High-Rank, Mid-Rank, and Low-Rank.


They had never heard about such things before.


Ignoring the sentiment of those from Primordial Sect, Lu Bai Yang asked for Yue He’s opinion about sharing what they had learned with others. Upon receiving her permission, he gathered all the Emperor Realm Masters in the continent together two months later and told them everything he knew. He also explained to them what happened in the Blue Clouds Continent on that day.


Certainly, Lu Bai Yang wouldn’t lie to them, so upon hearing his words, all of them broke into a commotion.


Five days after the epic battle against Zuo Quan Hui, more than 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land streamed into this new Great Territory. Groups of two were formed and each pair picked a direction and flew off to begin scouring this Great Territory.


Half a month later, many of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had recovered, could no longer contain their urge to explore the new Great Territory.


The new Great Territory was full of mysteries. They naturally had to personally find out about the opportunities and risks in this place.


Only Yue He and Su Ying Xue were left in Primordial Sect to handle the more administrative affairs.


One month later, Yang Kai finally left the Restricted Area. He had managed to get rid of the impurities from Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe, but the loss of heritage he had suffered in that battle couldn’t be replenished in a short time. His decision to merge his own Small Universe with that of Zuo Quan Hui in a final attempt to kill him turned out to be harmful to him, which was inevitable.


Fortunately, he managed to kill Zuo Quan Hui in the end.


Seeing that Yang Kai had come out of the Restricted Area, Yue He hurriedly approached him and called out, “Young Master.”


Yang Kai nodded at both Yue He and Su Ying Xue, then asked, “How’s the situation in this Great Territory?”


An excited Yue He replied, “This Great Territory is very vast. It’s been a short time since the exploration started, so we haven’t found out where the boundaries are; however, we’ve discovered many Universe Worlds with ample resources, even though their Orders are fairly low.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “That’s good news.”


There was a lack of resources in Void Land now. The issue could be alleviated if they could get some resources from this Great Territory.


“Have you discovered any Open Heaven Realm Masters?” Yang Kai asked.


Yue He shook her head, “No. Many of the Universe Worlds only have the most basic forms of life; there are not even living creatures with sentience. We’ve discovered two Universe Worlds where there are living beings, but the Martial Dao there is even lower than that of Blue Clouds Continent.”


Yang Kai nodded gently, “Now we can be certain that it’s a Newborn Great Territory.”


Only in a Newborn Great Territory would the Martial Dao be so low in so many places. There wasn’t even a single Open Heaven Realm Master to be found.


“There’s one interesting place, though. Do you want to have a look, Young Master?” Yue He asked.


Yang Kai shot her a glance and burst into laughter, “Since you’ve said so, it must be very interesting. Let’s go.”


Yue He pressed her lips together and smiled, “Please come with me, Young Master.”


Upon finishing her words, she leaped into the sky, followed by Yang Kai and Su Ying Xue.


Yue He then shot off in a certain direction.


Over 1,000 disciples from Void Land had scattered everywhere in this Great Territory. Once they discovered a place that was worth their attention, they would immediately head to the Blue Clouds Continent to report it to Yue He, who would then let Yang Kai make a decision after the latter exited his retreat.


Although one month had passed, they were still unable to have a clear picture of the entire Great Territory. With that said, they had made a lot of discoveries.


As they moved forward, Yang Kai suddenly recalled something and asked, “What Order do you think Lu Bai Yang can achieve?”


Yue He replied, “I’ve checked his Dao Seal and I believe he’ll definitely be able to reach the Fifth Order. It will be difficult for him to directly ascend to the Sixth Order.”


Yang Kai nodded his head, “He’s the first Great Emperor in that Universe World who has the blessing of the World’s Will. The Fifth Order will be pretty good for him.”


The cultivators who could directly ascend to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm were Core Disciples of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. For every Sect, they would probably only get one such disciple every 1,000 years or so.


Having said that, with the transformation in the Star Boundary, turning it into an Open Heaven Realm Cradle, Yang Kai wasn’t able to foretell what would happen from now on. Perhaps directly ascending to the Sixth Order would be the norm in the future.


“Do you want to ask him to join Void Land, Young Master?” Yue He asked.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “This Great Territory is like the back garden of Void Land now, so whether or not he joins Void Land makes no difference. Tell someone to send over a set of materials condensed from the Gourd Vine to help him ascend to the Open Heaven Realm. Given his temperament, I believe he won’t be ungrateful.”


Upon hearing that, Su Ying Xue rolled her eyes, “You’ve asked Senior Brother Qing to invite our Honoured Master to come over alongside his friends from the other Cave Heavens and Paradises, and now you also want to keep this entire Great Territory as Void Land’s back garden? I don’t think that’s feasible.” After all, Yang Kai himself had said that Void Land was unable to gobble up so many treasures on its own. This new Great Territory was also such a treasure.


A nonchalant Yang Kai replied, “Feasible or not, that will depend on how I’m going to make it happen.”


As he spoke, he suddenly turned to look in a particular direction as there was a World with a golden glow hovering in the void there. Even though it was far away, Yang Kai could still clearly feel a stunning aura coming right at him from over there.


He narrowed his eyes when he saw that.


Yue He fished out a jade slip and took a look before stating, “There are no living creatures in this Universe World, but it contains ample Metal Element materials. Two disciples looked into it and found out that the materials were only in the Second and Third Order. However, if we dig deeper into the ground, we might be able to get Metal Element materials of higher Orders.”


Yang Kai sighed, “I recall reading from an ancient book that all Newborn Great Territories are extremely rich in resources. I couldn’t imagine it in the past, but now it seems that it’s true.”


The currently known Great Territories in the 3,000 Worlds were all born at some point in time. During that period of time, they were also stuffed full of resources. However, as time passed, the resources gradually became depleted and disappeared from the people’s sight. 


The Universe World before their eyes was a treasure vault that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the 3,000 Worlds.


If all the resources were extracted out of this treasure vault, that would translate into immense wealth.


Yue He said, “Besides this Universe World that contains Metal Element materials, we’ve also discovered similar Worlds that have Wood Element and Fire Element materials. There’s also a Sealing Yang Domain.”


A surprised Yang Kai asked, “A Sealing Yang Domain?”


Yue He smiled and nodded, “En.”


In the past, the place where Bai Qi ascended to the Open Heaven Realm was also a Sealing Yang Domain. It was originally a Restricted Zone belonging to Golden Rainbow Province. Those from Golden Rainbow Province discovered it a long time ago, but they used it as bait to lure the Proprietress and Bai Qi out. In the end, the Sealing Yang Domain was destroyed following an intense battle.


The Proprietress was thorough at that time as Bao Qi almost lost his life. So, those from Golden Rainbow Province had also suffered immense losses since the Sealing Yang Domain was now gone for good.


It was during that time when the Proprietress made a heart demon oath. Unless she could destroy Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar, she would never ascend to the Seventh Order in her lifetime.


Yang Qi was abundant in a Sealing Yang Domain as it could infinitely produce Yang Element materials of different Orders.


Out of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, Yin and Yang Element materials were the rarest. A Sealing Yang Domain was definitely more valuable than the Metal Element Universe World.


Yang Kai repeatedly said ‘good’ in order to express his joy. It strengthened his notion of making this Great Territory the back garden of Void Land.


Even though this move would cause some disputes, he certainly wouldn’t allow anyone to harm his interests.


At that moment, Yang Kai supposed he should thank the old dog Zuo Quan Hui. If Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t made use of his power and opened up a Territory Gate, Yang Kai wouldn’t have discovered this new Great Territory that would bring tremendous benefits to Void Land.


However, this issue was also giving him a headache.


There were many places in this new Great Territory that needed exploration. The small number of Universe Worlds that contained a huge amount of resources already required a lot of manpower to mine. It had only been a hundred years since the Star Boundary last experienced its biggest war, and since the population had shrunk significantly, they were unable to bear such a burden.


Yang Kai believed that he could use the help of Void Territory. After all, Void Land now directly managed over ten Universe Worlds, so they could bring some people over to help out.


As they kept flying forward, they soon arrived at the Sealing Yang Domain.


It was a small Star that accompanied a Dead Star, but it contained an abundance of Yang Qi. The Yang Qi permeating the entire Star was in the Third-Order.


In other words, if any cultivators intended to ascend to the Third Order, they could just come here and refine the ambient Yang Qi. There wasn’t a need for them to look for Yang Element materials elsewhere.


It was true that world creation was absolutely abstruse.


Then, the trio kept flying forward for ten more days before they arrived at their destination.


As Yang Kai looked dazedly at the place where swirling clouds of dust and light were weltering. He could clearly feel a chaotic aura coming from it. Lightning would strike from time to time, as though it was ready to claw through the clouds and break free from the chaos.


The aura of a new world permeated a large area of the void.


“Chaos stirs and a world is born!” Yang Kai exclaimed while Su Ying Xue widened her eyes.


Although Yue He had already learned about it from the exploring disciples, she still fell into a dazed state when she actually saw it.


A while later, she nodded her head and continued, “This is our biggest discovery yet, Young Master. However, we’re not sure when the chaos will be broken. Only when that time comes will a new world really be born.”


Yang Kai carefully sensed it but still couldn’t figure anything out. He said helplessly, “I have no idea as well.”


Then, he suddenly said through clenched teeth, “If anyone dares to lay his paws on this Great Territory in the future, I’ll definitely cut off his hand!”


Seeing that he suddenly became so emotional, Yue He broke into a fit of giggles while Su Ying Xue just glowered at him.




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