Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4613, It’s Someone Else


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After a long time of exploration, they still hadn’t found any Open Heaven Realm Masters in this Great Territory. The Martial Dao of the discovered Universe Worlds was also generally low, most of which were worse than that of the Blue Clouds Continent. A few of them were an equal match for the Blue Clouds Continent and only one had a higher Martial Dao where a few Great Emperors had appeared, but that was it.


This was a characteristic of a Newborn Great Territory as the Martial Dao was still in the development stage.


With such a Great Territory that was full of treasures and resources in its possession, Void Land would have a bright future. However, their heritage was insufficient presently to fully exploit it.


In the past, Yang Kai thought that 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters was a staggering figure. In the entire 3,000 Worlds, only a small number of Second Class great forces were a match for Void Land in this regard.


Nevertheless, these 1,000-plus Open Heaven Realm Masters had to protect Void Land, guard Void Star City, and explore this new Great Territory. Each place required a lot of manpower, especially the last one. In fact, they would probably need 10,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters to be stationed in this new Great Territory, so 1,000 suddenly seemed like a small number.


Yang Kai could only console himself that he had to take things slow. Void Land was still in its development stage, and they had already amassed a lot of Open Heaven Realm Masters in a short time. If he was too greedy for quick success, he might mess things up instead by rushing.


Since a Jade Token was required for anyone to move past the Territory Gate, they had to ask some people to stand guard on both sides of the gate. First of all, they could watch over the place so that no one would barge in. Secondly, they could open the doors for trustworthy visitors. 


Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t have to deal with this as Yue He would make the arrangements.


After passing through the Territory Gate, he returned to the Great Territory where the Star Boundary was located.


A few months ago, he led many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to intercept those from Heavenly Sword Palace several million kilometres away from the Star Boundary. In the end, he borrowed the World Strength from the Star Boundary and temporarily ascended to the Seventh Order, which was how he managed to destroy the Heavenly Sword Palace and expose Heavenly Sword Union’s remaining forces.


The Territory Gate he had opened up was only a few million kilometres away from the Star Boundary itself; therefore, after he left the new Great Territory, he immediately saw the Star Boundary.


Upon seeing what was in front of him, Yang Kai became startled and muttered, “Why has it grown taller yet again?”


Compared to four months ago, the World Tree was now even taller. When he most recently returned to the Star Boundary from Void Land, the World Tree was only about 100,000 metres tall. After the great battle, many Open Heaven Realm Masters were killed, and the World Force which leaked out from their corpses were all absorbed by the World Tree. The nutrients allowed the tree to double in height to a 200,000 metres tall giant.


Even though Yang Kai was somewhere in the void that was several million kilometres away from the Star Boundary, he could still clearly see the magnificent and humongous World Tree now.


What was even more surprising was that the Star Boundary and Demon Realm, which were originally far apart from each other had basically merged together.


Presently, the Star Boundary was filled with greenery as an ample vitality permeated it while the Demon Realm was seen with weltering dark Demon Qi. Both places stood in stark contrast to one another as one was green while the other one was black.


The intertwined roots of the World Tree penetrated both worlds, which connected the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary.


Yang Kai had never expected such a thing to happen and at that instant, he wasn’t sure whether this was a good thing or not.


“Junior Brother Yang!” Qing Kui was waiting somewhere nearby, and upon seeing Yang Kai, he quickly flew over.


Yang Kai nodded and saluted him, “Many thanks for your efforts, Senior Brother Qing.”


Qing Kui replied with a smile, “It was just some travelling back and forth, nothing too strenuous.”


“Has Martial Uncle Xu arrived?” Yang Kai asked.


Qing Kui nodded his head and said in a small voice, “Honoured Master immediately came over after hearing about the situation in this place. Since he was in a rush, he could only invite a few friends of his who happened to be in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven at the time. More people will arrive later as Honoured Master dispatched messengers to some of the other Cave Heavens and Paradises.”


After a moment of hesitation, he went on to say, “Honoured Master has asked me to tell you something, Junior Brother Yang. In the next few years, the Star Boundary will be the centre of attention for the entire 3,000 Worlds. All 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises will have their eyes on this place. So, he hopes that you’ll be careful in everything you do.”


Yang Kai put on a smile, “I know.”


Then, he patted Qing Kui’s shoulder, “Let’s go. We shall meet Martial Uncle Xu and the other Seniors.”


Taking advantage of his status as a Great Emperor, he instantly moved across several million kilometres and returned to High Heaven Palace alongside Qing Kui, Su Ying Xue, and Yue He.


In the Grand Hall, Hua Qing Si was seated on a chair with nothing to do when something flashed across her eyes. Upon seeing Yang Kai and the others, she stood straight up and saluted, “Palace Master!”


Yang Kai nodded while Qing Kui looked around and asked in shock, “Where are my Honoured Master and the other Seniors?”


Hua Qing Si replied with a helpless smile, “They said they wanted to take a stroll. I couldn’t stop them.”


Yang Kai activated his Divine Sense and instantly found them, then he broke into laughter, “Let’s wait for them.” 


With just a casual sweep, he had detected several powerful auras that were scattered across the Star Boundary.


All of them were powerful Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, so they could certainly move around the Star Boundary as they pleased. Yang Kai was unable to stop them and did not have the intention to do so.


After they were seated, Hua Qing Si told someone to prepare tea. Yang Kai took the opportunity to ask about the transformation in the Star Boundary. When he returned to this place some time ago, he instantly clashed with those from Heavenly Sword Union at the Territory Gate, after which he was locked in battle all the way to the Star Boundary’s borders, then crashed into the Newborn Great Territory to pursue the enemy. Following that, he spent the next few months arranging the Grand Space Array at the Territory Gate.


It wasn’t until today that he returned to this place.


An excited Hua Qing Si replied, “The Star Boundary has gone through a tremendous transformation, Palace Master. Not long after you left previously, the World Tree started growing rapidly, and the World Energy became increasingly ample, which allowed all cultivators to comprehend the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao more easily. Over the past few months, we’ve recorded many people breaking through to the Emperor Realm. The ones who are already in the Emperor Realm have also shown great improvement in their cultivation. Furthermore, the overall strength of High Heaven Palace has increased by 30% compared to a few months ago.”


It was inconceivable that such a tremendous transformation had taken place in just a few months. This phenomenon could not be found in any other Universe World in the entire 3,000 Worlds, but it was happening right here in the Star Boundary.


The rapid development of the World Tree had greatly benefited the cultivators in the Star Boundary since they were living in this place. They could now easily achieve a breakthrough, and everyone had renewed hopes of achieving greater heights in their cultivation.


“What about the Demon Realm?” Yang Kai asked.


Hua Qing Si replied, “Sir Embodiment said that it’s the same case in Demon Realm. For some reason, the World Tree suddenly connected the Star Boundary and Demon Realm together some time ago. Now that the two worlds have merged, the transformation in Demon Realm is tremendous as well.”


Yang Kai nodded his head, “The limit of the World’s Bottle also seems to have expanded. In the future, there will be more Great Emperors and Demon Saints in the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm.”


Hua Qing Si was surprised as she hadn’t realised this; however, since Yang Kai was the Star Boundary’s Void Great Emperor, he naturally couldn’t be mistaken about such a thing. The World’s Bottle of the Star Boundary could only accommodate ten Great Emperors in the past, but since it had expanded, it would allow more to be born.


“Unfortunately, you’ve already condensed a Dao Seal; otherwise, you would have stood a chance to become a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary.” Yang Kai looked regretfully at her.


Hua Qing Si replied with a smile, “This Mistress is already satisfied with the achievements I’ve made so far. I wouldn’t dare to be greedy.”


“It’s great that you don’t mind,” Yang Kai put on a smile.


In fact, there was nothing special about becoming a Great Emperor; after all, every cultivator would eventually want to become an Open Heaven Realm Master. The value of being a Great Emperor was that one obtained the acknowledgement of the Universe World they were from. Therefore, despite being only an Emperor Realm cultivator, he or she could activate World Force and temporarily use the might of the Open Heaven Realm.


Nevertheless, the power one could use was only on par with the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm, so it wasn’t that valuable.


But the Star Boundary was different as its heritage was incredibly rich now. If one could become a Great Emperor in the Star Boundary, they could make use of the might of the world and use strength on par with a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master despite only being in the Emperor Realm. In comparison, the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary and the Great Emperors of the other Universe Worlds were not even of the same calibre.


Furthermore, experiencing such great power in advance would help one’s future growth, just like how Yang Kai had experienced the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm power in advance.


That was the reason he felt sorry for Hua Qing Si.


However, since she had condensed her Dao Seal, she would have the potential to become a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the future. There was nothing worth regretting in reality.


Everyone had their own opportunities. Compared to the other Emperor Realm Masters, the ones from the Star Boundary were already at a significant advantage.


And this was just the current generation. The future generations would gain an even greater advantage, which was the reason Xu Ling Gong and the other Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t contain the urge to explore the Star Boundary.


After talking to Hua Qing Si for a while longer, Yang Kai looked up as a figure flashed and appeared before his eyes. Xu Ling Gong’s brawny figure appeared in the Grand Hall.


“Honoured Master!” Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue rose from the chairs and saluted him.


“Martial Uncle Xu!” Yang Kai immediately stood up as well.


Xu Ling Gong seemed to be burdened with worries. He waved his hand and took a seat on a chair, after which Hua Qing Si set down a cup of tea on the table for him.


After giving it a thought with a frown, Xu Ling Gong picked up the cup and gulped the tea down. Then, he stared at Yang Kai and snapped, “Brat, you’ve put me in a tight spot!”


Yang Kai broke into laughter, “What do you mean, Martial Uncle Xu?”


Xu Ling Gong replied, “I saw many talented youths when I was out taking a stroll just now and wanted to take them all on as Disciples. What do you think I should do?”


Yang Kai’s expression darkened as the corners of his eyes twitched, “It seems that you’re here to rob me instead of complaining about anything, Martial Uncle Xu.”


Xu Ling Gong grinned, “I only thought about it, but didn’t make any moves. It’s someone else who has actually done so!” As he spoke, he pointed at the entrance of the hall.


Following that, another figure flashed as an old man clad in a simple grey robe appeared. What was surprising was that the old man was carrying a toddler that was barely a few months old in his arms. Beside him was a flustered woman whose eyes were drenched in tears.


The woman was wearing clothes made from simple linen, and although she was a bit chubby, it was obvious that she wasn’t from a wealthy family. She was as ordinary as could be.


No traces of cultivation could be found on this woman, and the dirt under her nails and in her hair made it apparent that she was from a family of mortal farmers. Her child was taken away by a seemingly powerful old man, and she was brought to this strange hall at the speed of lightning. At that moment, she was anxious and didn’t know what to do.


However, her worried gaze remained fixed on her child as he seemed to be the only thing on her mind.




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