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Martial Peak – Chapter 4615, Not Speaking the Same Language

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The woman stole one more glance at Yang Kai and asked in a hushed voice, “Is that really Senior Void?”


Hua Qing Si said with a smile, “Since you worship his picture at home, why would you not recognise him when you finally see him?”


The woman flushed, “I… I just can’t believe it.”


She had always been a lowly farmer, so she found it unbelievable when such an important person suddenly appeared before her eyes.


“Then, are you Head Manager Hua of High Heaven Palace?” The woman suddenly recalled something and gazed at Hua Qing Si in shock.


A curious Hua Qing Si asked, “You know me?”


“It really is you!” The surprised woman covered her mouth as admiration was written all over her face, then she explained, “It is said that Senior Void has a strong right hand in High Heaven Palace. Despite being a woman, she was able to help Senior Void manage all the affairs in this World. Even a simple woman like me has heard about Head Manager Hua. The fact that the Star Boundary has been safe over the years is largely thanks to Head Manager Hua.”


Hua Qing Si replied with a smile, “It seems that I’m pretty famous too.”


The woman smiled humbly, but she soon started squirming as though she was sitting on pins and needles. Not only had she met the famous Senior Void, but she had also come across Head Manager Hua. She felt like she was dreaming.


After a moment of hesitation with her lips pressed together, she asked in a small voice, “Can my son enter High Heaven Palace, Head Manager?”


Hua Qing Si straightened her face and patted the other woman’s hands, “Given the child’s aptitude, he is qualified to be the Disciple of anyone he wishes.”


Since the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wanted to take the child on as a Closed Legacy Disciple, it proved that he had an exceptional aptitude, so no great force would turn him down, though Hua Qing Si was unable to see anything special about the child.


The woman gritted her teeth and rose from the chair. Facing Yang Kai, she fell on her knees and pressed her head against the ground as she said loudly, “Senior Void, please accept my child into High Heaven Palace so that the last wish of his Father can be fulfilled. I’m willing to offer a lifetime of service to repay your favour.”


Yu Chang Dao, who was playing with the child, immediately glowered at Yang Kai as his aura churned. It seemed that he would teach Yang Kai a lesson if the latter dared to agree to this request.


Pretending to not see this, Yang Kai sent a signal to Hua Qing Si while uttering, “Get up first.” He felt helpless at the woman’s tendency to keep kneeling.


Hua Qing Si helped the woman up and adjusted her clothes for her.


Before Yang Kai could speak, Yu Chang Dao suddenly said, “Martial Nephew Yang, allow me to have a word with her.”


Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t turn him down over such a trivial matter, so he extended his hand to motion for him to go ahead, after which he picked up a cup of tea and sipped it.


Yu Chang Dao walked up to the woman and explained to her things like Universe Worlds, the 3,000 Worlds, the 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises in a small voice.


The woman was puzzled as she listened to him. She didn’t speak or ask any questions, almost like they were not speaking the same language.


For all her life, she had only stayed in a small place that was several dozen square kilometres. She had never even stepped outside of her farming village prior to today. Therefore, she was unable to understand the old man as he talked about the 3,000 Worlds, Cave Heavens, and Paradises.


She just thought that the things the old man with a grey beard said were abstruse and unfathomable.


From time to time, she would steal a glance at his beard. The originally neat and tidy beard had become dishevelled because of her child, so she was worried that the old man would be angered.


Certainly, Yu Chang Dao realised this as well. He was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who could easily destroy a Star or flip a Universe World when he was infuriated. However, he was completely powerless to deal with this ordinary woman. He felt frustration burning in his chest without any means to vent it out, which was why he was so vexed.


“Do you understand now?” As a cultivator of the Heavenly Way, Yu Chang Dao was truly patient though and asked the woman with a smile.


The woman shook her head and nodded, then shook her head again.


On the side, Xu Ling Gong was all but rolling on the floor with laughter.


Regardless of how patient Yu Chang Dao was, he was enraged by this stubborn woman. If it weren’t because she was the Mother of his future Closed Legacy Disciple, he would have given her a piece of his mind.


He then turned to look at Yang Kai. Suddenly thinking of something, he said, “How do you find High Heaven Palace?”


The woman replied without hesitation, “It’s definitely the best. That was what my Husband kept telling me before his death. In the past, he had tried to enter High Heaven Palace, but he was unable to make his dream come true. That was because his aptitude was not good enough, so he didn’t pass the various tests.”


Yu Chang Dao put on a smile and extended a finger, “High Heaven Palace might be the best in your eyes, but I can easily destroy it with one finger.”


The woman appeared horrified at those words. She looked at the old man as though he was the Demon Lord who caused calamity and upheaval in the Star Boundary 100 years ago.


Not knowing what was on her mind, Yu Chang Dao went on to ask, “How do you find him?” As he spoke, he pointed at Yang Kai.


Respect was written all over the woman’s face, “Without Senior Void and the other Senior who refused to yield in battle, the Star Boundary would’ve been destroyed, and all of us would’ve been killed.”


Yu Chang Dao stroked his fingers across his beard and put on a faint smile, “Perhaps, but he still must call me Martial Uncle, and even if there are ten of him, I can still easily defeat them.”


Yu Chang Dao knew that it was impossible to reason with this using the logic of the Martial Dao woman, so he decided to explain to her in a simple way by comparing High Heaven Palace and Yang Kai with himself so that the woman would realise that he and the force behind him, which was Free and Unfettered Paradise, were powerful.


This couldn’t be helped, as Yu Chang Dao had no other choice. If he could reason with her, he wouldn’t have bragged about his power in such a way. That wasn’t what a senior expert was supposed to do.


The woman appeared flustered as she snatched the child back from Yu Chang Dao and gazed at him with vigilance, “Are you trying to harm the Star Boundary and make things difficult for Senior Void and the other Seniors?”


She reckoned that he was a terrible person since he wanted to destroy High Heaven Palace and Yang Kai.


With the child gone, Yu Chang Dao was dumbfounded for a moment before he snapped, “Just what are you talking about!?” The Martial Dao he had cultivated for years almost fell apart because of a woman who could barely read.


He then turned to stare at Yang Kai and said, “Martial Nephew Yang, it’s not easy for this Old Master to come across a suitable Disciple. I was cultivating the other day when I suddenly had the urge to visit Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, then I was suddenly brought to your Star Boundary by old friend Xu. After that, I found this child here. This is surely fate! This child and I are destined to be Master and Disciple.”


He was being verbose because he wanted Yang Kai to help him out, and certainly Yang Kai was aware of this.


Yang Kai then nodded, “Don’t worry, Martial Uncle. I’ll sit down and have a chat with her.”


Yu Chang Dao looked at him with gratitude, “Many thanks, Martial Nephew. If I can take this child on as a Disciple, I will owe you a favour.”


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened as he guffawed, “Good.”


The favour of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was extraordinarily valuable. If he had such a favour in the past, those from Void Land wouldn’t have fallen into a difficult battle against Zuo Quan Hui. They would just have to invite Yu Chang Dao over to show his face, and everything would have been solved.


After Yu Chang Dao was seated, Xu Ling Gong kept grinning at him, which irritated him to no end. On the other side, Yang Kai walked up to the woman and told her to have a seat. After taking the child from her arms, he sat down on her right side.


Yang Kai had never carried a toddler before. As he looked at the child’s carefree smile, clear eyes, and petite hands, he couldn’t help but take a liking to him. At that moment, he suddenly had the urge to have a child of his own.


Even though the child was in his arms, Yang Kai was still unable to sense the Innate Dao Body he supposedly had. Perhaps even Xu Ling Gong couldn’t see that. Only someone like Yu Chang Dao could discover it.


Yang Kai then asked about the woman’s name and found that she was Liu Cai Xia. Such an ordinary name was typically used by farmers.


Then, he asked about the child’s name and found out that it was given to him by his Father before his death. The name was Shi Da Zhuang as the child got his Father’s surname.


Following that, he inquired about her family, what she did for a living, and whether she had enough money to get by.


Liu Cai Xia answered his questions honestly. Certainly, she wouldn’t dare to lie to Void Great Emperor. Moreover, her life as a farmer was simple, so there was nothing for her to hide.


After some small talk, she no longer appeared as flustered. She was also surprised to learn that such an important figure was so down-to-earth.


As Yu Chang Dao watched them, he let out a sigh. When faced with a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him, the woman wasn’t as respectful to him as she was to Yang Kai. He was unable to make the woman realise that he was the more powerful one.


“What my Martial Uncle Yu has said is not an exaggeration. The great force he belongs to is one of the best in existence, and he is truly powerful. Your child is fortunate to have gained his appreciation, and his future will be limitless if he cultivates under him,” Yang Kai played with the child while explaining to Liu Cai Xia.


Liu Cai Xia clenched the hem of her shirt and replied in a hushed voice, “I understand.”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her, “Since you understand, why don’t you agree to it? It’s obvious that Martial Uncle Yu sincerely cares for your child and wants to take him as his Closed Legacy Disciple. Otherwise, given his power, he could have directly snatched the child, and there would have been nothing you or even I could do to stop him.”


Liu Cai Xia remained silent.


Yang Kai went on to say, “Your child definitely qualifies to enter High Heaven Palace, but his future will be much brighter by becoming Martial Uncle Yu’s Disciple.”


Across from them, Yu Chang Dao ran his fingers across his beard and nodded softly. With a gentle expression, he looked gratefully at Yang Kai, who obviously didn’t have any selfish motives. As the Void Great Emperor that this simple woman admired, his words were definitely more persuasive than an old man like him who came out of nowhere.


However, the next moment, a few strands of his beard snapped again, but it was his own doing.


A determined Liu Cai Xia looked up and said, “Senior Void, I still hope that you will allow this child to join High Heaven Palace.”


Yu Chang Dao was so exasperated that he stomped his foot on the floor. He almost wanted to reprimand the woman for being so obstinate.


Yang Kai placated him with his eyes, then asked the woman gently, “Is it because that is the last wish of the child’s Father?”


Liu Cai Xia nodded her head, “I know nothing about the outside world, and I have no idea who is stronger or weaker, but my late Husband was my world, and he only had one wish before his death. It would be fine if the child did not have the qualifications to cultivate as he could simply walk down his Father’s path and grow up safely. When he grew old enough, I would look for a Wife for him, and he would have children of his own. He would work hard every morning and come home in the evening. He would be able to live his life peacefully. However, since he can cultivate, he can only join High Heaven Palace; otherwise, his Father will never be able to rest in peace, and I won’t have the face to see him when I pass away one day.”



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