Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4620, Marry You


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All of them had surveyed the Star Boundary, so they understood what was going on.


Xu Ling Gong stated, “The World Tree has transformed the entire Star Boundary, and all the living beings here have greatly benefited from it. In the future, there will be a lot of talented youths who are born for cultivation. This treasure trove can’t be monopolised by Yang Boy’s Void Land and Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, nor could any one of you do so. Since we’ve gathered together, let’s not hide anything or pretend to be righteous. Show how greedy you are and divide everything up. It’ll be good for everyone.”


Across from him sat a grim-looking old man with a hooked nose who said with a grin, “Old Xu, since you’ve taken the initiative, you must have come up with some proposals. Why don’t you tell us about them? We’ll acknowledge it if it’s reasonable. If it’s not, we’ll discuss.”


All of them nodded as they knew that Xu Ling Gong and Yang Kai must have agreed on some secret deals, but they wouldn’t point it out.


Upon hearing that, Xu Ling Gong replied with a smile, “The Cave Heavens and Paradises are extraordinary, the most powerful great forces in the Outer Universe. The reason our inheritances could be passed on for generations is that there’s a continuation of our heritages. In order to carry our glories forward indefinitely, we need many talented people. In the past, the Cave Heavens and Paradises had to spend a lot of money and manpower to look for such talents, but the results left much to be desired. Every great force only has a small number of Core Disciples who can directly ascend to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Take a look at all of us here. How many of us directly broke through to the Sixth-Order in the past? Almost all of us started at the Fifth-Order and rose to our current realms through long years of hard work. If you had directly ascended to the Sixth-Order, you would’ve become Eighth-Order Ancestors in your respective Sects instead of Inner Elders. There are indeed some advantages to having a higher starting point. The Star Boundary is now filled with talented people, and the World Tree is still in its growth stage, yet it has already showcased such incredible power. In three to five generations, this Xu wouldn’t dare to imagine how prosperous the Star Boundary would be. Three to five mortal generations is just about 100 years, barely the blink of an eye for us. When that time comes, the Star Boundary will be full of young people with extraordinary aptitudes!”


Someone cut him off by saying, “Old Xu, enough with the nonsense already. Of course we can also see the things you’re able to see. Stop trying to stir up our sentiments and cut to the chase.”


Xu Ling Gong replied with a grin, “I’ll stop, then. I know what you all want. Certainly, you want to get some talented disciples from the Star Boundary. To be honest with you, Yang Boy and I have come to an agreement. Yin-Yang Cave Heaven will be able to receive ten disciples from the Star Boundary every 100 years.”


“Ten people!” The one-armed Xun Ping arched his brow, “The figure is neither small nor big. It’s quite fair, actually. The prerequisite is that you’re speaking the truth.”


The feelings of Xu Ling Gong seemed to have been hurt as he said, “You wrong me, Brother Xun. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Yang Boy about it.”


Xun Ping snorted, “You and Yang Kai are basically one family. Of course he’ll agree to whatever you say.”


A solemn Yang Kai replied, “There’s a misunderstanding here, Senior Xun. Martial Uncle Xu didn’t lie to you. It is indeed ten people.” 


Yang Kai initially wondered why Xu Ling Gong was so honest; however, after giving it a thought, he realised that this matter couldn’t be hidden from everyone when Yin-Yang Cave Heaven started accepting disciples in the Star Boundary, so it was a wise move to break it to them first.


Xun Ping nodded gently, “This Old Master doesn’t believe Old Xu, but I believe what you’ve said, kid.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Many thanks, Senior.”


Xun Ping added, “Since Yin-Yang Cave Heaven will take ten disciples every 100 years, Purple Jade Cave Heaven will also do the same, then.”


All of them agreed with him, “Good.”


Xu Ling Gong said with a sly smile, “Yang Boy is a son-in-law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so naturally I can get more benefits. Let’s see if he’ll agree to it if you want the same.”


He easily shifted the responsibility to Yang Kai, who didn’t really mind it in this case.


As a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, Yang Kai certainly had to take responsibility for these negotiations. In a dispassionate manner, he stated, “If each great force will get ten people, it’ll be 1,080 people for all 108 great forces. Even though a lot of talented people will be born in the Star Boundary, there won’t be so many of them every 100 years. If you take all the disciples away, no benefits will be left for Void Land.”


Xun Ping lowered his gaze, “Since you want to avoid a calamity, there’s a price to pay.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’ve shown enough sincerity by asking Martial Uncle Xu to invite all of you to come over. All of you are Seniors, so you can’t possibly oppress me by hogging all the benefits in the Star Boundary to yourselves.”


While Xun Ping remained silent, some people started haggling with Yang Kai. All of them were Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but they didn’t find it shameful to be so philistine; instead, they were high-spirited in their bargaining.


With that said, they wouldn’t really be as rowdy as in a downtown market. There was a sense of solemnity in the air, but instead of backing down, Yang Kai became increasingly bolder when dealing with these Seniors.


Xu Ling Gong was seated on the right side of Yang Kai while Hong Xiang Ling from Azure Void Cave Heaven was seated on his left. Hong Xiang Ling was a short, amiable-looking old man. Although he hadn’t said anything during the negotiations so far, his eyes kept darting around as he carefully observed the situation.


When Yang Kai finally took a rest, and the Grand Hall fell into silence, Hong Xiang Ling seized the chance and gently pulled Yang Kai’s sleeve.


Yang Kai turned to look at him and asked respectfully, “What’s wrong, Senior Hong?”


Hong Xiang Ling flashed a smile at him and flipped his hand. As he pushed his World Force, a true-to-life image appeared above his palm.


Yang Kai didn’t understand, but upon closer inspection, he realised that in the image there was a demure-looking woman standing on a mountain peak while gazing up at the clouds. Only her profile was shown, but it was apparent that her figure was slim and her skin was fair. There was no doubt that she was a stunning beauty. The clouds almost covered the peak, which made it look like she was hovering above them.


“How do you find her?” Hong Xiang Ling asked with his brow raised.


A puzzled Yang Kai didn’t know what the woman’s relationship with this old man was, so he just gave a frank remark, “She’s beautiful with an extraordinary demeanour, just like an Immortal Fairy from the Heavens.”


Hong Xiang Ling then boldly declared, “She’ll marry you!”


“Huh?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded.


To his side, Xu Ling Gong rolled his eyes.


Like a farmer that sold his vegetables in town, Hong Xiang Ling continued persuading Yang Kai by saying, “This is my Third Disciple. She directly advanced to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and she’s now in the Sixth-Order. She will certainly ascend to the Seventh-Order one day. Her demure temperament will make her a great Wife. You won’t suffer any losses by marrying her, and we don’t need you to get married into our Sect like what Yin-Yang Cave Heaven has asked you to.”


Yang Kai’s jaw dropped in disbelief.


A moment later, he replied with a helpless smile, “Senior, don’t you think this is a rash decision? Of course men love beautiful women, but I’ve never met your Disciple before. It’s much, much too soon to talk about marriage. Moreover, this Senior Sister might not be willing to marry someone like me.”


“Why wouldn’t she be?” Hong Xiang Ling glared at him, “As her Master, I have to look for a decent Husband for her. She’ll be more than happy with this arrangement. How about it? Just nod if you agree and I’ll have her come here right now. She’ll be ready to marry in three months.”


Yang Kai found it increasingly difficult to deal with the eager old man.


He knew just how alluring the Star Boundary was now, so all the Cave Heavens and Paradises would like to get more benefits; however, he hadn’t expected it to be so enticing that Hong Xiang Ling was even willing to let his Third Disciple marry him in order to get a bigger share of the pie.


Then, Yang Kai looked around and realised that some of the other Masters here had fallen into their thoughts, as though they were pondering on the possibility of getting their single Sixth-Order female disciples married to Yang Kai as well.


This was giving Yang Kai a huge headache as he looked pleadingly at Xu Ling Gong, who stood up for him by saying, “Yang Boy is the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so you’d better not have your eyes on him, Old Hong.”


A displeased Hong Xiang Ling refuted, “It’s normal for a man to have three Wives and four Concubines. So what if he’s a son-in-law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven? Why can’t he also be a son-in-law of Azure Void Cave Heaven as well?” He then winked at Yang Kai, “Don’t you agree?”


Xu Ling Gong scoffed, “I remember your Disciple, she’s quite stiff. Even if she’s married to Yang Boy, she won’t receive any favour.”


Hong Xiang Ling snorted, “Every person has their own preferences. Perhaps Yang Boy likes elegant women.”


Seeing that they were about to bicker, Yang Kai had no choice but to interject, “Many thanks for your kind offer, Senior Hong, but please don’t mention marriage again. I already have many Wives, so I’m not going to marry anyone else.”


Hong Xiang Ling parted his lips, but he eventually only let out a sigh, “What a shame!”


Yang Kai wasn’t willing to delve into this topic. After straightening his face, he knocked on the table, “The Star Boundary can’t possibly afford to let all of you, respectively, get ten disciples every 100 years. My suggestion is that apart from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, every great force will be able to accept three disciples every 100 years.”


Luo Xiu rolled her eyes, “The difference is too stark, you smelly brat. Three people is significantly fewer than ten people.”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her, “Please forgive me, Senior. I am a son-in-law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven after all, so I must offer more benefits to them.”


Xu Ling Gong grinned from ear to ear at those words.


When Yang Kai previously won first place in the Dao Theory Assembly, Xu Ling Gong wasn’t displeased with the result, but he did think Yang Kai wasn’t worthy of his precious Disciple. That was the reason he paid a price to send Yang Kai into a Small Source World.


That was because he hoped that Yang Kai would grow to be strong enough to protect his woman in the future.


Now though, it seemed that it was Yin-Yang Cave Heaven that picked up a great bargain. No one could have expected that the Star Boundary, where Yang Kai came from, would become the centre of attention for the entire 3,000 Worlds.


He was also pleased with Yang Kai’s frank attitude.


Yang Kai was a son-in-law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so he was supposed to help the Sect out, and no one could say anything about it.


They went on to fight a great battle of words, with Yang Kai determined to only allow them to take three disciples every 100 years. More than thirty High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters took turns to persuade the young man until they had the urge to teach this young man who didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth a lesson. The auras of these powerful High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters permeated the Grand Hall and the maid servants had to leave; otherwise, they would’ve been killed since they hadn’t even reached the Emperor Realm.


Yang Kai remained unfazed as he appeared confident. So what if there were more than thirty High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters at the scene? This was his territory, and he had the right to dictate the terms of the discussion.




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