Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4621


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They were unable to come to any conclusion after a full day of discussion, so they decided to return to their rooms and get some rest. The talks continued on the next day.


Yang Kai conceded and allowed every great force to take four disciples every 100 years, but they were still displeased as they continued making counter proposals. During the intense verbal exchange, the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters haggled just like ordinary market goers, searching for a bargain.


All of a sudden, the noises in the Grand Hall came to an abrupt halt as they fell silent at the same time.


Yang Kai looked up at the sky and narrowed his eyes. The people he had been waiting for finally arrived.


Even before the arrival of those people, two powerful auras recklessly showered the entire Star Boundary, causing it to shake with a hum.


The owners of the auras seemed to be trying to be intimidating, but they were soon stunned.


That was because it never crossed their minds that there were more than thirty High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, all of whom were just as powerful as they were, already in the Star Boundary. Upon that realization, they were both shocked and doubtful.


Xu Ling Gong said gently, “Since you’ve arrived, come here and join the discussion.”


Despite his small voice, the two newcomers were able to hear him clearly.


The door of the Grand Hall suddenly opened as two figures descended from the sky. One of them was shrouded in Demon Qi while the other was a stern-looking man.


When they took a glance inside the Grand Hall, they became startled. They were unable to figure out why so many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had gathered together. These people didn’t seem to be waiting in ambush either. Rather they had a feeling that something major was happening.


Beside Xu Ling Gong sat Yang Kai, who gazed at the two unwelcome guests with a dispassionate expression. He certainly could recognise them. One of them was Zhuo Bu Qun from Myriad Demons Heaven while the other was Yu Huan from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


Both of them were there when the Dao Theory Assembly ended in the past. They were responsible for dealing with the external affairs for their respective Sects, and since they were in such important positions, they would frequently come into contact with the people from other Cave Heavens and Paradises.


Many of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters at the scene were not only Inner Elders of their respective Sects, but were also responsible for handling external affairs.


“Since you’re here, you’re also my guests. Please be seated.” Yang Kai extended his hand without rising from the chair.


Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan traded glances as they frowned. They had come all the way here because their Core Disciples were killed.


The Core Disciples who could directly ascend to the Sixth-Order were the future hope of their Sects that had to be nurtured with a lot of resources and effort. After Zhao Xing was killed, Zuo Quan Hui was even willing to leave Thousand Cranes Paradise in order to avenge his death. It wasn’t just because they were Master and Disciple though. Those from Thousand Cranes Paradise had also given him the permission to do so.


Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao were as important as Zhao Xing. They were also disciples with exceptional aptitudes in their Sects that might ascend to the Eighth-Order in the future.


In the past, no one in the entire 3,000 Worlds would’ve dared to offend them. But now, both of them were killed.


It was expected that those from Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven were incensed.


Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan joined forces and headed to Void Land in an attempt to retaliate against Yang Kai.


Although Bi Xi was powerful, he was pretty meek, so while fending off their attacks, he persuaded them for a long time before they finally believed that Yang Kai wasn’t in Void Land.


They then used their Secret Techniques and followed the traces. It took them a lot of hard work before they found the Great Territory where the Star Boundary was located.


However, before they could even flare up, they were surprised to see so many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters gathered together.


As soon as Yang Kai finished his words, the two of them shot him ferocious glances as their Seventh-Order pressures unreservedly fell upon him, but he remained unfazed.


Xu Ling Gong and Yu Chang Dao, who had remained silent, looked up at the same time.


Following a silent clash, the auras in the Grand Hall exploded as some of those gathered grunted.


The onlookers turned to look at Yu Chang Dao with surprise. It was expected that Xu Ling Gong would defend Yang Kai since the latter was a son-in-law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. There was no way Xu Ling Gong would let him be harmed in his presence.


However, they were puzzled as to why Yu Chang Dao had also made a move. Those from Free and Unfettered Paradise had always steered clear of any kind of internal strife. Of the 108 top forces, they were the only ones that had little to no friction with all the others; therefore, they wondered what benefits Yang Kai had given to Yu Chang Dao that prompted him to lend the young man a hand.


“What happened? Why are you two so mad?” Xu Ling Gong looked smilingly at Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan.


Zhuo Bu Qun snorted as his Demon Qi weltered, “Stop asking the obvious!”


“Enough nonsense then. If you want to fight, we can go out and fight. If not, take your seats. Both of you are already so old now; how could you oppress a young man like this?” Xu Ling Gong sneered.


While Zhuo Bu Qun was still incensed, Yu Huan suddenly chuckled, “Since we’re here, let’s see what’s going on, Brother Zhuo.”


With Xu Ling Gong around, they wouldn’t be able to kill Yang Kai. Rather than falling out with him, they should wait for another chance. What concerned Yu Huan was why so many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were in this place.


He and Zhuo Bu Qun had never heard of any news about it.


Before they were seated, they couldn’t help but recall the gigantic tree they had seen when they arrived at this place. It greatly resembled the World Tree which they had read about in ancient books.


They hadn’t managed to take a closer look since they were in a rush, so they were uncertain about it. However, since so many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were around, they had a feeling that their speculation was right.


It had to be noted that these powerful Masters wouldn’t have come together if there were not immense benefits.


After the commotion ended, Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan became seated. There were still many vacant seats anyway, so there wasn’t a need for any additional arrangements.


Following that, the intense haggling continued.


As Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan listened to them, they were slowly dumbfounded.


They initially had no idea why so many Masters were here, but after listening to their discussion, they became aware that these people were trying to divide the benefits among themselves.


The gigantic tree they had seen earlier was indeed the World Tree, and because of the tree’s presence, this originally unknown Universe World called the Star Boundary was now filled with young people with exceptional aptitudes.


On the other hand, the owner of this treasure trove was the very Yang Kai that they were determined to kill. They felt their hearts sinking as they realised that now it would be impossible for them to kill him.


Since the people at the scene had gotten so many benefits, they wouldn’t allow the two of them to make a move on Yang Kai once the discussion concluded.


At the thought of this, Zhuo Bu Qun sneered and cut them off by saying, “All of you are High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, but you’re being led by the nose by a little brat. Don’t you find it shameful?”


Xu Ling Gong looked smilingly at him, “What opinion do you have, then?”


Zhuo Bu Qun never intended to hide his murderous intent, “As long as he’s dead, there’ll be no need to bargain. Moreover, what right does a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master have to have a discussion with us?”


Yang Kai replied impassively, “Since I, a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, was able to kill Zuo Quan Hui, I can also do the same to you.”


Zhuo Bu Qun’s expression darkened, “Did you also kill Pei Wen Xuan?”


Yang Kai knocked on the table, “Please do not make such an accusation without any evidence, Elder Zhuo. Did you see me killing Pei Wen Xuan?”


He could admit that he had killed Zuo Quan Hui because the latter was a traitor to Thousand Cranes Paradise, so they were not in any place to retaliate against him. Instead, they had to thank him for cleaning up their mess for them.


However, he could never admit that the death of Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao had something to do with him; otherwise, he would invite trouble to Void Land. Furthermore, he really didn’t kill them, so Yang Kai was confident when he uttered those words.


After a pause, he went on to say, “As for what right I have, I’m a Great Emperor in this place, and this is my territory. How can I not have the right?”


“A Great Emperor? What rubbish is that?” Zhuo Bu Qun said disdainfully.


Yang Kai extended his hand, “Since you have some bias against me, Elder Zhuo, you should leave. The Star Boundary does not welcome you.”


Zhuo Bu Qun naturally wouldn’t leave just like that, or else he would be a fool. He fell silent after a snort, which showed how thick-skinned he was.


Xu Ling Gong took the initiative to ease the tension, “Good, you should stop arguing since there’s a serious issue to discuss here. Stop making unnecessary noise.” He then chided Yang Kai by saying, “Elder Zhuo is an old man who doesn’t have many years to live. Why make him angry, brat?”


“You’re right, Martial Uncle Xu. Forgive me for my indiscretion.” Yang Kai appeared meek and obedient.


Zhuo Bu Qun closed his eyes and pretended to not understand the mockery in Xu Ling Gong’s words so as to contain his irritation.


Yang Kai then continued speaking, “Every great force will get five disciples every 100 years. That’s my limit. If all of you agree, the discussion shall continue. If not, a further discussion is not needed.”


The Grand Hall fell silent as no one responded to him.


Although five people was only half of what Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would get, it was indeed Yang Kai’s limit. He had no idea how many talents would appear in later generations, but the Heavenly Way was fair in all things, so this place couldn’t possibly be swamped with so many young people with outstanding aptitudes.


Since the Cave Heavens and Paradises would obtain a few hundred disciples every 100 years, only a small number of people would be left for Void Land.


After letting these people ponder on it for a while, Yang Kai continued saying, “Of course, as a form of compensation, I’m willing to let all of you build Dao Temples in the Star Boundary. Every great force will receive a region of 500,000 square kilometres. Except for the area in a radius of 10 million kilometres around the World Tree and the locations of the existing Sects, you may choose any place you want, and I won’t interfere.”


This was the foundation Xu Ling Gong had laid down for him. The offer was attractive since it was brought up at this point.


With their own Dao Temples in this place, it meant that they could transfer their own people to the Star Boundary and nurture them from a young age or even from before they were born. By doing so, they might be able to get the disciples they wanted, and there was no limit on this number.


These people were initially displeased with getting only five disciples every 100 years for every great force and were preparing to haggle with Yang Kai so that he could give in further. However, their expressions changed when they heard what he had said.


Luo Xiu gave a fair remark at this point, “It’s a good idea actually.”


Most people nodded while the others tacitly agreed to it.


Upon seeing that, Yang Kai said without hesitation, “It’s decided, then. Other than Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, all of you can respectively obtain five disciples from the Star Boundary every 100 years and select a landmass of 500,000 square kilometres to build your own Dao Temples.”


“Good.” The one-armed Xun Ping nodded.


Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan exchanged glances as they frowned. Instead of excluding Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven, Yang Kai had counted them in from the start. The outcome surprised them, but they had also kind of expected it.




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