Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4622, Exchange of Gifts


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They had expected it because if Yang Kai really excluded the two Cave Heavens, a blood feud would be formed between the two parties. By counting them in, it could serve as a form of compensation for them.


Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao were dead; however, if the two Cave Heavens could find some talented youths from the Star Boundary, they would have a chance to get more Core Disciples who could directly ascend to the Sixth-Order a few hundred or a thousand years later.


What surprised them was that Yang Kai didn’t seem to have any intention of making things difficult for them.


Since the number of people had been agreed on, the rest of the issues were simple to deal with. Yang Kai then made his demands on behalf of the Star Boundary known. For every disciple they took, they had to pay a full set of Sixth-Order materials or something of equivalent value.


This demand wasn’t outrageous, so the High-Rank Masters directly agreed to it without haggling.


When they discussed the World Tree and the World Fruits, Yang Kai didn’t give them a definitive answer as he said that it wouldn’t be too late to talk about it when the World Tree actually started bearing fruits one day.


They also felt that it was pointless to discuss the issue at this point, so they directly agreed to this as well.


There was no contract to be signed. The more than thirty High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters at the scene represented their Sects, so their word was the best assurance.


The difficult negotiation lasted for three days before the dust finally settled. As for what kind of disciples the great forces wanted to get or where they would build their Dao Temples, it was their own business. By then, they could just inform High Heaven Palace, that was nominally in charge of the Star Boundary, about it, so it wasn’t troublesome at all.


At the very end, Yang Kai said, “The discussion is only limited to the Star Boundary. Everything else in this Great Territory belongs to High Heaven Palace, and none of you should have your eyes on it.”


“Good.” They all nodded.


Xu Ling Gong secretly rolled his eyes, thinking that Yang Kai was taking advantage of them since they had no idea that the Territory Gate that was only a couple million kilometres away from the Star Boundary led to a Newborn Great Territory. If they knew, they wouldn’t have agreed right away.


Even though many of them saw the Territory Gate, that didn’t really bother them as they thought that it was just another Territory Gate that led to a known Great Territory.


However, this matter couldn’t be hidden forever. When these High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had some free time, they would realise that something was off. Having said that, with Yang Kai making his stance clear on this day, and the great forces having indeed gotten a lot of benefits from the Star Boundary, they might not be willing to have an argument with Yang Kai over it.


Even though a new Great Territory was rich in resources, the Cave Heavens and Paradises already had ample heritages anyway; hence, they wouldn’t be willing to quibble with Yang Kai over this. If Yang Kai became irritated, they might suffer some losses.


After the discussion, they quickly left the palace, including Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan. They were invited to enter the Grand Hall as soon as they arrived at the Star Boundary, so they were not familiar with the situation here yet. Therefore, they had to personally look around.


The rest of them went looking for suitable locations to build their Dao Temples as they weren’t in a rush to select disciples. Just like what Xu Ling Gong had said, the World Tree had showcased its wonders, but it would not be until a few generations had passed that the tree would have a significant impact on the residents here. It was a rare incident that Yu Chang Dao could find a child with the Innate Dao Body to inherit his legacy so quickly.


Certainly, if they really came across someone with exceptional aptitude, they wouldn’t mind taking them on as a disciple. They could get five people every 100 years anyway. The Star Boundary, as an Open Heaven Realm Cradle, was destined to export different kinds of talented people across the entire 3,000 Worlds.


The news would soon be spread to the rest of the Outer Universe, and by then, the Cave Heavens and Paradises that didn’t take part in the discussion would send their representatives over. However, since the rules had been set, the rest of them would just have to follow them.


Compared to the Cave Heavens and Paradises that had no representatives in the Star Boundary at this point, the only advantage that the more than thirty great forces present at the scene could get was that they could select the best areas and build their Dao Temples. The rest of the benefits were the same.


“Aren’t you going to take a look?” Yu Chang Dao suddenly appeared beside Xu Ling Gong. Presently, they were wandering somewhere in the Star Boundary. Xu Ling Gong found a nice place as he was surveying the area. He planned to build a Dao Temple for Yin-Yang Cave Heaven here.


They were in the Southern Territory where Azure Sun Temple was previously located. In the past, the Great Demon God brought a calamity upon the Star Boundary and the entire Southern Territory fell. Those from Azure Sun Temple had no choice but to abandon their foundation. With the Temple Master Wen Zi Shan leading the way, they retreated to High Heaven Palace.


After that, the Great Emperors joined forces and killed the Great Demon God, thus restoring peace to the Star Boundary. Following the war, Wen Zi Shan saw that the original location of his Sect had been shattered and the Earth Vein had snapped, so he decided to find a new location to rebuild Azure Sun Temple.


If it weren’t because of the World Tree’s expansion, this place would have remained desolate for many millennia to come.


However, with the nourishment from the World Tree, the Earth Vein had been reconnected, and the World Energy became ample again. A lot of trees started growing on the mountains, and the picturesque scenery had begun to return.


Xu Ling Gong replied with a smile, “You also didn’t bother to take a look, did you?”


Yu Chang Dao refuted with a frown, “He’s the son-in-law of your Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. What if anything happens to him? The two of them are High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. How is Yang Kai supposed to go against them if they join forces?”


A nonchalant Xu Ling Gong replied, “You’re the Supreme High-Rank Guest Elder of High Heaven Palace. Since you’re not concerned about his safety, why should I be?”


“Are you really not going?” Yu Chang Dao was stunned.


“If he’s unlucky, he’s fated to fall into danger this time. I can’t possibly protect him forever. If he’s lucky, he’ll be able to get out of this on his own.” Xu Ling Gong appeared confident, “Moreover, there are some things he has to deal with directly, or else it’ll never end.”


Yu Chang Dao gazed at him with a frown, wondering what the latter was up to. He then shook his head and said, “Fine. I’ll go there myself.”


Upon finishing his words, he turned into a ray of light and shot into the sky.


Xu Ling Gong remained on the same spot for a moment before he took a look in the direction Yu Chang Dao had left, but he soon retracted his gaze as he called out, “Qing Kui.”


Qing Kui, who had remained silent behind him for a long time, cupped his fist, “Honoured Master.”


“Go back to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven and inform the Sect Master about this place in detail. He’ll have the final say in whatever arrangements we make.”


“Yes,” Qing Kui replied and turned to leave.


With his hands behind his back, Xu Ling Gong stood on a certain peak as he suddenly put on a smile, “Old Yu has really joined a pirate’s ship this time, and with a truly sly captain at that.”


In the Northern Territory, in a land covered in snow, Yang Kai was clad in green robes as he stood atop a white mountain peak.


Following the transformation in the Star Boundary, it was destined that all 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises would gather in this place. As a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, there were a lot of things he had to handle.


The most important task at the moment was to expand the population of the Star Boundary.


Following an intense battle against the Great Demon God, the vast majority of the population was killed in the Star Boundary. Although it had been a hundred years since the battle, recovering from such a loss was not so simple. A lot of places were void of people as the usually bustling cities were now empty. There were ruins everywhere.


The Cave Heavens and Paradises were going to take on disciples from the Star Boundary, so Yang Kai could already envision that when the news was spread across the entire 3,000 Worlds, apart from the top 108 great forces, those Second Class great forces would also stream into this place like cats catching a whiff of fish, looking for chances to steal some benefits.


Yang Kai didn’t intend to stop them either as trying to do so would be pointless.


Just like what Xu Ling Gong had said, the Star Boundary would be the winner if the people from that place became scattered across the 3,000 Worlds.


In order to have more talented people in the Star Boundary though, he had to expand the population by encouraging the people to bear more children.


Still, they couldn’t fill the gap in a short time by relying on the current population of the Star Boundary. Fortunately, there were many Universe Worlds in the Newborn Great Territory. The Martial Dao in those Universe Worlds was generally low, so there wouldn’t be a problem if they relocated some of those people to the Star Boundary.


Yang Kai had already told Yue He to process this issue. When the time for the migration came, he would personally make a move.


After all, his Small Universe had materialised and could accommodate living beings. Others in the same Order were unable to do that. The migration of billions of lives was a difficult task, so only by keeping them inside his Small Universe could he do it with ease.


Xu Ling Gong and Yu Chang Dao could also help, but Yang Kai didn’t intend to let anyone who wasn’t from Void Land or High Heaven Palace enter the Newborn Great Territory. Hence, he had to put in more effort.


The cold wind became increasingly freezing as murderous intent permeated the air.


Two rays of light, which radiated horrifying World Forces, directly descended upon Yang Kai, who was standing on the peak of a snowy mountain, from the sky.


Yu Chang Dao, who was hiding nearby, let out a sigh. These two still couldn’t contain their urge to make a move. Although Yang Kai had set the grudges aside and promised them some benefits in order to make up for the loss of their Core Disciples, they still had no choice but to act.


Just when Yu Chang Dao was ready to leap forward in order to help Yang Kai ward off the attacks, the entire Star Boundary started humming as though a sleeping Dragon had lifted its head. Lightning started appearing in the world as an incredibly rich World Force came to life and instantly surrounded the young man.


His Sixth-Order aura rapidly rose in an inconceivable manner, and in the blink of an eye, he achieved a breakthrough to the Seventh-Order, but it didn’t stop there.


Soon after, Yang Kai, who was originally in the Sixth-Order, radiated the aura of a Peak Seventh-Order Master, seemingly just one step away from the Eighth-Order.


Yu Chang Dao gasped and exclaimed, “He’s borrowing the World Force from this World!”


It was then he realised why Xu Ling Gong wasn’t concerned despite knowing that Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan would secretly make a move. 


That was because he was certain that Yang Kai could deal with his opponents. Yu Chang Dao found himself to be laughable as he came all the way here to protect the young man.


Usually, one was unable to borrow a lot of World Force from a Universe World; after all, there wasn’t much World Force in a Universe World to begin with. However, the Star Boundary was different.


When Yang Kai borrowed the World Strength of the Star Boundary for the first time, he couldn’t make it to the Seventh-Order without the help of all the other Great Emperors, who had already ascended to the Sixth-Order.


However, even without the help of the Great Emperors this time, he could still easily make it to the peak of the Seventh-Order.


There was only one explanation. The heritage of the Star Boundary was now significantly more ample than in the past, which allowed Yang Kai to have a great leap forward in power after he borrowed the World’s World Force.


As the World continued thrumming, Yang Kai raised his spear and thrust it out, his hair and clothes flapping in the wind. The snowflakes in a radius of a million kilometres around him seemed to have frozen mid-air.


Following a loud boom, the Divine Abilities of the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were instantly resolved.


Yang Kai’s aura surged as he took control of a power that was at the peak of the Seventh-Order even though he was only in the Sixth-Order. He then said after a laugh, “It would be impolite if I didn’t give you anything in return!”


He then pushed out his spear. The snowflakes exploded in mid-air and turned into invisible murderous intent as they swirled around in a radius of a million kilometres.


In the next moment, two faint grunts were heard.




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