Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4623, The Star Boundary, the Centre of Attention


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Since the beginning, Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan, who secretly made a move, had not shown their faces. Yang Kai didn’t have the intention of killing them ruthlessly either as he just traded a move with them before stopping.


As the clouds weltered, two cracks suddenly appeared in the sky. They were so huge that anyone in the Star Boundary could see them clearly wherever they were.


The cracks slowly expanded and revealed a pair of gigantic eyes, as though some reclusive deity had finally descended upon this land.


As the eyes gazed down, the billions and billions of living beings in the Star Boundary couldn’t help but have the urge to fall on their knees and worship them. Even the more than thirty High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were wandering around the Star Boundary at that moment, felt pressured as they furrowed their brows, stopping in their tracks to look up at the sky.


The eyes appeared to be smiling, as though the owner was trying to say he would attack anyone who dared to make a fuss in his territory.


Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan were flabbergasted as they fled, but the pair of eyes followed them and made sure that they couldn’t escape the owner’s sight. The murderous intent was like chains that had been wrapped around their necks, causing them to suffocate.


Both of them appeared vexed.


They had never expected that a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be able to reach the peak of the Seventh-Order by borrowing the might of this World. Furthermore, they were in the Star Boundary, so the situation was in the young man’s favour. Even if they intended to kill him ruthlessly, they might end up losing their lives instead.


The pair of eyes in the sky just looked at them in silence, as though the owner was watching two rats that had barged into his granary. The gaze was filled with mockery.


On the peak of the snow mountain, Yang Kai gently closed his eyes. At the same time, the huge eyes in the sky also slowly disappeared.


Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan dashed into a cave in a certain cliff before they sat down with their legs crossed and wiped the blood from their mouths. As the wind breezed past them, they realised that their backs were covered in cold sweat.


Still reeling from the shock, they exchanged glances.


A moment later, Zhuo Bu Qun said with a dark expression, “It seems that no one can deal with that brat unless an Eighth-Order Ancestor makes a move.”


Yu Huan grunted with displeasure, “At least he was tactful by not crossing the line.”


If Yang Kai had insisted on making things difficult for them, an intense battle would’ve taken place. Perhaps Yang Kai would’ve ended up in a terrible state, but at least one of them would also have lost his life.


However, even though Yang Kai had made use of the Star Boundary’s World Force, he had only given them a warning and then stopped. It was apparent that he just wanted to ward them off instead of falling out with the two Cave Heavens.


With more than thirty High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters as witnesses on this day, no one would blame Yang Kai in the future; instead, they would praise him for being magnanimous and tactful.


In comparison, Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan, who oppressed the young man despite being more powerful, would be regarded as devious.


“We have no choice but to choke it down this time.” Zhuo Bu Qun sported a grim expression.


Even though they firmly believed that their disciples, Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao, were killed by Yang Kai, no one had seen the deed, so there was no evidence to make a case.


If it was before, if the two Cave Heavens wanted to avenge the death of their disciples, they wouldn’t need any evidence. A single doubt could prompt them to make a move, and no one would dare to say anything.


However, since the World Tree was in the Star Boundary, this place was destined to be the centre of attention for the entire 3,000 Worlds. As a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, Yang Kai already had a right to be on an equal footing with them and discuss terms with the Sects they represented.


If they really insisted on making things difficult for Yang Kai, the other Cave Heavens and Paradises would blame and stop them, which would only cause them to suffer losses.


Otherwise, given their identities and statuses, they wouldn’t have launched a sneak attack. They could’ve directly looked for Yang Kai and killed him.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai borrowed the World Force from the Star Boundary and instantly possessed power that was at the peak of the Seventh-Order, which made them suffer a small setback.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had no intention of killing them as he only teased them a little.


However, it seemed that they could no longer avenge the death of Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao since there was no evidence. Furthermore, if Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven wanted to get some benefits from the Star Boundary, they wouldn’t bring it up again; otherwise, they would be asking for trouble.


Both parties were tacitly aware that they had to make a concession.


As they exchanged glances, they let out a long sigh. They were definitely heartbroken at the fact that their Sixth-Order disciples were dead. In the past, this kind of loss couldn’t be said to be unbearable, but it was certainly immense.


However, if they could find some talented young people to nurture in the Star Boundary, they could make up for the losses. It was just that they found it hard to get the fury off their chests.


On the peak of the snowy mountain, Yang Kai was seated with his legs crossed. As the snowflakes whirled around him, he tried his hardest to suppress his murderous intent. If possible, he would never easily let Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan off. Just like he had told Xu Ling Gong previously, he would treat them politely when they arrived, and everything would be fine if they were tactful. If not, he naturally would have to fight against them.


Yang Kai had shown his sincerity by allowing them to take part in the discussion and even shared equal benefits with them from the Star Boundary.


Nevertheless, they still secretly made a move. If Yang Kai were just an average Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and the Star Boundary was just an ordinary Universe World, he couldn’t have survived the assault of two Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


At that moment, he had the urge to kill them ruthlessly.


Nonetheless, if he had really done that, the Star Boundary wouldn’t have been able to bear it, and the other High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters wouldn’t have turned a blind eye to the situation. When they interfered, the conflict would be halted and he would be the one blamed.


He was suddenly envious of Wu Kuang, who had no worries about such things. The man could kill anybody he wanted, anytime he wanted.


With that said, Yang Kai asked himself whether he would really be happy if he were just like Wu Kuang. Since time immemorial, the man had been like a tree without roots, a river without a source. 


He didn’t think he could live like Wu Kuang, constantly hunted and alone, so there was nothing to be envious of in reality.


A moment later, he slowly shook his head and opened his eyes. As he returned all the World Force he had borrowed, his cultivation plunged from the Seventh-Order to the Sixth-Order.


He then turned to look in a particular direction and nodded with gratitude.


Yu Chang Dao, who had hidden over there, put on a smile and left. He swiftly returned to High Heaven Palace to play with the toddler named Shi Da Zhuang.


It had only been a few months since Shi Da Zhuang was born, so he naturally couldn’t cultivate; however, Yu Chang Dao would help warm his meridians with his cultivation every day. He would do it every six hours, so it was four times a day, and he had never skipped a single session.


However, instead of finding it troublesome, he enjoyed doing it. On the other hand, Shi Da Zhuang’s Mother, Liu Cai Xia, felt a little sorry.


Although it had been a short time since she started residing in High Heaven Palace, she was now clearly aware that this old man was a senior expert that was even more powerful than Senior Void.


She was just a lowly person, but her child was treasured by someone so extraordinary. That was the reason she found it hard to believe as she thought that something might have gone wrong. If the child didn’t grow up to be just like what the old man had expected, they would certainly feel guilty.


On the other hand, Yu Chang Dao was extremely pleased with Shi Da Zhuang.


The only thing he wasn’t happy with was the child’s name, for Shi Da Zhuang sounded very much like a peasant’s name. It didn’t give off a majestic or imposing air. He felt sorry for the child when the latter became powerful one day and had to tell his name to the people he met for the first time.


He suggested giving the child a different name, but Liu Cai Xia categorically rejected him, saying that the name must not be changed since it was given by the child’s Father before his death. Otherwise, the child would be considered unfilial.


Knowing how obstinate the woman was, Yu Chang Dao decided to give it up. It wouldn’t change a thing by not giving the child a new name anyway. It was just that when the child told his name to his enemies in the future, he would appear to be less intimidating. Perhaps those enemies would even take him lightly.


Liu Cai Xia was gratified with the fact that the child had taken a liking to the old man. Over the past few days, he even ignored her at most times. Whenever the old man appeared, the child would demand to be in his arms. It wasn’t until he was hungry that he would look for his Mother.


Yu Chang Dao was certainly pleased with that.


Those from High Heaven Palace had prepared a Spirit Peak for Yu Chang Dao, Liu Cai Xia, and Shi Da Zhuang to stay. Fresh food would be sent to them every day, so there was nothing they had to worry about. Moreover, it appeared that Yu Chang Dao would be staying in High Heaven Palace for a long time. Before the child ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, the old man would likely remain here in order to teach him how to cultivate.


The fate of Shi Da Zhuang had basically been transformed for the better. Many of the disciples in High Heaven Palace were even envious of him.


In the Star Boundary, many Spirit Peaks now had new construction projects. Even the ancient forests that were usually devoid of people were bustling with noise.


As time passed, the Dao Temples and branches of the Cave Heavens and Paradises slowly took shape.


When more Cave Heavens and Paradises heard about the news, they immediately sent their representatives to come to the Star Boundary.


Those from High Heaven Palace had specifically prepared a place to receive these top Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Whenever there was a visitor, they would inform him or her of the agreement that the first High Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had come to and explain to them the current situation in the Star Boundary.


Certainly, those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had no regard for a Sect that ruled over a mere Universe World, so it was expected that they wouldn’t just take High Heaven Palace’s word for it.


However, after asking around, they would realise that those from High Heaven Palace had spoken the truth.


When they found their old friends and saw that about thirty great forces had already started building Dao Temples in the Star Boundary, they could no longer sit back and do nothing.


Although the Star Boundary was expansive, there would be fewer choices for them if all the good spots were occupied by others first.


They then hurriedly surveyed the Star Boundary to look for suitable locations.


Hua Qing Si was initially worried that the latecomers wouldn’t acknowledge the agreement. In that case, some conflicts might arise.


Nevertheless, it surprised her that none of the Cave Heavens and Paradises that came at a later time objected. It was only then that she believed what Yang Kai had said; the more than thirty great forces that had taken part in the discussion not only represented their own Sects, but all the Cave Heavens and Paradises. There wouldn’t be any problems with the agreement they had concluded.


There would always be people who glanced at the World Tree as well. Even though these High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were extremely powerful, they had only seen the records of the World Tree in ancient books. They were expected to be curious since they had never seen it with their own eyes before.


They were also amazed at the ample heritage of the Star Boundary.


On the other hand, it was no longer a secret that Yang Kai was able to borrow the World Force of the Star Boundary to reach the peak of the Seventh-Order since he was a Great Emperor of this place. Therefore, all the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters acknowledged that he had a right to stand on equal footing with them.


That was the case in the Star Boundary at the very least.




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