Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4624, I Refuse To Accept This


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In just a few years, the Star Boundary, which was located in the newly named High Heaven Territory, became a household name in the entire 3,000 Worlds.


It was the first Great Territory that was named after a Sect of a Universe World.


Usually, a Great Territory was named after the most powerful great force in that place. For example, the Great Territory where Void Land was located was named Void Territory. The Great Territory where Yin-Yang Cave Heaven was located was called Yin-Yang Territory. There had never been an exception.


In High Heaven Territory, there wasn’t really a decent great force, so it was expected that the Great Territory was named after High Heaven Palace, and most people were fine with it.


In just a few years, 108 Dao Temples had been built in the Star Boundary that belonged to all the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Every Dao Temple was overseen by a Seventh-Order Master who was responsible for dealing with external affairs.


In other words, there were more than 100 High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters residing in the Star Boundary.


That was a horrifying figure. It had to be noted that every one of them was just as strong as Zuo Quan Hui.


After the initial phase of puzzlement, anxiety, and excitement, the natives in the Star Boundary had become at ease. Thanks to the campaign held by High Heaven Palace, everyone in the Star Boundary became fully aware of the situation in the 3,000 Worlds.


Many young people believed their aptitudes to be exceptional as they hoped that the elusive senior experts would have their eyes on them and take them on as disciples one day. With proper training, they would stand a chance to become successful one day.


However, it was destined to be a pipe dream for 99% of them. With that said, there were some ordinary-looking kids in all four Territories who had been selected and taken on as disciples by the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. 


Whenever such news was spread, the town where the child was selected would celebrate, and it would also allow those who thought highly of themselves to become even more hopeful.


The Cave Heavens and Paradises were not in a rush to select disciples from the Star Boundary; after all, each of them could get five disciples every 100 years, and it was still early. On the other hand, upon the completion of their Dao Temples, they immediately sent some talented young disciples over to be nurtured here.


Every Cave Heaven and Paradise controlled one or more Great Territories, in which there were countless Universe Worlds; therefore, it wasn’t hard for them to select some youths with exceptional aptitudes to send over.


The disciples they had sent had very low cultivations. Some of them had only started cultivating. The similarity between them was that they were all very talented. As these people grew up under the influence of the World Tree in the Star Boundary, the achievements they would have in the future would also be amplified when they finally comprehended their Grand Dao and condensed a Dao Seal.


Many of these people could possibly make it to the Fifth Order, or even the Sixth Order.


Every great force got a landmass of 500,000 square kilometres, which was neither big nor small, but it was sufficient for them to nurture up to 10,000 people.


As the people from the Cave Heavens and Paradises settled down, the finances of Void Land also improved dramatically.


According to the agreement between Yang Kai and all those great forces, each of them could get five disciples from the Star Boundary every 100 years. In return, they had to give five sets of Sixth-Order materials or resources of equivalent value.


None of the Cave Heavens and Paradises went back on their word as they directly paid the materials. Therefore, the Star Boundary had amassed several hundred Sixth-Order materials over the past few years.


The figure wasn’t staggering, but it was a long-term deal.


After Heavenly Sword Union was destroyed, which resulted in Zuo Quan Hui losing his life, Void Land’s Star City started operating again. Mo Mei led a group of Open Heaven Realm Masters back to Void Territory and resumed her role as Governor of the Star City. With Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills in their possession, they wouldn’t have to worry about the popularity of the Star City; therefore, they soon recovered from the losses they had suffered.


The rent of the shops in the Star City alone allowed Yang Kai to make a fortune.


When Zuo Quan Hui led Heavenly Sword Union to cordon off the Territory Gates to Void Territory, many of the merchants had a bleak view of Void Land’s future as they were not willing to offend Heavenly Sword Union and the great force behind Zuo Quan Hui, Thousand Cranes Paradise. Therefore, they decided to run away from the Star City. Yang Kai directly took back the shops where the renters had left. Now that Void Land had overcome this calamity, anyone who wanted to return to the shop they abandoned would have to pay double the rent.


Yang Kai didn’t expect them to share the burden when Void Land was in crisis, but they shouldn’t hope to share the benefits when Void Land was on the rise.


On the other hand, the merchants who had stayed for various reasons had a reason to celebrate. They were naturally elated to see that Void Land had gotten out of danger. Since they had stayed when Void Land was in crisis to prop up the Star City’s waning popularity, those from Void Land would certainly repay their favour by reducing their rent or even allowing them to run their businesses rent-free.


With the resources given by the Cave Heavens and Paradises and the recovery of the Star City, the burden on Void Land’s finances had finally been eased.


Furthermore, they had several hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters who were extracting resources from the New Great Territory.


In the past few years, the New Great Territory had mostly been explored. Even though there were still some hidden corners that had yet to be investigated, it couldn’t be rushed. They still had ample time anyway.


There were innumerable resources in the New Great Territory. As long as those from Void Land could maintain their grip on the Territory Gate, all the resources extracted from the New Great Territory would be sufficient for their own needs, and there would even be some surplus.


Unfortunately, they were short on manpower now. Although several hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters sounded like a large figure, they were far from enough when they were placed in an entire Great Territory. It also wasn’t very efficient.


With that said, this couldn’t be rushed. They had to take it slow.


Yang Kai had been swamped with work for the past few years and rarely had time to cultivate. He had to keep going back and forth between the New Great Territory and High Heaven Territory.


Every time he returned from the New Great Territory, he would bring with him several tens of millions of immigrants.


In order to expand the population of the Star Boundary, the easiest way was to bring over people from the Universe Worlds in the New Great Territory. However, it wasn’t easy to make so many people leave their homelands.


Fortunately, there were several Universe Worlds in the New Great Territory where the environment was quite harsh and hostile. Some of them were even going to fall apart within a few thousand years. That was the reason Yang Kai was able to get them to migrate.


Due to the environment of those Universe Worlds, they had a small population to begin with. By moving them over, Yang Kai had somewhat alleviated the shortage of people in the Star Boundary. They naturally were not used to it at first, but they could settle down and adapt to it with time. Generations later, they would be just like the natives in the Star Boundary.


In an area of the void that was a million kilometres away from the Star Boundary, pieces of shattered continents had been bound together to form an expansive Spirit Province.


The Spirit Province was filled with greenery and clear rivers. Presently, many buildings were being constructed as the place was bustling with noise.


Yang Kai squatted on a certain Spirit Peak and looked down with displeasure.


Xu Ling Gong was standing beside him with his hands behind his back as he rambled on. Upon realising that Yang Kai never responded to him, he kicked the young man in the backside and demanded, “I’m talking to you. Make your stance clear. Why wouldn’t you reply to me?”


Yang Kai glowered at him and brushed away the dust on his backside.


An amused Xu Ling Gong snapped, “Are you mad? We’ve agreed that we’d all make a concession. Since a decision has been made, it’s pointless for you to get mad.”


A displeased Yang Kai stood straight up and roared, “All of you are trying to oppress me! I refuse to accept this!”


Xu Ling Gong chuckled and spread his palms. “So, what if you won’t accept it? A few years ago, they hadn’t recovered from their shock as they all focused on the Star Boundary. Since everything has been settled after several years, they can naturally notice things they haven’t paid attention to previously. Consider yourself lucky that you’ve managed to take control of that New Great Territory.”


“That was mine from the start!” Yang Kai was so vexed that he started flushing. “I already told them that other than the Star Boundary, everything else in High Heaven Territory belonged to High Heaven Palace. They couldn’t have a hand in anything!”


Xu Ling Gong replied, “High Heaven Territory and the New Great Territory are two different things.”


With a livid expression, Yang Kai refuted, “That’s mine, and the new Star City is also supposed to belong to me!”


Xu Ling Gong sneered as he looked down at the newly built Star City and shook his head. “Don’t blame them for being greedy. You’re fully aware of how attractive a New Great Territory is. How many good things have you found in the New Great Territory over the years? I’ve never asked you about it, but it doesn’t mean I have no idea. You’re exchanging a Star City for the right to take control of an entire New Great Territory. No matter how you look at it, you’re at an advantage. Just think about it; since it’s no longer a secret and a decision has been made, you won’t need to be secretive when exploring the New Great Territory anymore. It’s a good thing.”


Despite knowing that the old man was right, Yang Kai still felt as though he had a chunk of flesh sliced off from his body.


Previously, he had already planned on building a massive Star City outside of the Star Boundary.


The Star Boundary had become the centre of attention for the entire 3,000 Worlds. All 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises had built Dao Temples here. There were also innumerable great forces that came over to find out what was going on. The Star Boundary and the World Tree had changed everything.


This level of popularity in a single place was simply unprecedented.


With so many people gathering together, it was more effective than any advertising campaign. It would be a waste if a Star City wasn’t built to profit from the situation.


Therefore, a few years ago, Yang Kai had already planned on building a Star City outside the Star Boundary.


If the Star City in High Heaven Territory was successfully built, it would soon surpass all other known Star Cities. Even the First Class Star Cities controlled by the Cave Heavens and Paradises as well as Void Land’s Star City at the peak of its popularity wouldn’t be comparable to the one in High Heaven Territory.


However, when his plan was finally carried out, the Cave Heavens and Paradises jumped right in to snatch the benefits.


Certainly, those sly old foxes could see the things Yang Kai could see. Other than the World Tree in the Star Boundary, the new Star City would be a treasure trove that everybody wanted to get their hands on.


Hence, the representatives of all 108 great forces gathered together in High Heaven Palace to negotiate with Yang Kai.


In the end, he was defeated.


Previously, they had to get some benefits from Yang Kai and the Star Boundary, so they were willing to make huge concessions; however, this time was different. Some of them even brought up the New Great Territory. It seemed that if Yang Kai wouldn’t agree to building a Star City and distributing the benefits, they were ready to target the New Great Territory.


Even though Xu Ling Gong and Yu Chang Dao didn’t make things difficult for Yang Kai, they were unable to help him out since all the others shared the same sentiment.


A weak Yang Kai was certainly unable to win the argument against 108 top great forces. It was expected that he would be defeated.


Hence, this was the outcome. The new Star City would be owned by the Cave Heavens and Paradises as well as High Heaven Palace jointly, with all the benefits being shared among them.




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