Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4626, Two Supreme Lotuses


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Yang Kai didn’t feel strange even though Wu Kuang pointed out what was on his mind.


Although the person before his eyes had lent him a hand in many ways, Yang Kai had never forgotten that the man was the Heaven-Devouring Great Emperor who had devastated many Star Fields in the past. Wherever he went, all the Stars would be destroyed and all living creatures killed.


If he suddenly had the urge to commit an outrageous act in the New Great Territory, the consequences would be dreadful. The Martial Dao of the Universe Worlds in this New Great Territory was generally low, so they were certainly unable to ward off the Heaven-Devouring Great Emperor if he was determined to kill.


Furthermore, the Heaven-Devouring Great Emperor was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


With that said, Yang Kai became at ease upon hearing Wu Kuang’s words. Given the latter’s cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to get any benefits by harming those Universe Worlds.


“Just spill it. Why have you come all the way here to look for me? I don’t think you’re here just to see how I’m doing,” Wu Kuang asked nonchalantly.


“There’s indeed something I need to ask you about.” Yang Kai nodded and looked at him frankly, “After the Dao Theory Assembly, I entered a Small Source World named the Divine Armament World in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to get some training. I tried cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law in there, but I almost suffered from cultivation dissonance.”


Wu Kuang said with a grin, “You’ve really cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?”


Yang Kai nodded, “The effects of this Secret Art are Heaven-defying. It’s able to absorb all sorts of energy, and my cultivation increased swiftly in the initial phase. However, as my cultivation improved, the downsides of the Secret Art also started appearing. My temperament was affected and I nearly lost all rationality.”


“That’s to be expected. There are pros and cons to everything in this world. How could there be no downsides for an amazing Secret Art like the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?”


Yang Kai looked fervently at him, “But I don’t think you’ve suffered from any downsides as you cultivate it.”


Wu Kuang scoffed, “Who told you that? Do you think this King was born a heinous murderer who thought nothing of slaughtering people?” He seemed to be reminiscing about the past, “When I first started cultivating, I treasured life so much that I wouldn’t even dare to kill the ants on the ground!”


As astounded Yang Kai stared at him in shock. Could the infamous Heaven Devouring Great Emperor of the Star Boundary have once been a kind-hearted man in the past? Although he couldn’t believe it, he thought that it was at least possible; after all, everyone was supposedly born to be kind.


All of a sudden, Wu Kuang cackled wildly as a fierce look spread all over his face, “Of course, I’m lying you brat! This King was born wild and savage. All living creatures are no different from ants in my eyes! The reason you’re suffering from the downsides of Heaven Devouring Battle Law is that you can’t resolve the impurities you’ve absorbed. This King can do that, so I’m not bothered by it.”


“How do you resolve them?” Yang Kai asked humbly. There was no doubt that Heaven Devouring Battle Law was an evil Secret Art, but he had to acknowledge that it was astonishing. He had a taste of it while getting his training in the Small Source World, so he could declare with certainty it was the pinnacle of Secret Arts.


He might have more chances to enter other Small Source Worlds in the future, so if he had to start over like he had experienced in the Divine Armament World, he could rely on Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Despite having a Dragon Vein though, Yang Kai couldn’t guarantee that he would never suffer from cultivation dissonance when cultivating the evil art. This problem could be solved if Wu Kuang was willing to teach him a thing or two.


“You can’t resolve them.” Wu Kuang waved his hand with a smile, “Many things are predestined, just like how the Stone Spirits are born to be suitable for cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Everyone else who wants to cultivate it won’t be able to escape the downsides.”


Yang Kai fell into his thoughts.


Although Wu Kuang never pointed it out, the insinuation in his words was apparent to Yang Kai. He was trying to say that just like the Stone Spirits, he was born suited to cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. This couldn’t be achieved with hard work as it was an innate trait.


Several tens of thousands of years ago, Wu Kuang was killed while some of the Great Emperors perished in the battle in the Shattered Star Sea. However, Wu Kuang’s Remnant Soul remained as he hid inside the Shattered Star Sea and waited for a chance to revive himself. Bustling World Great Emperor was willing to cripple his own cultivation repeatedly, causing him to fall from the status of Great Emperor to below the Dao Source Realm, then enter the Shattered Star Sea in order to get rid of Wu Kuang for good.


Unfortunately, his body was occupied by Wu Kuang instead. Although Wu Kuang had only partly succeeded, he managed to escape the fate of death.


After the battle against Great Demon God Mo Sheng, Wu Kuang seized Mo Sheng’s body and finally resurrected completely.


However, he was still able to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. In other words, the body didn’t matter when it came to cultivating this evil Secret Art, nor was it the kind of support he relied on. Otherwise, he couldn’t have practised Heaven Devouring Battle Law after occupying someone’s body.


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened as he asked, “Is there something special about your Soul?”


Wu Kuang, who was about to directly drink from the wine bottle again, paused his movement and gazed at him in shock, “Brat, you’re really something to be able to realise it.”


“It’s really because of your Soul?” Yang Kai’s interest has been piqued. He didn’t expect his speculation to turn out to be true.


Wu Kuang put down the wine bottle and gave it a thought for a moment. Then, he put on a grin, “Fine. Since you’re able to realise this, I’ll show you something good. I never even let Old Ghost Duan see it before.”


Yang Kai immediately raised his hand to stop him, “If you’re going to kill me after showing me that thing, I don’t want to see it.”


It had to be noted that Wu Kuang and Duan Hong Chen had stayed in the same body for years. If Wu Kuang really had any secrets, Bustling World Great Emperor should have been fully aware of them. However, since he said that Duan Hong Chen was also not aware of it, he must have carefully hid this particular secret.


It was probably his best-kept secret.


Wu Kuang snickered, “I’m not able to defeat you anyway, so how am I supposed to kill you in order to keep the secret hidden? You also have something similar; otherwise, I wouldn’t have decided to show you.”


“I have something similar?” Yang Kai frowned as he had no idea what the other man was talking about.


While he was doubtful, he suddenly became horrified because Wu Kuang reached up his hands and clenched his own head before pulling it apart.


His skull cracked open and his brain was revealed!


It was an understatement to say that Yang Kai was horrified. He almost wanted to curse at him.


On the other hand, Wu Kuang lowered his head and showed him his brain in an undefended manner. There was a petite Soul Avatar, which was transformed from Wu Kuang’s Soul, sitting there; however, the Soul Avatar was presently solemnly seated on a blooming lotus.


When Yang Kai caught sight of the lotus, he became startled for a moment. That was because the lotus looked just like his Soul-Warming Lotus. The only difference was its colour. The Soul Warming Lotus radiated a glow of seven colours while the lotus in Wu Kuang’s head was pure white, which looked like it contained absolutely no impurities.


“The Two Supreme Lotuses, Innate Supreme Treasures of the World. One of them is Soul Warming Lotus while the other is my Flawless Purifying Lotus.” The Soul Avatar that was seated on the lotus opened his eyes and looked smilingly at Yang Kai. Instead of appearing savage though, he looked like the purest person in the world.


“One of the lotuses works on the Soul while the other works on the body. The Soul Warming Lotus is able to nourish the Soul and increase the power of one’s Divine Sense. Even though the Flawless Purifying Lotus is also slightly beneficial to the Soul, its biggest effects are on the body. It can cleanse all impurities from the body. Whoever has the Flawless Purifying Lotus in their possession will obtain the Divine Flawless Body. After the battle in the Shattered Star Sea in the past, this King’s body was destroyed, and my Remnant Soul survived by hiding inside the Flawless Purifying Lotus. Without this thing, this King’s Soul would’ve been extinguished long ago. Unfortunately, the Flawless Purifying Lotus doesn’t have a great impact on the Soul like the Soul Warming Lotus. I only managed to recover after many years. The reason I was more powerful than the other Great Emperors in the past was because I had the Divine Flawless Body.”


While Wu Kuang slowly narrated his story, the emotions in Yang Kai’s heart undulated.


He finally came to the realisation why Wu Kuang never suffered from any downsides while cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and what the latter meant that he had something similar.


The Soul Warming Lotus worked on the Soul while the Flawless Purifying Lotus worked on the body. It was no wonder that Wu Kuang was able to subsequently occupy the bodies of Duan Hong Chen and Mo Sheng without any downsides. It was because he had the Flawless Purifying Lotus.


With this thing in possession, all the impurities Wu Kuang absorbed while cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law could be easily dispersed, and he wouldn’t be affected in any way. It was a Supreme Treasure that perfectly complimented the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


That also explained why he was able to hide his cultivation from Seventh-Order Masters so easily. It was all thanks to the Flawless Purifying Lotus. After all, the Flawless Purifying Lotus had the biggest effects on the body. It had been many years since Wu Kuang obtained it, so it wasn’t surprising that he had developed some Secret Techniques that took advantage of the Flawless Purifying Lotus.


It was just like how Yang Kai had comprehended Blossoming Lotus and Sealed Lotus.


Otherwise, a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, even a Sixth-Order one, could never hide his cultivation from High-Rank Masters.


Wu Kuang closed his skull as the crack perfectly healed. Not even a drop of blood was shed.


A dumbfounded Yang Kai said enviously, “With the Flawless Purifying Lotus in your possession, you would never be killed.”


Wu Kuang questioned, “You have Soul Warming Lotus. Does it mean your Soul will never be destroyed?”


It was then the realisation dawned upon Yang Kai. The Soul Warming Lotus was able to protect the Soul and help it heal from any damage, just like how the Flawless Purifying Lotus could help restore Wu Kuang’s body. However, if his Soul was instantly destroyed, no treasure would be able to help.


Wu Kuang then said with a grin, “This King wouldn’t have revealed his biggest secret if it weren’t because I know you have the Soul Warming Lotus. You have to keep it a secret.”


Yang Kai pursed his lips, “That will depend on what price you’re willing to pay.”


Wu Kuang curved his lips into a smile without responding to him.


Initially, Yang Kai wanted to ask him how to hide his own cultivation. The skill was immensely useful as it could be used to fool enemies. It might even help to turn things around at critical moments. However, there wasn’t a need to ask him about it now.


The reason Wu Kuang was able to hide his cultivation was that he had the Flawless Purifying Lotus, not because of some Secret Technique.


“The Two Supreme Lotuses respectively work on the body and the Soul. If we can combine them, the results would certainly be incredible,” Wu Kuang said longingly.


Yang Kai said, “You’ll find out if you give me your Flawless Purifying Lotus.”


Wu Kuang shot him a glance, “Why don’t you give me your Soul Warming Lotus instead?”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Let’s see who will live longer then. If you pass away, I’ll have a chance.”


“I’ll wait for that chance as well.”


Yang Kai rose from the chair and said, “Inform me whenever you want to leave. If you have some free time, help explore this New Great Territory and see whether there are any good things.”


Wu Kuang leaned against the chair and closed his eyes before waving his hand impatiently, “Get lost.” As he spoke, he fished out a jade slip.


Yang Kai took it and looked into it, then left the place with a smile.




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