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Martial Peak – Chapter 4627, Returning a Favour


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“Young Master, Gathering Yuan Union’s Lu Jing is here. He has also brought back several hundred thousand disciples from Void Land.”


Yue He approached Yang Kai as soon as he returned to High Heaven Palace.


“I saw.” Yang Kai looked up at the fleet of ships outside of High Heaven Palace, “Where’s Lu Jing?”


“He’s waiting for you in the reception hall,” Yue He replied.


“I’ll see him now.” Yang Kai left the place upon finishing his words.


The next moment, in the reception hall, Lu Jing rose from the chair and cupped his fist, “Senior Brother Yang!”


Yang Kai patted the other man’s shoulder and extended his hand, “Have a seat.”


After both of them were seated, Yang Kai spoke first, “Many thanks for your efforts, Brother Lu.”


Lu Jing quickly waved his hand, “Don’t mention it, Senior Brother.”


Before Mo Mei returned to Void Land, Yang Kai had told her to have the disciples of Void Land prepare to return to the Star Boundary. When he previously brought 600,000 disciples to Void Land from the Star Boundary, his intention was to give them a better environment to cultivate and develop in.


However, he had not expected that once the World Tree grew up, the benefits it would give back would be so immense. By residing in the Star Boundary, one could better understand the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao. This in turn allowed one to condense a firmer Dao Seal, which would allow them to achieve a higher initial Order when ascending to the Open Heaven Realm.


Therefore, Yang Kai decided to bring several hundred thousand disciples back. The only ones who remained were those who had already condensed their Dao Seals.


When he previously moved those people from the Star Boundary to Void Land, Yang Kai made use of his Small Sealed World. However, his Small Sealed World was gone for good, and he was swamped with work; hence, he could only ask Mo Mei to come up with a solution to send the disciples back.


Several hundred thousand people were a staggering number. While Mo Mei had no idea how she should handle this matter, Lu Jing came knocking on the door and offered to transfer the people by using Gathering Yuan Union’s fleet of ships.


Mo Mei didn’t turn him down and let him take over the matter.


Gathering Yuan Union was a great force focused on commerce, with many ships scattered all over the 3,000 Worlds. Since Lu Jing was the Young Union Master, he was able to mobilise 100 such ships at once. However, it still wasn’t enough.


In the end, it was the merchants in Void Star City who decided to help out by offering some ships, thus allowing the several hundred thousand people to return to the Star Boundary safely.


Presently, about 1,000 ships of different shapes and sizes were hovering in the sky outside of High Heaven Palace. The sight was truly magnificent.


Since they had offered to help, Void Land would certainly repay the favour. They were given some benefits in both the Star Cities of High Heaven Territory and Void Territory, so it could be considered a deal that would please both parties.


As of now, only about 10,000 disciples were left in Void Land. These people had all condensed their Dao Seals, so it was pointless for them to come back to the Star Boundary.


Looking back, Yang Kai realised that it wasn’t a wise move to bring those 600,000 people to Void Land in the past, for he now had to transfer almost 99% of them back to the Star Boundary.


Nevertheless, given the situation at that time, he couldn’t have imagined that the World Tree would have such amazing effects on the residents living in this place. Fortunately, it still wasn’t too late to rectify his mistake.


Furthermore, those 10,000 people managed to condense their Dao Seals because they were sent to Void Land.


In just ten to twenty years, these 10,000 people from the Star Boundary would subsequently ascend to the Open Heaven Realm. By then, Void Land’s shortage of manpower would be alleviated.


When Zuo Quan Hui previously led Heavenly Sword Union to cordon off the Territory Gates in order to slowly starve out Void Land, many of the merchants in the Star City fled, which caused the popularity of Void Star City to plunge. However, Lu Jing did exactly the opposite. Regardless of whether he had sharp vision or he was simply grateful to Yang Kai who had protected him in the Prison Star back then, he would never be treated poorly by Yang Kai since he had offered to help when Void Land was in crisis.


This time, Lu Jing was also the biggest contributor in bringing the disciples of Void Land back to the Star Boundary.


Therefore, after some small talk, Yang Kai told Yue He to bring over the map of the Star City in High Heaven Territory. Upon opening it, he said to Lu Jing, “The shops labelled in green on the map already have owners, and the rest are ownerless. You can choose ten shops from this map. Consider it a gift from me.”


Lu Jing was amazed by Yang Kai’s generosity.


It had to be noted that the Star City in High Heaven Territory was different from any other existing Star City. All the Cave Heavens and Paradises had gathered together in this place, which made it the centre of attention for the entire 3,000 Worlds. The place was destined to be a super Star City where resources from countless Great Territories would converge.


The average great force would be lucky to acquire a single shop here, let alone ten shops.


However, Yang Kai was generous enough to give him ten shops right away. The shops alone were incredibly valuable, so the profits that would follow would be unimaginable. 


Before Lu Jing came to this place, his Father, the Union Master of the Gathering Yuan Union, told him that if they could get a shop in the Star City in High Heaven Territory, they would be able to take the business of Gathering Yuan Union to the next level; therefore, he asked his son to rent a shop in the Star City in High Heaven Territory regardless of what it cost.


If his Father knew that they were getting ten shops instead of one, he would probably faint from happiness.


Lu Jing was still in a dazed state as he had never expected that he would get such a tremendous reward in return for his offer to help a few years ago.


While suppressing the excitement in his heart, he said, “You’ve already helped me a lot, Senior Brother. If it weren’t because of your protection in the Prison Star, I wouldn’t have survived. It was the least I could do help deliver the disciples of Void Land back to the Star Boundary. It’s not worth such a reward.”


Yang Kai patted the other man’s shoulder with a smile, “Business is business. The ten shops won’t be given to the Gathering Yuan Union for no reason. See it as a gift to you for cooperating with High Heaven Palace. In the future, High Heaven Palace and Void Land might need your help again.”


When developing the New Great Territory, they would surely acquire a lot of resources. Some of those resources were useless to Void Land, so it would be best to exchange them for something else or simply sold.


Therefore, they would have to rely on the network the Gathering Yuan Union had.


Upon hearing Yang Kai’s words, Lu Jing stopped turning him down. However, ten shops were a lot, and Gathering Yuan Union might not effectively use them all. After giving it a thought, he continued, “Senior Brother, I’ll accept the ten shops on Gathering Yuan Union’s behalf, on the condition you remain a shareholder. If there’s any profit at all, you’ll receive 30%. If you don’t agree to this, I won’t dare to accept the shops.”


He reckoned that he might invite trouble to himself by taking the shops directly. Presently, countless great forces were trying to secure a place in the Star City, and many people visited the Governor’s Mansion every day, which was giving Bustling World Great Emperor a severe headache. Other than the Cave Heavens and Paradises, no one else could even dream of obtaining ten shops at once.


Although Gathering Yuan Union was fairly powerful, it still wasn’t comparable to the Cave Heavens and Paradises. If they suddenly obtained ten shops in the most coveted Star City in the 3,000 Worlds, some ill-intentioned people might try to sabotage them.


Without Yang Kai as a backer, Gathering Yuan Union might not be able to bear the burden; therefore, it would be beneficial to form a cooperative relationship by offering a 30% share of the profits, trading some money for peace of mind. After all, for business people, they could only make money by having a harmonious relationship with others. If they had to deal with all sorts of strife every day, they wouldn’t have time to do business.


Understanding apparently dawned on Yang Kai as well, so he didn’t bother to decline, “Sure.”


An elated Lu Jing cupped his fist, “Many thanks, Senior Brother.”


He then wiped his mouth as though there was a palatable dish in front of him. As he looked at the map, he asked, “Senior Brother, can I choose any shops that are not labelled in green?”


Yang Kai picked up his teacup and replied with a smile, “Yes.”


Lu Jing directly pointed at the map and made a swipe, “I want half of this street, then.”


After taking a sip of the tea, Yang Kai looked down and chuckled, “You do have sharp vision. This street will certainly be popular in the future. We were planning on opening an auction house there after all.”


An ecstatic Lu Jing replied, “Since you’re going to build an auction house there, there’s no way the street won’t be filled with people.”


The reason the Star City in Void Land was able to garner so much popularity in a short time was because of its auction house.


Other auction houses might not be able to cause such a big impact, but it was made possible by Yang Kai since his auction house had Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills to sell.


Yang Kai initially wanted to treat him to a meal, but Lu Jing was eager to head to the Star City to secure his ownership of the shops, so Yang Kai reluctantly let him go. After writing something in the jade slip, he passed it to Lu Jing and told him to give it to Bustling World Great Emperor when the latter arrived at the Governor’s Mansion in the Star City.


The popularity of the Star City was rising rapidly as more merchants started opening their shops. Even though it was still in the early stage, they could see that the place would certainly develop into a super Star City one day.


On the other hand, the three Space Arrays set up by Yang Kai in High Heaven Territory could now be used by anyone. It could save them more travelling time than simply using a Universe Temple.


In the Star Boundary, Hua Qing Si had been very busy since she had to help the several hundred thousand disciples who had returned to High Heaven Palace settle down. The Cave Heavens and Paradises had also moved many young disciples from their own Great Territories into the Dao Temples in the Star Boundary.


These were the people those Cave Heavens and Paradises had high hopes for. Most of them were children that had never cultivated. There were even some newborn toddlers. Of course, many parents and caretakers were also brought to this place. No one knew whether these kids would grow up to be amazing Masters in a few hundred years, but they were all looking forward to the possibilities.


As time passed, High Heaven Territory became organised following the initial commotion.


More good news soon arrived from Void Land. The Pseudo-Great Emperors Li Wu Yi, Jiu Feng, Yang Yan, Bing Yun, and several others, including Yang Kai’s Wives Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, Ji Yao, and Yu Ru Meng had all ascended to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, which significantly increased the overall power of Void Land.


Apart from that, the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters had increased by 100 people. The people who had followed Yang Kai in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary like Lang Qing Shan and the others had also made it to the Open Heaven Realm. Lang Qing Shan didn’t disappoint Yang Kai as he directly ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, while the others were mostly in the Fourth-Order.


In a secret room in High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and let out a turbid breath. Following years of cultivation in seclusion, his cultivation saw a significant increase.


When he previously battled against Zuo Quan Hui, he borrowed the Star Boundary’s World Strength to temporarily become a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Although he returned that power to the Star Boundary afterwards, his foundation had been strengthened during the process, which saved him years of cultivation.


Unfortunately, in the battle in the New Great Territory, Zuo Quan Hui made a surprise move before his death, which contaminated Yang Kai’s Small Universe with impurities, effectively rendering the gains he made moot.


In order to ward off Zhuo Bu Qun and Yu Huan, Yang Kai borrowed the Star Boundary’s World Force again.


However, he couldn’t get as many benefits as when he did it the first time. The increase in the heritage of his Small Universe was only half of that of the first time.


Yang Kai reckoned that if he ever borrowed World Force for a third time, there wouldn’t be any benefits at all. Borrowing World Strength was just like consuming special cultivation Pills. The effects of the first time were the best, but repeated uses yielded progressively fewer benefits.




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