Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4629, A Long Journey


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It was convenient to go from High Heaven Palace to the Territory Gate that led to the neighbouring Great Territory through the Space Arrays.


There was a Grand Hall in this place where Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land were in charge of the Space Array and collected the fees from the cultivators who used their arrays.


Upon seeing Yang Kai, these Open Heaven Realm Masters quickly saluted him.


Yang Kai waved his hand and left the Grand Hall alongside Xu Ling Gong as they headed straight to the Territory Gate.


After passing through the Territory Gate, they entered a different Great Territory. It was then Xu Ling Gong fished out a flight-type artifact. The four of them stepped into the artifact, after which Qing Kui was responsible for controlling it while Xu Ling Gong led Yang Kai to a secret room and took a seat.


As he looked out the window, he fell into a dazed state. It wasn’t certain what was on his mind.


On the other hand, Yang Kai couldn’t help but recall the sight when they left the World Tree just now. He had a feeling that something was going to happen, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.


“It has been ten years since Qu’er was confined. When her punishment is over, brat, you must not forget to head to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to look for her,” Xu Ling Gong suddenly said.


Yang Kai nodded, “Of course, I will remember.”


“You don’t have to worry about Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuan Yuan Heaven. Although you haven’t perfectly concealed the death of Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao, there’s no solid evidence either. No one saw how they passed away or whether you were the one who killed them. Although those from the two Cave Heavens have their speculations, they can only keep their mouths shut in order to protect their interests with the World Tree; after all, they’re aware that it was Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan who provoked you first, and the reason they were killed is that they were weaker than you. Dead people are not as valuable as those who are alive. Of course, if you hadn’t also killed Zuo Quan Hui, they wouldn’t have made a concession so easily. The reason they’re willing to give in is that you’re strong enough now.”


Yang Kai nodded again.


“However, you’d be seriously mistaken if you think that the two Cave Heavens are pushovers. They’re willing to hold back their fury not because they’re afraid of you or Void Land, but rather because you’ve made use of other Cave Heavens and Paradises to make them concede. You’d better not let them find any mistakes that you’ve made; otherwise, they’ll not hesitate to destroy you.”


“Senior,” Yang Kai gently called out.


“What’s wrong?” Xu Ling Gong gazed at him.


“Are you going somewhere dangerous?”


“Why do you think so?” An amused Xu Ling Gong stared at him.


Yang Kai replied frankly, “It feels like you’re telling me your last words.”


As soon as he finished his words, Xu Ling Gong landed a slap on his head, “You’re such a jinx!”


Yang Kai covered his head, “Also, why did those people at the World Tree salute us?”


A shameless Xu Ling Gong guffawed, “Now you know how important I, your Father, am. I was just going away for some time, but they were not willing to see me go like they were toddlers who still needed care and attention.”


Yang Kai pursed his lips, thinking that instead of realising how important this old man was, he could clearly see that the latter was unabashed. Nevertheless, he would never dare to say it out loud, for Xu Ling Gong would really beat him up if he did.


“What a magnificent view in the 3,000 Worlds!” Xu Ling Gong looked out the window and remarked.


Yang Kai followed his gaze but couldn’t see anything special. He wondered why the other man was so dispirited.


On the way to their destination, Xu Ling Gong told Yang Kai about some interesting encounters he had in the past. Time flew by while they were having a friendly chat as they passed through several Universe Temples.


It wasn’t until two months later that Su Ying Xue knocked on the door one day and said in a clear voice, “We’ve arrived at our destination, Honoured Master.”


Following a grunt, Xu Ling Gong got to his feet and pushed the door open.


He was followed by Yang Kai.


A moment later, they appeared in front of a Universe Temple. Unlike the ones Yang Kai had seen before, this Universe Temple was devoid of people. Although there were some shops on the streets, they were dilapidated and it was apparent that no one had visited this place for a long time.


Meanwhile, a Golden Armour Great General stopped them from going further with a halberd in hand. This majestic-looking man was entirely clad in golden armour. He was none other than an Open Heaven Realm Master from Great Battle Heaven.


Xu Ling Gong loudly declared, “Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, Xu Ling Gong, on orders from the Sect Master has brought Void Land’s Yang Kai to this place.”


Just then, Yang Kai could clearly see that the eyes behind the golden helmet were glowing as the man looked fixedly at him, as though he was able to figure out all of his secrets.


This prompted Yang Kai to frown.


However, the Golden Armour Great General didn’t do anything else. After taking a glance at Yang Kai, he stepped aside and revealed a passageway. Xu Ling Gong led Yang Kai to move forward while Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui followed them.


Yang Kai turned his head to take a glance and narrowed his eyes.


Back then, when he heard Xu Ling Gong say that the secrets of the Universe Temples had far-reaching implications that might cause a disaster in the 3,000 Worlds if they fell into the wrong hands, he thought that the latter was exaggerating. However, he now realised that the Cave Heavens and Paradises were truly concerned about the Universe Temples.


Even an abandoned Universe Temple was guarded by a Golden Armour Great General from Great Battle Heaven, which went to show how important it was.


The Proprietress had told him before that those who wore golden armour in Great Battle Heaven were Generals at the very least, which meant that they were Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. The person he saw just now was a Sixth-Order Great General.


Furthermore, Yang Kai could detect other hidden auras, which meant that there was more than one Sixth-Order Master around.


While Yang Kai was doubtful, Xu Ling Gong spoke, “When you see the Ancestors later, there’ll be a test for you. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to take part in it. If you don’t, however, you won’t be allowed to enter the Universe Temple’s core to explore its secrets.”


Xu Ling Gong had already told him that when they departed from the Star Boundary.


Yang Kai hurriedly asked, “What kind of test is it?”


Xu Ling Gong brushed him off by saying that he would find out soon.


A moment later, they arrived at a hall. Xu Ling Gong jerked his head to the side and said, “You’ll go in yourself. I’m not going to keep you company.”


Yang Kai bowed his head and shuffled forward.


All of a sudden, Xu Ling Gong said, “Kid, do not forget to look for Qu’er when her punishment is over.”


Without turning his head, Yang Kai waved his hand, “Got it.”


When he opened the door and stepped into the hall, he realised that there was no one around. There was a complicated pattern on the ground though and Yang Kai instantly recognised that it was the Grand Array of the Universe Temple.


Usually, when a cultivator used the Universe Transference Law to travel to a Universe Temple, they would arrive at such a place.


Yang Kai had made use of Universe Temples to move around many times before, so he was familiar with this kind of scene.


Upon making sure that there was really no one around, he walked over to the centre of the Grand Array and looked down to observe it. He had always wanted to study this Grand Array, but unfortunately, he was unable to stay for much time every time he appeared on the Grand Array, which was a shame.


Since the chance was right before his eyes now, Yang Kai certainly wouldn’t want to miss it.


Outside of the Universe Temple, Xu Ling Gong shuffled forward while Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue approached him. The Golden Armour Great General was nowhere to be seen, and it wasn’t certain where he had gone.


“Honoured Master,” Su Ying Xue called out gently.


Xu Ling Gong looked smilingly at her and lovingly stroked her head, “When I picked you two up in the past, your Senior Brother was very protective of you. He thought that I was a bad person, so he tried to bite my hand.”


Qing Kui blushed in response. Back then, he was a young teenager who was always starving and had to deal with all sorts of bandits and beasts. Therefore, he became a ferocious person. One day, he came across a guy who spoke foul language and did not look like a good thing. He certainly wouldn’t agree to it when the man wanted to bring him and his Junior Sister away, for he and the young girl had stayed together for quite some time. Despite his young age, he had seen countless people plotting against one another just for the slightest benefit. At that time, he attempted to jab a sharp bone into the man’s stomach, but the bone instantly broke apart while his hands were injured.


While he was in a dazed state, the burly man picked him up with one hand. Without hesitation, he bit down on the man’s wrist and almost broke his own teeth.


The young but bony girl was only eight years old at that time. She had always been protected by the young boy, and even though she didn’t even have the strength to walk, she still grit her teeth and pounced at the man. After wrapping her arms around the man’s thigh, she also tried to bite him.


That was what happened when the Master and his Disciples met for the first time.


Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue still remembered it vividly as though it had just happened yesterday.


At that time, their Honoured Master was still a young and headstrong man. Without allowing them to protest, he picked up both of them at once and moved forward at the speed of lightning. The little ones started bawling while he guffawed in an unconscientious manner.


Now, their Honoured Master’s sideburns had started becoming grey. As Su Ying Xue gazed at the conspicuous grey hair, she felt heartbroken while Qing Kui looked away.


“Do you blame me?” Xu Ling Gong asked, in a gentler tone than he had ever used in his life. If anyone who was familiar with him saw his expression, they would be astonished.


His Legacy Disciples shook their heads.


A gratified Xu Ling Gong put on a smile, “I’m glad that you don’t blame me. Even if you do, there’s nothing you can do because I was the one who picked you up in the past. We’ll not come back once we set off on this journey. I’ll give you two half a year to fulfil any wishes you have.”


Qing Kui exchanged glances with Su Ying Xue, then said, “Our greatest wish is to remain by your side, Honoured Master.”


Su Ying Xue on the other hand appeared a bit hesitant.


Knowing what was on her mind, Xu Ling Gong asked, “You want to take a look at Qu’er?”


Su Ying Xue nodded, then shook her head, “Little Junior Sister is beautiful and intelligent. If I visit her, she’ll probably figure out what’s going on. I’d better not see her.”


Xu Ling Gong chuckled and said, “Yang Boy is a man of his word. If he’s not killed, he’ll look for Qu’er when the time comes. I can rest assured since he’ll protect her.”


“You’ve always been meticulous when it comes to the judgement of people, Honoured Master.” Qing Kui bowed his head.


“Since there’s no wish you want to fulfil, let’s go now.” Xu Ling Gong waved his hand.


It was going to be a long journey, one they would not be returning from. Once they departed, they would be involved in a life-and-death battle, and whether they’d survive depended entirely on the Heavens’ whims.


In a Restricted Area in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, Qu Hua Shang, who was meditating, suddenly opened her eyes. She felt extremely anxious, as though there was an invisible hand that was clenching her heart, which made it hard for her to breathe.


Her alluring face instantly turned as pale as a white sheet. As she looked at the weltering clouds outside the Restricted Area, she muttered under her breath, “Honoured Master.”


Following that, she felt the urgent need to leave the Restricted Area.


However, she soon stopped in her tracks and remained on the same spot for a long time as her tears slid down her face.


Suddenly, she wiped the tears off her eyes with her sleeves and went back to cultivating in seclusion. She sat down with her legs crossed and emptied her mind.


Only by ascending to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm quickly could she request to look for her Honoured Master, Senior Brother, and Senior Sister sooner.




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