Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4631, Senior Sister Jin


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When a person was totally engrossed in something, they couldn’t feel the passage of time.


Yang Kai was now trying to comprehend the secrets of the Universe Temple as he compared it to his understanding of the Dao of Space. Instead of feeling bored, he was completely immersed in it.


The Universe Temple was an ancient building where there was a very abstruse Grand Array. Yang Kai’s eyes would brighten whenever he discovered something new as the new insights allowed him to further enhance his mastery of the Dao of Space.


It took him five years to go through the entire Grand Array. He had noticed many damaged spots in the Grand Array, and only by deducing and repairing the damaged spots could he make it functional again.


Deduction was a taxing activity. Yang Kai had to exert himself every single day, and every time he surmounted a difficulty, his mastery of the Dao of Space would be strengthened.


However, regardless of how engrossed he was, he still felt pressured and isolated doing the same thing every day for years on end. If it weren’t because he was a staunch and determined person, he would’ve gone mad.


Therefore, he would take a stroll outside from time to time. Only by getting enough rest would he be able to be more efficient in his work.


Every time he left the Universe Temple, the Sixth-Order Golden Armour Great General from Great Battle Heaven would immediately approach him in anticipation of any needs he might have.


Nevertheless, this person was completely unresponsive. In the beginning, Yang Kai would still try to talk to him, but he never got any response.


Eventually, he stopped expecting him to give a response. Sometimes, he would talk to himself when he had the urge. Sometimes, he would walk around the outside of the Universe Temple to relax his mind. The Golden Armour Great General would follow him closely as though he was a servant.


There were also times when Yang Kai asked him to get some dishes and wine so that he could enjoy a meal alone.


The Golden Armour Great General never complained about anything. Regardless of what request Yang Kai had, he would do his best to fulfill it. Yang Kai was initially worried that he was being bothersome, but he soon got used to it and became at ease.


When he left the Universe Temple this time, he told the General to prepare a meal for him.


Just in front of the Grand Hall of the Universe Temple, Yang Kai nonchalantly took a seat on an abandoned bench and drank wine on his own. The Golden Armour Great General was just standing nearby. His figure was as straight as a spear while he looked fixedly at the front.


After drinking for a bit, a joyous Yang Kai started talking to himself, “After five years of going through the Grand Array, I’ve found 1,135 damaged spots. Following two years of deduction, I’ve only repaired seven spots. At this rate, it’d take me more than 100 years to finish repairing the Grand Array.”


100 years was neither long nor short. It was the entire lifetime for a long-lived mortal, but for an Open Heaven Realm Master, 100 years would pass in the blink of an eye.


“Brother Jin,” Yang Kai looked up at the Golden Armour Great General. He had no idea what the person’s name was, so he randomly gave him a surname. The other person never protested, so Yang Kai kept addressing him in such a way, “I’m worried that you’ll have to keep me company for a long time, but don’t worry, 100 years is just a rough estimate. It took me half a year to repair the first spot while it was five months for the second spot and four months for the third spot. The speed with which I can make repairs will only accelerate from now on. Perhaps it won’t take long before the Universe Temple is completely restored.”


As usual, Brother Jin remained silent.


Yang Kai chugged down the wine, then rose from the bench before shuffling towards the Grand Hall, “I’ll continue working now. You can get some rest.”


“Why don’t you take a look at other Universe Temples?” An unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded from behind him.


Yang Kai turned around and gazed at the Golden Armour Great General in shock. With widened eyes, he examined the person again.


It wasn’t until a moment later that he broke into a fit of laughter, “So it is Senior Sister Jin, not Brother Jin.”


If the Golden Armour Great General hadn’t spoken on this day, Yang Kai wouldn’t have found out that she was a woman. Furthermore, she actually had a clear and pleasant-sounding voice.


A woman with such an enchanting voice was certainly quite beautiful.


However, during their contact over the years, she had never said a word. Moreover, she looked sturdy in her golden armour, which was why Yang Kai believed she was a man. It never crossed his mind that the person was actually a woman.


After recovering from his shock, he slowly shook his head, “I know what you mean. There are several Universe Temples in the 3,000 Worlds that have broken down, and the damaged spots of these Universe Temples are definitely different. If I take a look at the other places, I wouldn’t need to exert myself to deduce anything in order to find solutions. After all, while this spot is damaged in this place, it might be in perfect condition in another place. However, in that case, why don’t I just look for a perfectly fine Universe Temple and study it? By doing so I could have a reference and easily repair all the damaged spots.”


Senior Sister Jin fell silent.


Yang Kai went on to say, “The reason I’m not going to do that is that it will be pointless if I don’t deduce things myself. By imitating the ancients, I’ll only be walking down a well-trodden path. Only by making deductions myself would the understanding belong to me,” He nodded and inadvertently took a glance at Senior Sister Jin’s chest.


In an instant, she unsheathed her sword from her waist as a cold glint flashed through Yang Kai’s eyes.


Yang Kai hunched his back and dashed into the Universe Temple as his voice could be heard faintly, “Thanks for the meal, Senior Sister. I’ll need you to prepare some materials for repairing the Universe Temple the next time I come out.”


After the door was closed, Yang Kai still felt extremely guilty as he thought that women were truly sensitive. Just now, when he thought of the saying that women with big chests were brainless, he was instantly engulfed in murderous intent. Women from Great Battle Heaven were truly not to be trifled with.


With that said, he had thought about Senior Sister Jin’s suggestion before, but he rejected the idea in the end. It could save him time and effort by emulating his predecessors, but it would do nothing to enhance his mastery of the Dao of Space. If he took a peek at the abstrusity of the Grand Array in advance, he would only be using solutions that were readily available; however, if he could make a deduction and construct the solution himself, he would be rewarded handsomely.


That was the reason he was willing to exert himself in this place.


Just like what he had said, it took him half a year before he found a solution for the first damaged spot, then it took him five months for the second spot and four months for the third spot. The time he would need would only shorten, and eventually, he would just have to take a glance before he could come up with a fix.


Three years later, Yang Kai had successfully deduced solutions for the 1,000-plus damaged spots. Presently, he was seated in the centre of the Grand Array as his World Force undulated. After going through the Grand Array that he had reconstructed in his mind and making sure that there was no problem, he left the Grand Hall.


Unsurprisingly, Senior Sister Jin approached him again.


Yang Kai appeared exhausted, but his eyes remained bright. He then fished out a jade slip and passed it to her, “Please get these materials ready, Senior Sister.”


After taking it, Senior Sister Jin turned around and left without asking any questions.


For the next few days, she was nowhere to be seen. It was apparent that she was in the process of preparing the materials for Yang Kai.


The Universe Temple in this Great Territory was no longer in use since it had broken down, but there was a Star City here. Although the materials Yang Kai needed were expensive, they weren’t rare. Given Great Battle Heaven’s wealth, it wouldn’t take Senior Sister Jin long to obtain what he needed.


After having some rest for a few days, Yang Kai was fully refreshed. He then flew out into the void and closed his eyes before slowly pushing out his fists.


Ten years of cultivation in seclusion in the Universe Temple and deducing solutions to the damaged spots of the Grand Array allowed him to achieve greater heights in his comprehension of the Dao of Space.


After years of cultivation, Yang Kai had divided Dao comprehension into ten levels based on his own feelings. From the lowest to the highest, they were Superficial Contact, Peering Through the Doors, Taking the Initial Steps, Traversing a Familiar Path, Attaining Mastery Through Comprehensive Understanding, Exceeding the Ordinary to Reach the Extraordinary, Standing Above All Others Within Sight, Summiting the Peak, Transcending the Mundane, and Shocking History and Dazzling the Present.


This kind of classification was clear and it could allow a cultivator to determine their current position in their cultivation. Yang Kai had already passed down this kind of ranking system to those in Void Land and High Heaven Palace.


When he mentioned it to Xu Ling Gong in the past, the latter praised him for coming up with this classification system and said that he could possibly establish an entire standardized system for Dao comprehension. If this method became widely adopted, Yang Kai would be its creator and biggest contributor, and his name would never be forgotten in the history books. When anyone used this system to refer to his or her own comprehension in the future, he would naturally remember the man who invented it.


According to the system Yang Kai had created, his comprehension of the Dao of Space stood at the peak of the Seventh-Level, Standing Above All Others Within Sight, and he was about to achieve a breakthrough to the Eighth-Level, Summiting the Peak.


As his understanding of the Dao of Space improved, Yang Kai faintly felt like he had gained enlightenment into something new.


While he repeatedly pushed out his fists, Space Principles weltered as the Void around him contorted.


He felt as though he was a silkworm that had been trapped in a cocoon. If he could break free from the cocoon, he would be able to make it to the next level; however, he was crestfallen since he was unable to achieve that last breakthrough.


Presently, a golden figure was standing on a spot near Yang Kai as she silently watched his movements. To outsiders, his movements were rather comical as he repeatedly pushed out his fists without any regular patterns. He alternated between slow and fast as though he was an old man who was trying out various exercises. There was no awe or intimidation to speak of.


However, it was these seemingly powerless attacks that caused space itself to shudder and shake.


After a long period of observation, Senior Sister Jin suddenly summoned her halberd. As her World Force surged, she turned into a ray of light and attempted to stab Yang Kai with her weapon.


She didn’t seem to be holding back at all, as though she was determined to end his life while he was distracted.


Her World Force was surging like violent waves, and Yang Kai was forced to turn his head and deal with the halberd with his bare hands. As he drew upon his Small Universe, World Force surrounded his fists.


Following the silent clash in the void, two figures brushed past one another. While Yang Kai’s clothes became tattered, some sparks were also seen on Senior Sister Jin’s armour.


Nevertheless, the woman didn’t seem to have the intention of stopping. As she whirled around, her halberd turned into countless shadows which surrounded Yang Kai, all of them wrapped in thick murderous intent and a sense of ferocity.


Yang Kai kept taking steps backwards, but the movements of his fists still alternated between fast and slow as he clashed with the halberd with various degrees of force and resolved the other party’s fierce attacks.


As the two figures entangled with one another, flickering back and forth as they exchanged places numerous times. Their battle raged across more than 10 million kilometres as they traded countless moves every breath in an intense melee.




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