Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4632, Cow Punch


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Senior Sister Jin from Great Battle Heaven was definitely not a cultivator who made it to the Sixth Order through cultivation in seclusion. She was adept at fighting, so it was apparent that she had quite a number of life-and-death battles in the past.


As she fully pushed her power, she didn’t show any signs of frailty as a woman; instead, she was tough and strong.


Yang Kai took the approach of passively reacting as he was faced with the bombardment of attacks.


They went on to fight fiercely in a radius of 10 million kilometres in the void for half a month.


Then suddenly, there came a moment when Yang Kai’s eyes no longer appeared turbid as his gaze brightened. He had been trapped inside a cocoon for days, and at this moment, he finally broke free from it and became a butterfly.


Faced with the halberd, he didn’t have the intention of dodging; instead, he just gently pushed out his fist.


Despite his seemingly powerless attacks, the impact was tremendous. Senior Sister Jin’s movements came to an abrupt halt as though she was no longer able to circulate her strength smoothly. Her halberd stopped right in front of Yang Kai’s chest.


Yang Kai remained silent with a smile while Senior Sister Jin slowly put away her halberd. Her eyes behind the golden helmet appeared astounded.


“Many thanks for your help, Senior Sister,” Yang Kai cupped his fist.


Over the past fifteen days, Senior Sister Jin used her full strength to battle against Yang Kai, which helped him break through the fog which was clouding his vision and gain enlightenment in battle. If not for her assistance, he would’ve needed another opportunity to take his comprehension of the Dao of Space to the next level.


Now, he had finally made it to the Eighth Level, Summiting the Peak. Besides that, he had also obtained a new technique to deal with his enemies.


“What’s the name of this roguish Divine Ability of yours?” Senior Sister Jin asked.


Yang Kai shook his head with a smile, “It’s not a Divine Ability. It’s just a method of applying Space Principles. I don’t think it’s roguish in any way.”


Senior Sister Jin replied dispassionately, “You trace your opponent’s aura back to its source and directly attack their Small Universe. Once their Small Universe falls into turmoil, they can’t attack or defend. However, if one completely seals off their aura, how are they supposed to use their World Force to battle against you? If this isn’t the method of a rogue that gives an absolute advantage in combat, what else could it be?”


To put it simply, Yang Kai’s new way of dealing with his opponents was attacking their Small Universe by using Space Principles. That was how he managed to easily disperse Senior Sister Jin’s last attack with just a simple punch. Since her Small Universe had been shaken, she was unable to keep fighting regardless of how strong she was.


Even though she could withdraw and then continue to fight, she would be suppressed once Yang Kai used this technique again. That was the reason she directly gave up.


Furthermore, she didn’t really intend to defeat Yang Kai, she just wanted to help him.


The Small Universe was the foundation of an Open Heaven Realm Master as well as their source of power. When Yang Kai was battling against Zuo Quan Hui in the past, his Small Universe often shook as his realm was lower. As a result, he suffered setbacks numerous times. After such an experience, coupled with his newfound knowledge of the Dao of Space, Yang Kai managed to create this technique.


Just like Senior Sister Jin had implied, this technique was quite unscrupulous. Even for High-Rank Masters, it was difficult to directly attack an opponent’s Small Universe, let alone an average cultivator; however, Yang Kai was able to target his opponent’s Small Universe directly by tracing their World Force back to its source using Space Principles.


It was basically impossible to guard against such a technique; however, in order to successfully use it, it still required some luck and patience. The reason Yang Kai was able to easily resolve Senior Sister Jin’s last attack was that he had become familiar with her moves following fifteen days of battle.


“How did you come up with such a roguish technique?” Senior Sister Jin looked curiously at him.


It seemed that Yang Kai could never get rid of that label, so without refuting her, he replied, “I had the luck to witness Purple Jade Cave Heaven’s Shattering Dao Seal Technique in the past and was inspired by it. Some ideas also flashed through my mind when I battled against Zuo Quan Hui. That’s how everything came into place on this day.”


When Yang Kai was in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary in the past, he entered the Primordial Land in order to take part in the Spirit Seizing War. At that time, he was ambushed by someone who used the Shattering Dao Seal Technique, which was a Divine Ability from Purple Jade Cave Heaven. It was a famous technique that was only taught to the most important disciples.


The name of the technique suggested that it was a Divine Ability that targeted a person’s Dao Seal. This Divine Ability was horrifying for people that were somewhere between the Emperor Realm and the Open Heaven Realm. That was because, for those cultivators, their Dao Seals were their foundation. Once their Dao Seal was damaged, they would end up in a horrible state.


The foundation of an Open Heaven Realm Master was their Small Universe, so if there was a way Yang Kai could directly target an enemy’s Small Universe, he could easily gain the upper hand in combat.


Senior Sister Jin nodded and praised him by saying, “This is a rare technique where a weaker person can hope to defeat a stronger opponent. Unfortunately, this technique requires Space Principles as its foundation, so no one else can learn it.”


“Many thanks for your compliment, Senior Sister,” Yang Kai replied humbly.


Given Yang Kai’s current strength, he was practically peerless among those below the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm; however, if he was faced with a High-Rank Master, he would be defeated. He had temporarily possessed the might of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master before, so he was fully aware of the huge gap between a Seventh-Order and a Sixth-Order Master.


Now that he had such a technique though, he wouldn’t be so battered when dealing with a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master like Zuo Quan Hui.


“Among mortals, they call it a cow punch when such an unfair method is used.”


Yang Kai played along and put on a meaningful grin, “Many thanks for giving it a name, Senior Sister! This technique will be called Cow Punch from now on!” Instead of punching a cow though, this technique targeted an opponent’s Small Universe.


Senior Sister Jin fell silent with conflicted feelings. Such an amazing technique was given such a foolish name, which didn’t do justice to its abstrusity.


Just then, a Space Ring flew towards Yang Kai. Senior Sister Jin turned around and dashed towards the Universe Temple, soon disappearing.


The ring contained materials that Yang Kai had asked her to buy. Upon making sure that all the materials were right, he also decided to return to the Universe Temple and start repairing the Grand Array.


He had come up with a plan to repair the more than 1,000 damaged spots in the Grand Array, and with these materials in possession, he just had to execute his plan.


The entire process took Yang Kai a year to finish. 


One day, Yang Kai, who felt extremely bored, was seated in the centre of the Grand Array and waited patiently.


The Grand Array had been restored, and even though he believed there wouldn’t be a problem with it, he had to give it a test. He initially intended to do it himself, but Senior Sister Jin rejected his idea. Left with no choice, he could only let her give it a try.


Yang Kai knew that she was well-meaning. There wouldn’t be a problem if the Grand Array had been successfully repaired; however, if there was any mistake, he might come across some danger by using the Universe Transference Law to send himself back to this place from billions of kilometres away.


In the entire 3,000 Worlds, Yang Kai was currently the only one capable of repairing the Grand Array in a Universe Temple. Senior Sister Jin naturally wouldn’t let him take such a risk.


Despite her stern demeanour, she was actually a kind-hearted person. Yang Kai found out about it when she previously helped him achieve a breakthrough in comprehension without him even asking.


However, for all these years, this woman from Great Battle Heaven had never taken off her armour, so he had never seen her face that was covered in the golden helmet. 


All of a sudden, the Grand Array started glowing as though fireflies were dancing in the air. As Space Principles undulated, the space in front of Yang Kai started contorting and Senior Sister Jin’s figure abruptly appeared.


After coming to her senses, she nodded at Yang Kai to indicate that the Grand Array had been successfully restored. She then said, “The Sect Masters have told me that once you’re done with repairing this Universe Temple, you’ll have a year to rest. After that, you can come back here, and I’ll take you to the next Universe Temple.”


Yang Kai got to his feet and patted his backside, “There’s no need. Let’s go now.”


After a moment of silence, Senior Sister Jin decided not to persuade him, “Wait a moment, I need to pass my duties to someone else.” She then turned around and left the Grand Hall.


A while later, the two of them flew out of the Universe Temple and headed towards the nearest Territory Gate.


Senior Sister Jin initially intended to summon her flight-type artifact, but Yang Kai rejected her idea. As a Master of the Dao of Space, he usually didn’t need to rely on any artifact to move around when he didn’t have a lot of companions.


In just one month, they moved past more than ten Great Territories and arrived at another abandoned Universe Temple.


This place was also guarded by a Sixth-Order Master from Great Battle Heaven, so the person was from the same Sect as Senior Sister Jin. After the two of them had a brief conversation, Yang Kai was allowed to enter the Grand Hall that had remained closed for years.


With ten years of prior experience, Yang Kai was now far more efficient.


It only took him half a year to identify all the damaged spots in the Grand Array, and it took him another half a year to deduce solutions for them. Following that, he needed half a year to repair it. He could now do it much faster than the first time.


Senior Sister Jin then brought him to the third Universe Temple.


In the entire 3,000 Worlds, only five Universe Temples had been abandoned due to malfunction.


Including the time they spent travelling, it took Yang Kai two years to repair the third Universe Temple.


While they were heading to the fourth Universe Temple, they passed by Lang Ya Paradise’s Territory, so Yang Kai decided to stop by and visit Zhang Ruo Xi since the two of them hadn’t met for a long time.


Since word got out that there was a World Tree in the Star Boundary, all 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises had gathered together there, so representatives from Lang Ya Paradise were naturally sent as well. The Seventh-Order Master from Lang Ya Paradise was pretty amicable to Yang Kai, perhaps because of Zhang Ruo Xi and Gu Pan.


Yang Kai had asked him about Zhang Ruo Xi and found out that she was cultivating in seclusion at that time, so she hadn’t tagged along.


It remained a regret in Yang Kai’s heart.


Since they would pass by Lang Ya Paradise, he naturally wanted to visit her.


However, his wish was not granted. Zhang Ruo Xi had made it to the Open Heaven Realm, and two years ago, she and Gu Pan left Lang Ya Paradise to head to the Star Boundary, so Yang Kai couldn’t see her.


Then, he asked about Zhang Ruo Xi’s Order. Upon learning that she had ascended to the Fifth Order just like what he had expected, he felt at ease.


Since Zhang Ruo Xi and Gu Pan were not around, Yang Kai didn’t intend to stay. On the other hand, those from Lang Ya Paradise were quite hospitable; after all, the Star Boundary had become a household name in the 3,000 Worlds because of the World Tree. Not only was Yang Kai a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, but he was also a Sixth-Order Master, so hardly anyone would dismiss him now.


After turning down various invitations from Lang Ya Paradise, Yang Kai continued on his journey alongside Senior Sister Jin.


A few years later, after testing the fifth Universe Temple, Yang Kai confirmed that the Grand Array had been restored. Then, Senior Sister Jin solemnly fished out a golden token and passed it to Yang Kai with both hands.


With his brow raised, Yang Kai took it and realised that it was pretty weighty. The character ‘Universe’ was engraved on it, but he wasn’t sure what this token was for.




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