Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4633, Return to Black Territory


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“It’s a Universe Token. The Sect Master specifically asked someone to make it for you,” Senior Sister Jin explained, “With this token, you can enter any Universe Temple and receive the same treatment as a Sect Master of the Cave Heavens and Paradises.”


“Is this considered a reward for me?” Yang Kai raised his brow. He had spent almost twenty years repairing five Universe Temples, which would offer immense benefits to lots of people; however, those Sect Masters were pretty stingy. They only gave him a Universe Token and no other useful benefits.


Senior Sister Jin shook her head, “It’s not really a reward. The Sect Masters hope that when you have a chance to use the other Universe Temples, you can also examine their Grand Arrays. If there’s a problem, they want you to help fix it.”


Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter, “The Sect Masters are pretty clever, aren’t they? Do they think I’m a free slave or something?”


With a solemn expression, Senior Sister Jin replied, “You can turn them down, but I’ll have to retrieve the Universe Token.”


Yang Kai immediately pocketed the token, “Forget it. I’ll keep it since it’s specifically made for me.”


Senior Sister Jin nodded gently, “Since the matter regarding the Universe Temples has been resolved, I’ll return to Great Battle Heaven now. Farewell!”


Upon finishing her words, she directly turned around and left in a dashing manner. Yang Kai couldn’t help but smile as he watched her leave. Regardless, they had spent the last twenty years together, but she left without any hesitation. She was a true free-spirited person.


The 3,000 Worlds were vast, so they might not have the chance to meet again.


The matter regarding the Universe Temples was an accident of sorts. Yang Kai had never expected that he’d be held up for such a long time. Back then, he decided to take a stroll outside since he wanted to relax. There was a list of things he had to do; however, other than paying a visit to Lang Ya Paradise, he hadn’t managed to complete anything.


Although he had visited Lang Ya Paradise, he hadn’t had the chance to meet Zhang Ruo Xi, which remained a regret in his heart. Fortunately, before his departure, he had told Hua Qing Si that he’d return within 100 years; therefore, even if he didn’t show up for a long time, there shouldn’t be a problem in the Star Boundary or Void Land.


He then fished out a Universe Chart and studied it. Upon confirming his current location and mapping out a route, he disappeared from the spot the next moment.


A few months later, Yang Kai arrived at Black Territory, where Luan Bai Feng personally greeted him.


She was the overlord of the Black Prison and titled herself Warden. In the past, after helping Yang Kai arrange the Space Arrays in High Heaven Territory, she returned to the Black Prison.


She had also brought with her more than 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters from Heavenly Sword Union who had been captured in the war. Although 100 ore slaves was not a lot, they were mostly Fourth-Order and Fifth-Order Masters, so the quality made up for the quantity.


It had to be noted that after the epic battle in High Heaven Territory, many of the Open Heaven Realm Masters from both Heavenly Sword Union and Void Land were injured or killed. The people who had survived the cruel battle were no ordinary cultivators.


If any other great force had obtained more than 100 slaves, it would’ve been difficult for them to handle. They would be considered ruthless and cruel if they simply killed these people, but they would also be considered soft-hearted and weak if they released them. However, these people were immensely useful in Luan Bai Feng’s hands.


The Black Prison was a place where Black Stones were mined, and Luan Ba Feng needed a lot of ore slaves to do this. The environment of this place was hostile, and the deepest parts contained a corrosive aura that would weaken the heritage of a cultivator’s Small Universe. As time passed, one’s foundation would collapse apart and their cultivation would be destroyed.


Hence, countless ore slaves had lost their lives in the Black Prison over the years.


Outside the palace, Luan Bai Feng gazed at Yang Kai with displeasure, “Where have you been all these years? I told Xin Peng to head to the Star Boundary and look for you, but you were nowhere to be seen.”


According to the agreement she had with Yang Kai, he was supposed to have visited Black Territory more than ten years ago. Unfortunately, there had not been any news about him. She told Xin Peng to look for him in the Star Boundary, but he had already left. Hua Qing Si also wasn’t aware of Yang Kai’s whereabouts.


If it weren’t because they were connected by the Loyalty List, Luan Bai Feng would’ve thought that he had passed away.


“I was held up by some matters,” Yang Kai replied nonchalantly, “I’m here now, am I not?”


Luan Bai Feng rolled her eyes, “Do you need to get some rest first?”


“There’s no need for that. This matter cannot be delayed. Let’s begin.” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Although the environment in the Black Prison was terrible, this place was also rich in resources. Presently, Yang Kai possessed Void Star City and a 5% stake in High Heaven Star City. The former was a First Class Star City that was comparable to those controlled by the Cave Heavens and Paradises while the latter was a Super Star City that was the first of its kind. Both Star Cities were extremely popular and prosperous. He also had exclusive ownership of a New Great Territory. Since he had so many properties now, he was no longer a poor man.


The two Star Cities and the New Great Territory were like treasure troves that could continuously provide for the needs of those in Void Land and High Heaven Palace.


However, there was a constant shortage of Yin and Yang Element materials in the Sixth Order and above.


Be it in the two Star Cities or the New Great Territory, they could hardly find any Yin and Yang Element materials in the Sixth Order and above.


On the other hand, in the depths of the Black Prison, Ore Stars had a decent chance of producing Yin and Yang Element materials in the Sixth Order and above.


With the continuous nourishment from the World Tree in the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace was in a favourable position. In the future, they would have a lot of talented disciples and also quite a number of young people who could directly ascend to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


These people needed Sixth-Order materials in order to ascend. Yang Kai still remembered the difficulties the Great Emperors encountered when they were cultivating. At that time, in order to look for Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials, they had spent countless amounts of time and energy. In the end, Black Territory was where the majority of his success was found.


Yang Kai had to come up with a long-term plan so that they wouldn’t need to ask around for such resources in the future.


At the mention of Sixth-Order materials, Yang Kai couldn’t help but recall the resources given to High Heaven Palace by the Cave Heavens and Paradises. At that time, all the High-Rank Masters had come to an agreement that they could respectively get five disciples from the Star Boundary every 100 years, and they had to give High Heaven Territory a set of Sixth-Order materials for each of these disciples.


Yang Kai had already taken into consideration that Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials were extremely rare. Even though the Cave Heavens and Paradises had some of them, they wouldn’t be willing to give them away.


As expected, the Cave Heavens and Paradises really never gave them any Yin and Yang Element materials. High Heaven Palace had collected quite a lot of Sixth-Order Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth materials, but no Yin or Yang Element. All the materials were traded for Fifth-Order and even Fourth-Order materials of the same value.


That was why Yang Kai was vexed.


Despite that, he wouldn’t blame the Cave Heavens and Paradises for being stingy, for Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials were strategic resources to them too, so they wouldn’t bring them out easily.


If Void Land and High Heaven Palace wanted to become as powerful as those Cave Heavens and Paradises, they had to collect these materials themselves and attract a lot of talented people at the same time.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had high hopes for the Black Prison. More than half of the Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials that Void Land and High Heaven Palace would need would likely come from this place.


“This is the Space Array I’ve spent years developing. You need to see if there’s any problem though; after all, I know nothing about the Dao of Space.” Luan Bai Feng tossed a jade slip at Yang Kai.


After taking it, Yang Kai infused his Divine Sense into it and nodded from time to time.


The Space Array was obviously derived from the ones Yang Kai had shown to her before, but it was larger and much more complex.


When Xu Ling Gong told Yang Kai to arrange some Space Arrays in the past, Luan Bai Feng assisted him. This woman was innately talented when it came to the Dao of Spirit Arrays. Yang Kai had only built several Space Arrays with her, but she could already almost master them and even offer some new insights.


Yang Kai had never seen a person more talented than her in Dao of Spirit Arrays. Even Grandmaster Wu Liang, who built the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, was inferior to her.


If it weren’t because she knew nothing about the Dao of Space, she could’ve built this new Space Array all on her own.


After going through the jade slip, Yang Kai nodded, “There’s no major problems, and I’ve marked the places that require small modifications. Let’s discuss it now as we have to further refine the array. There’s no rush in moving the Ore Stars to another place.”


“Since you’re the boss, you have the final say,” Luan Bai Feng appeared nonchalant.


They then sat on the ground as they started drawing something on the soil while having a discussion.


Yang Kai had spent the past twenty years repairing broken Universe Temples. During that period of time, he witnessed the abstrusity of the Grand Arrays in the Universe Temples and comprehended the wisdom of the ancients. As he also reflected upon his own insights, he had gained immense rewards.


The Grand Arrays in Universe Temples and Space Arrays worked in similar ways, so there was something Yang Kai could learn from.


Soon, Luan Bai Feng’s initial plan was almost completely changed. Instead of getting mad though, she greedily absorbed the essence of Space Arrays into her own knowledge.


A month later, Yang Kai let out a long breath and got to his feet, “That’s it. There’s nothing else we could change.”


Luan Bai Feng stroked her glabella and looked up at Yang Kai, “You’re actually pretty talented in Dao of Spirit Arrays.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “I’ve only studied Space Arrays a little. I know nothing about other Spirit Arrays.”


Luan Bai Feng wasn’t interested in fawning over him, so she just asked inquisitively, “If there’s no problem, I’ll tell them to come over now.”


Yang Kai nodded.


A moment later, several hundred dispirited Open Heaven Realm Masters, led by Xin Peng, arrived at this place. The over 100 people at the front sported conflicted expressions when they saw Yang Kai. They were fearful, mad or resentful.


These over 100 people were the captives from Heavenly Sword Union that Luan Bai Feng had previously brought back from High Heaven Territory.


It was apparent that they had been living a terrible life as all of their auras were unstable. Even though some of them glowered at Yang Kai, they appeared as weak as enraged sick cats.


“Xin Peng greets Sir, and greets Warden!” Xin Peng scurried towards them with a fawning smile. This guy had also left his name on the Loyalty List, and although he had no backbone to speak of, he was a fairly powerful Fifth-Order Master.


Luan Bai Feng extended her hand into the void and grabbed a middle-aged man who glared at Yang Kai. While clenching his neck, she pushed her World Force and sneered, “It seems that some of you still don’t know your place. Regardless of who you were in the past, you’re now the lowliest ore slaves in the Black Prison. This Queen can decide whether you’ll live or die as she pleases!”


While the man had the guts to glower at Yang Kai, he was obviously terrified of Luan Bai Feng. It wasn’t certain what he had gone through over the past few years, but as he hovered in mid-air, he appeared greatly flustered. He was also unable to resist her since she was in a higher realm.


“Ore slaves should behave like ore slaves. If anyone dares to be impolite again, you’ll end up like him.” Upon finishing her words, she exerted more force with her hand. The middle-aged man instantly burst into blood mist as his World Force dissipated.




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