Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4634, Void Yin-Yang Mirrors


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Luan Bai Feng killed the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master with a smile on her face, as though she was stepping on an ant. Although these ore slaves were fully aware of how ruthless this woman was, they were still horrified. All of them hung their heads low to avoid getting targeted by her.


There was no expression on Yang Kai’s face as he didn’t sympathise with them. It was said that might made right, and the loser was always in the wrong. If those from Void Land had lost the battle, its more than 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters would’ve ended up in an even worse state.


“Let’s start,” Yang Kai ordered impassively.


Luan Bai Feng nodded and started making the arrangements. The reason they had to gather all the ore slaves in the Black Prison together was that they were going to create something very important, which required a lot of manpower and resources.


Before Luan Bai Feng returned to Black Territory from High Heaven Territory, Yang Kai had mentioned to her a whimsical idea.


Since Open Heaven Realm Masters could travel across the Void through Space Arrays, there was a possibility that the Ore Stars hovering in Black Territory’s Inner Region could also be moved in the same way.


Of course, in order to move the Ore Stars, it would require a gigantic Space Array.


Previously, Yang Kai used brute force to move an Ore Star to the Outer Region. Not only did that consume a lot of time and energy though, but he also had to keep changing directions and control the speed of travel, which was quite troublesome. If he accidentally crashed into other Ore Stars, his effort would go to waste.


However, if he could make use of the Dao of Space and directly move the Ore Stars, things would become much easier.


Nevertheless, in order to achieve this, they needed to do a lot of preparations in advance. Just like Yang Kai had said, there was no rush in moving the Ore Stars as they had to get everything ready first. If their plan was successfully carried out, their efficiency of mining Black Stones would be significantly enhanced, and their source of Sixth-Order and above Yin and Yang Element materials would be secured.


For the past twenty years since Luan Bai Feng returned to Black Territory, she had been designing this new Space Array. It wasn’t until Yang Kai’s arrival that it could be completed though, because she needed the help of his mastery of the Dao of Space.


Since the Ore Stars in the Black Territory came in all different shapes and sizes, the array had to be flexible and adjustable.


With that as a pre-requisite, Yang Kai and Luan Bai Feng combined their insights of the Dao of Space and Dao of Spirit Arrays before creating this Space Array that had never before been seen in the world.


Over the next three years, several hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters became swamped with work at the palace in the Black Territory’s periphery. Some of these Open Heaven Realm Masters were experts in different skills. For example, there were some who were adept at Artifact Refining. Luan Bai Feng would assign some important tasks to these people while those who were strong but unskilled had to help out from the side.


Yang Kai was on top of everything as he examined every process to ensure there were no problems.


Three years later, sixteen artifacts were finally completed. They were divided into two sets with eight artifacts in each set. One of them was Yin while the other was Yang. They were just like two sides of a mirror.


Due to this characteristic, the complete set of artifacts were named Void Yin-Yang Mirrors by Yang Kai.


Every artifact was actually an Array Board that was made using countless resources. If they were traded for Open Heaven Pills, each individual mirror would be worth approximately 3 billion pills.


If Yang Kai hadn’t owned two Star Cities and a New Great Territory and hadn’t prepared an enormous amount of materials before his departure, he wouldn’t have dared to even attempt this.


Since an array board was worth three 3 billion, the set of sixteen artifacts was worth 48 billion in total. With this staggering amount of money, one could buy several hundred Seventh-Order materials. It was enough to bankrupt any Second Class great force.


Half of all the materials Yang Kai owned had been consumed in this single endeavour, which was why he felt quite heartbroken.


If his plan was successful, he would more than make back his losses and even become filthy rich; however, if it failed, he would suffer immense losses.


Despite being wealthy, he still appeared worried after the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors, which consisted of sixteen artifacts, was completed.


He passed eight artifacts, the Void Yin Mirrors, to Luan Bai Feng while storing the corresponding Void Yang Mirrors. After taking a deep breath, he looked in the direction of the Black Territory’s Inner Region and said, “Just wait here and play it by ear.”


Luan Bai Feng nodded with anxiety, but she was already looking forward to this test.


Since such amazing artifacts were made by her, she naturally wanted to find out if these items would work as intended. They had previously carried out an experiment and confirmed that there wasn’t a problem with their functionality, but that was just a trial after all. They didn’t have the confidence that they could successfully move a huge Ore Star.


It wasn’t the first time Yang Kai visited the Black Territory’s Inner Region, where there was an eerie force that could erode a person’s Small Universe. The deeper a person went, the faster the heritage of their Small Universe would be shaved away.


With that said, Yang Kai had the Towering Evergreen, so he could ward off this force and reach a location most people couldn’t.


More than ten days later, he felt that he had reached his limit, and if he went any further, even his Towering Evergreen was unable to protect him.


After finding an Ore Star, he started his preparations.


He fished out the eight Void Yang Mirrors he had brought with him. With the arrangements of Eight Trigrams Qian, Kun, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen, and Dui, he placed them around the Ore Star.


He then sat in the Qian spot and performed different hand seals. As Space Principles undulated, he shouted, “Activate!”


The next moment, the eight Void Yang Mirrors started shaking and humming. Rays of lights shot out from the Array Boards and connected with each other.


In the blink of an eye, all eight Void Yang Mirrors were linked. From a bird’s-eye view, one could see that eight Array Boards had formed into an octagonal cage, and in the middle of the cage was the Ore Star that Yang Kai had selected.


Furthermore, the eight Array Boards that had been connected had also formed into a huge Space Array.


At the same time, Luan Bai Feng was waiting patiently in the void at the periphery of the Black Territory. The eight Void Yin Mirrors were controlled by eight Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and were also placed according to the arrangements of the Eight Trigrams.


There came a moment when the eight Void Yin Mirrors started shaking and humming. As rays of light flashed through everyone’s eyes, a huge projection appeared inside the perimeter of the Void Yin Mirrors.


That was the projection of the Ore Star that Yang Kai had selected. It was the exact same size, but it was only an illusion.


Luan Bai Feng arched her brow and yelled, “Act according to the plan!”


The Fifth-Order Masters who controlled the Array Boards wouldn’t dare to be negligent as they surged their World Force into the Array Boards in the appropriate order. Every Void Yin Mirror had to be in sync with the corresponding Void Yang Mirror on Yang Kai’s side.


In the Black Territory’s Inner Region, with a dark gaze, Yang Kai seemed able to surmount space and see what was going on in Luan Bai Feng’s place.


He then used a different hand seal and shouted, “Lock!”


As Space Principles undulated, the sixteen Void Yin-Yang Mirrors flickered and turned ethereal at the same time, as though they would disappear at any moment.


Yang Kai extended his hand with the most serious expression he had ever sported and as he flipped his palm over, he yelled, “Turn!”


A violent force burst out as the eight Array Boards became blurred and then stabilised. They also stopped shaking and humming.


The Ore Star, which was originally trapped by the cage formed from the eight Array Boards, abruptly disappeared.


In the periphery of the Black Territory, Luan Bai Feng looked dazedly at the giant Ore Star that had suddenly appeared before her. Although she already knew this was to be the outcome, she was still astounded when she actually saw the sight. She muttered under her breath, “It works…”


Despite the fact that there was a distance of billions and billions of kilometres between them, Yang Kai had successfully moved the Ore Star to this place with the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors.


He had pulled off a feat that was rather astonishing.


Xin Peng, who was standing beside Luan Bai Feng, gulped as he appeared awestruck by the Ore Star’s appearance and instinctively asked, “How did he do it?”


Although he was an experienced Fifth-Order Master, the sight before his eyes was still unbelievable to him.


Prior to this day, if anyone told him that a huge Ore Star could be moved from one place to another in an instant, he would never have believed him. There was a limit to a Human’s strength. Even the legendary Ninth-Order Masters could not do something like this.


However, it happened right before his eyes.


Luan Bai Feng smiled as she was apparently in a jovial mood. She then explained, “That guy has spent years building these Void Yin-Yang Mirrors, which is a suitable name. The Yang Mirrors are on his side while Yin Mirrors are on our side. Coupled with his Space Secret Techniques, he flips the mirror over, sending what is on his side over to our side.”


Xin Peng appeared puzzled as he obviously didn’t understand her.


Luan Bai Feng went on to say with a smile, “Take your hand as an example. If you grab something in your hand, it now faces down. After you flip your hand over, the thing will now face up.”


A fawning Xin Peng remarked, “Warden and Sir are truly brilliant. I’ll never be a match for you two. If it’s just like you’ve said, does it mean that these eight Array Boards with us now are the Yang Mirrors that Sir had previously brought with him?”


Luan Bai Feng replied with a smile, “It seems you’re not so foolish after all.”


There were two sides to the mirror, which were Yin and Yang. The sixteen Array Boards were used for positioning. As they flipped, not only was the Ore Star moved to this place, but the Yin Mirrors and Yang Mirrors also exchanged locations. Yang Kai had previously taken the Yang Mirrors with him and left behind the Yin Mirrors. As such, the Yin Mirrors were now on his side.


Xin Peng fell silent for a moment. Even though he was unresigned when he left his name on the Loyalty List in the past, it now seemed to him that he was indeed no match for Yang Kai in any respect. It wasn’t so terrible after all to work under someone like him.


Furthermore, the concept of the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors was truly awe-inspiring. The thing Luan Bai Feng gave Yang Kai three years ago was just a draft of the Space Array. If they carried it out according to her original design, there would be some effects as well, but it wouldn’t be so convenient.


The Void Yin-Yang Mirrors were flexible as the cage that was used to localize the Ore Stars was fully adjustable. There was no doubt that it was much better than her original static Space Array.


The Fifth-Order Masters, who controlled the eight Array Boards, were still in a dazed state, so Luan Bai Feng quickly snapped at them, “Stop dreaming and get ready! The next Ore Star will arrive soon.”


It was then that the eight of them started getting ready as they removed their respective Array Boards and flew to another empty space before setting them up again.


In just ten days, another huge projection appeared inside the Void Yang Mirrors. With the prior experience, the eight of them started making a move without the need for Luan Bai Feng to give the order.


A moment later, as the Array Boards started glowing, another Ore Star that was just as large as the previous one was suddenly moved to this place.


On the other hand, several hundred ore slaves had already streamed towards the first Ore Star that had been moved to this place and started mining Black Stones.




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