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Martial Peak – Chapter 4638, Arousing the Interest of Grandmaster Ma Fan

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Yang Kai had tried finding out the reason behind this situation but to no avail, so he could only give up.


What was more surprising to him was that other than Eldest Senior Sister Nalan Lu Shui and some older Open Heaven Realm Masters, the others like Cen Cen had no idea that they were the remnants of Great Evolution Paradise.


They were born and bred in this place, and none of them had left this sealed space before, nor had anyone told them about the history of Great Evolution Paradise.


The glory and honour of this great force that was once one of the 72 Paradises had been forgotten by their descendants, which was sorrowful indeed.


In just three months, Yang Kai had managed to figure out many things.


After that, he returned to the place where Grandmaster Ma Fan lived. The door of the main hall remained tightly shut as he was apparently not welcome to enter.


Standing outside the main hall, Yang Kai sported a faint smile and slowly said, “When I was still a Great Emperor in the past, I broke free from the restraint of my Universe World and arrived at the 3,000 Worlds. Not long after that, I came across an accident and fell into a Sealed World called the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. That Sealed World was truly amazing, but it was also extremely dangerous. Many Divine Spirits lived there and fought against one another. In the middle of Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, there was a secret place that was called the Primordial Land by the Divine Spirits. Only cultivators below the Open Heaven realm could enter that place while the Divine Spirits were barred from entry. I had the good fortune to enter the Primordial Land and compete against many other talented youths for opportunities. Inside the Primordial Land, there was a tree called the World Tree that could bear World Fruits. I had an opportunity to go through some trials and eventually obtained quite a number of World Fruits. I was also lucky enough to have obtained a root from the World Tree itself.”


The person inside the main hall didn’t respond to him, so it was as though Yang Kai was talking to himself. However, Yang Kai knew that Grandmaster Ma Fan must be able to hear him, it was just that the old man didn’t bother to reply to him.


Yang Kai didn’t mind it as he went on to say, “A calamity fell upon the Universe World where I came from, which was the Star Boundary. Powerful cultivators fought against each other there, which caused great damage to the world. On top of that, much of its Auspicious Spirit Essence was consumed. A member of the Giant Spirit God Clan, which was attracted to my dying Universe World, eventually told me that the World Tree could save my home. Therefore, after I obtained the root of the World Tree from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, I returned to the Star Boundary when there was a chance. Then, I found a place and planted the root there. The Giant Spirit God clansman didn’t lie to me. Over the years, the root grew and transformed into a subtree of the World Tree. The Star Boundary gradually stabilised as there were no longer any signs of it collapsing. I thought that matters would end there. I was already lucky enough to have obtained a root from the World Tree, and my wish had been granted since my Universe World was saved. I wouldn’t dare to ask for more. However, I had never expected that saving my World was just the tip of the iceberg of the World Tree’s power. A few years ago, someone from my homeland came to my Void Land and told me some news that would leave me pleasantly surprised. Following the continuous nourishment from the World Tree, the heritage of the Star Boundary became increasingly ample, which allowed cultivators living there to more easily comprehend the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao. The aptitudes of my parents had always been average at best. If there hadn’t been such an opportunity, they would’ve ended up in the Third-Order Open Heaven realm; however, since they were in our homeland and grew together with the World Tree, not only did they manage to condense their Dao Seals far ahead of when I had expected them to, but they could also hope to make an initial breakthrough to the Fourth-Order or even the Fifth-Order.”


The aura in the main hall, which was usually impassive, shook a little at those words.


Yang Kai put on a smile and continued, “Senior, you’ve been living inside the ruins of Great Evolution Paradise all this time, so it’s not surprising for you to be unaware of what’s going on in the outside world. It’s expected that you don’t know that I fought an intense battle against an Inner Elder of Thousand Cranes Paradise, Zuo Quan Hui, in the recent past. In that battle, several hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters lost their lives, including several Sixth-Order ones. After they passed away, their Small Universes collapsed apart and their World Forces dissipated. However, all that World Force was absorbed by the World Tree subtree, which in turn allowed it to grow even larger and more rapidly. It is now 300 kilometres tall and its roots have spread throughout the entire Star Boundary. The nourishment it returns to the Star Boundary is astonishing. Now, all 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises have gathered together in my homeland, the Star Boundary. An agreement has been reached among us that allows them to respectively take on five disciples every 100 years from the Star Boundary. I’ve also given them a landmass of 500,000 square kilometres each to build Dao Temples for themselves where they can raise talented disciples of their own. In the entire 3,000 Worlds, the Star Boundary is the most unique Universe World in existence. With the continuous nourishment of the World Tree, the Star Boundary is bound to see many more talents appearing. Even if one is not born in the Star Boundary, their future would still be bright if they were nurtured there from a young age. Several hundred years to 1,000 years later, there will be countless people who will be able to directly ascend to the Fifth and Sixth Order directly.”


The next instant, the door, which had remained closed for a long time, creaked open. Yang Kai put on a smile and adjusted his clothes before stepping through it.


Inside the main hall, Grandmaster Ma Fan was seated with his legs crossed as he appeared doubtful with a scowl. When he saw Yang Kai coming over, he shot him a distrustful look.


Yang Kai directly took a seat in front of him and put on a helpless smile, “It’s so difficult to see you, Grandmaster.”


The long grey eyebrows of Grandmaster Ma Fan flapped in the air, “If it’s just like what you’ve said, the tree that has grown in your homeland is just the subtree of the World Tree. Is it really so amazing?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “The Star Boundary and the World Tree are open for all to see. If you don’t believe me, you can go over and have a look. By then, you’ll know whether I’m boasting or not.”


Grandmaster Ma Fan shook his head, “I’ve certainly heard about the World Tree, but I wasn’t aware that it could provide continuous nourishment to the land it is planted in.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I only found out about it recently as well. I guess prior to that, no one knew that the World Tree had such an effect; after all, the Mother Tree lives in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. No one has brought it out and planted it in a Universe World before. That’s why no one was aware of the benefits it could provide.”


“I’ll definitely have a look at the Star Boundary. If you dare to lie to me…”


“I wouldn’t dare to.”


Grandmaster Ma Fan pursed his lips, “Did Lan You Ruo tell you about Great Evolution Paradise?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “The Proprietress never told me anything. I found out about it while having a chat with a Senior from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.”


Grandmaster Ma Fan sported a milder expression and nodded.


Yang Kai straightened his face and said, “I don’t know what happened to Great Evolution Paradise in the past that caused the great force, which was once one of the 72 Paradises, to fall into such a state. However, the portal leading to these ruins has been sealed off, and you’ve imposed a restriction on Senior Sister Lu Shui and the others that they can never leave this place before they make it to the Seventh Order. Obviously, you’re worried that your enemies will retaliate against them. They may be safe staying here, and if they leave, they might expose their whereabouts. I admire the fact that all of you from Great Evolution Paradise have been patiently growing stronger and preparing yourselves, but it’s said that even the cleverest woman cannot cook a meal without rice. You’ll need more capital in order to get your revenge. Given the situation in Great Evolution Paradise now, how long will it take before the glory of your Sect will be restored?”


Grandmaster Ma Fan shot him a look, “What are you trying to say, brat?”


Yang Kai put on a meaningful grin, “You can find some youths with exceptional aptitudes and send them to the Star Boundary just like the 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises have done. The disciples might turn out to be pretty powerful. Even though this move is risky, I can make some arrangements and ensure that your enemies will not find out about it.”


Grandmaster Ma Fan questioned, “We do have some enemies… but who do you think our enemies are?”


Yang Kai frowned, “Is it not like what I think?”


He thought that the enemies of Great Evolution Paradise must be from one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises; after all, given the power of Great Evolution Paradise back then, they couldn’t be easily oppressed by just any great force.


Previously, Grandmaster Ma Fan made Yang Kai owe him a favour because he could see that the young man had the potential to directly ascend to the Seventh Order and become a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master eventually.


If Yang Kai really made it to the Ninth Order, he would be powerful enough to deal with those Cave Heavens and Paradises.


However, Grandmaster Ma Fan’s words suggested that Yang Kai’s assumptions were incorrect.


The old man didn’t bother to explain anything; however, the World Tree was apparently attractive enough to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have opened the door and let Yang Kai enter.


After giving it a thought, Grandmaster Ma Fan said, “You wait here for a few days. I’ll go out and ask around. If this matter is just like you’ve said, everyone must be aware of it since all 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises have gotten involved. If you’ve lied to me though, I’ll sweep you out of this place and never allow you to return.”


Yang Kai extended his hand to motion for him to go ahead.


Following that, Grandmaster Ma Fan disappeared the next moment.


After the old man was gone, Yang Kai let out a breath with an elated expression. Initially, he followed Nalan Lu Shui back to her place in the hope that she could help persuade Grandmaster Ma Fan to make him change his mind and refine a palace artifact of Void Land.


However, after getting to know more about this place, Yang Kai realised that things were a little different from what he had thought. Now, he no longer needed Nalan Lu Shui to help him. If the old man wanted to restore Great Evolution Paradise to its former glory, he would certainly be tempted by the allure of the Star Boundary.


After all, the focus of all the Cave Heavens and Paradises was on the Star Boundary now, so there was no way the ruined Great Evolution Paradise could ignore it.


Presently, Great Evolution Paradise was like a traveller in the desert while the Star Boundary was like an oasis where there was plenty of water.


Yang Kai stroked his chin as he was in a jovial mood. Now, it was Grandmaster Ma Fan who had to seek his help, not the other way around. Could he try to get more benefits out of this situation?


It was extremely difficult to find such an Artifact Refining Grandmaster, and it would take Void Land an enormous amount of time and energy to nurture one.


Yang Kai wasn’t worried that the old man wouldn’t get any information about the Star Boundary. After such a long time, the existence of the World Tree had become a well-known fact across the 3,000 Worlds. Besides the Cave Heavens and Paradises, there were also many cultivators from Second Class great forces wandering around in the Star Boundary. Before Yang Kai left, many powerful cultivators would visit High Heaven Palace and ask for a place to build Dao Temples of their own.


Certainly, those from High Heaven Palace would never agree to this. The table was only so big and there were only so many seats. All of the seats had been occupied by the Cave Heavens and Paradises as well as High Heaven Palace. Anyone who wanted to obtain a place had to get the permission of those from High Heaven Palace as well as the Cave Heavens and Paradises, so no one would dare to make a scene.


Although those from High Heaven Palace never gave these people any land of their own, they wouldn’t stop those powerful cultivators from obtaining disciples in the Star Boundary as long as they followed the rules. It was their own opportunity to get their desired disciples. Yang Kai was looking forward to the day when the cultivators from the Star Boundary became powerful enough in all the places in the 3,000 Worlds, which was why he never even intended to stop these people.



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