Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4640, Returning to the Shattered Heaven


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The Shattered Heaven was a lawless land where opportunities and crisis co-existed. It was rumoured that there were countless treasures in this place; therefore, even though it was extremely dangerous, it could still attract brave souls to step into it.


In a restaurant in the Shattered Heaven Star City, Yang Kai was seated by the window on the second floor. As he looked down at the sea of people, he tutted in amazement.


He previously came to this place to enter the Shadowless Cave Heaven and save the Proprietress. Since he was in a rush at the time, he wasn’t in the mood to look around.


It wasn’t until he revisited the Shattered Heaven Star City that he realised that despite the fact that the city was small and disorderly, there were a lot of valuable items on sale.


Certainly, it might have something to do with his cultivation as well. He was only an Emperor Realm cultivator when he previously came to this place, but now, he was already a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Since his horizons had been broadened, he naturally could see things in a different light.


“I heard that the Shattered Heaven was formed because ancient Great Experts fought against one another and destroyed several neighbouring Great Territories. I wonder what got those ancient Great Experts into such a scuffle,” Yang Kai muttered.


There was a grim-looking middle-aged man who was seated across from him who decided to ignore Yang Kai as he took a sip of his wine.


Yang Kai turned to look at him and put on a smile, “You’ve lived for so long already, so why do you still get mad so easily?”


Wu Kuang snapped, “You should try being trapped in a sack for twenty years!”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Well, there was a change of plans. I hadn’t expected that it’d take me such a long time to repair the Universe Temples.”


After Yang Kai left the Star Boundary, his visits to Black Territory and Great Evolution Paradise didn’t take him much time; however, he had been held up for twenty years repairing the broken Universe Temples.


During this period of time, Wu Kuang had been hiding inside the Six Fated Paths Bag while Yang Kai lugged it along with him.


After all, this guy was still a disciple of Myriad Demons Cave Heaven on paper. He had killed Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan before absorbing all of their cultivation. He could hide his whereabouts while he was in the New Great Territory as those from Myriad Demons Cave Heaven and Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven wouldn’t be able to find him there. Nevertheless, if he rashly showed up anywhere else, he would probably be discovered by Yu Huan from Myriad Demons Heaven. By then, it would be hard for him to explain himself.


Therefore, when he learned that Yang Kai was coming to the Shattered Heaven, he told the latter to bring him along.


The first thing that sprang into Yang Kai’s mind was the Six Fated Paths Bag. His own Small Universe couldn’t accommodate Wu Kuang, who was also in the Sixth-Order, as it would render him too weak if he did so. As such, he could only use the Six Fated Paths Bag.


In the past, Yang Kai had used this thing to keep Yue He, who was also in the Sixth-Order, inside it; however, this artifact also had a limit. It could only accommodate a few Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Yang Kai had never been able to figure out what the Six Fated Paths Bag was made of that allowed it to keep Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters inside it.


There was no way Wu Kuang could return to Myriad Demons Cave Heaven. Meanwhile, no Sect in the 3,000 Worlds would welcome him. As such, the Shattered Heaven was the best place for him. Murder and robbery were rampant in this cursed place. It was no wonder that a Devil Lord like Wu Kuang would take a liking to it.


Yang Kai had never expected that before his departure, he would be brought to a Universe Temple by Xu Ling Gong to repair it, and he went on to do exactly that for the next twenty years.


As a result, Wu Kuang was trapped inside the Six Fated Paths Bag for twenty years. Anyone would be upset if such an incident happened to them. However, Wu Kuang would never dare to make a rash move despite feeling vexed. If he really tore the bag apart and left, he might be caught. Not only would his future be hanging in the balance, but Yang Kai would also be dragged into the mess.


Wu Kuang then chugged down the wine and slammed the cup on the table before rising from the chair, “Farewell!”


Following that, he turned around and shuffled out of the restaurant.


Yang Kai picked up his own cup and gently called out, “Don’t get killed somewhere.”


Wu Kuang waved his hand without turning his head as though he never heard him. Once he stepped out of this restaurant, he would be like a tiger that returned to the mountain or a Dragon that dove into the ocean. The world would be his to savour.


On a street that was crammed with people, a handsome young man in all white clothes strolled around. Wherever he went, the passers-by would be slightly pushed away from him by an invisible force.


Sensing something, Yang Kai took a glance at this person, and it just so happened that the young man also stopped in his tracks and looked up.


As they exchanged glances, both of them frowned.


Even though Yang Kai was certain that it was the first time he came across this white robed youth, he immediately felt repulsed by him for no apparent reason. It was almost an instinctual reaction, as though it was how it was naturally supposed to be, which was unprecedented for him. Yang Kai wasn’t an arrogant or overbearing individual, and since it was the first time they met, why would he feel such distaste for this young man when they had only exchanged glances? They hadn’t even spoken to each other yet.


Judging from the white robed youth’s expression, Yang Kai knew that the other party shared the same sentiment.


Fortunately, neither of them seemed to want to cause trouble. The white robed youth was apparently in a rush, so he soon retracted his gaze and strode out of the Star City alongside the crowd.


A moment later, Yang Kai paid the bill and calmly left the restaurant.


Outside the Star City, a petite young woman, who had been following the white robed youth, asked, “What did you see, Young Master? You seem displeased.” 


The young woman appeared innocent as she held a branch with some peach blossoms on it. As jovial as a monkey, she kept jumping around the young man.


The white robed youth replied dispassionately, “Nothing. I just saw someone I dislike.”


The young woman batted her eyes, “Since you don’t like him, I’ll kill him for you.”


While never stopping in his tracks, the white robed youth shook his head, “There’s no need for that. There are countless people I hate in the world. It’s not like he matters at all.”


In a matter-of-factly manner, the young woman said, “I’ll kill anyone you hate, Young Master.”


The white robed youth didn’t respond to her.


As they spoke, they had already flown out 10 million kilometres.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had also left the Star City. After identifying the direction, he turned into a ray of light and shot forward.


The reason he visited the Shattered Heaven was to increase his strength. An Open Heaven Realm Master had to increase their heritage in order to strengthen their cultivation, which was a painfully long process. Be it refining Open Heaven Pills or various materials of different Orders, it required a lot of time and effort.


For a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to ascend to the Seventh-Order, 1,000 years of cultivation was the absolute minimum requirement. For a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to make it to the Eighth-Order, it would take him several thousand years to over 10,000 years to even make an attempt. As for an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master trying to reach the Ninth-Order, several tens of thousands of years were required.


Yang Kai had no idea whether there were any Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Cave Heavens and Paradises, but he had seen several Masters in the Eighth-Order before. Be it the Ancestor who was in charge of the Small Source Worlds in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven or the Ancestors he had seen in the Universe Temple, they were all Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


As for Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yang Kai speculated that such people did exist in the Cave Heavens and Paradises, but there wouldn’t be a lot of them. Perhaps there was only one Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in each of those Sects. Yang Kai even speculated that some of the Cave Heavens and Paradises might not have a single Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master overseeing them.


He was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and due to the various opportunities he had come across, the heritage of his Small Universe was more ample than average. However, he was still some distance away from the Seventh-Order.


In order to increase his cultivation quickly, Yang Kai either had to enter another Small Source World or look for a Temporal River like the one Xu Ling Gong had mentioned before.


Nevertheless, he was unable to use either of these shortcuts. The Cave Heavens and Paradises all had Small Source Worlds, but they were only open for their own disciples. Even Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would never allow Yang Kai to use their Small Source World again, let alone other great forces.


The only way to speed things up that Yang Kai could think of was the Astral Wind Divine Ability that he had come across after leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven with the Proprietress back then.


It was a Divine Ability that was left behind by a Great Expert in ancient times. Although many years had passed, it still remained intact as it blocked the exit of the Shadowless Cave Heaven. The Astral Wind would gust into Shadowless Cave Heaven from time to time and sweep away the heritages of Open Heaven Realm Master’s Small Universes. It was similar to the eerie aura in Black Territory.


In the Astral Wind Divine Ability, Wind Spirits had been nurtured.


Previously, Yang Kai drew some Wind Spirits in his Small Universe and killed them. After they passed away, they left behind a lot of very pure World Force, which helped strengthen his heritage.


However, Yang Kai was eager to return to Void Land at that time, so he didn’t stay for long. Instead, he memorised the route and thought that he would come back in the future.


The reason he revisited the Shattered Heaven this time was to go after the Wind Spirits in the Astral Wind Divine Ability.


As long as he could attract all the Wind Spirits into his Small Universe and kill them, he would make a huge leap forward on his way to the Seventh-Order.


Yang Kai still remembered that after they left the Shadowless Cave Heaven previously, they went on to wander around the Shattered Heaven for half a year before they ran across a fight between two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. After asking them for directions, Yang Kai’s group kept moving forward for half a month before they arrived at Shattered Heaven Star City.


Since he didn’t have much time to memorise the route back then, Yang Kai wasn’t sure if he could find the Astral Wind Divine Ability this time. However, the Astral Wind Divine Ability covered a vast area, so as long as he knew the general location, he would eventually find it.


Wherever he went, Yang Kai could see cultivators who were in a hurry. Although the Shattered Heaven was dangerous, it was also a battlefield of Great Experts from ancient times where many treasures and hidden Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises were left behind. Therefore, it could still attract many cultivators to fight for opportunities.


Sometimes, Yang Kai would see cultivators getting into bloody fights. He would usually ignore and circumvent these people.


As he went further, Yang Kai encountered fewer and fewer people.


After looking around for half a year, his wish was finally granted as he saw the gigantic Astral Wind Divine Ability hovering in the void.


Although it wasn’t the first time he saw it, Yang Kai was still awestruck by its magnificence.


It was a storm that covered an area of several tens of millions of kilometres as it swirled around, affecting the void around it, making it seem like space was being torn apart.


If a Universe World such as the Star Boundary was hit by such a Divine Ability, it would be ground to pieces instantly. The cultivation of the ancient Great Expert who unleashed this Divine Ability must be inscrutable.


Yang Kai longed for that kind of strength.


Such a Divine Ability could only have been produced by a Master in the Eighth-Order at the very least. However, considering the fact that the Divine Ability had been worn down over time, the person who used it in the past must have been a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


There was no doubt that a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master came from one of the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


What was the reason that caused those ancient Great Experts to fight here and even shatter the neighbouring Great Territories?


It was said that all 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises had been united since time immemorial, so why did they fight against one another in this place?




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