Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4641, Bright King Cave Heaven, Xu Wang


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Compared to the 3,000 Worlds, which had existed for countless eons, both Void Land and Yang Kai were still young and inexperienced.


There were many secrets he hadn’t figured out and many sights he hadn’t seen in this vast universe.


Xu Ling Gong had said the secret behind the Universe Temples could threaten the safety of the 3,000 Worlds, but Yang Kai hadn’t figured out the reason behind it.


A Universe Temple was like a transit station for cultivators. As long as one had left behind their Imprint, they could use the Universe Transference Law and instantly return to a Universe Temple within the same Great Territory. Although it was truly abstruse, Yang Kai didn’t understand why it had something to do with the safety of the 3,000 Worlds.


In any case, he didn’t really mind it as he reckoned that he would figure out all these puzzles one day.


Presently, he was staring at the huge Astral Wind Divine Ability, but just when he was preparing to enter, he saw a figure actually emerge from it.


The person was clad in tattered clothes and covered in blood while he almost crashed into Yang Kai, who instantly stopped in his tracks.


The man who just dashed out of the Astral Wind was startled as he hadn’t expected to see another Human in this place.


With that said, he was pretty agile as he quickly moved aside and brushed past Yang Kai. Upon stopping on a spot that was 1,000 metres away, he turned around to look at Yang Kai in shock.


Yang Kai was staring at him as well. Although this person was battered and his aura was weak, he was clearly a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Moreover, the wounds on this person’s figure radiated a golden glow while the flesh in the wounds squirmed and healed itself at a visible rate.


With his brow raised, Yang Kai couldn’t help but recall a Secret Technique from one of the Cave Heavens, Immovable Bright King Body.


The Star Boundary had become a household name since there was a World Tree in that place. Back then, while Yang Kai was still in the Star Boundary, he came into contact with High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters from all 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises. Xu Ling Gong also helped him understand more about these top great forces at the time.


Bright King Cave Heaven was one of the 36 Cave Heavens, and their disciples were all Body Tempering Masters whose figures were extremely sturdy and far surpassed cultivators in the same Order. That was because they had a Secret Art called the Immovable Bright King Body that was best suited for Body Tempering.


From the Sect Master to the Common Disciples, everyone from Bright King Cave Heaven was a Master in Body Tempering while the people who had the right to cultivate the Immovable Bright King Body were the best of them all.


They were not used to using any artifacts as their bodies were the strongest weapons and armor. In the 3,000 Worlds, Bright King Cave Heaven had collected the highest number of Body Tempering Secret Arts and Secret Techniques. Stout Immovable Bright King Body, Unbreakable Diamond Body, and Flawless Golden Body were extremely rare Special Constitutions in the outside world, but they were very common among Bright King Cave Heaven disciples.


Xu Ling Gong once mentioned that it was extremely hard to harm a cultivator from Bright King Cave Heaven. Both men and women from the Sect were sturdy, and they had no regard for any great forces that were below their calibre.


When two cultivators in the same realm fought, the one from Bright King Cave Heaven would usually win if the other was not overwhelmingly stronger. Given their intrepid physiques, they could simply wear their opponents down until they won the battle.


Yang Kai never expected to come across a cultivator from Bright King Cave Heaven in this place. It seemed that just like Xu Ling Gong had said, these guys who cultivated Immovable Bright King Body were mad men who didn’t treasure their lives. They would always make use of anything they could to temper their bodies, no matter how dangerous.


It was apparent that this person had dashed into the Astral Wind Divine Ability some time ago in order to strengthen his physique.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but admire this man, whose body was as sturdy as his own Half-Dragon Form. It had to be noted that the Astral Wind Divine Ability was probably left behind by a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even the average High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master would have a hard time while inside of it. Although this Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master appeared battered, in truth he had only suffered some flesh wounds.


The reason Yang Kai had a robust body was because he had a Dragon Clan bloodline. On the other hand, this person tempered his body through pure hard work and perseverance.


That unknown man arched his brow and asked, “Are you here to temper your body as well, Junior Brother?”


“Indeed.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.


The person’s eyes lit up when he heard that as he gave Yang Kai a thumbs-up without hesitation, “You’re brave and insightful.” He then pointed his thumb at his own nose and boasted by saying, “Just like me.”


Yang Kai chuckled upon hearing that. Since it was confirmed that this person was from Bright King Cave Heaven, he could let his guard down. Cultivators from the Cave Heavens and Paradises could be arrogant, but they wouldn’t usually create trouble and get into fights with others for no reason.


“Xu Wang.” The young man told Yang Kai his name and looked fervently at him, “What’s your name, Junior Brother?”


Although both of them were in the Sixth-Order, this person directly regarded himself as the Senior Brother, so it was apparent that he had a frank personality.


“Yang Kai.”


“So it is Junior Brother Yang.” Xu Wang nodded firmly. While he was speaking, all the wounds on his body had healed. Although he still appeared exhausted, he would recover after getting some rest. He then passionately said, “Junior Brother, since you’ve found this Astral Wind Divine Ability and want to enter to temper your body, I have some advice for you as a Senior Brother.”


“Please go ahead, Senior Brother Xu.” Yang Kai extended his hand.


Xu Wang said, “The inside of this Divine Ability is indeed a good place for Body Tempering; however, it’s also extremely dangerous, so you have to be careful. You have to be especially cautious of the Wind Spirits and must not let them come near you. It’s hard to get rid of them, and they can absorb your World Force to strengthen themselves. If you fight them, they’ll grow even stronger, but if you don’t fight them, they’ll never leave you alone. They can also sneak into your Small Universe, so be especially cautious.”


Yang Kai was already aware of this. In the past, he had brought quite a number of Open Heaven Realm Masters out of the Shadowless Cave Heaven. When they were passing through the Astral Wind Divine Ability, some of the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were invaded by the Wind Spirits. In just over ten breaths, their heritages were swallowed up, which caused their Small Universes to collapse and led to their demise.


It was obvious that Xu Wang was a forthright individual since he didn’t hide this truth from Yang Kai despite the fact that it was the first time they met.


A moved Yang Kai asked, “Was your Small Universe intruded by a Wind Spirit, Senior Brother?”


This person wouldn’t have realised it if he hadn’t experienced it.


As expected, Xu Wang appeared somewhat fearful as he recalled, “En. Fortunately, I was somehow able to force it out; otherwise, I would’ve lost my life.”


He was more than just lucky since he was able to force a Wind Spirit out of his Small Universe. This person named Xu Wang apparently had his own unique methods.


Yang Kai didn’t delve deeper into the topic and just nodded with gratitude, “Many thanks for the warning, Senior Brother Xu. I’ll remember to run away from the Wind Spirits if I see them.”


Xu Wang grinned and revealed his white teeth, “A real man is able to yield when it’s necessary to do so. I’m quite fond of you, Junior Brother.” All of a sudden, he balled up his fist and hit it with his other palm. While appearing to be combative, he said, “Since I’ve given you such valuable information, I’d like to ask you to do me a favour. You might find it a little odd, though.”


A bad feeling swept over Yang Kai as his brow twitched slightly, “Since it’s odd, you probably shouldn’t bring it up.”


Xu Wang guffawed, “Sorry, your request is denied. Since both are Body Tempering cultivators, and we’re in the same Order, we shouldn’t miss such a chance. Please fight with me, Junior Brother. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, and I won’t mind it if you’re able to break me.”


Without caring about whether Yang Kai would agree or not, Xu Wang directly charged forward and pushed out his fist.


Since Yang Kai was already expecting this, he immediately raised his fist to meet the attack. He instantly felt a violent force coming at him as though he was punching an entire universe.


Borrowing that force, Yang Kai didn’t resist and allowed himself to be sent flying backward, crashing into the Astral Wind Divine Ability.


Xu Wang, who had only let out one punch, became dumbfounded for a moment before he pursed his lips, “That Junior Brother is a slippery one.”


He wanted to chase after Yang Kai; however, he had just consumed a lot of his strength. If he entered the Divine Ability again in such a state, he would be inviting trouble to himself. After giving it a thought, he put on a grin, “It’s not like you can hide inside forever. I’ll just wait for you to come out!”


Following that, he sat down with his legs crossed and gulped down some Open Heaven Pills before recuperating in silence.


Three days later, Xu Wang appeared amazed. He initially thought that Yang Kai could only last one or two days in the Astral Wind, but the latter was still nowhere to be seen.


It had to be noted that when he came here for the first time, he could only last for five days.


After five days, Yang Kai was still nowhere to be found. There was an approving look on Xu Wang’s face as Yang Kai was also able to last for so long despite the fact that it was his first time here. It went to show that Yang Kai was just as sturdy as Xu Wang was, and they were probably equal matches.


Ten days later, Xu Wang sported a solemn expression.


Half a month later, Xu Wang was unable to sit back anymore as he dashed into the Astral Wind to look for Yang Kai.


Another half a month later, he flew out of the Astral Wind while covered in blood. He turned to look at the gigantic Astral Wind and sighed, “Why did he die at such a young age? Now there’s one fewer person who can fight with me. This feels terrible.”


It had been a whole month since Yang Kai entered the Astral Wind, but he still hadn’t returned. Xu Wang tried to look for him, but it was to no avail. It was now obvious that Yang Kai had lost his life.


Xu Wang reckoned that Yang Kai had passed away after his Small Universe was invaded by a Wind Spirit. The reason Xu Wang was able to force a Wind Spirit out of his Small Universe was that he had come across a certain opportunity in the past that gave him more control over his Small Universe. However, other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters might not be able to copy his success.


With that said, what really made Xu Wang feel vexed was that Yang Kai hadn’t had a proper fight with him before his death.


Despite that, they were mere acquaintances. Although he felt sorry for Yang Kai, they were not really friends to begin with, so after feeling regretful for a moment, Xu Wang stopped thinking about it and rested for a bit before returning to the Astral Wind. As he let the Astral Wind cut his flesh, he attempted to comprehend the abstrusity of the Immovable Bright King Body.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai, who was thought to be dead, was seated somewhere in the depths of the Astral Wind with his legs crossed. There was an ancient tree hovering behind him as its low hanging branches formed a shield that warded off the Astral Wind around him. The wind that could cause people like Xu Wang to be covered in blood was unable to penetrate the Towering Evergreen at all. It could only form some ripples on the surface of the green light barrier.


A Wind Spirit with four limbs but without any facial features howled and shot towards Yang Kai, as though it was a shark that caught a whiff of blood in the water.


Just when it was about to crash into the Towering Evergreen, a thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind as he slightly opened up the protective layer of his Divine Manifestation.


Since there were no more obstacles, the Wind Spirit directly dove into Yang Kai’s Small Universe.




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