Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4642, Blood Crow


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There were already some Wind Spirits of different sizes and strengths inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe; however, all of them were being burned by Golden Crow’s True Fire.


When Yang Kai previously escaped this place, he made use of his Golden Crow’s True Fire to deal with the Wind Spirits which had appeared. With such an experience, he was now able to repeat this process with ease.


While the Wind Spirits appeared to be growling, they were voiceless. They struggled in silence as they were being destroyed by the Golden Crow’s True Fire.


After each Wind Spirit was incinerated, a dark fog would be released along with a large amount of pure World Force. Yang Kai could easily absorb this World Force to strengthen his Small Universe.


The dark fog was obviously something bad; therefore, Yang Kai would seal it and then force it out of his body. As a result, he appeared to be shrouded in a layer of Black Qi, which was quite eerie.


A lot of Wind Spirits had been nurtured in the Astral Wind Divine Ability over the millennia. Moreover, they were sensitive to their surroundings. The moment Yang Kai barged in, even the Wind Spirits in the distance noticed him and charged towards him.


The Wind Spirits were burned and killed while the heritage of Yang Kai’s Small Universe increased.


One month later, fewer Wind Spirits jumped into the trap, and eventually, no more showed up.


Yang Kai got to his feet and headed towards the depths of the Astral Wind Divine Ability before repeating the same process.


Meanwhile, Xu Wang, who had been practicing Body Tempering in the Astral Wind Divine Ability, felt somewhat confused recently. In the past, every time he entered the Astral Wind, he would be bothered by the Wind Spirits from time to time. He didn’t have the intention to deal with those eerie Wind Spirits, so he could only flee; therefore, his training involved enduring the Astral Wind Divine Ability while escaping from the Wind Spirits.


However, he could clearly feel that the Wind Spirits had decreased in number recently, and eventually, he couldn’t even see a single one.


This was puzzling to him. He had been cultivating in this place for more than ten years, but the situation had never changed. It wasn’t until the arrival of the young man named Yang Kai that things had become different.


Could the disappearance of the Wind Spirits have something to do with him?


Nonetheless, Xu Wang had personally experienced the power of those Wind Spirits. Although he was also a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he still had to run away from them, so how could Yang Kai possibly be spared the calamity?


While feeling curious, Xu Wang shuffled towards the depths of the Astral Wind, which he had never attempted to enter in the past ten years. Wherever he went though, other than the destructive Astral Wind, he couldn’t see a single Wind Spirit.


He was unable to go too far into the Astral Wind since he wouldn’t be able to bear the tearing forces. When his limit was reached, he had no choice but to leave. Unfortunately, he was unable to figure out whether Yang Kai was still alive, or whether the disappearance of the Wind Spirits had anything to do with him.


One day, while Xu Wang was meditating outside of the Astral Wind, he suddenly felt that something was off. When he opened his eyes, he saw a red crow with bloodshot eyes 1,000 metres away. While hovering in the void, the crow stared at him with a tilted head.


Seeing that Xu Wang had opened his eyes, the crow suddenly flapped its wings and squawked.


A disturbing cry was instantly heard in Xu Wang’s mind. Following the lead of the voice, his thoughts fluctuated while a gust of energy shot towards his head.


“Blood Crow!” Xu Wang widened his eyes and hurriedly leapt to his feet.


Blood Crow was a symbol as well as a title of one of the greatest calamities in the Shattered Heaven over recent decades. Blood Crow Divine Monarch, who had gathered together a group of Open Heaven Realm Masters, had taken up residence in the Shattered Heaven and over the past few years, had committed a lot of outrageous crimes and killed countless people. Other than the cultivators from the ordinary Sects who explored the Shattered Heaven to seek out treasures, even some of the top cultivators from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had suffered losses because of Blood Crow Divine Monarch. Some of them were even killed. Many of them were Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Others might not know the background of Blood Crow Divine Monarch, but Xu Wang was fully aware of that since he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Bright King Heaven.


Some years ago, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, which was located in Blood Monster Territory, collapsed. Blood Monster Cave Heaven was a Universe Cave Heaven left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master known as Blood Monster Divine Monarch after his death. At that time, he had trapped another Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master called Black Crow Divine Monarch in his Small Universe.


When Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened up previously, Black Crow Divine Monarch seized the chance and was reborn in another person’s body. He already had the heritage of a Seventh-Order Master, so although he was only a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after seizing another body, he was a cunning and sly old fox. While he was suppressed in the Universe Cave Heaven, Black Crow Divine Monarch comprehended the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture left behind by Blood Monster Divine Monarch, which significantly increased his strength.


Inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Black Crow Divine Monarch had killed many of the disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises who had entered the Universe Cave Heaven for life experience, which infuriated those great forces.


After the Blood Monster Cave Heaven fell apart, those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises cordoned off the Territory Gates leading out of Blood Monster Territory in an attempt to capture Black Crow Divine Monarch so that they could avenge the death of their disciples; however, it wasn’t certain what trick that guy had used, but he had managed to escape.


Following that, Black Crow Divine Monarch arrived at the Shattered Heaven. In the entire 3,000 Worlds, only a lawless land such as the Shattered Heaven was relatively safe for him.


Xu Wang had heard from his Elders that Ti Zheng, who was responsible for the external affairs of Myriad Demons Heaven, was killed by Black Crow Divine Monarch. It was said that he was ambushed when he was in critical condition and drained of all his Blood Essence. Otherwise, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t have passed away so easily.


Over the years, the Cave Heavens and Paradises had deployed countless disciples and resources to the Shattered Heaven in an attempt to capture Black Crow Divine Monarch. Those from Myriad Demons Heaven were especially enthusiastic about this task. However, their efforts turned out to be futile. As years turned to decades, Black Crow Divine Monarch recruited even more subordinates. Since he had fully comprehended the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture, his power had increased significantly, and he had also changed his title from Black Crow to Blood Crow.


It was said that wherever the Blood Crow went, all living creatures would die.


Therefore, the moment Xu Wang saw a blood crow, he knew that he was in trouble.


While getting up, he threw a punch out at the squawking Blood Crow and instantly turned it into a blood mist. Before Xu Wang could flee though, a blood cloud rushed over and surrounded him, which ensured that he wouldn’t be able to escape. At the same time, an eerie laugh was heard and a voice called out, “You have very ample vitality, brat. This Monarch is in luck!”


Xu Wang roared as he charged forward with clenched fists. While he was inside the blood cloud, he was unable to identify his direction, and though his World Force surged and shattered pieces of the blood cloud, it was soon restored and continued engulfing him.


Despite being in a perilous situation, Xu Wang remained unfazed. As he used his Divine Sense to look for Blood Crow and repeatedly pushed out his fists in an imposing manner.


Since he was always able to get out of the Astral Wind Divine Ability, there was no way he would lose his life here.


Like a cat that had captured a rat, Blood Crow Divine Monarch taunted him by saying, “Try harder, brat. Why are you so weak? Keep your blood burning!”


Xu Wang naturally ignored him.


The intense battle lasted for three days. Xu Wang’s vitality never withered as he remained at the peak of his power. His body radiated a golden glow as his Immovable Bright King Body was fully activated.


The average Open Heaven Realm Master, even if they were in the Sixth-Order, would have been penetrated by the blood cloud and had their blood sucked out long ago. Once one’s vitality withered, their strength would plunge to a point where they would be easily captured by their opponent.


Since Xu Wang was able to ward off the Astral Wind, he naturally could do the same for this blood cloud. The Immovable Bright King Body was a Body Tempering Secret Art that was superior to even the Flawless Golden Body. Although Blood Crow Divine Monarch’s blood cloud was abstruse, it was unable to harm Xu Wang in the short time.


However, to the Blood Crow Divine Monarch, Xu Wang was just a cornered beast who would eventually have to admit defeat.


Since he held the absolute advantage, he would be able to enjoy his meal as long as he could continue trapping Xu Wang. It was actually a source of amusement watching his food struggling before death.


Half a month later, Xu Wang suddenly stopped attacking. As he gazed at the dense blood cloud, he praised the other party by saying, “You indeed live up to your reputation, Blood Crow Divine Monarch.”


The eerie laugh was heard again, “Stop flattering this Monarch. I won’t let you go no matter what. If you’re tactful enough, surrender now and I will kill you without causing too much pain. If you remain obstinate, I’ll make sure that you suffer greatly before you die.” He cackled.


Xu Wang grinned and revealed his white teeth, “You want to eat me? Aren’t you worried your stomach might burst?”


Blood Crow sneered, “This Monarch has a strong stomach. There’s nothing in the world that I can’t eat.”


“Give it a try, then.” Upon finishing his words, Xu Wang directly sat down with his legs crossed and stopped making any futile attempts to escape. As he emptied his mind and remained unmoving, a golden figure manifested behind him and protected him.


Seeing that, Blood Crow frowned.


If Xu Wang had continued blindly exerting himself, he would’ve only hastened his own death. Although a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was strong, the heritage of their Small Universe was limited. It wasn’t like Xu Wang could go on squandering his strength forever.


However, now that Xu Wang had sat down and focused all his efforts on protecting himself, he could stall for a much longer time, which made Blood Crow feel vexed. He had rarely come across anyone whose vitality was as ample as this guy in his previous life, let alone this life. If he could refine Xu Wang’s Blood Essence, his cultivation would increase greatly. It was more effective than consuming several ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Blood Crow then snorted, “Let’s see how much longer you can persevere.”


Following that, he fully activated the blood mist in an attempt to penetrate Xu Wang. Layers of ripples started appearing on the golden figure, which was the manifestation of the Immovable Bright King.


In the meantime, several Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters suddenly showed up in the blood mist and bombarded the seated Xu Wang with their Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities.


These Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were all lackeys of Blood Crow Divine Monarch. Some of them were brought out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven by him in the past while some of them were subdued in the Shattered Heaven. Without any exception, they were all taught pieces of the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture and planted with a Blood Principle Restriction. That was the reason they wouldn’t dare to disobey Blood Crow.


There was once a newly subdued Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who remained arrogant and defiant, but with a single thought, Blood Crow Divine Monarch turned that Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, who was planted with a Blood Principle Restriction, into a puddle of Blood Essence and ate him.


After that, no one dared to disobey Blood Crow again.


Although the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture they cultivated was not the complete version, they were already able to refine Blood Essence as well, which allowed their cultivation to increase rapidly. Nevertheless, their foundations were unstable, and their temperaments had been affected, becoming more brutal and savage.




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