Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4645, Battling Blood Crow


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However, judging from Yang Kai’s previous action, Blood Crow believed that the eerie technique couldn’t be used as the other party pleased. Otherwise, Yang Kai could’ve instantly made him suffer a setback instead of waiting.


After pondering on it for a moment, he guessed that a technique that could directly target a person’s Small Universe was extremely brilliant, which required a lot of preparation. The characteristics of the technique were similar to some of the Secret Techniques he had heard of in the past.


At the thought of this, he grinned, “Since you’ve come all the way here to invite trouble to yourself, we’ll settle the grudges between us today, boy!”


Yang Kai pointed his spear at him, “I share the same sentiment!”


The reason he had come all the way to the Shattered Heaven was to go after the Wind Spirits. Since he had achieved his goal, he now had to get some training. The fact that Blood Crow managed to revive and escape from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had something to do with him. Since he was partly responsible for it, Yang Kai naturally wanted to settle this issue.


As soon as he finished speaking, he took the initiative to thrust out his spear to attack his opponent.


Although both of them were in the Sixth-Order, Yang Kai wouldn’t dismiss this kind of Old Monster who was reborn by occupying someone else’s body and think that he could easily defeat him. If he really believed so, he would be the one suffering a setback in the end.


No one knew what this old fart, who was originally a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, had up his sleeves. Yang Kai had personally experienced Blood Crow’s methods back in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so there was no way he would underestimate his opponent.


Faced with the ferocious attack, Blood Crow seemed to have been enraged as he clenched his fists and grasped a pair of twin butterfly daggers. As he surged his World Force, his twin daggers started radiating a glow that spanned across several kilometres of the void as though a butterfly was fluttering its wings.


Then, Blood Crow crossed the twin daggers in front of him and clashed with the tip of Azure Dragon Spear before pressing down the weapon as well as Yang Kai’s imposing aura. Following that, he pushed his twin daggers forward in an attempt to behead Yang Kai in one motion.


Instantly, Yang Kai tilted backwards as the daggers brushed past his forehead. He then wielded his spear and knocked back the twin daggers before following up with the stab of his weapon towards Blood Crow’s chest.


While moving backwards like a ghost, Blood Crow brought his right dagger down as though a mountain was descending upon Yang Kai.


An unfazed Yang Kai swung his spear and pushed it towards Blood Crow’s throat.


As their World Forces clashed, visible shockwaves blasted out. A few strands of Yang Kai’s hair were cut while there was a bit of redness on Blood Crow’s throat.


Only two or three breaths of time had passed since they began trading moves, but they had both respectively knocked on the gates of death at least once, which went to show how dangerous this confrontation was.


There wasn’t a moment for them to take a breath as they clashed with one another again, as though they had tacitly agreed to it.


A battle between Open Heaven Realm Masters was all about the competition between the heritages of their Small Universes and how much World Force they could bring forth. The more ample one’s heritage was, the stronger the World Force they could use, allowing them to gain the upper hand. The Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were just like flowers decorating the bouquet.


As such, it was rare to see cultivators like Yang Kai and Blood Crow who engaged in fierce close combat with their artifacts as it was an extremely perilous form of battle. If they were not careful, both of them would be killed.


Blood Crow had never expected Yang Kai to be so ruthless, and Yang Kai was  surprised to learn that Blood Crow had such impressive combat prowess. Every move he made with the twin butterfly daggers was shocking, pushing Yang Kai’s Supreme Limitless Spear Technique to the extreme as he attacked and defended simultaneously.


For a time, the battle fell into a deadlock.


Xu Wang felt his blood boiling as he watched the battle before him. As a cultivator from Bright King Cave Heaven, he was most fond of exchanging fists with his enemies. The cultivators from Bright King Cave Heaven were not good at using Divine Abilities or Secret Techniques as their bodies were their most powerful artifacts. Every move they made was able to split Heaven and Earth apart.


There was no doubt that a battle of the kind in front of him best was suited to his tastes. At that moment, his fighting spirit had been ignited. Nevertheless, before he could go over to help, the remaining two Blood Slaves came at him. It was apparent that they wouldn’t allow him to assist Yang Kai on the battlefield.


A helpless Xu Wang could only fight the enemy before him.


If he was still at the peak of his strength, he wouldn’t have any regard for these Blood Slaves whose foundation was unstable as they had made it to the Sixth-Order through some Evil Art; however, he had suffered for over a month under Blood Crow’s oppression. After such consumption, Xu Wang was only able to exert about 70% of his peak power. Faced with the two Blood Slaves, he realised that he wasn’t able to defeat them easily in his current state. Fortunately, there was no risk of him losing the fight either.


On the other hand, Blood Crow grew more astonished as the battle dragged on.


When he saw that Yang Kai was able to easily destroy the two Blood Slaves earlier, he already realised the heritage of this brat’s Small Universe was more ample than he thought. However, since he had his Seventh-Order foundation, and he had repeatedly escaped from the pursuits of some Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, he didn’t have any regard for Yang Kai, who was also in the Sixth-Order.


It wasn’t until they traded moves that he realised Yang Kai was a true anomaly.


Blood Crow had never seen a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master whose heritage was as ample as Yang Kai’s. Every time their World Forces clashed, it was Blood Crow who would be the one at a disadvantage. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was just once or twice, but the repeated clashes were causing his Small Universe to shake and destabilize.


What made it feel even more inconceivable to him was that Yang Kai’s spear technique was truly exquisite. The spear in his hands seemed to have come alive. Despite being an expert in melee combat himself, he still couldn’t get the upper hand.


His heritage wasn’t as ample as that of Yang Kai, and his combat skills couldn’t gain him an advantage. Meanwhile, his Blood Slaves had to hold Xu Wang up. Hence, he was unable to defeat Yang Kai.


At the thought of this, Blood Crow started considering fleeing.


The reason he had survived for so many years and even found a chance to become reborn after years of suppression was that he could adapt to the circumstances.


He wouldn’t easily offend opponents that he could not defeat. Young people who were bold but inexperienced would always end up in a horrible state because of their pride and stubbornness.


Although Blood Crow wasn’t willing to admit it, he knew that Yang Kai was already invincible within the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. No one could defeat him unless they were a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Before Blood Crow could make up his mind though, Yang Kai found a chance to trace back his aura and used his Cow Punch again.


At that instant, Blood Crow felt his Small Universe shaking violently. The mountains crumbled and everything appeared pale inside of him.


[It’s that damned technique again!] Blood Crow clenched his teeth while trying to suppress the weltering vitality in his chest and the turmoil in his Small Universe.


Just then, he saw a Great Sun leaping into the air as the cawing of a Golden Crow echoed across the void.


The darkness of space was illuminated by the brilliant light of the new Sun and a horrified expression filled Blood Crow’s face.


An expressionless Yang Kai lifted his spear to the Great Sun before thrusting it out at Blood Crow, timing it so that the latter still hadn’t been able to stabilize his Small Universe.


Initially, Yang Kai didn’t use his Divine Manifestation to attack the blood cloud because Xu Wang was still trapped inside it. If he really made a move, he would’ve harmed him as well. Afterwards, he still didn’t use it because there wasn’t a suitable opportunity. Although Golden Crow Casts the Sun was powerful, it would be pointless if Yang Kai missed his target.


Since Cow Punch was immediately followed by Golden Crow Casts the Sun, Blood Crow had no choice but to face this attack head on, regardless of how much strength he could actually exert.


As expected, faced with the Divine Manifestation which was on par with the full powered strike of a Seventh-Order Master, Blood Crow could only counterattack by slashing out with his glowing twin daggers. 


However, his attempt was futile.


As the Great Sun exploded, Yang Kai could faintly hear someone scream as Blood Crow turned into blood mist.


As the light dimmed, Yang Kai didn’t show any happiness following his successful attack and instead narrowed his eyes as he turned to look at Xu Wang.


One of the Blood Slaves that was attacking Xu Wang was suddenly replaced by Blood Crow.


“I knew it!” Yang Kai grumbled.


He had definitely killed someone using his Golden Crow Casts the Sun just now, but just before his strike landed, he could feel that Blood Crow had exchanged places with one of his Blood Slaves.


In other words, Yang Kai had killed a Blood Slave, not Blood Crow.


Blood Crow, who had just used a Secret Technique to swap places with one of his slaves, appeared pale, like he had overexerted himself. Still, he swiftly slashed his twin daggers towards Xu Wang.


Upon seeing that, Xu Wang became slightly flustered.


Although it had been difficult for him to deal with the Blood Slaves, he wasn’t in a disadvantageous position at the very least. Nevertheless, since one of the Blood Slaves was replaced by Blood Crow, the pressure he had to face intensified greatly.


The twin daggers soon broke through Xu Wang’s World Force defences and were about to cut into him.


At the most critical moment, Xu Wang bent his body in an impossible angle and performed a hand seal by pressing his thumb against his middle finger as he roared, “Immovable Bright King!”


A golden light exploded out, but was soon destroyed by Blood Crow.


The twin daggers stabbed almost a palm’s length into Xu Wang’s flesh, causing him to bleed.


Fortunately, as a cultivator from Bright King Cave Heaven, his body was extremely robust, so a palm’s length was the best Blood Crow could achieve in his current state.


Seeing that his attempt had failed, Blood Crow landed a kick on Xu Wang’s shoulder and sent him flying away. In the meantime, he turned into a blood light and directly shot towards the depths of the void.


Meanwhile, the only surviving Blood Slave turned around and pounced on Yang Kai. It was apparent that Blood Crow knew that Yang Kai would try to stop him, so he ordered the Blood Slave to get into his opponent’s way.


Yang Kai was indeed rushing over. The moment he realised that something was off, he knew that Xu Wang was in trouble. Nevertheless, Blood Crow’s methods were truly profound and unpredictable, so he was late to rescue Xu Wang. Seeing that Xu Wang was wounded by the twin daggers and sent flying away, which left him badly injured, Yang Kai was quite vexed. 


As he stared fixedly at the blood light that was fleeing, he thrust his spear forward ruthlessly.


The Blood Slave that was coming at Yang Kai didn’t even try to dodge though; instead, his figure started radiating a red glow as his blood appeared to be boiling.


Yang Kai frowned, but it was too late by the time he realised that something was wrong.


The Blood Slave directly detonated and turned into a blood cloud before engulfing Yang Kai in it. At that instant, all he could see was red.


In order to create a chance for himself to flee, Blood Crow had readily abandoned a Sixth-Order Blood Slave. It went to show that he was truly determined.


With that said, he knew that a Blood Slave was unable to hold Yang Kai up for a long time; after all, he also wasn’t a match for Yang Kai, so how was a Blood Slave, who had lost his mind and was blinded by rage, supposed to persevere for a long time?


Earlier, two Blood Slaves were killed by Yang Kai in three breaths.


Therefore, Blood Crow decided to detonate the Blood Slave and trap Yang Kai for a while so that he would stand a greater chance of fleeing.


Although the blood cloud was eerie and corrosive, it couldn’t stop the burning power of the Golden Crow’s True Fire; as such, after a dozen breaths of time, Yang Kai, who was covered in a black flame, left the blood cloud unscathed. The initially thick blood cloud had also become very thin due to the fire.


As he looked around, Yang Kai realised that Blood Crow was nowhere to be seen.


Yang Kai gazed in a particular direction and sneered. [Do you really think you can flee from me?]




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  1. It was pretty obvious to me that he was going to detonate the blood slave. But I guess that’s an external view. Might not be so obvious to YK

    1. Man’s really trying to escape from the same boy who, as an emperor, fled for a quite a while from an entourage of mid rank open heaven masters after stealing the sun crow’s carcass. If he actually manages to escape Yang Kai, I’m calling bullshit.

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