Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4646, Pursuit


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Since Yang Kai was an expert in Space Principles, he was unmatched when it came to both fleeing and pursuing enemies. Although Blood Crow was nowhere to be seen, he would not be able to get rid of Yang Kai if the latter insisted on chasing after him.


Yang Kai didn’t immediately pursue though. Instead, he moved and appeared in front of Xu Wang the next instant.


The wounds on this guy’s chest were still bleeding, and he looked slightly pale. Moreover, his injuries were infected with some kind of strange power that squirmed like a snake and consumed Xu Wang’s Blood Essence to strengthen itself.


Although Xu Wang was trying his best to suppress it, it would take him some time to get rid of the eerie Blood Principles technique.


“Just leave me here and pursue the enemy, Junior Brother,” Xu Wang looked up and said.


Yang Kai nodded gently, “Please be cautious, Senior Brother Xu.”


Xu Wang flashed a smile at him, “I won’t die since I have a strong body. Go now. I’ll follow after you soon.”


Without speaking further, Yang Kai followed the trail and pursued Blood Crow.


Blood Crow had fully comprehended the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture, and his understanding of the Dao of Blood was deep. He was able to flee rapidly by using Blood Principles, but this kind of speed paled when it was compared to Space Principles.


Although he had a several dozen breaths of time head start, and he had been changing directions to throw Yang Kai off, he was still unable to shake off the latter.


One day later, in the depths of the Shattered Heaven, the two once more engaged in an intense battle.


Blood Crow was previously defeated, so he knew that he wasn’t a match for Yang Kai. In this battle, he was no longer as imposing as before. After persisting for about half and incense, he was already at a disadvantage, which put him in a perilous situation.


Just when Yang Kai was about to kill him ruthlessly, Blood Crow suddenly clenched his teeth and split into three. Not only were these figures identical, but there was also no difference between their auras. All of them were even holding twin butterfly daggers in their hands.


The three Blood Crows formed into a triangular formation and launched an attack on Yang Kai in an imposing manner.


Yang Kai warded them off with his spear but was still pushed back 100 kilometres. When he raised his head again, he saw that the three Blood Crows had turned into separate rays of lights and fled in three different directions.


The three Blood Crows then each split into three again. Presently, there were nine Blood Crows.


Although Yang Kai was knowledgeable and experienced, he still couldn’t help but frown at this sight. He released his Divine Sense to scan these nine clones, but he was unable to identify which one was the real Blood Crow.


The fact that Blood Crow was able to split into nine in the first place was amazing. The Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture was truly abstruse.


Without wasting any time, Yang Kai lifted his spear and chased after the nearest Blood Crow. Since he was unable to find the real one, he simply decided to kill all nine of them.


This dragged on into a lengthy pursuit.


One month later, eight Blood Crows were killed by Yang Kai using his Azure Dragon Spear, and the only remaining one was running for his life.


Yang Kai didn’t think he would be so unlucky to the point where he had killed eight fake Blood Crows out of nine, so he could only speculate that all nine Blood Crows were fake, but at the same time, all of them were also real.


In other words, as long as any one of the nine Black Crows was still alive, he would not die.


Five days later, Yang Kai finally caught up to the last Blood Crow. During the fierce battle that followed, Blood Crow was powerless to counterattack. At the most critical moment, he detonated himself and turned into countless blood-coloured crows that fled in all directions. Although Yang Kai attempted to kill them all, some of them successfully escaped.


Despite being at an advantage, Yang Kai still couldn’t help but lament that Blood Crow had innumerable ways of fleeing, which was an eye-opening experience. He had never seen a person that was so hard to kill.


On a shattered Spirit Province in the serene void, Blood Crow sported a gloomy expression as he gulped down a large amount of Open Heaven Pills to replenish his energy.


Although he had escaped from death twice, he had never been more embarrassed.


He was once hunted down by the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Myriad Demons Cave Heaven, but they were unable to push him to his limits.


On the other hand, Yang Kai, who was only in the Sixth-Order, let him have a taste of the worst time of his life.


Although the Dao of Blood was amazing, the Dao of Space was even more abstruse. Faced with such a Master, Blood Crow felt helpless while trying to flee.


At that moment, he felt fortunate that the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Myriad Demons Cave Heaven who pursued him were not experts in the Dao of Space; otherwise, he wouldn’t have survived.


After a long time of running and using several highly consuming Secret Techniques, Blood Crow was finally able to catch his breath. Presently, his aura was so weak he could only exert 50% of his peak strength.


Just then, he saw a few rays of lights approaching him. He was now frightened by the slightest sound after being pursued by Yang Kai, so when he saw these lights, he became horrified and almost instinctively fled.


However, he soon realised that none of them was Yang Kai; instead, they were some cultivators who had come together to explore the Shattered Heaven.


Although there were not a lot of people in the depths of the Shattered Heaven, there were still some. Most of them were cultivators from Second Class great forces who came searching for opportunities.


That was because this place was where many ancient Great Experts, who were all High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, passed away in an epic battle. Besides the Legacy Artifacts these Masters had left behind, there were also a lot of Universe Paradises and Universe Cave Heavens hidden in the Void.


Those were the Small Universes of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters that had remained after their deaths; unfortunately, the entrances to such places were usually very well hidden.


Shadowless Cave Heaven, which Yang Kai had ventured into before, was one such Universe Cave Heaven.


In the 3,000 Worlds, the Second Class great forces were neither the best nor the worst. That was why the Universe Paradises and Universe Cave Heavens in the Shattered Heaven were deathly attractive to them.


If they could find one of the entrances, they would have an exclusive right to the resources inside, which were the former belongings of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Since time immemorial, many Sects had found rich rewards in the Shattered Heaven that helped increase their collective strength.


Therefore, in the 3,000 Worlds, many Second Class great forces would send their top cultivators to the Shattered Heaven to search around in the hope that they could gain something.


When the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened up, it caught the attention of everyone in the 3,000 Worlds. Even many Cave Heavens and Paradises had sent their disciples into that place to get some training, so nothing need be said about the hidden treasures in the Shattered Heaven.


Presently, the people approaching Blood Crow were cultivators from a Second Class great force. There were three men and one woman, all of whom were in the Fifth-Order.


Since Blood Crow had been pursued by Yang Kai, he had been cautiously hiding his aura. Furthermore, he was still a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; therefore, when this group of four was approaching, they were not aware of his existence.


It wasn’t until they landed on the ground that they saw Blood Crow, whose face was as pale as a white sheet. The shattered Spirit Province was only a dozen square kilometres in size, so it was impossible for them to not notice him.


The four of them were stunned as the elderly man at the front gazed vigilantly at Blood Crow. The Shattered Heaven was a lawless land where one’s background was useless and only the fittest could survive. Many disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises would be killed in this place every year, and the great forces behind them were unable to avenge their deaths since they often couldn’t even find the murderers.


In a place like this, someone who dared to move around on his own was definitely not weak.


Blood Crow appeared to be anxious and weakened though, which allowed the four of them to set their minds at ease.


A middle-aged man darted his eyes around, then shuffled towards Blood Crow with a smile as he asked amicably, “Are you hurt?”


Blood Crow, who was seated on the ground, tensed up and nodded faintly.


The smile on the middle-aged man’s face became brighter, “Don’t panic. My name is Si De Ye, and I’m a doctor who is best at healing wounds. If you don’t mind it, I can perform a check-up on you.”


Despite what he said, he didn’t ask for Blood Crow’s permission as he grabbed the other person’s wrist.


A seemingly powerless Blood Crow was easily grasped by Si De Ye, who froze the next instant as a blood mist came right at him and snuck into his body through his seven orifices.


Blood Crow, who hadn’t moved until now, curled his lips into a smile. He then let out a sigh of pleasure.


The other three people were fully aware of what Si De Ye was up to when they saw what he was doing, but they didn’t intend to stop him. Newcomers to the Shattered Heaven wouldn’t proactively provoke others; however, if they stayed long enough, they’d find out that human nature could be very crooked in places like this. Here, it was common to kill others and steal their belongings.


Since Si De Ye was facing away from the three of them, they were not aware that his face had been covered in blood mist.


A moment later, when the only woman among them saw that Si De Ye didn’t speak or move at all, she finally realised that something was off. As she frowned, she called out, “Senior Brother Si?”


Si De Ye naturally didn’t respond to her.


The old man sported a cold expression and his murderous intent surged as he bellowed, “Something is wrong!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he heard an eerie laugh that sounded more like the cawing of a crow. Si De Ye’s burly figure was suddenly covered in a layer of blood mist. The next instant, he turned into a puddle of blood while his clothes were corroded and melted away.


The sitting man, whose face was pale earlier, slowly got to his feet while his clothes flapped around him despite there being no wind. His Sixth-Order aura was also exposed at this point.


He opened his mouth and sucked all the blood into his stomach, which restored some of the colour to his pale face. He then licked his lips and let out a long breath, “I’ve finally restored some energy!”


The old man’s expression changed drastically as he exclaimed, “Blood Crow Divine Monarch!” 


It was a title that sent chills down the spines of everyone present.


Cultivators who wandered around the Shattered Heaven definitely knew who Blood Crow Divine Monarch was. Over the recent years, many cultivators had lost their lives because of this man. It was rumoured that this person was an expert in Blood Principles and his targets would all be melted down into blood which he then fed upon to enhance his strength.


They had never expected that they would come across this Devil Lord when they merely wanted to get some rest on this shattered Spirit Province.


It also never crossed their minds that the infamous Devil Lord would pretend to be weak so that one of them would make a move and then become his food.


It was rumoured that Blood Crow Divine Monarch was always accompanied by several Blood Slaves who were all in the Sixth-Order. Any one of them could easily defeat their group; however, Blood Crow Divine Monarch didn’t seem to have any Blood Slaves with him today.




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