Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4655, If One Often Walks by the Riverside


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Not long after Yang Kai settled down, his Small Universe descended into chaos again. As expected, the World Spring broke out again as his World Force started streaming into it.


This made him feel bitter as he had no idea when this kind of torture would end. He could only empty his mind while consuming Open Heaven Pills to replenish his loss.


A moment later, his Small Universe finally calmed down. He only got to his feet after getting some rest.


Although this place looked safe, he couldn’t stay here for a long time. The World Spring was deathly attractive to those High-Rank Masters, so they wouldn’t easily give up. They would find this place sooner or later.


Yang Kai had already obtained a huge reward in the Shattered Heaven since the World Spring was now in his possession, so he decided to return home.


After leaving his hiding place, he tried to identify the right direction, but just when he was about to leave, he suddenly froze and turned his head, only to see a curvy figure with a pair of alluring eyes who was staring at him like he was a ghost. As their eyes met, the young woman who looked like she was twenty-eight years flashed an innocent smile.


Yang Kai felt a chill running down his spine.


Although he had slightly put his guard down due to the turmoil in his Small Universe, he had never stopped monitoring the surroundings. However, he had no idea when the young woman arrived at this place.


Since the young woman was here, what about the old woman with grey hair and the middle-aged man?


An alarmed Yang Kai looked around as he secretly activated his World Force.


If all three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were there to ambush him, he would not survive even though he was a Master of the Dao of Space.


He was unable to figure out why they could find him so soon since he believed he had gotten rid of them.


Just then, the young woman uttered in a clear voice, “Don’t panic, I’ve parted ways with them. It seems that I’m just lucky enough to be the first to find you.”


It was then that Yang Kai put on a smile, “So, you’re on your own. You should’ve said so sooner. I was terrified there for a moment.”


The young woman gazed at him with a tilted head, “You’re pretty interesting. Am I not enough to capture you alone?”


Yang Kai didn’t remark on that as he attempted to persuade her by saying, “Elder Sister, there are no grudges between us, nor do we know each other. Why don’t you just let me go?”


The woman directly nodded her head, “Good. I don’t intend to kill you anyway. Just give me the thing you’ve snatched, and I’ll leave.”


“You’re indeed a straightforward person, Elder Sister!” Yang Kai gave her a thumbs-up. As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly charged towards her as their faces almost came into contact. His World Force undulated around his Azure Dragon Spear as he thrust his weapon out.


He would’ve been wary of this young woman if he came across her before his life-and-death battles with Zuo Quan Hui; however, after several fights with Zuo Quan Hui, he had gained some valuable experiences in battling against a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Since he was weaker than the woman, he had no choice but to make a move first.


There was a tinge of shock on the woman’s beautiful face as she had never expected that Yang Kai was such a reckless person. Despite knowing that she was a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, he still had the guts to make the first move.


Although she didn’t seem to be moving at all, the Azure Dragon Spear eerily brushed past her and jabbed into the Void. She then raised her palm and extended it towards Yang Kai.


After Yang Kai launched an attack, he sported an expression that was as astounded as that of the young woman. That was because he realised that it was now harder for him to draw on the World Force in his Small Universe. As a result, he could only exert about 60% of his full strength.


This realisation stunned him as it was more shocking than when he saw the young woman just now.


Since it was harder for him to activate his World Force, it meant that he couldn’t fully use his power. He was unable to figure out the reason behind it.


He didn’t have time to ponder on it as the woman soon landed a palm on his chest.


Her attack was fueled by her rage, and although she hadn’t fully used her power, it was still about 80% of it.


The average Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would see his Small Universe plunging into chaos or even exploding into nothingness upon getting struck by such an attack.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai was not at risk of losing his life. As soon as he realised that something was off, he sprayed out a mouthful of Golden Blood, which turned into a blood mist and covered the woman’s face. At the same time, he rapidly moved backwards as Space Principles undulated.


There seemed to be an invisible wall in front of the young woman’s face that blocked the blood mist. In amazement, she stared at Yang Kai, who was still alive and kicking. She was surprised by how sturdy Yang Kai’s physique was as he wasn’t really harmed after getting struck by her palm. She then performed a hand seal and bellowed, “Rise!”


Rays of golden light suddenly appeared in all directions and covered the entire shattered Spirit Province. Since the space around them had been sealed off, Yang Kai suddenly stopped in his tracks as though he had been held down by an invisible hand.


Blood streamed out from the corner of his mouth while he was holding the Azure Dragon Spear. Yang Kai stared at the young woman who was approaching him while feeling bitter.


He had practically been defeated. His strength had been suppressed for no reason, which barred him from using Instantaneous Movement. Trapped in such a cage while he had to face a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, there was no way he could flee.


“Since I’m aware that you’re an expert in the Dao of Space, why wouldn’t I be prepared?” The woman smiled faintly. There were two dimples on her face. One of them looked smiling while the other contained murderous intent.


Yang Kai jabbed the Azure Dragon Spear into the ground and appeared to be completely frank, “It’s said that the winner is the King while the loser is the villain. Just tell me what you want. I won’t turn you down if it’s acceptable. I just hope that you won’t cross the line so that we’ll be able to meet again without any enmity between us.”


Upon seeing that he appeared to be resigned to fate, the young woman suddenly stopped in her tracks and furrowed her brows that looked like willow leaves. For some reason, she caught a whiff of a dangerous aura.


She then sneered, “Why didn’t you think about not crossing the line when you tried to stab your spear into me?”


Yang Kai suddenly looked away while appearing bashful, “I was just shocked by your sudden appearance. I would never have the heart to kill an alluring woman like you.”


All of a sudden, the woman’s voice was filled with fury as she said, “Have you refined that thing?”


Pretending to be clueless, Yang Kai asked, “What do you mean?”


The woman said through clenched teeth, “If you hadn’t refined that thing, you wouldn’t have found it hard to activate your World Force just now. Although the World Spring can help strengthen the Small Universe and prevent any external intrusion, the Small Universe would be suppressed by it before it’s fully refined. That’s why you now find it hard to circulate your World Force smoothly!”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded and almost cursed out loud.


He already had a speculation when he realised that something was off just now. He reckoned that it might have something to do with the World Spring. Upon hearing the young woman’s explanation, he realised that it was indeed the case.


The World Spring would suppress the Small Universe. After it was fully refined, it would be immensely beneficial; however, before that, it would negatively impact the cultivator’s power.


While he was fleeing some time ago, he had been manipulating Space Principles and occasionally utilising his World Force, but it wouldn’t consume a lot of energy doing so; therefore, he was unable to notice this. If he hadn’t launched a sneak attack on the woman just now, he still wouldn’t have realised it.


Now, he had practically no way to defend himself, which was why he felt bitter.


However, he knew little about the World Spring at that time, and he didn’t think twice before putting it inside his Small Universe. It never crossed his mind that the World Spring would try to merge with his Small Universe all on its own.


He was all battered while fleeing some time ago, and now this young woman directly captured him.


Yang Kai secretly tried to circulate his strength and realised that just like the woman had said, his Small Universe had been suppressed by the World Spring, so he was still unable to run his World Force smoothly.


After putting the Azure Dragon Spear away, he put on an embarrassed but polite smile, “Elder Sister, I didn’t want this to happen either. I can give you the thing you want, but please give me some time as the thing has settled down in my Small Universe. It’s not easy for me to take it out.”


The woman stared coldly at him and didn’t conceal her murderous intent. The emotions behind her gaze kept changing as though she was weighing the pros and cons of something. A moment later, she asked, “What was your Order when you broke through to the Open Heaven Realm?”


Yang Kai had no idea why she suddenly asked about it, but he wouldn’t mind stalling for time, so he answered honestly, “Fifth Order.”


The woman let out a breath as though she had just heard some wonderful news, “Fifth-Order… It means that you’ll have a chance to make it to the Seventh Order.”


Yang Kai fawned over her by saying, “That’s right. You’re indeed intelligent, Elder Sister.”


Apparently, the young woman didn’t like this kind of flattery as she stared dispassionately at Yang Kai, “Consider yourself lucky that I’m young enough to have time to wait. If the other two old farts were here, you would’ve lost your life by now.”


Yang Kai hurriedly cupped his fist, “Many thanks for not killing me, Elder Sister. If there’s a chance in the future, I’ll do anything to repay your favour.”


The woman snorted, “Stop the smooth-talking, or else I’ll cut off your tongue.”


Yang Kai raised his hand and zipped his mouth as though he was determined not to speak again.


The woman scoffed, “Don’t move if you want to live; otherwise, I don’t mind gambling.” She then used a different hand seal and yelled, “Bind!”


Just then, the rays of light that had sealed off the entire shattered Spirit Province turned into silver threads and wrapped around Yang Kai.


Yang Kai instinctively wanted to resist, but he wouldn’t dare to take the risk as he could sense the woman’s faint murderous intent still lingering on him. He had no choice but to allow the silver threads to penetrate his body. The next moment, he grunted as he could feel something assimilating into his physique. Although he didn’t feel any discomfort, he knew that he couldn’t activate his Space Principles to flee before the silver threads were resolved. If he really did that, the young woman could easily make him stay by controlling the silver threads.


It felt terrible to have his life under someone else’s control; however, he was certain that if he really resisted just now, the young woman wouldn’t have spared his life. Given the state he was in, Yang Kai had no right to provoke a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Only by yielding to her demands would he stand a chance to survive.


He had never been humiliated in such a way since he started cultivating the Dao of Space. Although there were many times when he had to flee in embarrassment as he was chased after by more powerful cultivators, it had never come to such a point where he was disgraced in such a manner.


It was said that if one often walked by the riverside, there was no way he could always keep his shoes dry. Now, not only were his shoes wet, but he had actually been soaked in the river.




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