Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4656, Xia Lin Lang’s Plan


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The young woman suddenly asked, “What’s your name?” 


Yang Kai honestly told her his name, then added, “I’m a disciple from Bright King Cave Heaven!”


Clearly unperturbed, the young woman sneered.


It was then Yang Kai knew that he had done something pointless. He initially wanted to bring up Bright King Cave Heaven so that this Seventh-Order woman would be wary of it and wouldn’t outright kill him. However, it seemed that she didn’t care whether he was a disciple from Bright King Cave Heaven or not.


Just like Xu Wang had said, a noble background was pointless in the Shattered Heaven as the cultivators here only cared about strength. Some of the Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had lost their lives in the Shattered Heaven, but the murderers were still at large.


Upon that realisation, Yang Kai decided to keep his mouth shut so that he wouldn’t say anything useless again.


The young woman’s expression suddenly changed as she turned to look in a particular direction, then said through clenched teeth, “That old hag found us pretty quickly.”


As soon as she finished speaking, she grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder and surged her World Force in an attempt to run away with him.


Nevertheless, a ferocious force came right at her the next instant. The young woman gritted her teeth and tossed Yang Kai away. As her curvy figure whirled around, she pushed out her palm to parry the attack.


The shattered Spirit Province could not bear the fallout of the exchange of moves between two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, so it exploded the next moment.


When Yang Kai came to his senses, he realised that the young woman was already standing beside him as she stared vigilantly ahead. Following her gaze, he saw an old woman with a hunched back hovering in the void as she looked greedily at him.


Faced with the stare, Yang Kai was having goosebumps all over his body.


The young woman bellowed, “You court death, Old Witch!”


The old woman’s wrinkled face creased together as she put on a withered smile, “Xia Lin Lang, stop being so haughty. Since both of us are in the Seventh Order, can you even kill me?”


The young woman named Xia Lin Lang snorted, “Even if I can’t kill you today, it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do so in the future. Don’t forget that while you’re old and frail, I’m still young and strong. You’ll definitely pass away before I do.”


The old woman replied, “Yes, your youth is your greatest asset; however, you might not have the guts to risk your life while I care little for mine. I’m willing to die if it means I take you down with me. Do you have the gall to do it?”


Xia Lin Lang frowned, “I found him first, so the World Spring belongs to me. If you’re willing to back down, I’m willing to give you some compensation on behalf of Lin Lang Palace.”


The old woman sneered, “If it belongs to you just because you found him first, we wouldn’t have tried to hack each other to death a while ago. As for the compensation, just like you’ve said, I’m old and frail, so what’s the point for me to have it?”


Xia Lin Lang said through clenched teeth, “In that case, what’s the point of you getting the World Spring?”


“As for how I’ll use it, it’s none of your business.”


“It seems that you’re determined to lose your life here,” Xia Lin Lang’s murderous intent surged. Since they couldn’t come to any agreement, fighting was the only option.


The old woman shook her head, “Stop trying to intimidate me. Each of us will have a 50% chance of winning if we get into a battle. If others find out about it and butt in, both of us will get nothing in the end.”


Upon hearing that, Xia Lin Lang immediately looked around with vigilance. After making sure that no one else was around, she snorted, “Stop pulling cheap tricks with me.”


The old woman added, “Don’t worry, I found this place by chance. That guy went in a completely different direction, and he won’t pay attention to this place for a while.” Even though she was speaking to Xia Lin Lang, her turbid eyes had never moved away from Yang Kai. All of a sudden, she furrowed her brows, “Wait. Given your temperament, why would you still keep this brat alive? Could it be…”


Her expression suddenly changed as she glared at Yang Kai, “Brat, have you put the World Spring inside your Small Universe?”


Without responding to her, Yang Kai took a glance at Xia Lin Lang as though he would only obey her orders.


Just then, the old woman started guffawing, “Consider yourself lucky, brat. It’s no wonder that this snake woman didn’t kill you. Do you think it’s because she’s kind-hearted?”


In fact, Yang Kai hadn’t figured out the reason Xia Lin Lang didn’t just kill him. He had been vigilant while she was trying to plant a restriction in his body earlier and it never crossed his mind that this woman didn’t want to kill him at all.


“You’re wrong. The reason she didn’t kill you is that you’ve put the World Spring inside your Small Universe. You’re just a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now, so if you pass away, your Small Universe will completely disintegrate, and the World Spring might also be gone for good. There’s no way she’d take such a risk. Did she ask you whether you’d have a chance to make it to the High-Rank?”


Before Yang Kai replied to her, the old woman continued, “En, you should have a chance to ascend to the High-Rank; otherwise, you’d be dead by now. However, on the day you make it to the High-Rank, you’ll still die. The Small Universe of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master has materialised, so even if you die, the World Spring will remain.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai finally understood the reason he was still alive.


It was no wonder Xia Lin Lang said she didn’t mind gambling. He was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now, so supposedly, if he was killed, the World Spring might vanish alongside his Small Universe. Therefore, she had to keep him alive like she was rearing a farm animal. She would only make a move when he ascended to the Seventh Order.


Instead of getting furious though, Yang Kai felt his back drenched in cold sweat.


Although he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, his Small Universe had actually materialised. In other words, even if he passed away, it wouldn’t affect the World Spring that had settled down in his Small Universe.


Hence, he decided that he would never reveal the secret about his Small Universe; otherwise, he wouldn’t have a chance to survive.


While the old woman spoke, Xia Lin Lang didn’t intend to interrupt her. It was apparent that she didn’t mind Yang Kai finding out about her plan.


With what passed for an amicable expression, the old woman stared at Yang Kai and said, “Little one, although the woman beside you appears to be beautiful and innocent, her heart is as venomous as a viper. You’ll end up in a horrible state one day.”


Yang Kai put on a grin, “Well, it is said that dying on a bed of flowers is the best way to go.”


Xia Lin Lang shot him a glare while the old woman was lost for words.


After a moment of silence, the old woman said, “It’s inevitable that young men are enchanted by beautiful women. Why don’t you come with me instead? I’m not as devious as she is, and I can assure you that after you ascend to the Seventh Order, you’ll just have to cut off a small part of your Small Universe to remove the World Spring. I swear not to kill you. Although it might harm your foundation by doing so, it’s better than losing your life.”


Yang Kai pulled a long face, “You don’t look like a good person. I don’t trust you.”


The old woman laughed in a hoarse voice, “You don’t trust me, but you trust that devious woman?”


After a sigh, Yang Kai said, “Both of you are senior experts, so I can’t afford to offend either of you. Why don’t you have a life-and-death battle here first? I’ll follow the person who survives.”


The old woman snorted, “Cunning brat!”


Xia Lin Lang had run out of patience as she snapped, “Old Witch, if you’re determined to decide life and death here with me, I don’t mind sending you to the Yellow Springs. However, if you want to spend the rest of your life peacefully, scram!”


The old woman appeared furious, but it was apparent that unlike what she had said before, she wasn’t willing to take the risk of dying just to drag Xia Lin Lang down with her.


With a sneer, Xia Lin Lang grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder and turned into a ray of light before shooting into the distance. Yang Kai could clearly feel a sense of murderous intent surging from the old woman as she stared fixedly at him from behind; however, even after they moved out of range of the old woman’s Divine Sense, she still didn’t make a move.


It was obvious that she didn’t have the confidence to make Xia Lin Lang stay. They would be evenly matched even if they got into a fight, so in the end, she decided to hold her fury in.


Watching as Xia Lin Lang and Yang Kai left, the old woman muttered resentfully, “Where do you think you can go anyway?”


“Are you disappointed that that Old Witch and I didn’t kill each other?” Xia Lin Lang suddenly shot him a glare.


Yang Kai patted his chest, “If you two got into a fight, I’d definitely help you.”


“Really?” Xia Lin Lang put on an inscrutable smile.


Yang Kai changed the topic by saying, “In fact, if you want the World Spring, you don’t have to wait for me to ascend to the Seventh Order. After the dust settles, I’ll try to force the World Spring out of my Small Universe.”


With a smile, Xia Lin Lang replied, “You can give it a try. If you succeed, it’ll be good for both of us.”


Yang Kai grunted in a sulky voice as he never intended to flee.


As though trying to placate him, Xia Lin Lang said, “Although the Old Witch is ill-intentioned, she’s right about one thing. I initially intended to kill you and get the World Spring after you made it to the Seventh Order. Since it’s been exposed, and you’ve been obliging, I won’t do anything that crosses the line.”


“What’s your plan now, Elder Sister?” Yang Kai asked.


“After you make it to the Seventh Order, you can keep your life if you’re willing to cut off a small part of your Small Universe and bring the World Spring out. However, by doing so, your cultivation will likely fall back to the Sixth Order, and it might cause your foundation to become unstable. By then, you won’t be able to deal with average Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and you’ll only be slightly stronger than the Fifth Order.”


“It’s decided, then,” Yang Kai hurriedly replied.


A shocked Xia Lin Lang gazed at him, “Don’t you want to sleep on it?”


Yang Kai put on a hollow laugh, “I’d rather live miserably than die horribly. Since you’re completely frank with me, I won’t beat around the bush and pull any tricks with you.”


A part of Xia Lin Lang’s heart seemed to have been touched as she sighed, “You’re right. It’s better to live miserably than die horribly.”


As they moved forward at full speed, she never allowed Yang Kai to use Space Principles, for she was wary of this strange ability of his. After all, if Yang Kai secretly pulled a trick while using Space Principles, she might not be able to notice it even though she was more powerful.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was tactful enough to not inquire about the woman’s background. Since she wasn’t willing to show up in the outside world by hiding in the depths of the Shattered Heaven, she must have some secrets that must not be exposed.


Half a month later, they arrived at a place in the void where no one was around. Xia Lin Lang finally stopped in her tracks.


Yang Kai looked around but didn’t discover anything of interest.


On the other hand, Xia Lin Lang performed different hand seals, then gently stuck two fingers out and pointed forward.


A ripple spread across the void, whereupon Yang Kai could see a picture scroll emerging into existence.


Inside the picture scroll, a beautiful view of mountains could be seen while some exotic beasts were roaming around. There were also some houses and gazebos on the mountains that made the place look like a paradise.




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