Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4657, Lin Lang Palace


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There was no doubt that the existence of a picture scroll in the void was shocking, but it would be completely normal if it was just a portal.


While grabbing Yang Kai, Xia Lin Lang plunged into the picture scroll without hesitation and disappeared the next moment.


The picture scroll that had abruptly appeared also vanished into thin air and left no traces behind.


Ample World Energy was felt coming right at their faces while they were surrounded by the thick aura of this World. When Yang Kai came to his senses, he realised that he was already in a place that was full of greenery, which looked just like a paradise.


He then looked around and became amazed.


Given his eyesight and experience now, he instantly realised that this place was different from the average Universe World. It was a Universe Cave Heaven that was left behind by a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master after his death, and it was very well preserved. The World Principles were complete, the world itself was stable, and the Dao Essence was ample. The Universe Cave Heaven that shattered following the exchange of moves between several Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters was not comparable to this one.


Moreover, he could clearly feel that the Dao Essence in this Universe Cave Heaven was compatible with him.


It was then he realised that the owner of this Universe Cave Heaven was an expert in the Spear Dao before his death. Therefore, the Spear Dao Essence in his Small Universe was abundant. By cultivating in such an environment, one could better comprehend the Spear Dao with half the effort.


When he entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in the past, the traces of Blood Principles were conspicuous; however, Yang Kai didn’t cultivate the Dao of Blood, so he didn’t feel anything while he was there. As for the Shadowless Cave Heaven, everything had been swept away by the Astral Wind, so the place was nothing more than a hollow shell.


In Yang Kai’s Small Universe, the most abundant Dao Essence was definitely the Space Dao Essence. After all, he condensed his Dao Seal through the Dao of Space. The rest was the Dao of Time, Alchemic Dao, and Spear Dao. If anyone managed to enter Yang Kai’s Small Universe, they would have a chance to comprehend his insights in these four Daos.


There were all sorts of Grand Daos in the 3,000 Worlds, but they all led to the same destination.


Even though Yang Kai’s mastery of the Spear Dao was inferior to that of the Dao of Space, it was still at the Third Level, Taking the Initial Steps; therefore, as soon as he entered this Universe Cave Heaven, he was moved by the thick Dao Essence.


This was indeed a wonderful place. If he could cultivate here for a long time, it would help improve his Spear Dao significantly. Although it was of no help to his cultivation, it could increase his combat strength.


While he was lost in his thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly looked down at a particular place.


Beneath him, there was a market located in a city that was bustling with noise as people streamed through the streets.


[There are so many people in this place!] Yang Kai was stunned.


He initially thought that the place Xia Lin Lang resided must be totally serene, but the sight before his eyes was different from what he had imagined.


As though knowing what was on his mind, Xia Lin Lang said, “This Universe Cave Heaven already looked like this when I found it in the past. The previous owner must have been in the Eighth Order at the very least. It wasn’t surprising that he raised some living beings in his body in order to generate Auspicious Spirit Essence and increase his World Force. Many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in ancient times would do this, much unlike the current generation of High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but think about the Blood Monster Cave Heaven where there were many living creatures as well. The ancestors of Mo Mei and the others from Abundance City were living beings raised by Blood Monster Divine Monarch in his Small Universe.


However, Blood Monster Divine Monarch was a cruel and narrow-minded person, so the living creatures in his body were planted with a Blood Principles Restriction. Other than stopping them from comprehending the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, the restriction would also ensure they couldn’t condense their Dao Seals. Additionally, there was no way they could flee from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


Without the nourishment of the aura in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, those who had been planted with the Blood Principles Restriction would explode and die.


Back then, Yang Kai made a deal with Black Crow and obtained a technique that could disperse the Blood Principles Restriction. That was how he managed to bring Mo Mei and the others back to Void Land; otherwise, they would’ve been destroyed the moment Blood Monster Cave Heaven fell apart.


Xia Lin Lang was right to say that many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in ancient times would raise some living creatures in their Small Universes.


Nevertheless, things were different now. Yang Kai had never heard of any High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises who had this hobby. At least the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters he had come across didn’t have it, though he wasn’t sure about the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


There were many benefits to be gained by raising living beings in one’s Small Universe. The reproduction of these living beings would provide a continuous supply of Auspicious Spirit Essence. In that case, the World Force of the owner’s Small Universe would continue to increase without the need for him or her to actively cultivate.


This kind of increase was negligible in the short term for High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who needed thousands to tens of thousands of years to make it to the next Order. Nevertheless, it could not be underestimated in the long term since many grains of sand would eventually build a mountain. It might help the owner shorten the time they had to cultivate significantly in the long term.


However, it wasn’t good news for the living beings who were raised in the Small Universe.


Usually, their daily life wouldn’t be affected, but if the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master got into a fight, and their Small Universe was shaken, a calamity would befall them. Worse, if the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was killed, which resulted in their Small Universe collapsing, those living inside would die along with them. To those living inside, their fate was closely tied to the Small Universe’s owner. If anything happened to the owner, they would share the same terrible fate.


Yang Kai gently grunted as a realisation dawned upon him.


Xia Lin Lang shot him a weird look, “What’s wrong?”


Yang Kai straightened his face and replied dispassionately, “Nothing. It’s just that I’ve figured out something.”


Xia Lin Lang didn’t intend to keep asking. Since Yang Kai had been brought into this place, he was no different from a beast in a cage despite his mastery of the Dao of Space. Therefore, she wouldn’t do anything to him as long as he didn’t cross her bottom line.


On the other hand, Yang Kai finally figured out why the Four Universe Pillars were so popular and why several High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were willing to kill each other in order to obtain one.


Naturally, the World Spring could help perfect a Small Universe and prevent any external influence from affecting it, which would be immensely beneficial when the owner is in battle. However, its biggest use was to allow one to safely raise living beings in their Small Universe.


With one of the Four Universe Pillars residing in their Small Universe, it wouldn’t fall into chaos as long as it wasn’t struck by deadly force, thus allowing those living inside one’s Small Universe to continue their lives peacefully.


In other words, with one of the Four Universe Pillars in possession, an Open Heaven Realm Master could start raising living beings in their body without any worries as they wouldn’t be affected even if they fought an intense battle.


Considering all this, Yang Kai couldn’t help having a bold idea.


Since the World Spring was now in his possession, he should probably start planning how to take advantage of it. Now, he was in the Sixth Order, which was still far away from his limit, the Eighth Order. It wasn’t certain how many years it would take him to make it to the Eighth Order, but if he could raise some living beings in his Small Universe, he could shorten the time needed to reach his limit.


However, he was nothing more than a captive now, so his first priority was to escape.


The reason he had been obliging until now was that he wasn’t willing to test Xia Lin Lang’s patience. If he hadn’t heard what the old woman had said, he would still have been very nervous about Xia Lin Lang killing him at any moment; however, upon learning the secrets of the World Spring, he now wasn’t worried that she would do anything to him. At the very least, Xi Lin Lang wouldn’t take the risk before he made it to the Seventh Order.


He would only be forced to deal with her when he ascended to the Seventh Order.


In truth, he never believed what she had said even though she appeared sincere.


Just then, a reflective lake came into his sight. There was an island in the middle of the lake where a bamboo forest swayed gently with the wind.


Xia Lin Lang led Yang Kai to land on the island and said impassively, “You’ll start cultivating here from now on. If you want to regain your freedom, you’d better ascend to the Seventh Order soon. When the time comes, I’ll fulfil the agreement we’ve come to.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll try my best, but it’ll definitely take time.”


“Pass me your Space Ring,” Xia Lin Lang extended her hand.


Yang Kai batted his eyes as the sight was familiar to him. He then recalled that he had said the same thing to Luan Bai Feng in a matter-of-factly manner. It seemed that karma had finally come for him.


If Luan Bai Feng were here, she would’ve convulsed with laughter.


With a morose expression, he took off his Space Ring and tossed it at Xia Lin Lang in silence.


After taking it, Xia Lin Lang had a look at it and frowned, “Why are you so poor when you’re a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master?”


In fact, Yang Kai wasn’t poor at all. He had brought an enormous amount of resources with him when he left the Star Boundary; otherwise, the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors couldn’t have been refined. However, most of his things were placed in his Small Universe.


He already had such a habit when he still had the Sealed World Bead. All the valuable items were put in the Sealed World Bead while the miscellaneous items were in his Space Ring.


That was because if he came across any powerful cultivators and got robbed, he would still have his most precious items stashed away somewhere else.


Faced with her pitiful gaze that was tinged with disdain, Yang Kai put on a meek smile, “Although I’m not wealthy, I don’t think I’m considered poor either. These resources are enough for me to cultivate.”


Xia Lin Lang curled up her lips, “Didn’t you say you’re a disciple from Bright King Cave Heaven? You’re a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from one of the 36 Cave Heavens. Aren’t you worried that your poverty will embarrass your Sect?”


With a cold expression, Yang Kai snapped, “I don’t mind you mocking me, but please stop exposing my weaknesses. What’s the point of putting me in a tight spot while you’re fully aware of my shortcomings?”


Xia Lin Lang pursed her lips, “Stop the pretence, will you?”


She then tossed the Space Ring back at him, “Alright, just cultivate with such rubbish for now. I’ll tell someone to send you some resources later.”


Yang Kai nodded and put on his ring before saying, “By the way, please dispel the restriction in my body; otherwise, it’ll affect my cultivation.”


Xia Lin Lang looked playfully at him. She was fully aware of whether the restriction she had planted would affect his cultivation or not; however, since Yang Kai was like a caged beast now, the restriction was no longer important.


Not willing to waste any time on this issue, she put on a sweet smile and parted her lips, “Just stay here and cultivate. If I catch you running away, I’ll break your legs. If you do it again, I’ll end your life.”


Yang Kai instantly turned pale with horror and hung his head low, “I would never dare to!”


Xia Lin Lang crooked her finger, whereupon silver threads flew out of Yang Kai’s body and turned into a silver light in her hand before disappearing.




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