Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4658, Refining the World Spring


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Xia Lin Lang was gone, but it wasn’t certain where she headed to. It seemed that she was not worried that Yang Kai would run away at all.


In fact, Yang Kai didn’t have the intention to flee.


Since the World Spring hadn’t been fully refined, his World Force would be sucked into it from time to time, which would cause his Small Universe to descend into chaos. Furthermore, when he took in the shattered Spirit Province where the World Spring was located previously, many impurities had also snuck into his Small Universe. Before he resolved these two major issues, he would never be able to flee from a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master regardless of how swift he was.


Although the island in the middle of the lake was not large, its view was magnificent. As the bamboo forest swayed with the breeze, the koi fish that came in different colours were seen swimming in the lake. It was truly a stunning sight to behold.


It took Yang Kai two days to build a bamboo hut to shelter himself from the wind and rain. Following that, he set up a simple barrier around the hut to prevent anyone from spying on him before he started cultivating.


He could refine the World Spring at a later time, as the most important task for him now was to purge the impurities from his Small Universe.


While these impurities were inside his Small Universe, he had to spend some effort to suppress them; otherwise, once they assimilated into his Small Universe completely, his foundation would be affected.


Fortunately, it wasn’t the first time such a thing happened to him, so he was already familiar with how to deal with it.


It took him about half a month to restore his Small Universe to its original state.


After settling the problem in his Small Universe, Yang Kai started refining the World Spring. This thing had started settling in on its own since it landed in his Small Universe, so he was just trying to accelerate the process by actively refining it.


Yang Kai hadn’t paid any attention to the World Spring since he was running for his life some time ago. Now that the dust had settled, he realised that as the World Spring absorbed his World Force and became fixed in place, there was an invisible aura that permeated his entire Small Universe which originated from it.


The existence of this aura had fortified and perfected his Small Universe. Even his heritage had been strengthened.


Yang Kai made some calculations and believed that given his current state, it would take him one to two months of hard work before he could fully refine the World Spring. During this process, the amount of World Force that would be consumed would be incalculable.


Although he had chugged down a lot of Open Heaven Pills to replenish his World Force, he still couldn’t make up for the losses.


Following a continuous infusion of World Force for the next two months, the World Spring, which caused Yang Kai’s Small Universe to descend into turmoil from time to time, finally merged with his it.


He instantly felt as ecstatic as a dead tree that had been resurrected. The pressure that had burdened him for months was finally gone for good. He clenched his fists and activated his World Force and confirmed that there were no longer any obstacles that stopped him from circulating his power smoothly.


The World Spring suppressed his Small Universe before being fully refined; otherwise, he could’ve at least counterattacked when dealing with Xia Lin Lang.


After all, he had engaged in life-and-death battles with Zuo Quan Hui before. Regardless of how powerful Xia Lin Lang was, she would not be stronger than Zuo Quan Hui.


Now that he had fully refined the World Spring, it wouldn’t obstruct his World Force and would instead reinforce his Small Universe, making it extremely sturdy and resistant to outside shocks and influence. Unless it was struck with enough force to crack it, his Small Universe wouldn’t fall into chaos again.


While he focused on examining the transformation in his Small Universe, the barrier around the bamboo hut was suddenly triggered. With a frown, Yang Kai looked out intently and realised a tan-skinned young man was standing outside the hut with a gloomy expression on his face. It wasn’t certain why he was so angry, but when he pushed out his fist, Yang Kai’s hastily arranged barrier and bamboo hut fell apart in an instant.


The barrier only served as a cover, and it wasn’t solid enough to ward off any attacks. Although the tan-skinned young man was irritable, he was surprisingly a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it was only natural that the thin barrier couldn’t bear his attack.


[There are Open Heaven Realm Masters in this place other than Xia Lin Lang?] Yang Kai furrowed his brow. After giving it a thought though, he relaxed. Although Xia Lin Lang resided in this place, it wasn’t surprising that she had some subordinates as she was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


The moment the bamboo hut came apart, Yang Kai calmly landed on the ground.


As they exchanged glances, the young man examined Yang Kai with a furious expression, “Are you Yang Kai?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”


The young man snorted as he held a Space Ring in his hand and showed it to the other man, “Palace Master has asked me to pass this thing to you.”


Yang Kai took a look at the demolished bamboo hut and replied with a smile, “Did your Palace Master also ask you to destroy my hut?”


Without directly answering his question, the young man snapped, “I don’t care who you are, but we’ve all risked our lives to obtain the resources in this ring. Every one of them was not easy to come by. I, Qin Fen, wouldn’t disobey the Palace Master since she wants to give you these resources; however, you’ll have to prove your worth before you can get them!”


Finally understanding why the young man named Qin Fen was furious, Yang Kai put on a faint smile.


In order to help him ascend to the Seventh Order sooner, Xia Lin Lang would certainly give him some resources. That was the reason she took a look at his Space Ring some time ago. Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy to collect resources in the Shattered Heaven. As a disciple from Lin Lang Palace, Qin Fen definitely wouldn’t dare to disobey Xia Lin Lang, the Palace Master; however, he was also reluctant to give away resources, which he had exerted himself to find, to a stranger for free.


Since he had nowhere else to vent his anger, Yang Kai’s bamboo hut became the target.


“How do you want to find out whether I’m worthy?” Yang Kai gazed at the young man.


Qin Fen put away the Space Ring and extended his hand before summoning a spear with green and purple lights swirling around it. As his World Force surged, he pushed out the spear towards Yang Kai and bellowed, “Of course we’d have to fight. You’ll get the ring if you’re able to win the battle, but you’ll be killed if you’re defeated.”


Faced with the sudden attack, Yang Kai remained unmoved. However, as his clothes swayed with the wind, his figure started moving backwards like a phantom.


He had retreated several thousand metres in the blink of an eye while the tip of the spear remained seven metres away from his face. The light on the tip of the spear flickered as though it was the tongue of a snake.


Explosions occurred wherever they went, which went to show how powerful Qin Fen’s attack was.


However, regardless of how much force Qin Fen exerted, Yang Kai remained calm and collected, like a senior expert teaching his foolish student a lesson. Yang Kai looked teasingly at him, as though the latter was a child who was throwing a tantrum.


Qin Fen growled, “Stop using cheap tricks and face me directly if you have the guts!” He madly surged his World Force as his spear moved forward two more metres.


Following that, Yang Kai suddenly pushed out his fist.


Qin Fen widened his eyes in disbelief, for he felt an immense force coming right at him. The force whisked across his spear and came at his chest like it was a mountain. The green and purple lights around his spear madly flickered.


A horrified Qin Fen instantly moved backwards, but his chest was still struck by the attack. Upon impact, he tumbled across the surface of the lake as the waves surged. When he finally managed to stabilise himself and looked up, he saw that Yang Kai remained calm and collected while standing in front of the demolished bamboo hut and gazing impassively at him. It was as though he had never moved a muscle.


Upon standing with difficulty, Qin Fen hovered above the lake as a myriad of expressions came over his face. He was overwhelmed by a sense of shock and disbelief.


Both of them were in the Sixth Order, so he didn’t understand why there was such a huge gap between this man named Yang Kai and himself. He was easily defeated by the other party with only one move.


Just now, he felt as though he was facing a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like the Palace Master instead of a Sixth-Order one.


[Where did this guy come from?] The emotions in Qin Fen’s heart undulated. He only found out some time ago that the Palace Master had brought a stranger back to this place. He initially intended to ignore that man, but the Palace Master had asked him to send some resources to that person. After taking a look at the Space Ring, he realised that there were a lot of resources in it, which was why he was vexed. He wanted to teach the other party a lesson, but in the end, he was the one who suffered a setback instead.


Suppressing the roiling vitality in his chest, Qin Fen stared at the other man with a conflicted gaze. After a snort, he put away his spear and tossed the Space Ring at him, “Since you’ve proved your worth, this thing belongs to you now.”


The ring clanged to the ground. Yang Kai didn’t even bother to take a glance at it.


Qin Fen glared at him, “What do you mean by this?”


With a harmless smile, Yang Kai replied, “Nothing.”


Qin Fen had the urge to ask Yang Kai what the latter meant by nothing, but he knew that he would be humiliated if he really did so. Furthermore, Yang Kai had already made his stance clear. As he darted his gaze between Yang Kai and the Space Ring, he grimly said, “You may kill me, but you may never humiliate me!”


Yang Kai chuckled in response.


At that instant, Qin Fen fell into a dilemma. He was reluctant to pick up the ring and pass it to Yang Kai, but he wouldn’t dare to disobey the Palace Master’s order either, so he had to make sure that his task was completed. Initially, he just wanted to teach Yang Kai a lesson and dropped the ring in front of him like the latter was a beggar. However, he was the one who was embarrassed instead.


Just when Qin Fen didn’t know what to do, Xia Lin Lang suddenly spoke from a distance, “Don’t cross the line, Yang Kai.”


Seeing that Yang Kai remained silent, she went on to say, “Qin Fen, since you’ve destroyed his bamboo hut, you should rebuild it for him.”


Qin Fen respectfully cupped his fist, “Yes, Palace Master!”


Yang Kai pressed his lips into a line, but he still cupped his fist and said “Since you’ve said so, this Yang will obey.”


He would probably suffer horribly if he offended this Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. It still wasn’t the right time to confront her. Since she had made a fair judgement, he decided to make a concession.


Then, he extended his hand and grabbed the Space Ring. Upon infusing his Divine Sense into the ring, he realised there were really a lot of resources inside. Besides Open Heaven Pills, there were more than twenty complete sets of Fifth-Order materials.


There were no Sixth-Order materials. It wasn’t that Xia Lin Lang didn’t want to give him Sixth-Order materials, but be it in the 3,000 Worlds or the Shattered Heaven, all Open Heaven Realm Masters faced the same issue. Yin and Yang Element Materials in the Sixth Order and above were extremely rare while it was easier to find materials of the Five Elements. However, when one cultivated, there couldn’t be a lack of Yin and Yang Element Materials while just refining Five Elements materials, for doing so would disrupt the balance of power in their Small Universe.


As such, when an Open Heaven Realm Master refined cultivation materials, they had to prepare a complete set of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements.




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