Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4659, Barging Into the Palace


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Other than an opportunity such as entering a Small Source World, the quickest and most effective way for Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like Yang Kai to cultivate was to refine Sixth-Order materials; however, Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials were hard to come by, so most had to settle for the second-best materials, the Fifth-Order ones.


It was the case for Yang Kai and even for the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises. No one would waste Sixth-Order materials.


More than twenty sets of Fifth-Order materials and thirty million Open Heaven Pills could only last Yang Kai for about half a year.


Since Xia Lin Lang had given the order, Qin Fen wouldn’t dare to disobey her; therefore, for the next few days, he had been building a bamboo hut for Yang Kai. He initially intended to build a sloppy one, but what made him furious was that Yang Kai had been instructing him like a supervisor the whole time.


Qin Fen had a strong urge to kill this guy with his spear.


A few days later, the bamboo hut was finally completed. Qin Fen instantly left the place without sparing Yang Kai a glance, for he was worried he wouldn’t be able to contain his fury.


Nothing major happened in the days that followed. 


No one would bother Yang Kai while he stayed on the island in the middle of the lake, so he could focus on cultivating.


Since he ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, he had rarely had any chance to sit and cultivate in peace. In the past, he was forced to ascend to the Fifth Order outside the Shadowless Cave Heaven. After entering it, he consumed a World Fruit and made it to the Sixth Order. Following that, he had to travel to many places and deal with a lot of issues. Sometimes he would have some free time, but he would soon have to get to work again.


Although he was forcefully brought to this place by Xia Lin Lang, it could also be considered an opportunity for him as he could seize this chance to strengthen his cultivation. After ascending to the Open Heaven Realm, a cultivator had to carefully manage their Small Universe, a process that couldn’t be rushed as it took years of accumulation.


What was more important was that he was given free resources. Although he didn’t really care about it since he was pretty wealthy now, no one would turn down free resources.


Half a year later, Yang Kai had used up all the resources Qin Fen had sent him.


He didn’t ask for more resources from Xia Lin Lang though, because normally, so many resources could last a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master two or three years.


Fortunately, he still had a lot of resources in his Small Universe, so he wouldn’t have to stop cultivating.


This way of cultivating was extremely dreary, but it was inescapable for all Open Heaven Realm Masters. As time passed, Yang Kai managed to calm himself and slowly understand his own deficiencies.


The reason he made it to the Sixth Order from the Fifth Order was that he had consumed a Mid-Rank World Fruit. After that, due to various opportunities, his cultivation had increased significantly. Although there were many benefits in the short term since his power had risen quickly, there were some barely noticeable dangers that would snowball into something serious in the long term if not addressed.


These hidden concerns wouldn’t break out so soon, but as his cultivation increased, it would slowly affect his foundation, and once that happened, the situation would become very serious.


Hence, now was the perfect chance for Yang Kai to rectify these problems since he could focus on cultivating in peace right now.


On the other hand, this Universe Cave Heaven was indeed rich in Spear Dao Essence. Qin Fen, who had provoked Yang Kai some time ago, also used a spear, and his mastery of Spear Dao was actually better than Yang Kai’s. However, since there was a huge gap between their strength, he was defeated by Yang Kai with only one move.


If their heritages were the same, and they both used spears to battle, Yang Kai might not be able to defeat Qin Fen despite having the Supreme Limitless Spear Art.


While cultivating, he also never forgot to improve his comprehension of the Spear Dao using the Dao Essence filling this Universe Cave Heaven.


Time passed by quickly and Yang Kai never stepped out of the bamboo hut. All he did was cultivate with his legs crossed.


New resources would be sent to him every three years, but it was no longer Qin Fen who did so. Since he was defeated by Yang Kai before, he wouldn’t have the face to come to this island again. The person who was responsible for sending him resources was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but they never even spoke. After arriving at the island in the middle of the lake, he would hurriedly pass a ring to Yang Kai and leave.


For the past ten years, Yang Kai had not seen Xia Lin Lang again, making him wonder what she had been doing.


Ten years was neither a short nor long time, and it certainly was not enough for Yang Kai to significantly increase the heritage of his Small Universe. However, it was enough for him to achieve greater heights in his Spear Dao.


Originally, his mastery over the Spear Dao was only in the Third Level, Taking the Initial Steps. Nevertheless, after ten years of study and comprehension, he had reached the Fifth Level, Attaining Mastery Through Comprehensive Understanding.


There were four Daos that Yang Kai had significant attainments in. His Dao of Space was at the Eighth Level, Summiting the Peak, while his Dao of Time had reached the Sixth Level, Exceeding the Ordinary to Reach the Extraordinary. Additionally, his Spear Dao was now on the level of Attaining Mastery Through Comprehensive Understanding.


On the other hand, he had all but given up on the Alchemic Dao. If nothing unexpected happened, he probably wouldn’t spend any time and energy to improve it again.


One day, while cultivating, Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked up. He could sense Xia Lin Lang’s aura appearing in a particular direction as she turned into a ray of light. Soon, she left this Universe Cave Heaven and disappeared into the distance.


Yang Kai became startled for a moment, before putting on a grin, “Today is the day. The chance has finally come!”


Without hesitation, he stood up and dashed out of the bamboo hut. After taking a look into the distance, he disappeared from the spot the next instant.


There was a palace in the place where Xia Lin Lang’s aura appeared just now. It was also her foundation, Lin Lang Palace.


A moment later, Yang Kai revealed his figure in front of a magnificent palace. While looking up, he muttered, “Just as I suspected!”


Just like the Heavenly Sword Palace, the palace in front of him named Lin Lang Palace was also a flying palace artifact.


In fact, Heavenly Sword Palace wasn’t the first mobile palace artifact Yang Kai had seen, the Flowing Time Temple was. Blood Monster Divine Palace in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was also such a palace artifact.


However, the Flowing Time Temple was a product of the Star Boundary. Although it belonged to Flowing Time Great Emperor when he was alive, it was inferior to the other mobile palaces Yang Kai had seen. The Flowing Time Temple was invincible in a battle between cultivators below the Open Heaven Realm; nevertheless, in a fight between Open Heaven Realm Masters, it was practically useless.


Strictly speaking, the Blood Monster Divine Palace was the first true mobile palace artifact Yang Kai had come across.


Unfortunately, when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed, the Blood Monster Divine Palace was also destroyed.


Meanwhile, Lin Lang Palace was also a palace artifact. Just like the status of Blood Monster Divine Palace in Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Lin Lang Palace was the centre of this Universe Cave Heaven. It was very important as it was just like the Array Core of a Grand Array.


The one who obtained Lin Lang Palace would be able to control this Universe Cave Heaven.


Presently, Lin Lang Palace had been left with Xia Lin Lang’s Imprint, so she was its owner.


Yang Kai had been cultivating in seclusion for the past ten years because, first, he indeed needed to calm down and cultivate, and secondly, he couldn’t confront Xia Lin Lang since he was no match for her in this Universe Cave Heaven where she held all the advantages.


However, he would certainly want to counterattack when there was a chance. Yang Kai wouldn’t risk his life for the magnanimity of a woman he was at odds with.


As soon as Yang Kai showed up, a figure shot out of Lin Lang Palace. It was Qin Fen, who was defeated by Yang Kai before. While glaring at him, he demanded, “What are you doing here?”


Before the Palace Master left, she told him to keep an eye on Yang Kai. It never crossed his mind though that right after the Palace Master left, this guy would show up here. It was obvious that this bastard had some ill intentions.


Yang Kai retracted his gaze from the palace and took a glance at Qin Fen before smiling and declaring, “Those who stand in my way will die!”


An unperturbed Qin Fen snapped with a cold expression, “You can give it a try!”


Certainly, Yang Kai was going to try. He turned into a beam of light and shot towards Qin Fen. As though recalling the defeat ten years ago, Qin Fen couldn’t help but take a few steps back; however, before Yang Kai even got close to him, a light barrier appeared around Lin Lang Palace. Yang Kai crashed into the light barrier, causing the entire palace to shake. Although the light became dented, it wasn’t broken in any way.


Yang Kai flew back 300 metres before standing still in a calm manner.


Qin Fen sneered, “Palace Master knew that you’d create trouble after she left, so she had made some preparations. You’d better leave now; otherwise, no one can save you when Palace Master returns.”


Yang Kai extended his hand and summoned out his Azure Dragon Spear before uttering impassively, “If Xia Lin Lang was still inside Lin Lang Palace, I naturally wouldn’t dare to make a scene; however, since you’re the one who is in charge now, what’s the percentage of the palace’s power that you can use?”


Qin Fen snorted, “More than enough to deal with you!”


Yang Kai grinned, “The biggest mistake Xia Lin Lang made is regarding me as an average Sixth-Order Master. Let’s find out how many of my attacks this barrier can bear, shall we?”


After he finished speaking, Yang Kai pushed his World Force and infused it into his spear before thrusting out his weapon.


Qin Fen wanted to mock him, but when the spear came into contact with the light barrier, it actually flickered noticeably. Although Xia Lin Lang had given him some temporary powers, Qin Fen was still stunned by the attack.


A flabbergasted Qin Fen hurriedly fished out a jade and performed a hand seal. By activating the power of the jade, he could control the Grand Array.


Just like Yang Kai had said though, Lin Lang Palace belonged to Xia Lin Lang. Even though she had given Qin Fen temporary authority to control the Grand Array before she left, he couldn’t fully use its power.


Yang Kai’s attacks continuously rained down on the light barrier of the Grand Array.


In the past, Yang Kai couldn’t have achieved this even though his spear technique was already fairly powerful; however, after ten years of cultivation in seclusion, while he hadn’t improved the heritage of his Small Universe much, he had gained quite a bit of insight into the Spear Dao.


As he wielded his spear, the Spear Principles in the Universe Cave Heaven seemed to have been stimulated, which helped empower Yang Kai.


Qin Fen staggered while he kept performing different hand seals, but he couldn’t stop the light barrier from dimming. Impacted by the turmoil in Lin Lang Palace, his Small Universe had also become unsteady.


After about 100 attacks from Yang Kai, the barrier around Lin Lang Palace broke into pieces like a shattered mirror. Qin Fen fell on his backside as blood streamed out of his mouth and nose.


With his spear in hand, Yang Kai sauntered up the stairs as though no one else was around.


Seeing this, Qin Fen gritted his teeth and roared. He then summoned his cyan spear and fearlessly attacked Yang Kai.


Yang Kai lightly swung his Azure Dragon Spear, and as the spears brushed past each other, his spear jabbed into Qin Fen’s shoulder, drawing a spurt of blood from the latter. He then lifted Qin Fen off his feet with his spear.


On the other hand, the tip of Qin Fen’s spear was just a palm’s length from Yang Kai’s chest, flashing with ample World Force. However, even a palm’s length was like the difference between life and death in this situation.




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  1. It’s not a mobile palace, it’s just a Saint rank defense artifact since they’re unable to protect the whole city during the invasion of the evil forces his martial uncle took control of.

  2. Yang Kai’s alchemy should’ve been at least lvl 6 or higher since he’s been using it way more than his space Dao. He’s been at it since becoming immortal ascension realm.

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