Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4660, Occupying the Palace


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After his defeat on the island in the middle of the lake, Qin Fen knew that there was a gap between Yang Kai and him, but what horrified him was that the gap was so wide.


He could use the excuse of being negligent for his previous defeat, but in the life-and-death battle just now, he was still overpowered by the other party with ease.


The outcome gave Qin Feng a crawling sensation on his scalp.


He had never seen or heard of such a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master before. The Palace Master had left, and the Grand Array around Lin Lang Palace was unable to stop this person’s steps. Who else in this place could be a match for him?


He didn’t blame Yang Kai for being ruthless; he just hated the fact that he was unable to protect the palace while the Palace Master was gone.


As blood spurted, Yang Kai tossed Qin Fen away from his spear and activated his Cow Punch Secret Technique. Instantly, Qin Fen felt dizzy as his Small Universe shook violently. He was unable to come to his senses for a long time.


Just then, a few figures shot out of Lin Lang Palace. The person who always sent the resources to Yang Kai over the years was among them. There were also several Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters he had never seen before.


They rushed over to have a look the moment they heard the noises that were coming from Lin Lang Palace, but it was too late. When they saw that Qin Fen’s shoulder was covered in blood while he was seated on the ground, they were astonished.


They then glared at the culprit Yang Kai as their murderous intent surged.


“Stop embarrassing yourselves. Even together, all of you are no match for him!” Qin Fen shouted with difficulty. In Lin Lang Palace, he was the strongest apart from Xia Lin Lang, but he was defeated by Yang Kai in just one move. If it weren’t because Yang Kai didn’t have the intention to kill, he would’ve lost his life already.


Although there were some Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters among those people, they wouldn’t be able to deal with Yang Kai.


Qin Fen’s words were effective in stopping them from making any rash moves. Those people appeared furious and eager to fight, but they still held their anger in and did not make a move. One woman circumvented Yang Kai and walked up to Qin Fen before helping him up with a worried expression.


Qin Fen waved his hand to show that he was fine, though the upheaval in his Small Universe didn’t seem like it would settle any time soon. An invisible force had permeated his Small Universe and thrown it into absolute chaos.


He then wiped the blood from his mouth and stared coldly at Yang Kai, “So, what if we’re no match for you? In Lin Lang Palace, you’re unable to flee without the Palace Master’s permission. I suggest you retreat now; otherwise, you’ll be killed when the Palace Master returns.”


Yang Kai snorted, “Retreat, why should I retreat?”


Although Lin Lang Palace was a Universe Cave Heaven left behind by a High-Rank Master with a closed portal, it was still possible for Yang Kai to flee if he wanted to. As an expert in the Dao of Space, he just had to head to the portal and forcefully open it. Once he ran away from this place, Xia Lin Lang wouldn’t be able to harm him despite being a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


With that said, Yang Kai never had any intentions of fleeing. He had waited for ten years before Xia Lin Lang finally left, because he decided to do something big.


Qin Fen suddenly paled as he gazed at Yang Kai’s right hand, “What are you trying to do?”


At this moment, Yang Kai was holding a jade in his right hand as he fiddled with it.


The jade was given to Qin Fen by Xia Lin Lang before she left. It was the jade that was used to control Lin Lang Palace.


Qin Fen had no idea when Yang Kai had snatched the jade from him. It was probably during the time he was in a dazed state due to the turmoil in his Small Universe.


Upon realising Yang Kai’s plan, Qin Fen was instantly drenched in cold sweat. He already felt guilty that he couldn’t stop Yang Kai from barging into Lin Lang Palace, but if Yang Kai managed to refine the palace as well, Qin Fen would never forgive himself.


“This thing is pretty easy to refine.” Yang Kai put on a smile. As he waved his hand, Lin Lang Palace shook a little while an invisible force swept out. Qin Fen and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters were sent flying away by this force. When they landed on the ground, they were already outside of the palace.


The light barrier, which Yang Kai had shattered earlier, reappeared and blocked them out.


Of course, a jade that was used to control a palace artifact couldn’t be refined easily. In fact, Yang Kai had only refined a little of it and there was still a lot to do.


Since Xia Lin Lang decided to pass this jade to Qin Fen so that he could protect Lin Lang Palace, she naturally had to get rid of her own Imprint from it in advance.


Therefore, only Qin Fen’s aura was now left in the jade, which was why Yang Kai could easily dispel it. It wouldn’t have been easy if Xia Lin Lang’s aura were still inside it.


In fact, Xia Lin Lang hadn’t made any mistakes in her arrangements. Qin Fen and Yang Kai were both in the Sixth Order, and although Qin Fen appeared to be weaker than Yang Kai in the battle on the island previously, he should have been able to deal with an opponent in the same Order with the help of Lin Lang Palace. Furthermore, there were other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the palace to assist if something went wrong.


Xia Lin Lang believed that with such arrangements in place, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to carry out any scheme he had even though she had left.


Unfortunately, she had greatly underestimated Yang Kai’s strength.


Qin Fen had only temporarily taken over Lin Lang Palace, so he was unable draw out its full power. On the other hand, Yang Kai was overwhelming and acted resolute in every move he made. After breaking the Grand Array around the palace, he directly snatched the jade from Qin Fen.


That was the reason Yang Kai said that Xia Lin Lang had made a mistake by regarding him to be an average Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. It wasn’t that Xia Lin Lang was careless, but a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yang Kai was too unique. Common sense was not applicable to a monster like him.


After they were pushed out of the palace, one of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters became furious and wanted to make a move, but Qin Fen raised his hand to stop him, “Stop wasting your energy. The Grand Array of Lin Lang Palace has been activated. You won’t be able to break it.”


As he spoke, a renewed sense of horror came over him. Yang Kai managed to break the Grand Array around Lin Lang Palace with a burst of about 100 attacks. It indeed had something to do with the fact that the Grand Array’s power had been weakened under Qin Fen’s control, but the major issue was that there was a huge gap between his strength and Yang Kai’s.


He initially thought that he could shorten this gap if he cultivated hard, but now it seemed that even if he reached the peak of the Sixth Order, he still wouldn’t be able to defeat Yang Kai. At that instant, he felt extremely bitter in his heart.


It was expected that he was haughty since he was able to make it to the Sixth Order, but the experience on this day was like a slap in the face for him, making him realise that there were always people beyond people out there.


“Do we just watch and do nothing then?” The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was impolite as he blamed Qin Fen for losing the jade of Lin Lang Palace.


Following a sigh, Qin Fen replied, “The portal in this place is sealed, so he can’t flee anyway. He’ll only suffer miserably when Palace Master returns.”


Upon hearing that, all of them were lost for words.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai shuffled towards the centre of Lin Lang Palace.


In just a while, he arrived at a spacious Grand Hall with nothing in it. However, the abstruse patterns of a Grand Array were carved on the ground and walls. Amazing aura was seen weltering within the Grand Array, and it was clearly closely connected to the Universe Cave Heaven.


This was apparently the place where the central Grand Array of Lin Lang Palace was located. This Grand Array was linked to the jade in his hand.


Yang Kai then walked up to the middle of the Grand Array and sat down with his legs crossed. Following that, he crossed his fingers and placed his hands on his lap, the Array Jade nestled between his palms.


As he activated his World Force, Yang Kai infused his power into the jade and refined it.


He wasn’t considered powerful since he was just a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but he was definitely not weak either. As a result, it was easy for him to refine a basically ownerless Array Jade.


He wasn’t certain why Xia Lin Lang had left or when she would return, so he didn’t dare to be negligent.


Presently, he was still not a match for a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Lin Lang Palace would be the key if he wanted to go up against Xia Lin Lang; otherwise, he would’ve forcefully opened the portal and fled instead of wasting time here.


Xia Lin Lang thought that there wouldn’t be a problem with Qin Fen in charge of the palace, which went to show that she still underestimated Yang Kai.


It was easy to refine the jade in the initial stage, but it became increasingly difficult as he progressed further.


It took Yang Kai half a month before he fully refined the jade.


As he slowly opened his eyes though, he became dumbfounded. Soon, he snapped out of the dazed state and snarled, “That woman is so sly! I’ve never seen a more cunning person than her!”


He appeared incensed as he was in a terrible mood.


This couldn’t be helped, as he realised that he could only control half of Lin Lang Palace’s power through this jade even after he fully refined it.


In other words, this Array Jade wasn’t complete, with its other part still in Xia Lin Lang’s hands.


This was quite embarrassing. The main reason Yang Kai had taken the risk to stay was to refine Lin Lang Palace. As long as he could occupy this palace, he would no longer be afraid of Xia Lin Lang since he would be able to control the entire Universe Cave Heaven through the palace and make use of the World Force in this place to deal with her. This was a Universe Cave Heaven left behind by a cultivator who was at least in the Eighth Order. If Yang Kai managed to succeed, Xia Lin Lang wouldn’t be able to harm him despite being a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


However, after he spent so much effort refining the jade, he realised that Xia Lin Lang had pulled a trick.


In that case, he was the half-owner of Lin Lang Palace, the same as Xia Lin Lang. No one was at an advantage in this regard.


Yang Kai had no idea whether Xia Lin Lang was being careful or that there were originally two parts of the Array Jade, but his plan was now impossible to complete.


Fortunately, there was still a benefit to his actions to be excited about.


Outside Lin Lang Palace, even though Qin Fen was still slightly pale, he was actually fine as the wound on his shoulder was almost healed. Even if a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had never practised Body Tempering before, their physique would still be pretty sturdy. Although Yang Kai was decisive in his moves, he didn’t have the intention to kill, so it took just half a month for Qin Fen to fully recover.


During this period of time, he and his companions had been staying outside Lin Lang Palace with grim expressions. In the meantime, they prayed that their Palace Master would return sooner to teach that reckless bastard a hard lesson.


Just then, Qin Fen sensed something and looked up at the sky. The next instant, his expression changed drastically as he stood straight up and glared at Lin Lang Palace.


Besides him, the two other Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were respectively in the Sixth Order and the Fifth Order, did the same.


The remaining three people had no idea why Qin Fen and the others had reacted in such a way.




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