Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4661, Drying Out the Lake to Catch the Fish


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“That crazy bastard!” Qin Fen growled through clenched teeth.


Another Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master appeared to be heartbroken, “He’s basically drying out the lake to catch the fish!”


Although the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master didn’t say anything, he pressed his lips together with a gloomy expression.


At this point, their companions finally realised that something was off. The woman, who helped Qin Fen up earlier, was standing beside him as she asked gently, “Senior Brother Qin, is that person absorbing Spear Dao Essence?”


With reddened eyes, Qin Fen nodded.


The woman let out a sigh.


The original owner of this Universe Cave Heaven was a Master of the Spear Dao before his death, which was a well-known fact, so the Spear Dao Essence in this place was quite abundant. Therefore, be it the Open Heaven Realm Masters or the other sentient beings raised in this place, many of them were good at using spears.


Ironically, the current owner of Lin Lang Palace, Xia Lin Lang, knew little about the Spear Dao.


In the past, Qin Fen would always cultivate together with the other two Open Heaven Realm Masters who were adept at the Spear Dao. They could easily achieve greater heights in the Spear Dao due to the unique environment in this Universe Cave Heaven.


If this Universe Cave Heaven was like a pond, the ample Spear Dao Essence in this place was like the fish, and the people who were adept at the Spear Dao were like the anglers on the shore. As for how many fish they could catch, it depended on their talent and opportunities.


Qin Fen’s innate aptitude was excellent, which was why he had built a solid foundation in the Spear Dao. Xia Lin Lang once said that if Qin Fen could keep achieving greater heights, he would have a chance to receive the inheritance of this Universe Cave Heaven that the previous owner had left behind.


It was the inheritance of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it was expected that everyone had their eyes on it. Qin Fen had always regarded himself to be the only choice to succeed the inheritance.


However, at this moment, someone had brought a giant net with very small holes to this pond that was full of fish.


After he was done with catching the fish, there wouldn’t be many, if any left for everyone else.


That was the reason Qin Fen was heartbroken, and it was the same case for the other two Open Heaven Realm Masters who were experts in the Spear Dao.


Inside Lin Lang Palace, Yang Kai, who was seated with his legs crossed in the middle of the Grand Array, could clearly feel the abstruse aura streaming into his body from all directions, which helped him quickly comprehend the Spear Dao. The sense of enlightenment made him feel ecstatic.


The moment he was brought to this place by Xia Lin Lang, he could feel that the Spear Dao Essence in this place was abundant. It was the reason he had improved his comprehension of the Spear Dao by two levels in just ten years.


Nevertheless, he wasn’t content with just that. His goal had always been to absorb all of the Spear Dao Essence in this place. As for whether his actions were considered drying out the lake to catch the fish, he didn’t give a damn.


Since Xia Lin Lang was trying to harm him, he certainly had to get his revenge.


Although Yang Kai already had this plan a long time ago, he was unable to carry it out. Now that he had refined half of Lin Lang Palace, he had the right to do it now.


Other than being a palace artifact, Lin Lang Palace was also the command centre of the entire Universe Cave Heaven. Streams of aura around the edge of the Grand Array were closely connected to the Universe Cave Heaven, and every move made here would have far-reaching implications.


The status of Lin Lang Palace in this Universe Cave Heaven was the same as that of Blood Monster Divine Palace in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. The reason Blood Crow wanted to refine Blood Monster Divine Palace back then was to take control of the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


Even though Yang Kai had only refined half of Lin Lang Palace, he could do whatever he wanted, seeing as the controller of the other half wasn’t around.


Streams of existent but faintly discernible Spear Dao Essence were being absorbed by Yang Kai, which greatly improved his mastery over the Spear Dao. Although he couldn’t comprehend the Dao by blindly drawing it in, he would be able to digest it in the future.


The transformation going on in the Universe Cave Heaven was silent. Only the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were adept at the Spear Dao could clearly feel its loss. As time passed, the originally ample Spear Dao Essence soon became sparse and disappeared.


Qin Fen appeared to be devastated. Although Yang Kai had occupied Lin Lang Palace, Xia Lin Lang could still retrieve it upon her return. Nevertheless, the loss of Dao Essence was irreversible.


In the Grand Array of Lin Lang Palace, Yang Kai, who was seated with his legs crossed, belched as though he was full.


While he was seated there, his Spear Intent surged as though he was an invincible spear himself. Certainly, he couldn’t digest all the Spear Dao Essence in a short time, but as long as he could assimilate it into his body, he believed that he could still improve his comprehension of the Spear Dao by another two levels, which would mean that it would be his second most powerful Grand Dao after the Dao of Space.


He had refined half of Lin Lang Palace and snatched all the Spear Dao Essence in this Universe Cave Heaven. Although he was forcefully brought to this place, he had gained immense benefits in the end.


After what he had done, Yang Kai knew that he couldn’t stay here any longer. Certainly, he wouldn’t wait for Xia Lin Lang to return and settle the score with him.


Lin Lang Palace couldn’t be taken away. In truth, he could forcefully bring it with him, but by doing so it would cause the Universe Cave Heaven to collapse. While those living inside this place would end up in a miserable state, Xia Lin Lang would also be determined to kill him.


As Space Principles undulated, Yang Kai disappeared from the spot the next moment.


When he reappeared, he was already in front of the portal where he previously passed through to enter this place.


Xia Lin Lang’s aura also disappeared in this place when she left some time ago.


Initially, Yang Kai thought that given his master of the Dao of Space, it wouldn’t be hard for him to open the portal even though he would need to spend some effort. However, upon arriving at this place, he was shocked to realise that there were no traces of a portal here at all.


After searching around for half a day, he still couldn’t find it.


This caused Yang Kai to frown, but a thought flashed through his mind the next moment. As the half-owner of Lin Lang Palace, he could connect to the entire Universe Cave Heaven and look for the portal. It wouldn’t be easy if Xia Lin Lang was here, but since she wasn’t around, he could basically do whatever he wanted.


Soon, Yang Kai discovered something.


His eyes widened in amazement because not only was the portal hidden, but it also kept moving to new spots as time passed. It was then he realised the reason he couldn’t find the portal was that it was on the move. He had wasted half a day as he thought that the portal was still in its original spot.


Since he had found the portal, he instantly activated his Space Principles in an attempt to forcefully open it.


Half a day later, he wore a livid expression.


The portal had been sealed off by Xia Lin Lang as it was now connected to the entire Universe Cave Heaven. Unless he possessed a power that surpassed the heritage in this place, he could never force it open.


Basically, she wouldn’t allow him to leave.


It was no wonder that despite knowing that Yang Kai was an expert in the Dao of Space, she still left the place without worries. It was apparent that she knew he couldn’t break open the portal.


Although he was a half-owner of this place, his foundation was still weak. On the other hand, Xia Lin Lang had been managing this place for a long time, so it wasn’t surprising that she had left behind some tricks.


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai turned around and returned to Lin Lang Palace.


Since she wouldn’t allow him to leave, he would just stay here then. Previously, he was a captive who was powerless to go against Xia Lin Lang; however, now, he already had the capital to challenge the Seventh-Order woman. In fact, he was not afraid of her return. The reason he wanted to leave was that he didn’t want to get into a pointless fight with her.


He moved around by using Space Principles, so Qin Fen and the others, who had been waiting outside of Lin Lang Palace, were not aware he had even left.


In the days that followed, Yang Kai stayed inside Lin Lang Palace to cultivate while trying to assimilate the Spear Dao Essence into his body.


Half a month later, he suddenly opened his eyes and appeared on the roof of the palace before looking up.


Half a month wasn’t enough for him to fully absorb all the Dao Essence, but he was now only one step away from the Sixth Level in his Spear Dao.


A ray of light was approaching from the distance. Before she even arrived, she already noticed the transformation this place had gone through. Her grim gaze penetrated the void and clashed with that of Yang Kai as her murderous intent surged.


In response, Yang Kai flashed a smile at her.


After the curvy figure landed outside Lin Lang Palace, Qin Fen and the others, who looked like young kids who had been bullied while the adults were not around, wailed, “Palace Master!”


Xia Lin Lang sported a calm expression and looked up at Yang Kai, who was standing on the palace roof. Beneath her calmness was a volcano of fury that was about to burst.


A guilty Qin Fen said, “Palace Master, I’m sorry for disappointing you. Yang Kai barged into Lin Lang Palace and snatched the Array Jade. He then occupied the palace and forcefully absorbed the Spear Dao Essence. I’m so sorry!”


Xia Lin Lang gently waved her hand without saying a word.


Seeing that, Qin Fen felt even more guilty.


Standing on the roof, Yang Kai extended his hand with a smile.


The next moment, Xia Lin Lang landed on a spot that was ten metres beside Yang Kai and stood alongside him. She then snorted, “It seems that I’ve underestimated you.”


“The view here is magnificent,” Yang Kai replied, but it had nothing to do with what she had said.


“Did you hide your true strength previously?” Xia Lin Lang turned to look at him. Although her figure was shorter than Yang Kai’s, her gaze was condescending. As a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she had the right to be haughty.


Yang Kai said with a smile, “I’ve never had a chance to show my true strength, so I don’t think it could be considered that I’ve hidden anything.”


The World Spring started settling down in his Small Universe when Xia Lin Lang captured him. Since his Small Universe had been suppressed by it, he was unable to fully use his power.


“Why did you not run away after doing so many terrible things? Are you waiting for death here?” Xia Lin Lang looked mockingly at him. She then derided him by saying, “Oh, I’ve forgotten that even though you’re adept at the Dao of Space, you couldn’t leave this place without my permission.”


Like a wise old man, Yang Kai snuck his hands into his sleeves and said sincerely, “That’s why I’ve been waiting here to have a discussion with you.”


“Go on.”


“Open the portal and let me leave. After that, we’ll have nothing to do with each other anymore.”


Xia Lin Lang examined him for a moment before saying, “I’ll just regard it as you spouting nonsense.” She extended her hand, “Pass the Array Jade to me, and I can pretend that nothing has happened. I’ll still wait for you to ascend to the Seventh Order; otherwise, I’ll kill you even though I might lose the World Spring. After your death, the Dao Essence you’ve stolen will return to this place, and even your own Dao Essence will stay. In that case, we haven’t actually suffered any loss.”


Yang Kai sighed, “When one’s strength is weak, their words carry no weight.”




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