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Martial Peak – Chapter 4662, Pear Flower

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Xia Lin Lang sneered, “Do you think you have the capital to haggle with me now?”


With a frown, Yang Kai gave it a thought for a moment before saying calmly, “Don’t I?”


Xia Lin Lang roared, “Brat, don’t go too far! My patience is limited. You won’t gain anything by offending me!”


Following a sigh, Yang Kai said, “It seems that we have no choice but to fight.” He then extended his hand and summoned his spear before pointing it at her, “Come on, Grandma!”


“Grandma?” Xia Lin Lang, who had the appearance of a beautiful young woman, felt humiliated as her facial features contorted.


Qin Fen and the others, who were waiting outside of Lin Lang Palace, were instantly drenched in cold sweat.


The next instant, an intense battle began.


Xia Lin Lang forcefully pushed out her palm towards Yang Kai who was just ten metres away. The World Force of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surged from her petite palm like a tsunami. There was no holding back of her power as she was seemingly infuriated by what Yang Kai called her.


An unperturbed Yang Kai parried the attack with his spear.


As their World Forces clashed, the air blast turned into a ripple and spread out.


Azure Dragon Spear became bent, as though it would break at any moment. Faced with the overwhelming power, Yang Kai made use of the force to fly backwards and open some distance.


However, Xia Lin Lang’s attacks were continuous as she landed strikes on him like a storm.


Yang Kai kept moving backwards, as though he was powerless to counterattack.


Three breaths later, he was already several hundred thousand kilometres away. He couldn’t move backwards any longer since there was a mountain behind him. Upon impact, he flew away like a sack and smashed into the mountain.


The mountain collapsed and engulfed Yang Kai in it. As the dust rose, Xia Lin Lang hovered in mid-air as she looked down in a condescending manner.


A moment later, Yang Kai shot out of the rubble. Although he appeared a little battered as blood leaked from his mouth, his aura remained stable.


He jabbed his spear into the ground and let out a breath before remarking, “The Four Universe Pillars live up to their reputation!”


If he had to directly deal with the ferocious attacks from a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master before fully refining the World Spring, his Small Universe would’ve descended into chaos by now. When he fought against Zuo Quan Hui previously, he was constantly at a disadvantage and restricted in many ways mainly due to the instability in his Small Universe.


However, with the presence of the World Spring, his Small Universe remained stable regardless of how powerful Xia Lin Lang’s strikes were. It didn’t even shake a little.


The presence of the World Spring was like sturdy armour covering his Small Universe. Even when Yang Kai was faced with an opponent with a stronger heritage, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.


Certainly, if the opponent was powerful enough to break that armour, the World Spring wouldn’t be able to ensure the stability of his Small Universe any longer. Although Xia Lin Lang was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master though, she didn’t have the power to shatter the World Spring’s protection.


It could be said that with the World Spring in possession, Yang Kai had reached greater heights in his combat strength as he now had the capital to battle against opponents that were in higher Orders than him.


“Is that the reason you’re so confident?” Xia Lin Lang looked impassively at him, “If you think there’s nothing I can do just because you have the World Spring, you’re wrong.”


Even though he had an impeccable defence, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the other party without the power to fight back.


Yang Kai wiped away the blood from his mouth and put on a grin, “Even though the World Spring is amazing, it’s just an external aid. If my confidence hinged on any mere tools, I wouldn’t have survived till this day.”


A frown appeared on Xia Lin Lang’s face as she finally saw the boy in front of her in a different light.


Yang Kai raised his spear and got ready before speaking shouting, “Pear Flower!”


In an instant, Xia Lin Lang was alarmed because the moment Yang Kai lifted his spear, the entire Universe Cave Heaven seemed to resonate with him. Looking up, she realised that Yang Kai’s figure seemed to have turned into a razor-sharp spear.


As the half-owner of this Universe Cave Heaven, Xia Lin Lang snorted while trying to suppress the world’s resonance with him.


Yang Kai smiled, “Both of us are half-owners of this place; however, it seems that this world favours me!”


There was a grim expression on Xia Lin Lang’s face as she realised that she was unable to suppress the resonance.


It wasn’t that she, as a half-owner, was inferior to Yang Kai in terms of control. In fact, they were equally matched when it came to their ability to manipulate the Universe Cave Heaven.


Therefore, she had never thought about making use of the Universe Cave Heaven’s power to deal with him, nor did Yang Kai have this plan, for it was pointless to do that. By doing so they would only deplete the heritage of this Universe Cave Heaven.


They were indeed equal when it came to their control over this world, but there was no doubt that this World favoured the outsider Yang Kai instead of Xia Lin Lang, who had been living in this place for a long time.


That was because Yang Kai had absorbed all the Spear Dao Essence in this place, so he could be considered a successor to the inheritance of its original owner.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai declared, “The title of this Universe Cave Heaven’s original owner was Pear Flower Divine Monarch, and that palace’s true name is Pear Flower Palace, not Lin Lang Palace!”


Xia Lin Lang snapped, “I can call it whatever I want. It’s none of your business!”


Yang Kai replied dispassionately, “It was none of my business in the past. However, since I’ve obtained Senior Pear Flower’s inheritance, I have a duty to make things right.”


He then pointed his spear at her and drew a deep breath. With the resonance of this world, his aura surged massively, “My name is Yang Kai, and I’m eternally grateful for your inheritance, Divine Monarch. Today, I borrow your power, so I do not disappoint your expectations!”


As he gently pushed out his Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai roared once again, “Pear Flower!”


At that instant, all the pear trees in this world seemed to have blossomed.


The shadows of his spear filled the entire world and engulfed Xia Lin Lang. With the help of the World’s power, his strike was horrifyingly strong while World Force gushed form his own Small Universe like a raging tide.


As he made a move, the Grand Hall of the place named Lin Lang Palace by Xia Lin Lang, which was supposed to be Pear Flower Palace, radiated a dazzling glow as Spear Intent filled the world. Qin Fen and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were experts in the Spear Dao, were dumbstruck as they looked at the sky of Pear Flower Blossoms. Their eyes were filled with amazement as it was the most beautiful sight they had ever seen.


A moment seemed to have passed, but it was also as if 10 million years had gone by. When the spear shadows dissipated, Xia Lin Lang’s figure appeared battered.


Presently, her face was slightly pale. There were some cuts on her clothes, and her hair was a mess. Her twin peaks heaved as she glowered at Yang Kai.


While she clenched her teeth, blood streamed out from the corner of her mouth.


Yang Kai put on a grin, “I can do this three more times.”


Xia Lin Lang’s face twitched. The attack with the help of Pear Flower Cave Heaven’s power was equivalent to the all-out attack of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. The fact that she could parry it showed that she was truly powerful. Although she wasn’t severely wounded, she wasn’t completely fine either.


She would be badly injured if she had to deal with the same kind of attack three more times. Certainly, Yang Kai would also end up in a horrible state by then, but it wasn’t worth it for her.


At that instant, she was in a dilemma. She was reluctant to let Yang Kai go, but if she made him stay, one of them would have to die today.


“What do you say?” Yang Kai demanded, as he didn’t intend to give her time to ponder the issue, “Do you want to engage in a life-and-death battle with me? Or do you want both of us to live? The choice is yours!”


He wisely stopped mocking her as a ‘Grandma’ lest the situation be exacerbated.


Seeing that she remained silent, Yang Kai went on to say, “I definitely cannot defeat you, and I might even lose my life here; however, before that happens, half of Pear Flower Cave Heaven will be destroyed, which will be an immense loss for you. If you let me go now, we’ll be even. We might even have a chat over a cup of wine when we meet again in the future.”


A myriad of expressions came over Xia Lin Lang while Yang Kai stopped urging her as he fell silent.


A moment later, her expression turned milder. She took a deep breath and said, “You can leave, but you have to return the jade to me.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai nodded with ecstasy, “Good. However, you’ll have to see me off.”


Xia Lin Lang shot him a glare and dashed into the sky.


After putting away his Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai placed his hands behind his back and calmly followed her. He seemed to have put down his guard, though nothing could be further from the truth.


A moment later, they arrived somewhere in the sky, then Xia Lin Lang turned around to look at him.


Yang Kai said, “Since you’ve decided to let me go, you should stop being doubtful. After I leave, it’s pointless for me to keep the jade, and I’ll only offend you by doing so. Don’t worry. After you open the portal, I’ll leave the jade here and go.”


“Don’t try to pull any trick on me!” Xia Lin Lang warned.


“I’ve always been a man of my word,” Yang Kai appeared solemn.


It was only then that Xia Lin Lang performed a hand seal. A moment later, a portal appeared in the Void. Yang Kai used his Divine Sense, and upon detecting the aura of another world from the other side of the portal, he set his mind at ease.


He fished out the jade and showed it to Xia Lin Lang before flicking it towards her. At the same time, he plunged into the portal without hesitation.


Xia Lin Lang took the jade and didn’t seem to have the intention of stopping him. Nevertheless, just as Yang Kai slipped through the portal, she curved her lips into a sneer.


After Yang Kai was gone, she scoffed, “You think you’re so smart? You’ve fallen for my trick in the end!”


Yang Kai arrived at a place where the mountains were covered with trees. While the exotic beasts galloped forward on the ground, the sky was filled with birds.


A dumbfounded Yang Kai gazed at the sight before his eyes as a myriad of expressions came over him. A while later, he looked up and sighed, “I suppose what goes around comes around!”


He had fallen into that woman’s trap!


Xia Lin Lang had opened up a portal for him earlier. After passing through it, he arrived at this strange place instead of returning to the outside world.


He was certain that he was neither in Pear Flower Cave Heaven nor the Shattered Heaven.


Just then, Xia Lin Lang abruptly appeared like a ghost as she shot Yang Kai a glance. With a mocking smile, she said, “Isn’t this the young man who has almost turned my backyard upside down? What a coincidence. I never expected that we’d meet again so soon.”


Presently, her skin was glowing without any signs of the paleness it had earlier.



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