Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4664, Mutual Loss


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Yang Kai was playing with fire by enduring the bombardment of attacks for an entire incense stick of time. If he wasn’t careful, he would’ve lost his life. However, if he hadn’t done that, he couldn’t have obtained the right to fight against Xia Lin Lang, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


As he wielded his Azure Dragon Spear, Pear Flowers seemed to blossom.


Yang Kai had comprehended this Divine Ability after obtaining the inheritance of Pear Flower Divine Monarch, so it wasn’t his own technique. If he were still in Pear Flower Cave Heaven, he could make use of the World’s power and to unleash a blow that was equivalent to a Seventh-Order Master’s full powered attack; however, since he had left Pear Flower Cave Heaven, the force of this attack had become less immense, though it was still fairly powerful.


Xia Lin Lang’s figure was engulfed in countless spear shadows, but as her World Force surged, the phantoms dissipated.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai roared, “Golden Crow Casts the Sun!”


Senior Pear Flower’s Dao didn’t belong to him; however, the Golden Crow Casts the Sun did.


As a Golden Crow was heard cawing, a Great Sun leaped into the sky and illuminated the entire world.


Xia Lin Lang’s pupils contracted again as she exclaimed, “A Divine Manifestation!?”


Yang Kai guffawed, “You have pretty acute vision. It is indeed a Divine Manifestation!” He then stuck his spear to the Great Sun and pushed it towards the woman.


Xia Lin Lang’s gaze appeared conflicted. She was jealous and envious, but at the same time, she was unresigned and furious. Normally, Divine Manifestations were exclusive to High-Rank Masters. Only when a cultivator reached the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm could they stand a chance to comprehend their own Divine Manifestation. However, not every High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master had this opportunity.


Although it had been a long time since Xia Lin Lang ascended to the Seventh Order, she still hadn’t comprehended her own Divine Manifestation. There were many Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who remained hidden in the Shattered Heaven, but only 10% of them could use Divine Manifestations.


Xia Lin Lang had never expected that one day she would come across a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who could cast a Divine Manifestation. At that instant, she felt as though she was dreaming.


If this wasn’t a dream, why would there be such a ridiculous thing in this world?


However, the Divine Manifestation indeed showcased a High-Rank Power, so she could not underestimate it.


The spear surged forward like a Dragon while the Great Sun rapidly magnified before her eyes. Since her aura was still in chaos, there was no way she could dodge the attack. Left with no other option, Xia Lin Lang unleashed a great shout as the illusory phantom of her Small Universe flashed behind her back. Ignoring the turmoil in her Small Universe, she forcefully drew out her World Force to meet the Great Sun head on.


As the moves met, the world fell silent.


As the Great Sun exploded, the world in the picture scroll became blindingly bright. Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang were both sent flying in opposite directions as they sprayed out mouthfuls of blood.


While Yang Kai was soaked in blood, Xia Lin Lang’s hair was a mess, and her clothes had become tattered. The chaos in her Small Universe had also been exacerbated.


Before she could take a breather, she was suddenly engulfed in a great sense of danger, one even more intense than when Yang Kai used his Divine Manifestation just now.


Upon stabilising himself, Yang Kai pushed his power without reserve. A Great Sun leapt into the sky again, and following that, a cold Moon rose into existence.


The Sun and the Moon shone brightly together!


As Time Principles and Space Principles intertwined, the Space-Time Strength permeated the World.


Sun and Moon Divine Wheel!


The Great Sun and Moon circled one another in an endless cycle, rotating faster and faster. While carrying an amazing power, the two celestial bodies flew towards Xia Lin Lang, who was still dizzy from the last attack.


Space was instantly frozen while time seemed to have stopped flowing.


Xia Lin Lang had never come across such an abstruse Divine Ability. At that instant, she didn’t know what to do. Despite that, she innately understood that one great force could suppress even ten Masters. While clenching her teeth, she suppressed the weltering vitality in her heart and madly activated her World Force before meeting the rapidly rotating Sun and Moon head-on.


As the surrounding space collapsed, Xia Lin Lang shot forward and landed a palm on Yang Kai’s forehead.


Yang Kai was sent flying away while gripping his spear. As blood spurted, both of them fell to the ground with a loud thud.


While lying on the ground, Yang Kai panted heavily and widened his eyes, but his vision was all blurred. He could feel his aura weltering around his body, as though there were thousands of horses rampaging inside him and tearing his physique apart.


He had previously endured Xia Lin Lang’s attacks for an entire incense stick, and now he had cast two powerful attacks without taking the consumption of energy into consideration. After he was struck by the woman’s full-force counterattack, he almost lost his life.


At this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to move a finger.


Although he was badly injured, Xia Lin Lang wasn’t in any better shape. She had sequentially been struck by Yang Kai’s Cow Punch, then his Golden Crow Casts the Sun, then his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. Despite being a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she couldn’t possibly keep fighting after suffering so many powerful blows.


As he activated his Divine Sense, Yang Kai realised that the woman was indeed lying in a pit that was a few thousand metres away. She remained unmoving, and her aura was weak.


The fierce battle turned out to be a mutual loss.


No one would’ve believed it if they were told. Although there was only a difference of one Order, a Seventh-Order Master should easily be able to defeat ten Sixth-Order Masters, so how did Xia Lin Lang end up in such a state?


However, that was indeed what had happened. Presently, Xia Lin Lang, who was lying in the pit, appeared extremely embarrassed. Her clothes were all tattered, which revealed her underwear. If anyone saw her without knowing what had happened, they would’ve thought that she had been molested and then thrown away by Yang Kai.


On the other hand, she had never expected she could be horribly injured by a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master one day. She felt so humiliated that she was on the brink of bursting into tears.


While clenching her teeth, she managed to spit vehemently, “Just you wait. I’ll definitely rip your corpse into 10,000 pieces!”


Despite her hushed voice, she knew that Yang Kai could hear her.


As expected, Yang Kai was then heard snorting, “How do you have the nerve to utter threats now? Neither of us can move, so whoever can recover first will be the winner. Although my cultivation is lower than yours, I have full confidence in my recovery abilities!”


His confidence came from his Half-Dragon physique and his Wood Element Power condensed from the Immortal Tree. Therefore, even though she was one Order higher than him, Yang Kai believed that there was no way Xia Lin Lang could recover before he did.


While he was lucky enough to have pushed Xia Lin Lang over the edge, it was also thanks to his well-thought-out plan. If his Cow Punch Secret Technique hadn’t been effective, the subsequent sequence of events wouldn’t have happened. The turmoil in her Small Universe gave Yang Kai a chance to hit her with his two trump cards.


Otherwise, regardless of how powerful Golden Crow Casts the Sun and Sun and Moon Divine Wheel were, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could have resolved his attacks.


That was what had happened when he fought against Zuo Quan Hui.


Yang Kai had gotten into several intense battles with Zuo Quan Hui, but other than the final conflict, which he was lucky enough to have killed him in, Yang Kai was essentially always at a disadvantage. Since he had come to a draw with Xia Lin Lang, it went to show that his power had increased significantly during this period of time.


“How could you oppress a weak woman like me? Are you even a man!?” Xia Lin Lang snapped.


Yang Kai sneered, “You’re just an Old Witch! I suppose you hadn’t expected this to happen when you oppressed me just because you thought yourself stronger!”


Xia Lin Lang was enraged. Perhaps she had rarely argued with anyone, so her vocabulary was rather limited when it came to such a situation, so she just continued snapping, “Damned brat!”


Yang Kai retaliated, “Old Witch!”


“Smelly man!”





Instead of trying to recuperate, the two of them bickered with each other while lying on the ground. Although they cursed one another, there was no doubt that Yang Kai’s calm and collected demeanour had put him in an advantageous position. In just a while, Xia Lin Lang was so exasperated that she started spraying out a mouthful of blood as her twin peaks heaved. After suffering a small loss, she stopped humiliating herself as she decided to keep her mouth shut and let Yang Kai’s words roll off her back.


Yang Kai guffawed in a smug manner, as though he had won another battle.


One hour later, he suddenly let out a long breath, “We could’ve parted ways and lived our lives in peace, but you insisted on choosing death instead.”


Upon finishing his words, he slowly got to his feet and stumbled forward with his Azure Dragon Spear in hand. Although his aura was still weak and unstable, he had restored some of his energy.


Despite sensing his movements, Xia Lin Lang remained unmoving.


Yang Kai walked down the pit and stood beside her. Looking down, he asked calmly, “Do you have any last words?”


Xia Lin Lang glared at him, as though she was trying to cut him in half with her gaze.


Yang Kai went on to say, “Alright, stop pretending. You’re a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all. Although you couldn’t possibly have restored a lot of your strength in such a short time, I doubt you’d just lie there waiting for death. Since both of us can still make the last move, fate will decide which one of us will have the last laugh.”


Xia Lin Lang decided to ignore him and closed her eyes.


On the other hand, Yang Kai sported a solemn expression. He wouldn’t dare to make a rash move upon seeing her reaction. Just like he had said, both of them had restored a bit of their strength and apparently, she was saving hers to react accordingly. There was only a slim chance of success if he acted hastily now.


All of a sudden, Xia Lin Lang opened her eyes and roared, “I’ll dig your eyes out if you keep ogling me!”


Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter, “It’s not that I want to take advantage of you when you’re in such a state, it’s just that your clothes are a complete mess and you don’t want to get changed. I’m just considering which part of your body to stab my spear into.” He paused for a moment, then asked, “Why don’t you change into new clothes? You’ll look more decent when you die.”


It wasn’t certain what was on Xia Lin Lang’s mind, but she really followed Yang Kai’s advice. After sitting up, she fished out new clothes from her Space Ring and directly put them on.


It was apparently a defensive artifact instead of ordinary clothes.


Yang Kai didn’t stop her.


After putting on her clothes, Xia Lin Lang lay on the ground again and placed her hands on her belly. She was as silent as a corpse.


Yang Kai’s brow twitched, “Just what do you want?”


Xia Lin Lang opened her eyes and shot him a faint glance, “I’m not going to make a move. I enjoy watching you act all anxious!”


Yang Kai snapped, “I’ll make a move then if you’re not going to!”


“You can give it a try! Let’s see which one of us dies in the end!”


“Do you think I don’t dare to?” Yang Kai was completely incensed.


“Do it then! What are you waiting for?”


While Yang Kai’s face twitched, the veins on his forehead also throbbed.


Just when he was considering whether he should push out his spear without worrying about the consequences, events took a turn. The world in the picture scroll shook while the sky paled.


Yang Kai subconsciously thought that the woman was trying to launch a sneak attack on him, so he instantly moved backwards about 100 metres. While lifting his spear defensively, he went on full alert.


On the other hand, Xia Lin Lang rapidly got to her feet and shot the man a glance before sneering, “I thought you were a bold man, but it turns out you’re just a coward!”


She then looked up at the sky with a frown.


Yang Kai also came to his senses as he realised that the turmoil wasn’t the woman’s doing. Instead, it came from the outside world.


As he recalled that they were in the world in the picture scroll, which was also a portal that led to Pear Flower Cave Heaven, Yang Kai arched his brow and asked, “Someone is attacking the portal, right?”




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