Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4665, Grasshoppers on the Same Rope


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It was because some other group was attacking the portal from outside that the world in the picture scroll was in turmoil, and judging from the violent movements, Yang Kai believed that the attackers were fairly powerful.


With that said, Xia Lin Lang, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, was in charge of Pear Flower Cave Heaven. The attackers wouldn’t have made a scene if they didn’t have confidence.


Taking pleasure in her misfortune, Yang Kai guffawed, “It seems that retribution has come for you!”


He was still disgruntled about this woman tricking him, so he was more than happy to see her suffer.


Xia Lin Lang coldly retorted, “What are you so pleased about? If they manage to shatter the portal, you’ll be the first to suffer, not me.”


Yang Kai’s laughter abruptly caught in his throat as he came to his senses, “They’re here for me?”


“What do you count for?” Xia Lin Lang sneered, “They’re after the World Spring!”


“It’s them?” Yang Kai finally figured out who the attackers were as there were only a small number of people who were aware of the World Spring’s existence. Certainly, the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who attempted to hack each other to death in the now-shattered Universe Cave Heaven knew about it though.


After Xia Lin Lang captured Yang Kai, she was intercepted by an old woman.


Xia Lin Lang followed up, “They must have tailed me while I was outside some time ago. That’s why the location of this place has been exposed; otherwise, they couldn’t have found this place so soon.”


Yang Kai snapped, “Why were you so careless?”


Xia Lin Lang sneered, “Didn’t you say I deserve retribution? Why are you so anxious?”


At that instant, Yang Kai was lost for words. If this matter had nothing to do with him, he could’ve sat on the mountaintop and watched the tigers fight; however, since he was their primary target, it was expected that he was anxious. Although he wasn’t certain whether Xia Lin Lang was lying, he believed that this woman had no reason to mess with him at this point.


A myriad of expressions came over him.


While staring at him, Xia Lin Lang suddenly put on a smile, “Why don’t I open the portal and let you flee? You’re an expert in the Dao of Space anyway. If you want to flee, those people might not be able to capture you even though they’re in the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.”


Yang Kai snarled, “Do you think I can flee from multiple High-Rank Masters when I’m in such a state?”


“What does that have to do with me?” Xia Lin Lang smiled elegantly.


Yang Kai was so vexed that he had the urge to kill this woman with his spear right here and now.


Just now, he was all ready to watch a good show, but it turned out that he was the one featured in the show instead. Life was truly unpredictable.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai fury all faded and he put on a smile, “Good, let’s do that. After you open the portal, I won’t flee since there’s no chance of success. There’s only one World Spring, and those people are obviously not united. Once they’re inside, they’ll certainly backstab one another. When they start fighting, I’ll seize the chance to escape. Moreover, they won’t really kill me. Just like you, they’ll probably try to make me ascend to the Seventh Order before snatching the World Spring. No matter the outcome, I won’t die.”


While staring at her with a grim expression, he went on to say, “On the other hand, your aura is weak and you’re clearly injured. I bet those people will take the chance to kill you. All of you have been hiding in the Shattered Heaven for many years, so some grudges must have formed between you. I believe that the old woman we came across some time ago wouldn’t miss the chance to deal a fatal blow to you.”


Xia Lin Lang snorted, “Do you think they’re as easy-going as I am? Do you think they’re as patient as I am? There’s only one World Spring. If none of them can get it, they’ll not let it fall into other people’s hands. You won’t have a chance to survive then. Don’t worry, no one will help bury your corpse after you die!”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Good, neither of us is young and ignorant anymore, so let’s stop trying to frighten each other.”


“Are you calling me old?” Xia Lin Lang rolled her eyes, then tucked her hair behind her ear and straightened her back, “I’m in my prime years!”


Yang Kai pursed his lips, “In any case, we’re now grasshoppers on the same rope, so our fates are tied to one another.”


After a moment of silence, Xia Lin Lang nodded, “You’ve finally said something sensible after such a long time.”


Unwilling to argue with her over this, Yang Kai said, “How many High-Rank Masters are there?”


Although he was now a half-owner of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, the world in the picture scroll had nothing to do with him. Only Xia Lin Lang was aware of what was going on in the outside world.


“There are four of them,” she replied, “You’ve met them all before.”


It was just what Yang Kai had expected. While he was outside of the Universe Cave Heaven back then, other than Xia Lin Lang, he had also come across an old woman with grey hair, a middle-aged man, a woman, and a young boy with a ponytail.


The five of them all charged into that Universe Cave Heaven and got into a fight, which was why the place fell apart.


“How powerful are they compared to you?”


“We’re equally matched. There’s not much difference between us really. In the Seventh Order, none of us are at the top nor at the bottom,” Xia Lin Lang laughed at herself a bit self-deprecatingly.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai asked, “If you open the portal now, how likely, do you think, are we to successfully flee while they’re off guard?”


Xia Lin Lang gazed at him with a weird look, “I should be asking you this question instead. Aren’t you supposed to be adept at fleeing since you’ve mastered the Dao of Space?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “It would be possible if I was at full strength; however, given the state I’m in, there’s no chance of success. Moreover, since they’re aware of my capabilities, they might have made some preparations already.”


Xia Lin Lang sighed, “This portal can’t persist for long. This place was already damaged after our fight earlier. Now that they’re bombarding it with their full strength, it’ll only take them half a day to break open the portal.”


As they spoke, the turmoil in the world in the picture scroll intensified like a rising tide.


Xia Lin Lang immediately made a decision, “Come with me.”


Without hesitation, Yang Kai nodded his head.


Xia Lin Lang performed a hand seal and pointed forward. A ripple spread across the Void and revealed a portal that led back to Pear Flower Cave Heaven.


Following that, the two of them passed through the portal.


They were initially at each other’s throats and were trying to kill one another, but at this moment, they were forced to become allies, which was quite ironic.


However, Yang Kai needed to rely on her Seventh-Order strength while Xia Lin Lang had to make use of his mastery of the Dao of Space. Moreover, Yang Kai had showcased incredible power during their battle. By joining forces with him, she would stand a greater chance of survival.


Both of them were sensible people. They knew that this kind of temporary union would only bring them benefits, which was why they stopped trying to hack each other to death. Nevertheless, after they escaped this calamity, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t resume their life-and-death struggle.


Upon returning to Pear Flower Cave Heaven, they directly appeared in front of Pear Flower Palace.


When Qin Fen and the others, who had been waiting in this place, saw the two of them, they quickly flew over. Upon seeing Xia Lin Lang was battered and her clothes were soaked in blood, they were shocked and glowered at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai ignored them.


Xia Lin Lang turned to look at him, “The portal on the outside is an artifact, so after they shatter it, they still can’t enter this place. They’ll also have to break the World Barrier here. It will only take them ten days to half a month to do that.”


Yang Kai nodded gently, “We’ll have ample time to restore our strength then. By the time they barge in, we’ll be able to deal with them since we’re the co-owners of this place.”


Xia Lin Lang slowly shook her head, “I won’t fight with them here.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Why?”


By fighting against their enemies in Pear Flower Cave Heaven, both of them would have an advantage; after all, they were the co-owners of this place, so they could make use of the World Force of this Universe Cave Heaven.


Xia Lin Lang explained, “More than 10 million people are living here. If we engage in a battle here, regardless of whether we win or lose, this place will be severely damaged. By then, countless people will lose their lives. Therefore, the moment they shatter the World Barrier, we’ll have to break through the siege. Whether we survive or not will be left up to the Heavens then.”


Yang Kai gazed at her with a shocked expression.


In a dispassionate tone, Xia Lin Lang asked, “What’s wrong? Do you think I’m too soft-hearted? Fine, I’m indeed such a person. If you don’t agree with my decision, you can leave now. I won’t stop you.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “That’s not what I meant. I was just surprised.”


He had never expected that this woman would be concerned about the life or death of the millions of residents of Pear Flower Cave Heaven. She was even willing to give up a strategic advantage in a life-and-death fight against her enemies to preserve this place.


It had to be noted that this decision was unwise. Anyone who had weighed the pros and cons of this matter wouldn’t have made such a decision.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai found this woman to be less despicable.


Xia Lin Lang frowned, “Why are you looking at me like this? Do you think I’m showing too much womanly compassion just because I’m concerned about the people living in this place?”


Yang Kai grinned, “It is said that we may know a person for a long time without understanding their true nature. Moreover, I’m not familiar with you, so I don’t know what kind of a person you really are. However, it’s clearly not a bad thing that the people here are ruled over by someone like you, who is concerned about their safety.”


Xia Lin Lang snorted.


Yang Kai went on to say, “If you trust me, I have a way to solve this problem.”


A doubtful Xia Lin Lang stared at him, “What’s your solution?”


With a smile, Yang Kai shook his head, “You’ll find out soon enough. But before that, I need the Array Jade of the Pear Flower Palace.”


As he spoke, he extended his hand.


Xia Lin Lang furrowed her brows, but she didn’t hesitate for long. She soon passed back the Array Jade she had retrieved from him some time ago.


“Thanks.” Yang Kai put on a smile, “I’ll go somewhere to restore my energy now, and you should do the same. We’ll have a tough battle soon.”


He then disappeared into the distance.


Qin Fen and the others were dumbfounded. They initially thought that their Palace Master had captured Yang Kai, but they soon realised it wasn’t the case upon hearing their conversation. Something serious seemed to have happened while the two of them were not around.


“What’s going on, Palace Master?” Qin Fen gazed doubtfully at her.


Xia Lin Lang replied, “I was tailed while I was outside some time ago, so the location of this place has been exposed. Some powerful cultivators are trying to invade now. I need to recuperate immediately. You all should enter Lin Lang Palace and prepare yourselves.”


“Yes,” Qin Fen and the others replied respectfully.




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