Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4666, Going All Out


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Yang Kai hadn’t suffered serious injuries in the battle against Xia Lin Lang; he was just exhausted, so it only took him a few days before he managed to restore most of his energy.


During this period of time, some tremors could be felt taking place in Pear Flower Cave Heaven. It was apparent that the High-Rank Masters had shattered the portal of the picture scroll, and they were now trying to break through the World Barrier of this place.


Once they formed a crack, they could pass through it and invade.


Since four High-Rank Masters had joined forces, it was a force to be reckoned with. Even though Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang had decided to work together, they couldn’t possibly defeat these four.


Xia Lin Lang was concerned about the millions of lives in Pear Flower Cave Heaven, so she wasn’t willing to start a fight in this place. Therefore, Yang Kai had to come up with a solution to free her of this concern so that they could make use of Pear Flower Cave Heaven’s power to confront their enemies.


Apparently, Xia Lin Lang didn’t intend to keep the millions of lives inside her Small Universe even though she was able to do so.


The Small Universe of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had materialised, so it could easily accommodate millions of ordinary lives. Furthermore, by raising living beings in one’s Small Universe, one could strengthen their heritage as living beings would nourish the World and generate World Force all on their own. As time passed, it could save a cultivator much time and effort.


However, if Xia Lin Lang really did that, it would be a disaster for those living here. Once she got into a fight with powerful enemies, most of those living here would be killed as a result of the turmoil in her Small Universe.


Yang Kai initially intended to put all those living in Pear Flower Cave Heaven inside his Small Universe. Although he was just a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, his Small Universe had the protection of the World Spring; therefore, the living beings in his Small Universe would not be harmed regardless of what happened.


Nevertheless, if he really did that, the secret that his Small Universe had materialised would be exposed.


Even though Xia Lin Lang appeared to be concerned about the living beings in this place, she might not have the same sympathy for Yang Kai. If she found out about his secret, she might develop some ill intentions.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai knew that he had to act secretly.


The reason he got the jade back from Xia Lin Lang some time ago was to make some preparations for this.


Once he was done healing, Yang Kai appeared above a certain mountain range. Looking down, he could see that the mountain range spanned several tens of thousands of kilometres, like a long, sleeping Dragon.


Following that, he fished out the jade and pinched it between the tips of his fingers. As he communicated with the jade, he manipulated the local Space Principles. The next moment, the World Force in Pear Flower Cave Heaven trembled as a region several hundred thousand kilometres wide began to shake.


Although he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it was hard for him to achieve what he was doing by relying only on his own power. However, since he was a co-owner of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, it was now much easier for him.


Of course, the other half-owner of this place could detect such violent movements.


A moment later, Xia Lin Lang, who was initially meditating in Pear Flower Palace, appeared before Yang Kai with a dark expression as she bellowed, “Yang Kai, what are you doing?!”


She could sense that Yang Kai was trying to split off a big piece of territory that spanned several hundred thousand kilometres from Pear Flower Cave Heaven.


This kind of separation was immensely damaging to Pear Flower Cave Heaven’s foundation. Once Yang Kai succeeded, the heritage of Pear Flower Cave Heaven would be reduced by 20 to 30%.


That was the reason Xia Lin Lang was incensed.


On the other hand, Yang Kai wasn’t surprised by her arrival. Since they were the co-owners of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, they could easily detect the slightest changes happening in this place.


However, he wasn’t flustered at all. While continuing to split off this chunk of land, he explained, “You’re not willing to fight with the enemies in Pear Flower Cave Heaven because you’re worried that those living here will be affected, but if we can move them to a safe place, you will no longer have such a concern. Back when I was still young and weak, I obtained a special storage artifact. Just like your picture scroll, it was a Sealed World that could accommodate living beings. However, that storage artifact was damaged. Given my current capabilities though, it’s not hard for me to make a similar storage artifact.”


When he was still in the Star Boundary in the past, Yang Kai had refined a number of World Beads, which were similar to the Sealed World Bead. During the great battle between the Humans and Demons, every Army Commander had a World Bead, which was used to easily mobilise their soldiers.


Since Yang Kai already had this experience, it wouldn’t be hard for him to make something similar to the Sealed World Bead.


Once Xia Lin Lang realised his intentions, her expression turned milder, “Do you plan to move all those that live here to that new artifact?”


“That’s right.” Yang Kai nodded, “Only by doing so can we go all out against the enemy in this place.”


A myriad of expressions came over Xia Lin Lang as she knitted her brows.


Yang Kai scoffed, “Why even hesitate? I know you’re concerned about the millions of lives in this place, and you’re planning to break through the siege when the World Barrier is shattered; however, without your protection, these innocents would still be affected since those High-Rank Masters would definitely be furious. By then, you won’t be able to ensure their safety. In that case, why don’t we move them to somewhere safe in advance?”


Xia Lin Lang soon stopped hesitating and nodded, “Do you need any help?”


Yang Kai nodded, “If you want to help, please gather all those living in this place together now so that I’ll have ample time to transfer them to another place.”


After giving it a thought, Xia Lin Lang said, “I can put them inside my Small Universe first. When your artifact is ready, I can move them over.”


“Sounds good.”


Xia Lin Lang then left. There were people living all over Pear Flower Cave Heaven, so it would take her some time to put all of them inside her Small Universe.


Space Principles continued undulating around Yang Kai. With Pear Flower Cave Heaven’s support, he spent half a day splitting the territory of several hundred thousand kilometres that he had selected.


The heritage of Pear Flower Cave Heaven instantly fell by 30%. As a result, the sky paled and the ground shook. It was as though it was the end of the world.


Yang Kai activated his Divine Sense and engulfed the split-off territory with Space Principles without caring about his consumption of energy. As his World Force undulated, he performed different hand seals and cast rays of light through his fingers.


Three days later, the territory of several hundred thousand kilometres disappeared and was replaced by a bead the size of a longan.


By infusing his Divine Sense into it, Yang Kai could see that the territory of several hundred thousand kilometres he had split from Pear Flower Cave Heaven was now inside the bead.


Just like the Sealed World Bead, the bead was an Independent World of its own.


Right then, Xia Lin Lang returned and gazed at the pale Yang Kai as she asked, “Is it done?”


Yang Kai tossed the bead at her. After taking the bead, Xia Lin Lang inspected it while looking conflicted. A long time later, she said in a quiet voice, “Thank you.”


Following that, Yang Kai sat down on the ground with his legs crossed and swallowed down many Open Heaven Pills. While smiling, he asked, “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you clearly.”


Xia Lin Lang glared at him, “Don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch!”


In response, Yang Kai chuckled. It was apparent that it wasn’t that Xia Lin Lang wanted to thank him, she was only expressing gratitude on behalf of the millions of people living under her rule.


It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai had a feeling that this woman really just wanted to obtain the World Spring without killing him. Given her actions so far, it was apparent she would have waited for him to ascend to the Seventh Order and then cut off a bit of territory to move the World Spring out of his Small Universe.


For those in the Open Heaven Realm, those below their realm were no different from ants.


However, there were some Open Heaven Realm Masters in the world who couldn’t really regard people as mere insects.


Xia Lin Lang put the bead inside her Small Universe. When she moved the bead out a moment later, all those within had been moved into the artifact.


Certainly, the migration would cause these millions of people to feel uneasy, but it was better than watching them lose their lives.


All of a sudden, Xia Lin Lang tossed the bead back at Yang Kai, who took it and stared at her in confusion.


Xia Lin Lang said, “I’ve witnessed your ability to flee before. Although you’re weaker than I am overall, if only one of us survives this, it will definitely be you, not me. Keep the bead for me. You can pass it back to me if both of us survive. I’ve promised them that I’ll give them a safe place to live after all.”


Yang Kai snorted, “After the food is eaten, it’ll become something else when it comes out of the body. Will you still want it by then?”


Xia Lin Lang snapped, “Nothing good will ever come out of your foul mouth!”


Yang Kai pursed his lips.


Then, Xia Lin Lang looked up at the sky and said, “We have three days left at most. Get some rest now.”


Upon finishing her words, she turned around and left.


After she was gone, Yang Kai looked down at the bead. As a thought flashed through his mind, he directly put it inside his Small Universe.


In fact, he had always had his eyes on these millions of lives. With the World Spring in his possession, he wouldn’t have to worry that those living here would be harmed while they inhabited his Small Universe. He was only in the Sixth Order, and he wasn’t even certain how long it would take him to make it to the Eighth Order, but with those living beings residing in his Small Universe, he could shorten the time of achieving his goal.


However, he had never expected that he would obtain living beings in such a way.


Xia Lin Lang believed that she was no match for Yang Kai when it came to the ability to flee, which was why she let him keep the bead.


Nevertheless, just like Yang Kai had said, once food was eaten, it could not be given away. Since Xia Lin Lang had passed those people to him, she would never be able to get them back.


No place in the world was safer than his Small Universe right now. Even if he accidentally lost his life, his Small Universe would still remain intact with the World Spring’s presence.


In just a few days, those living in Pear Flower Cave Heaven had experienced three great migrations. First, they were moved into Xia Lin Lang’s Small Universe from Pear Flower Cave Heaven, then they were moved into the bead. Following that, they were transferred to Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


Although they didn’t have to exert any effort, the migrations naturally made them feel anxious.


When Yang Kai released them from the bead and settled them down in his Small Universe, those millions of people, regardless of their gender and age, all appeared pale and terrified.


Yang Kai had never raised other living beings before, but he knew that they needed houses to live in and food to eat.


There were some people who had cultivated before among these living beings, and there were even a dozen or so Emperor Realm Masters. However, none of them were in the Open Heaven Realm.


It wasn’t hard to raise some Emperor Realm Masters in his body, but Yang Kai would definitely chase the Open Heaven Realm Masters out if there were any.


As a thought flashed through his mind, he secretly spoke to those Emperor Realm Masters, who were shocked at first, but they soon became at ease.


Following that, the most powerful Emperor Realm Master among them placated the crowd and the commotion slowly subsided.




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