Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4667, A Single Attack


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As the ground shook, the World Barrier of Pear Flower Cave Heaven was shattered.


A huge crack appeared in the sky as four figures stood in line. They looked like four ferocious Dragons that stuck their heads out of the clouds.


In the square in front of Pear Flower Palace, Yang Kai looked up and swept a glance over them.


He had come into contact with the old woman with grey hair once. Xia Lin Lang said that the woman called herself Grandma Jiu. She was a ruthless and cruel person. No one knew of her background. In the entire Shattered Heaven, she was one of the oldest who chose to go into hiding in this place. At the very least, when Xia Lin Lang came here to live a reclusive life back then, Grandma Jiu was a famous figure.


The middle-aged man was named Zong Zheng. He seemed to have something to do with a particular Sect in Green Frost Territory, but no one could prove it.


The beautiful woman was named Zhu Ling Shan, who was a licentious person with countless lovers. She was infamous throughout the entire Shattered Heaven; however, since she was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, no one would dare to underestimate her.


It wasn’t certain what kind of Evil Art that Purple Night Boy, who had a ponytail, had cultivated, but the more profound his cultivation was, the younger he looked. Although he looked as innocent and delicate as a young boy, he apparently loved eating Human livers, especially those of women. People who offended him would end up in a horrible state. He had countless ways to make his enemies watch as he ate their livers. In the end, they were in so much pain that they would beg him to kill them.


There was no law or order in the Shattered Heaven. It was all about power. This place was filled with the most ruthless people. It was as though all sorts of thugs in the 3,000 Worlds had gathered together in this place.


Xu Wang, who was from Bright King Cave Heaven, once told Yang Kai that the waters in the Shattered Heaven were muddier than he imagined. At that time, Yang Kai still didn’t understand what he meant, but now he had personally experienced it, and everything he saw was just the tip of the iceberg. What would the whole picture of the Shattered Heaven look like?


Upon barging into Pear Flower Cave Heaven, the four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters instantly locked their gazes on Yang Kai. Their eyes appeared fervent, so it was obvious that they were aware that Yang Kai had refined the World Spring. The one who could capture him would stand a chance to be the owner of the World Spring.


There were rarely any precious treasures in the world that could make High-Rank Masters feel tempted, and the things that could make them risk their lives were even rarer. One of the Four Universe Pillars, the World Spring, was definitely one of them though. 


As long as they could obtain the World Spring, they would be at a huge advantage when fighting against their enemies or raising living beings inside their Small Universe. If it weren’t because of the allure of the World Spring, the four High-Rank Masters, who were not really united, wouldn’t have joined forces and arrived at this place together.


Yang Kai stomped his foot on the ground and grinned, “We have some guests. Let’s send them a gift!”


A buzzing sound was then heard ringing throughout Pear Flower Palace. Following that, the World Force of Pear Flower Cave Heaven madly streamed into the palace. At that instant, Pear Flower Palace, which was a mobile palace artifact, as well as the command centre of the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven, seemed to have turned into a bottomless pit.


Inside Pear Flower Cave Heaven, all the plants withered instantly and the sky turned grey.


All the World Force in Pear Flower Cave Heaven had streamed into Pear Flower Palace in just three breaths, which caused the originally vibrant Universe Cave Heaven to turn into a dead place.


As Spear Intent surged, Pear Flower Palace rose into the air and shot towards the four unwelcome guests.


The four of them had just broken the World Barrier of Pear Flower Cave Heaven and seen Yang Kai, who was their target, but just when they were excited, this turn of events suddenly took place.


Although they were in the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, it was still hard for them to react instantly.


The colour drained from Zhu Ling Shan’s face as she exclaimed, “Are you out of your mind, Xia Lin Lang!?”


At the same time, the expressions of Grandma Jiu, Zong Zheng, and Purple Night Boy changed drastically as their pleasant surprise turned into shock and fear.


This couldn’t be helped. Although they had envisioned what the battle would look like, the scenario before their eyes had never crossed their minds. Xia Lin Lang had truly gone all out with this attack, which had condensed all the World Force in Pear Flower Cave Heaven into a single attack.


Pear Flower Cave Heaven was a Universe Cave Heaven left behind by a cultivator who was at least in the Eighth Order. Given Xia Lin Lang’s capabilities, even though she could mobilise the World Force of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, which made it easier for her to deal with her enemies here, she couldn’t fully make use of this advantage.


That was because she knew nothing about the Spear Dao.


The previous owner of Pear Flower Cave Heaven was a Master of the Spear Dao, so he had left behind a lot of Spear Dao Essence after his death. Since she couldn’t comprehend it, Xia Lin Lang naturally couldn’t obtain his inheritance.


If Pear Flower Cave Heaven was compared to a sword, Xia Lin Lang could certainly hold it and wield it like a club to deal with her enemies, but she would be unable to unsheathe sword, which would naturally make it less effective.


However, things were different with Yang Kai’s assistance. Previously, he had fully absorbed the Dao Essence of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, and although he hadn’t fully digested it yet, he was able to unsheathe the blade, which was Pear Flower Palace.


The two of them had worked together to cast an attack that had condensed all the power from Pear Flower Cave Heaven into one spot. Although the attack was less powerful than what the previous owner could cast, it was definitely more powerful than what a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could launch.


It was the one and only attack that had been infused with all the power of Pear Flower Cave Heaven. They wouldn’t be able to launch such an attack again.


Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang were originally split over this issue. She believed that since they were already at an advantage in this place, they didn’t have to bet everything on a single roll of the dice; after all, if the attack proved to be ineffective, their advantage would be gone for good. Therefore, she believed that they should deal with their enemies in Pear Flower Cave Heaven so that they would stand a chance to gain the upper hand and ward off their enemies.


Naturally, Yang Kai didn’t agree with her. The argument between them was so fierce that they almost broke out into another fight. Qin Fen and the others were horrified as they watched from the side. While they were shocked by Yang Kai’s audacity, they were also puzzled by their Palace Master’s concession.


Yang Kai’s reasoning was that, while Xia Lin Lang could deal with one enemy and Yang Kai could make use of the advantage of being the co-owner to fight against another Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master with the help of Pear Flower Palace, as well as Qin Fen and the others, since they were faced with four enemies, who would deal with the remaining two?


As the battle dragged on, the heritage of Pear Flower Cave Heaven would be depleted if they couldn’t defeat their enemies, and once the depletion reached a certain critical point, their advantage would turn into a disadvantage, and they would have no choice but to flee.


Hence, he believed that they should bet everything on a single attack. Since Xia Lin Lang wasn’t willing to do this, their enemies would naturally not consider this possibility either, and they would be caught off guard. If the two of them were lucky, they could directly kill one or two of their enemies.


Once they succeeded, the rest of the enemies would hesitate to make a move again.


Back then, in Pear Flower Palace, Yang Kai said in a sincere manner, “I know you’re unwilling to let go of this place, but those millions of lives have settled down in a safe place, so there’s no more concern for you. Moreover, the location of this place has been exposed. Even if you’re able to beat back your enemies this time, more will come knocking on your door in the future. You can’t possibly keep this place safe.”


Certainly, Xia Lin Lang knew that he was right. There were two things that were most important when it came to hiding in the Shattered Heaven. First, a powerful cultivation, and second, a secure hideout.


After she arrived in the Shattered Heaven in the past, it took her 1,000 years before she was lucky enough to find Pear Flower Cave Heaven and become its owner.


Grandma Jiu, Zong Zheng, Zhu Ling Shan, and Purple Night Boy all had their own hideouts, which remained secrets that outsiders could never find out about.


The cultivators outside the Shattered Heaven could never imagine the lengths these people had to go to to keep their hideouts hidden. Once their hideouts were exposed, other than their enemies in the Shattered Heaven, those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises would also hunt them down.


It wasn’t unprecedented. In the past, some High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had suffered such a setback. Their hideouts were found out by those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises and in the end, teams of High-Rank Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises came over and directly shattered the World Barriers before capturing these people who had been hiding.


Xia Lin Lang believed that she was already careful enough the last time she went out, but she was still tailed by someone, which was why this place was now under siege.


Fortunately, she wasn’t an inflexible person. Since Yang Kai managed to change her mind, she directly agreed to his plan.


Pear Flower Palace radiated a dazzling glow as Spear Intent filled the entire World. The palace artifact seemed to have turned into an all-conquering spear as it pierced towards the four unsuspecting enemies.


They were targeted by the attack that had condensed all the power and aura of Pear Flower Cave Heaven.


The expressions of the four of them were transformed by horror as they intended to flee, but were unable to do so. They secretly cursed at Xia Lin Lang while Zong Zheng bellowed, “Act together if you want to live!”


He had never expected that Xia Lin Lang would act so decisively. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have listened to Grandma Jiu and come over to have a hand in this mess. This was a disaster he didn’t ask for.


As he spoke, he fully activated all his World Force and made his move.


Grandma Jiu, Zhu Ling Shan, and Purple Night Boy also knew that it wasn’t the time to hold back; therefore, after Zong Zheng spoke, they also activated their powers without hesitation.


At that instant, seven robust defensive artifacts had been summoned as they hovered in front of the group of four. Behind the artifacts, some defensive Secret Techniques were also activated. A glow flickered in front of them as though there was a thick layer of wall defending them.


There was a long tail of light behind Pear Flower Palace, which made it look like a ferocious Dragon.


It was a palace artifact that had many powerful functions, and at this moment, it had condensed all the World Force of Pear Flower Cave Heaven. Certainly, such an attack could be described as terrifying.


Looking down, they could see that Pear Flower Palace had been engulfed in an aura. Presently, Yang Kai was standing on the square in front of the palace. The Spear Dao Essence he hadn’t managed to fully digest now resonated with the palace.


Be it Pear Flower Palace or the Spear Dao Essence, they originally belonged to the original owner of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, so it wasn’t surprising that they resonated with each other.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai made a grabbing gesture as though he was holding a spear. Even if there were millions of enemies in front of him, he could destroy them with his thrust.


An exuberant Yang Kai filled his lungs before roaring, “Kill!”


As the attack struck, the seven artifacts were shredded like paper. The Secret Techniques behind the artifacts were also instantly shattered.


The four enemies were sent flying away as they all sprayed out mouthfuls of blood, their auras significantly weakened.


Pear Flower Palace directly formed a huge crack in the World Barrier and disappeared into the distance.




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