Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4669, Turbulence


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Upon finishing her words, Xia Lin Lang took control of Pear Flower Palace and drove it in a different direction.


It would be extremely risky if they turned around, for Grandma Jiu and the others must be racing after them. By doing so, they would fall into a fierce battle against their enemies.


After a moment of hesitation, Yang Kai got up and said, “In that case, we should part ways here.”


Since they had gotten out of the woods, he could make use of Space Principles to get rid of the four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Xia Lin Lang snorted. “My hideout has been destroyed because of you, and I have nowhere to go in Shattered Heaven. Now you want to leave just like this? There’s no way I’ll allow that to happen.”


Yang Kai questioned dispassionately, “What do you want, then?”


While staring resentfully at him, Xia Lin Lang said through clenched teeth, “Aren’t you an expert in the Dao of Space? There are countless Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises that remain hidden in Shattered Heaven. You can only leave when you manage to help me find a new hideout!”


Yang Kai shook his head. “Although I’m adept in the Dao of Space, it’s still hard for me to find any hidden Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise. Those that are easy to find have all been discovered. Moreover, I’m the target of Grandma Jiu and the others. You’ll also benefit if we part ways. As long as I can leave Shattered Heaven, they wouldn’t dare to run after me. Why would you object to this win-win solution?”


With that said, he knew that Xia Lin Lang still coveted his World Spring. As long as she hadn’t snatched the World Spring from him, she would never willingly let him go. She had suffered immense losses this time. Not only was Pear Flower Cave Heaven destroyed, but she was also being pursued by her enemies. If she could obtain the World Spring, it could make up for the losses.


“I don’t care.” Xia Lin Lang was determined to make him stay. “If you insist on leaving, don’t blame me for falling out with you.”


“What an unreasonable person!” Yang Kai roared.


Xia Lin Lang put on a smile and looked provokingly at him. “So what if I’m unreasonable?”


Yang Kai had the urge to punch her in the face. After they glared at each other for a moment, he had no choice but to back down as he said, “Fine then, I’ll help you find a new hideout before leaving. If you still stop me from leaving by then, I’ll make you suffer even if both of us will be severely injured.”


Before Xia Lin Lang could reply to him, her expression changed as she turned to look in a particular direction. “They’ve come so soon!”


She could detect three rays of light that were rapidly approaching them in the Void. Although they were still far away, it was apparent to her that they were Grandma Jiu and the others. Before they even arrived, they started casting their Divine Abilities from a distance.


Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang exchanged glances before activating their own powers. Although they hadn’t had any discussion before, one of them tacitly took control of Pear Flower Palace and fled while the other took charge of the Grand Array to fend off the Divine Abilities.


As the light barrier flickered, Pear Flower Palace shook violently. The palace then turned into a beam of light and shot into the depths of Shattered Heaven. Meanwhile, Grandma Jiu and the others continued pursuing them.


Yang Kai snapped, “If you hadn’t changed directions, they wouldn’t have reached us so soon!”


Xia Lin Lang snorted. “It was you who decided to leave Shattered Heaven without having a discussion with me, but here you are blaming it all on me. As a man, shouldn’t you take responsibility?”


Yang Kai clenched his teeth and fell silent. Although Pear Flower Palace could move pretty fast, it was hard to get rid of Grandma Jiu and the others.


The pursuit went on for the following month as they moved across several million kilometres in Shattered Heaven.


During this period of time, a piece of news spread across the entire Shattered Heaven and caused a commotion.


One of the Four Universe Pillars, the World Spring, had emerged, and it was obtained by a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Presently, this person was in Xia Lin Lang’s hands as they were trying to escape the pursuit somewhere in Shattered Heaven.


The news sent a shockwave across the entire Shattered Heaven.


The Four Universe Pillars were extremely precious items in the world. Although they were not the most precious treasures, they were very important in the hearts of the Open Heaven Realm Masters.


The last time one of the Four Universe Pillars appeared was three thousand years ago. At that time, it was the Profound Fish that had appeared. In order to snatch the Profound Fish, the entire Shattered Heaven had fallen into an uproar. Countless hidden High-Rank Masters came into the spotlight to snatch the item. The entire process spanned across a hundred years, and the Profound Fish had changed ownerships several times. In the end, it was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who obtained it, and the dust slowly settled. During the one hundred years of upheaval, about ten High-Rank Masters in Shattered Heaven had lost their lives.


Therefore, when word got out that the World Spring had appeared, the old people who had experienced the calamity three thousand years ago were worried. Would history repeat itself?


With someone deliberately spreading the news, everyone in Shattered Heaven soon became aware of it. The portals of those Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises opened up as the powerful High-Rank Masters stepped out of their hideouts. Like the pythons on the mountains and the Dragons in the lakes, they plunged into Shattered Heaven and caused a disturbance.


In Pear Flower Palace, Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang sported dark expressions.


They initially thought that they would be safe after getting rid of Grandma Jiu and the others. Shattered Heaven was pretty vast, so they could just find a place and go into hiding. By then, Grandma Jiu and the others wouldn’t be able to find them regardless of how powerful they were.


After dozens of years to a hundred years, Grandma Jiu and the others would run out of patience, and everything would be fine. By then, the two of them could show up again.


In fact, they had indeed gotten rid of Grandma Jiu and the others after spending half a month dealing with them. Presently, Pear Flower Palace was hidden on a shattered Spirit Province as it went with the flow and moved towards the depths of Shattered Heaven.


Nevertheless, barely ten days later, a High-Rank Master appeared out of nowhere and directly launched an attack on Pear Flower Palace.


Since the person was on his own, he naturally couldn’t get the upper hand. However, Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang were forced to keep fleeing.


After that, they seemed to have become the targets of detestation in Shattered Heaven as they would be attacked wherever they went. The most important thing was that many of the attackers were in the Seventh Order.


At this moment, three people were racing after Pear Flower Palace at full speed.


Xia Lin Lang was furious. Pear Flower Palace was initially charging forward, but it soon turned around and crashed into the three of them. They were tailing the palace from a distance when they saw that. As their expressions changed drastically, they turned into rays of light and fled in different directions.


The three of them were only in the Fifth Order, so they naturally wouldn’t dare to stay when faced with the ferocious-looking Pear Flower Palace. In order to increase their chance of survival, they even decided to part ways.


However, a strange force engulfed them the next instant. They froze on the same spots as though the space around them had solidified.


As Pear Flower Palace crashed into them, they instantly turned into blood mists.


Xia Lin Lang said through clenched teeth, “How did three Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters have the nerve to come over and embarrass themselves? How ridiculous!”


“After they’re killed, the powerful cultivator behind them will be coming. Let’s keep running!” Yang Kai yelled.


Pear Flower Palace then turned around and left at the speed of lightning.


A moment later, a figure arrived from a distance and stopped in the spot where the three people were killed. With a livid expression, he continued dashing forward.


The three of them were his disciples. Even though Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were not powerful, it was hard to nurture them. Since they were all killed, he was expected to be furious.


However, if he could obtain the World Spring, it would be worth it even if all his disciples were killed, let alone three people.


“Grandma Jiu and the others must have spread the news since they’ve failed in their attempt to capture us. We’ve come across seven to eight High-Rank Masters along the way, and they’re all eager to destroy us. If this drags on, we’ll be doomed, “Yang Kai grimly said.


Xia Lin Lang’s chest heaved as she let out a breath. “I never expected that they’d do such a thing.”


In fact, Yang Kai had been worried that Grandma Jiu and the others might spread the news about the World Spring. However, Xia Lin Lang believe that in order to obtain the World Spring, they would hide the secret instead of exposing it to others.


What surprised her was that they had really done such a thing, which was why the two of them were in a perilous situation. They were now pursued by practically all the top cultivators in Shattered Heaven.


It had come to such a point that Yang Kai couldn’t leave Shattered Heaven, as some Heaven Covering Webs might just be waiting for him. By staying close to Xia Lin Lang, he could make use of the power of Pear Flower Palace and fend off the enemies. However, if he fell into a trap set up by any High-Rank Master, he might not be able to flee despite being an expert in the Dao of Space.


Several million kilometres away, Grandma Jiu and the others, who were still running after their targets, all wore livid expressions. They had personally experienced the turbulence going on in Shattered Heaven recently. The old farts who rarely showed up had suddenly stepped out of their homes and started moving in the same direction. Additionally, those old farts had also sent their disciples out like fishermen throwing nets into the sea.


It had been thousands of years since the last upheaval took place in Shattered Heaven.


Someone seemed to have dropped a rock into the muddy waters that made it even muddier.


While running after their targets, they exchanged glances. All of them appeared to be doubtful.


Grandma Jiu snorted. “Stop looking at me like this. I’ve always been on my own. Even if I wanted to spread the news, I didn’t have a way to do so. Therefore, it’s not me who spread the news about the World Spring. On the other hand, you two…”


Purple Night Boy scoffed, “It’s not me either. I can’t even contain the urge to kill you both, so why would I spread the news to others?” Upon finishing his words, he shot Zhu Ling Shan a grim look. “Big Sister Zhu, I heard that you’re pretty close to Ku Yan, the Dull Flame Divine Monarch.”


Ku Yan, the Dull Flame Divine Monarch that he had mentioned was one of the small number of Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Shattered Heaven. Although everyone could claim to be a Divine Monarch, Ku Yan deserved his title. He was also one of the acknowledged Great Experts in Shattered Heaven. Therefore, at the mention of the Dull Flame Divine Monarch, there was a sense of horror on Grandma Jiu’s wrinkled face.


Zhu Ling Shan was a licentious woman who had countless lovers. She was indeed beautiful, and her figure was curvy. Everyone in Shattered Heaven said that this woman was in an ambiguous relationship with the Dull Flame Divine Monarch. No one could prove it so far while Zhu Ling Shan and Ku Yan had never admitted to it.




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  1. I swear it was mentioned in the past that the territories in the outer universe were not isolated and you could move without the use of the gates, it would just take a long time. More specifically, at the time Yang Kai and the other escaped slaves from seven wonders land were going to the first inn (accidentally). So, why don’t they just take the long way out? It’s not like the people in shattered heaven can block off the entire territory at once. At this point even Xia Lin Lang is able to see they’re better off going to Void Land

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