Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4670, Zhao Yi


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To people like Zhu Ling Shan and Ku Yan, by remaining silent about it, they had actually acknowledged it to be true; therefore, in the Shattered Heaven, by leveraging on the Ku Yan Divine Monarch’s status, Zhu Ling Shan was an important figure despite not being in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


“Zong Zheng!” Zhu Ling Shan suddenly snorted.


Grandma Jiu and Purple Night Boy became startled for a moment.


“I heard that Zong Zheng obtained a precious item in the past that could take a mortal blow for him in his stead. Now, it seems that the rumours were true.”


They were the only people who were aware that the World Spring had appeared. Xia Lin Lang and the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm brat wouldn’t invite trouble to themselves by exposing such a secret while the three of them had never revealed it to anyone. The only possibility was that Zong Zheng hadn’t lost his life, and he was the one who had caused such a turbulence in the Shattered Heaven.


Although he had a precious item that could act as a substitute for him in case he received a critical injury, allowing him to escape from death’s door following Purple Night Boy’s sneak attack, he must still be horribly injured, and he had no more strength left to snatch the World Spring. Therefore, he decided to spread the news. Since he was unable to obtain the World Spring, he certainly wouldn’t let Purple Night Boy and the others have it either.


At that instant, Purple Night Boy’s expression turned awkward while Grandma Jiu looked gleefully at him.


It wasn’t fun to have offended a powerful cultivator in the same Order, especially when it was a blood feud. If Zong Zheng really hadn’t lost his life, Purple Night Boy would have to keep his guard up all the time from now on, for the former might retaliate against him at any moment.


Grandma Jiu was indeed on her own, so she wouldn’t get any benefits by exposing the secret. On the other hand, Zhu Ling Shan and Ku Yan were in a relationship, so if she wanted to tell him this secret, she could’ve looked for a chance and informed him about it in secret instead of spreading it to everyone in the Shattered Heaven.


Therefore, Zhu Ling Shan’s speculation could very well be true. Zong Zheng was still alive, and he was the one who had spread the news about the World Spring.


Purple Night Boy, who appeared like a young boy, felt his head aching. At that time, he was eager to chase after Xia Lin Lang and her Sixth-Order ally, so he hadn’t had time to check on the Universe Paradise that Zong Zheng had left behind. If he had done that, he could’ve found out whether Zong Zheng was really dead or not.


Nevertheless, it was no use crying over spilled milk. Since he had offended Zong Zheng, it wasn’t like he could just apologise to him when they met again. In any case, both of them were in the Seventh Order, so he was not afraid of Zong Zheng. They would just fight a pointless life-or-death battle when the time came.


While they were charging forward, Zhu Ling Shan stopped in her tracks all of a sudden.


Seeing that, Grandma Jiu and Purple Night Boy turned to look at her.


Zhu Ling Shan tucked her hair behind her ear and said, “Since the secret about the World Spring has been exposed, and everyone in the Shattered Heaven is aware of it, it’s pointless for us to work together any longer. Why don’t we part ways now? By doing so we’ll stand a greater chance to get the World Spring. Farewell!”


Upon finishing her words, she turned around and dashed off.


Grandma Jiu and Purple Night Boy stared at her in silence without the intention to stop her.


A moment later, Purple Night Boy scoffed, “She must be going to look for her lover.”


Grandma Jiu replied impassively, “It’s understandable. She initially wanted to get the World Spring for herself, which was why she never told Ku Yan about it; however, since the news has been spread, Ku Yan must be aware of it by now. She knows that even if she manages to obtain the World Spring, it’ll fall into Ku Yan’s hands in the end. That’s why she parted ways with us.”


“What now, Grandma?” Purple Night Boy turned to look at her.


Grandma Jiu replied with a smile, “I’m old enough to have enjoyed all the pleasures in life, and I have no more regrets. Of course, I have to fight for a treasure like the World Spring. Even though I won’t have a chance to make it to the Eighth Order, I’ll be able to live for a while longer and enjoy the view of the Shattered Heaven if I can get it.”


Following a nod, Purple Night Boy said with a smile, “You’re pretty sanguine, Grandma. In that case, I’ll accompany you. Let’s join forces. If we can obtain the World Spring, we’ll decide who will get it after that.”




After they came to an agreement, they continued forward.


In the depths of the Shattered Heaven, there was an intense battle going on. The glow of those Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques expanded. As World Forces swept across the void, Pear Flower Palace staggered while the glow around it flickered.


While trying to flee, Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang had encountered quite a number of powerful opponents; however, with the help of Pear Flower Palace, they could even ward off a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master and continue fleeing.


Nevertheless, they were unlucky this time, for three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had been looking for them in a nearby place. While they were held up by one of them, the other two soon arrived at the scene.


That was how this great battle was ignited.


The Grand Array around Pear Flower Palace was damaged, and its defence power had plunged significantly. When they finally broke through the siege and fled, Pear Flower Palace was all tattered and on the brink of collapsing.


Xia Lin Lang felt so heartbroken that her face turned red, then white. It might also have something to do with the fact that she had consumed a lot of energy.


On the other hand, Qin Fen and the others were equally horrified and saddened. They grew up and cultivated in Pear Flower Cave Heaven, and they had rarely stepped out of that place. That was why they had never come across such a perilous situation prior to this. None of them had expected that they’d be pursued by all the top cultivators in the Shattered Heaven one day.


“Pear Flower Palace can’t persevere any longer.” Yang Kai on the other hand appeared calm and collected; after all, it wasn’t the first time he experienced such dangers. Since he started cultivating, he had encountered countless battles and there were times when he almost lost his life. Just some time ago, he was put in a tight spot following the pursuit of Xia Lin Lang and the others. Therefore, he was more experienced than anyone else when it came to dealing with situations like these.


Yang Kai continued, “Pear Flower Palace will be destroyed if it’s struck hard one more time. Since it’s a mobile palace artifact as well as an inheritance of Pear Flower Divine Monarch, you’d better store it for now.”


Presently, Xia Lin Lang was seated with her legs crossed while trying to restore her strength. Upon hearing his words, she nodded.


The reason she had been driving Pear Flower Palace to flee was that Qin Fen and the others were around. With the Pear Flower Palace, they would have a layer of defence to protect them; however, without the palace, Qin Fen and the others would be powerless to counterattack when faced with powerful enemies.


She then summoned Qin Fen and the others before whispering something to them. While appearing to be vexed, Qin Fen still clenched his teeth and nodded.


Following that, she put them as well as Pear Flower Palace inside her Small Universe.


“The people behind us will soon catch up. Don’t resist it. I’ll bring you to leave this place,” Yang Kai said and activated his power to engulf the woman.


Xia Lin Lang stiffened as she was apparently worried.


Yang Kai sneered, “Given the situation we’re in, we’ll stand a greater chance of fleeing by joining forces. Do you think I’ll make a move on you now?”


Upon hearing that, Xia Lin Lang fell silent. Although she still kept her guard up, she did her best to relax.


As Space Principles undulated, the two of them disappeared the next moment.


Yang Kai went on to use Instantaneous Movement several times, and when he finally stopped, they were already millions of kilometres away. Upon stabilising himself, he secretly cursed, for he saw an artifact that looked like a ship wandering around in the void not far away.


Needless to say, the people in the ship must have heard about the World Spring, which was why they were moving around the Shattered Heaven in an attempt to look for Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang.


It just so happened that Yang Kai used Instantaneous Movement and arrived at this exact place. It wasn’t that he was careless, but rather that they had opponents everywhere in the Shattered Heaven now. He was just unlucky this time.


Just when he was preparing to escape with Xia Lin Lang by using Instantaneous Movement again, a figure on the deck suddenly looked in their direction. While appearing to be pleasantly surprised, the person called out, “Lin Lang!”


At the same time, the person left the ship and shot forward. His expression was that of a person who had chanced upon an old friend.


Xia Lin Lang looked in that direction and frowned.


Turning his head, Yang Kai asked, “Do you know him?”


After a moment of hesitation, Xia Lin Lang nodded her head.


The person from the ship didn’t come too close, for he was aware of Xia Lin Lang’s situation. To prevent any misunderstandings from arising, he stopped at a spot that was still pretty far away from them. While appearing guilty, he said in a gentle voice, “Lin Lang, I’m sorry for being late.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai arched his brow and darted his gaze between Xia Lin Lang and that person as he fell into his thoughts.


In a dispassionate tone, Xia Lin Lang asked, “What do you want?”


The person replied, “I rushed over as soon as I heard that you were in trouble. Unfortunately, I had no idea where you were, so I had to keep looking around. It seems that I was lucky enough today to have come across you here.”


An impatient Xia Lin Lang said, “Just cut to the chase. I’m in a rush.”


The person contained his excitement and slowly said, “Lin Lang, everyone in the Shattered Heaven is now aware of the World Spring’s appearance, and many of the Seventh-Order and even Eighth-Order Masters have started making a move. There’s no way you can keep it.”


Xia Lin Lang sneered, “Are you here to snatch the World Spring as well?”


With an aggrieved expression, the person replied, “Lin Lang, I’m saddened by the way you look at me. Others might not know what I, Zhao Yi, want, but don’t you know it very well?”


Without directly answering his question, Xia Lin Lang asked, “Why did you call out to me if the World Spring is not what you’re after? Don’t tell me you want me to seek refuge in your place.”


There was a helpless smile on Zhao Yi’s face as he said, “I do want that to happen, but I know you won’t come with me.”


Those Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Masters had occupied Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises left behind by fallen ancient Masters. In their respective territories, they could use a power that far exceeded their own.


It was the case for both Xia Lin Lang and Zhao Yi.


Therefore, if she really followed him to his territory, she would be susceptible to his control. Although Zhao Yi appeared to be deeply in love with Xia Lin Lang, she had no idea what was really on his mind; hence, she had to be cautious.


That was the reason Zhao Yi knew that she wouldn’t follow him back to his hideout, and he wouldn’t even dare to have that wish.


“What do you want, then?” Xia Lin Lang frowned.


With a solemn expression, Zhao Yi replied, “I’ve come to an agreement with Cheng Yang. As long as you pass the World Spring to him, he’ll ensure your safety. Additionally, he’ll give you a Universe Paradise as compensation.”


“Bright Flame Divine Monarch!?” Xia Lin Lang’s expression changed upon hearing that.


Judging from her expression, Yang Kai realized that this Cheng Yang must be an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


It had only been a short time since he arrived in the Shattered Heaven, so he knew little about this place; however, he had heard from Xu Wang that there were Eighth-Order Masters residing in this place, though there were only a small number of them.


A person who could make Xia Lin Lang look so apprehensive must be an Eighth-Order Master.




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