Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4671, Strange Murderous Intent


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Zhao Yi looked gently at Xia Lin Lang and said, “Although Bright Flame Divine Monarch is an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he’s a righteous man who has never oppressed anyone weaker than him before. I’m sure you’re aware of this as well. When I arrived at the Shattered Heaven back then, I was hunted down by the top cultivators from Luo Sheng Cave Heaven, and I had nowhere to go. It was Cheng Yang who offered me shelter; otherwise, I would’ve ceased to exist.”


“Is that why you looked for him?” Xia Lin Lang stared coldly at him.


Following a sigh, Zhao Yi said, “Other than the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, anyone in the Shattered Heaven will only invite trouble to themselves by trying to obtain the World Spring. I’m doing this for your own good.”


“I’ll have to thank you, then,” Xia Lin Lang said through clenched teeth.


Zhao Yi shook his head, “Lin Lang, I know you’ll blame me, but this matter has to be settled in such a way. You arrived at the Shattered Heaven later than I did, so you didn’t experience the carnage that happened 3,000 years ago. I saw it with my eyes. After the Profound Fish appeared at that time, more than ten Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters lost their lives. Just like you’re trying to do, they had all attempted to snatch the Profound Fish. Even if one of them could get the Profound Fish, they couldn’t ensure their own safety. I don’t want you to make the same mistake. Even if you hate me and blame me, I’ll still have to do it!”


Xia Lin Lang pressed her lips together, then said impassively, “Are you done talking?”


Zhao Yi became startled for a moment, then nodded, “Yes.”


After letting out a breath, Xia Lin Lang stared at him, “I understand what you think, and I know you might really be doing it for my own good.”


Thinking that the woman had changed her mind, Zhao Yi appeared elated; however, his joy vanished the next moment.


“Regardless, I’ll not give the World Spring to anyone,” Xia Lin Lang said with determination, “Give way if you still treasure our friendship; otherwise, there is no need for it to exist anymore.”


There was a heartbroken expression on Zhao Yi’s face. He parted his lips, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything.


Just then, two figures dashed out of Zhao Yi’s ship and pounced on Yang Kai.


They were a man and a woman, who both had Sixth-Order strength. One of them was a handsome young man who was clad in all-white clothes while the other was an innocent-looking woman with a peach blossom branch in her hand.


Before they even arrived, their Divine Abilities landed on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai started becoming restless even before they attacked, and in an instant, his frustration from a long time of fleeing turned into endless murderous intent.


The transformation even startled himself.


Looking up, he became surprised as he had met this man and woman, who were trying to attack him, twice before.


He first came across them in the Shattered Heaven Star City. After he watched Wu Kuang leave, Yang Kai had sat on the second floor of the teahouse on his own while drinking. That was when he saw these two moving along the street.


After that, he chanced upon the man and the woman outside of the Universe Cave Heaven where the World Spring was located. Nevertheless, after the appearance of Xia Lin Lang and the other High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, the onlookers soon left the place. Following the incident of Yang Kai working with a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master from Bright King Cave Heaven to capture Blood Crow, the man and the woman were nowhere to be seen.


Yang Kai could never forget about them, especially the white-robed youth.


That was because during their encounters, he was instinctively repulsed by this man, as though there was an innate blood feud between them.


This time was worse as the white-robed youth directly made a move against him. Yang Kai’s murderous intent was instantly ignited as he appeared ferocious and ready to fight back.


He could even feel that his Dragon Vein was pulsating.


There were no signs of them attempting to make a move beforehand, so it was obviously a sneak attack.


A furious Xia Lin Lang roared, “Impudence!”


She then raised her hand and pushed out her palm towards them. Although both of them appeared to be in the Sixth Order, and their combined attack was indeed powerful, they were still significantly weaker than a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Faced with the attack, both of them instantly froze.


Zhao Yi’s expression changed as he exclaimed, “No!”


He then stood in Xia Lin Lang’s way and parried the attack.


Space shook as World Forces clashed. Zhao Yi was forced to move backwards a long distance while Xia Lin Lang staggered slightly.


It wasn’t that Zhao Yi was weaker than her. If they were in a life-and-death battle, they would be equally matched. Perhaps Zhao Yi would even get the upper hand.


However, since he made a move in a hurry, and he wouldn’t dare to exert too much force as he was concerned about Xia Lin Lang, he suffered a setback as a result.


“Are you going to stop me, Zhao Yi?” Xia Lin Lang snapped.


There was a bitter expression on Zhao Yi’s face as he suppressed the tremors in his Small Universe and said, “Lin Lang, you can’t kill them because they’re with Bright Flame Divine Monarch!”


Xia Lin Lang became startled for a moment. It was then she realised why these two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters dared to be so impudent in front of her when Zhao Yi hadn’t made a move, for they were Bright Flame Divine Monarch’s people. With an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master as their backer, it was expected that they had no regard for anyone in the Shattered Heaven.


“Moreover, the young man seems to have something to do with a certain great force in the Shattered Ruins.” Zhao Yi secretly spoke.


Upon hearing that, Xia Lin Lang was surprised.


The Shattered Ruins was the deepest part of the Shattered Heaven as well as a Forbidden Zone. Even Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like Bright Flame Divine Monarch wouldn’t dare to rashly step into it. Even though it had been over 2,000 years since Xia Lin Lang arrived at the Shattered Heaven, she had never once approached the Shattered Ruins. In fact, the idea had never even crossed her mind. That was because not only was the environment in the Shattered Ruins extremely hostile, it was said that some formidable existences also resided there.


It wouldn’t have mattered if the white-robed youth was just a subordinate of Cheng Yang, but if he really had something to do with a great force from the Shattered Ruins, they all had to be wary of him.


As they spoke, Yang Kai had gotten into an intense battle with the man and the woman. Despite the fact that they were in the same Order, and that he was battling against two people on his own, he wasn’t at a disadvantage. The Spear Intent of his Azure Dragon Spear surged as his mastery over the Spear Dao was on the level of Transcending the Mundane. His Word Force burst forth and ensured that his opponents couldn’t approach him.


Zhao Yi was dumbfounded upon seeing that.


He wasn’t familiar with the man and the woman as he was only in a temporary cooperation with them; however, he knew that even though the man was only in the Sixth-Order, he was the strongest Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master he had ever seen.


Supposedly, it would only take this man an incense stick to kill an opponent in the same Order if he wanted to.


Although the woman was inferior to the man, she was already much stronger than average Sixth-Order Masters.


Initially, Zhao Yi believed that they could easily capture Yang Kai since they had joined forces, but it turned out that both parties were equally matched.


[I can’t believe there’s such a freak in this world!] Zhao Yi fell into a dazed state.


From the corner of his eye, he could see Xia Lin Lang charging towards the battlefield. With his expression changed drastically, he attempted to stop her and persuaded her by saying, “Stop being obstinate, Lin Lang. I’ve reasoned with you, so you’d better listen to me; otherwise, I’ll have to stop you even if you’ll start hating me!”


“Scram!” Xia Lin Lang forcefully pushed out her palm.


With a bitter expression, Zhao Yi had no choice but to parry the attack.


In an instant, two battles erupted.


On one hand, Zhao Yi and Xia Lin Lang were equally matched. Although they were in an intense battle, anyone could see that Zhao Yi had been accommodating the woman’s bombardment of attacks. However, it was impossible for Xia Lin Lang to get rid of him, for both of them were in the Seventh Order. If Zhao Yi insisted on stopping her, there was no way she could move past him.


Moreover, she had put Qin Fen and the others inside her Small Universe earlier, so it was troublesome for her to fight with her opponents as her use of power had been slightly affected by the burdens she was carrying.


On the other hand, the battle between Yang Kai and the duo was far fiercer. Both parties didn’t hold back their powers as they seemed determined to hack each other to death.


While the man and the woman were shocked by this result, Yang Kai was equally astounded.


He had rarely come across any cultivators in the same Order who could exchange moves with him for a long time, except for the Old Monster Blood Crow, who had been reborn after occupying someone else’s body. If he insisted on killing a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Yang Kai was confident he could achieve it in fewer than twenty breaths.


Nevertheless, this man and woman gave him a huge surprise.


While the woman was slightly weaker, the man was indeed incredible. He would still be able to match Yang Kai even if he was on his own.


The Azure Dragon Spear felt scorching hot during the intense battle. Every time Yang Kai pushed out his spear, a deafening Dragon Roar could be heard.


This had never happened to him before.


Other than the anomaly with his Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai also realised that the Dragon Vein in his body was pulsating with such intensity that he was unable to suppress his murderous intent. His eyes had even turned bloodshot.


It was the same case for the man opposite him.


Just then, Yang Kai detected a very strange aura from the other man’s body. It was then he realised that, just like himself, the white-robed youth had a Divine Spirit’s bloodline.


However, unlike himself, this person had never refined a Divine Spirit Source, which meant he had to have been born with a Divine Spirit’s bloodline.


The reason they held such grudges against one another was that their bloodlines clashed.


The blossoming Pear Flowers were intertwined with peach blossoms.


As a Golden Crow was heard cawing, a Great Sun leaped into existence. The sea of flowers shattered while Yang Kai pushed out his spear.


The woman, who was charging towards Yang Kai with a peach blossom branch in her hand, instantly felt cold all over her body. She could see the Great Sun expanding rapidly and almost engulfing her.


Since she had been targeted specifically at such close range, there was no way she could dodge the attack. Following a shout, she extended her peach blossom branch.


The Great Sun instantly melted the peach blossom branch away. Seeing that the woman was about to be killed by the Azure Dragon Spear, the white-robed youth dashed forward and extended two fingers towards Yang Kai’s heart.


He reckoned that he could only save the woman by launching an attack on their opponent.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai swept his spear across the youth instead.


The spear directly struck the white-robed youth at his waist. As a violent force burst forth, the white-robed youth sprayed out a mouthful of blood mist, which covered Yang Kai.


The blood mist was extremely eerie, and even though Yang Kai had immediately pushed his World Force to protect himself, he was still contaminated by it. The blood instantly melted into his body.


A large Dragon Head abruptly appeared behind Yang Kai as it roared and shook the Nine Heavens.


The woman, who had just escaped from death’s door, appeared beside the white-robed youth and supported his weight. Appearing to be concerned, she called out, “Young Master!”


The white-robed youth shook his head and choked down the blood in his mouth. While staring fixedly at Yang Kai, he curved his lips into a smile.


Yang Kai furrowed his brows as he felt immensely hot. While he staggered, he had the urge to transform into a Half-Dragon.


Upon realising that something was off, Xia Lin Lang bolted towards him and clenched his arm before shouting, “Let’s go!”


Suppressing the murderous intent in his heart, Yang Kai looked intently at the white-robed youth. Although he wanted to kill him ruthlessly, he knew that they couldn’t stay in this place any longer, for they had made quite some noise. If there were other people nearby, they would’ve detected it by now. He then manipulated Space Principles and engulfed Xia Lin Lang with them before disappearing into the distance.


By the time the white-robed youth pushed out his fist, he realised that Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang were nowhere to be found.




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