Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4672, Cannot Escape


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As Space Principles undulated, two figures shot towards the depths of the Shattered Heaven. They were none other than Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang. Although he was far away from the previous battlefield, he still couldn’t suppress his murderous intent and pulsating Dragon Vein.


After he was infiltrated by the white-robed youth’s blood mist, Yang Kai felt an immense force charging around in his body. As a result, he was unable to control the power of his Dragon Vein and he constantly had the urge to transform into a Half-Dragon.


While suppressing this urge, Yang Kai pushed his World Force in an attempt to get rid of the strange power which had infiltrated his body. However, the power seemed to have spirituality of its own as it streamed towards his shoulder. The next instant, he felt an excruciating pain on his left shoulder as though it had been seared with a piece of heated iron.


This caused Yang Kai to grunt.


Fortunately, his weltering murderous intent and pulsating Dragon Vein finally subsided following the incident.


“What happened?” Xia Lin Lang turned her head and asked. She already realised that something was wrong with Yang Kai the moment the white-robed youth appeared. Given the state he was in, he would’ve tried to hack the other party to death if she hadn’t dragged him away.


Certainly, given the power Yang Kai had showcased, the white-robed youth couldn’t defeat him despite having a helper. Nevertheless, with Zhao Yi around, he wouldn’t let Yang Kai just kill the white-robed youth.


“That guy was interesting,” Yang Kai snorted. He then pulled down his clothes and took a glance at his left shoulder, only to see a bird-shaped mark on his skin.


At first glance, the mark seemed to be alive as the bird expanded its wings. There was a tinge of derision behind its eyes.


“What’s this?” Xia Lin Lang exclaimed.


Without responding to her, Yang Kai directly sliced the bit of his skin off his shoulder. The bird-shaped mark was instantly removed, and as he activated his power, the mark turned into dust.


The flesh around his wound squirmed as it was the manifestation of the restorative power of his Dragon Vein and Wood Element Power. In just more than ten breaths of time, the flesh in his wound was restored.


However, the bird-shaped mark, which was supposed to have been destroyed, appeared on his shoulder again, as though it was determined to follow him forever.


Yang Kai snorted. Although he had already expected this outcome, he still felt displeased when he saw it.


There was a dark expression on Xia Lin Lang’s face as she asked, “Are you being tracked?”


Yang Kai nodded and turned to look at her, “I’m in a perilous situation, so I suggest that you part ways with me now. Their target is the World Spring, so you don’t have to stick close to me. By fleeing on your own, you’ll stand a greater chance of survival.”


Xia Lin Lang shook her head, “It’s useless even if we part ways now. Everyone in the Shattered Heaven is now aware that we’re together. Just like you, I’m also their target.” She then put on a bitter smile, “Just like you’ve said, we’re riding the same boat now.”


Although her hideout was previously invaded by Grandma Jiu and the others, the situation wasn’t so terrible; however, she had never expected that in just half a year, they had become the target of the entire the Shattered Heaven. Regardless of how expansive this place was, there was nowhere they could settle down safely.


“Now, one of the options for us is to turn around and try to break through the siege. As long as we can leave the Shattered Heaven, we’ll be safe. However, the chances are slim. If we turn around now, we’ll go through countless battles. It wouldn’t have mattered if our opponents were just in the Seventh Order, but presently, even the Eighth-Order Masters are looking for us. If we come across them, we won’t be able to fight back.”


Upon hearing that, Xia Lin Lang sighed and nodded, “One of the Four Universe Pillars is tempting enough for them to act.”


Yang Kai turned to look at her, “So, we have to go to a place that is difficult even for those in the Eighth Order to reach. I’m not familiar with the Shattered Heaven. Do you have any suggestions?”


The bird-shaped mark on his shoulder was used for tracking, so even though he had no idea about the limit of the distance it could be followed, Yang Kai had to plan for the worst.


The white-robed youth had the support of Bright Flame Divine Monarch, Cheng Yang, so it was unrealistic for them to hide somewhere as their opponents would find them sooner or later.


“If we can find a Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven that hasn’t been discovered…”


Before she even finished speaking, Yang Kai raised his hand to interrupt her, “The chances are very slim. To be honest, I’ve been paying attention to the surroundings along the way this whole time, but I’ve never discovered anything.”


Xia Lin Lang pressed her lips together while appearing to be hesitant.


With a frown, Yang Kai said, “Nothing can be worse than the situation we’re in now. Perhaps we’ll be able to escape this calamity by taking a huge risk. If you have somewhere to go, tell me right away.”


“The Shattered Ruins!” Xia Lin Lang lifted her head and replied. Aware that Yang Kai knew nothing about this place, she took the initiative to offer an explanation, “The Shattered Ruins is in the deepest part of the Shattered Heaven. It’s rumoured that it was the final battlefield of the great war in ancient times. Countless High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters lost their lives there; therefore, many Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques left behind by the ancient Great Experts still linger in the void. As a result, the environment is beyond horrible. Even the Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Masters in the Shattered Heaven don’t dare to step into it, and it’s not just because of the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, there are also a lot of Spirit Arrays and artifacts lurking in the dark. No one can be certain to escape unscathed if they accidentally trigger one of them. Also…”


“Go on,” Yang Kai urged.


“There are said to be many Divine Spirits who reside in the Shattered Ruins, so it has become a Forbidden Zone for Human cultivators like us.”


“Divine Spirits!” Yang Kai arched his brow, “Are there any members of the Dragon Clan?”


Xia Lin Lang shook her head, “I have no idea. Although I’ve been living in the Shattered Heaven for many years, I’ve never come across any Dragon Clan members before. Why are you looking for them?”


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t tell her that he had a Dragon Clan bloodline, so he replied in a perfunctory manner, “I’m just curious. It’s said that Dragons and Phoenixes are the leaders of all Divine Spirits. I’ve always admired them, but I haven’t had the chance to meet one before.”


Xia Lin Lang burst into laughter, “The Dragon Clan is extremely arrogant. If we really run into them, we’ll have to worry about being get killed for no reason.”


“We’ll head to the Shattered Ruins, then,” Yang Kai directly made a decision.


Although Xia Lin Lang was hesitant, she knew that they had nowhere else to go in the Shattered Heaven other than the Shattered Ruins. She thus nodded and led the way for him.


On their way, she told him what she knew about the Shattered Ruins. Although she had been living in the Shattered Heaven for thousands of years, she knew little about this Forbidden Zone. She only knew that it was a dangerous place with a myriad of Divine Spirits. If they really broke into it, they would probably lose their lives.


If it weren’t because they had no other choice, she wouldn’t even have thought about entering the Shattered Ruins.


More than ten days later, the pair finally came close to the Shattered Ruins. Xia Lin Lang was evidently nervous as her entire figure stiffened. It was as though she believed she would be killed at any moment.


Just when Yang Kai wanted to placate her, his expression suddenly changed as he stopped in his tracks.


This couldn’t be helped though, as a stream of ferocious Divine Sense had travelled across millions of kilometres and locked onto him like invisible chains.


Upon noticing it, Xia Lin Lang turned her head, and the colour instantly drained from her face, “It’s Cheng Yang!”


They could see a ray of light rapidly approaching them from the distance. The speed at which it moved was outrageously fast and the light that was initially dim, in the blink of an eye, became extremely bright.


“Run!” Yang Kai yelled as he grabbed the woman’s arm and attempted to manipulated Space Principles; however, before he could make a move, the Divine Sense that had locked onto him surged.


Yang Kai, whose figure had started to fade, instantly reappeared as his use of Instantaneous Movement was interrupted at the most critical moment. As a result, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood.


Seeing that, Xia Lin Lang quickly activated her power and engulfed him in it before dashing forward.


Right then, a loud voice was heard shouting, “Both of you had better stop running if you want to keep your lives; otherwise, this Monarch will make life a living Hell for you if I have to capture you!”


Xia Lin Lang directly ignored him. Even though Zhao Yi had said that Cheng Yang was a righteous man who had never oppressed those weaker than him, from their brief contact just now, that was obviously a lie. Cheng Yang’s first act was to target them, and his second was the threaten them, so how were they supposed to trust him?


A moment later, a towering figure flashed past where the pair previously stood. He was none other than one of the small number of Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shattered Heaven, Bright Flame Divine Monarch, Cheng Yang.


He was able to reach this place by relying on the tracking mark left on Yang Kai’s body by the white-robed youth. At this moment, there was a mark, which was identical to the one on Yang Kai’s shoulder, on the back of Cheng Yan’s hand. It was apparently the white-robed youth’s doing.


Since the two marks were made by the same person, and they were connected by a bloodline link, they could find each other regardless of the distance. That was the reason Cheng Yang could accurately tail Yang Kai.


It wasn’t that Yang Kai didn’t want to get rid of the mark. In fact, he had tried many methods before, but all of his attempts had failed. Moreover, since they were on the run, he didn’t have any time to sit and focus on removing this mark.


The three figures charged forward at the speed of lightning.


However, the distance between both parties was clearly shortening. Since an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had made a move while Yang Kai was unable to use Instantaneous Movement, it was expected that they couldn’t get rid of him.


Half a day later, Yang Kai lifted his head and saw a large area where lights of different colours glowed. They looked like clouds of Stars hovering in the void as they spanned across billions of kilometres.


Despite the extreme distance, Yang Kai still felt horrified, as a very dangerous aura wafted from the multi-coloured lights.


“That’s the Shattered Ruins.” Xia Lin Lang fell into a dazed state as well, “Those lights are supposedly Divine Abilities left behind by the ancient Great Experts.”


As she spoke, she felt her lips drying as she gazed at Yang Kai and asked, “Are we really going in?”


She felt a great sense of danger before even approaching the Shattered Ruins, so who knew what would befall them if they really got into it?


“Do we have a choice now?” Yang Kai snorted. While looking forward, his gaze was firm and determined.


Xia Lin Lang put on a bitter smile. Cheng Yang was getting close, and unless they were willing to let Cheng Yang have the final say on their life or death, they would have to keep moving forward.


Upon realising their intention, Cheng Yang wore a dark expression as he used his power to amplify his voice, “The environment in the Shattered Ruins is extremely hostile. Even this Monarch can’t be certain he will be able to enter and exit it alive, let alone you two. If you go into the Shattered Ruins, death will be certain!”




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