Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4674, Shattered Space


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The only good news was that even though the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques left behind in this place were becoming increasingly powerful, there were fewer of them in total now; otherwise, they wouldn’t stand a chance to flee.


As they moved forward, Yang Kai began seeing countless strangely-shaped ancient artifacts. Many of the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques that had been triggered came from those artifacts. Although innumerable years had passed, they hadn’t lost their spirituality completely.


The Shattered Ruins weren’t just filled with danger; they were also full of treasures. Unfortunately, even the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters might not be able to obtain those treasures while they were here.


“Watch out!” Xia Lin Lang suddenly exclaimed.


Yang Kai’s expression instantly turned solemn. When he looked up, he saw a purple light that danced around like a snake. The light contained an aura that frightened them out of their wits.


There was no doubt that it was a Divine Ability that was equivalent to an attack from an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


The purple light that was supposed to be dormant in the depths of the Shattered Ruins was triggered by their life auras and became active, its ferocious aura soon locking onto them.


The expressions of Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang changed drastically.


What they were most afraid of had finally happened. It was just like what usually happened on a battlefield; if a person was most afraid of death, he would definitely be killed. Since the aura of this Divine Ability had targeted them, they had no way to get rid of it other than through force.


If they were still at the peak of their strength, they might stand a chance to deal with such a Divine Ability; however, given their state, there was no way they could resolve it.


“Run!” Yang Kai roared and shot forward, dragging Xia Lin Lang along with him,


The purple light seemed to have come alive as it shot forward and relentlessly pursued them like a cat that caught a whiff of a fishy smell.


Although they were trying to flee from Cheng Yang earlier, they did their best to not trigger the dormant Divine Abilities around them. Now though, since they were being pursued by the purple light, the two of them were flustered and didn’t have time to spare attention to observe their surroundings. If they hesitated for even a moment, they would die.


As they charged forward, more Divine Abilities were triggered as they targeted their life auras.


Within an incense stick of time, the purple light was not the only Divine Ability that was chasing after them. Behind them were lights of different colours, and every Divine Ability was equivalent to the full force of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master at the very least.


Yang Kai felt a cold chill creeping up his spine while Xia Lin Lang’s face was as pale as a sheet.


The situation was exacerbated as they moved forward. There seemed to be a tail of multi-coloured light behind them, and even though the sight was magnificent, their situation was beyond perilous.


“Yang Kai, I’m afraid this is it.” While running for her life, Xia Lin Lang put on a bitter smile. At this moment, she was regretful of the decision she had made. If she had known she would be faced with such a calamity in the Shattered Ruins, she would’ve chosen to leave the Shattered Heaven with Yang Kai.


She would rather be captured by the Cave Heavens and Paradises than feel helpless while death crept closer to her.


“Shut up!” Yang Kai roared.


“Can’t I even grumble a little since we’re dying?” There was an aggrieved look on Xia Lin Lang’s face.


Yang Kai didn’t bother to respond to her. Just then, he detected something and turned to look in a particular direction.


He could feel violent fluctuations of Space Principles coming from that direction. Since he was an expert in the Dao of Space, he was sensitive to this kind of power. The fluctuations of Space Principles were as conspicuous to him as a candlelight in the darkness.


“This way!” Yang Kai said and changed his direction.


Although he had no idea what was ahead of them, he understood that these Space Principles fluctuations were unusually strong. Things couldn’t get worse anyway as they were basically trying to claw their way out from death’s door. They might stand a chance to survive if they went over, which was better than waiting for certain death here.


Another incense stick later, even more Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques had been triggered by the fleeing pair, and the tail of multi-coloured light behind them had only grown more intense.


Suddenly, there came a moment when Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and looked dazedly forward. In the meantime, Xia Lin Lang covered her lips with her hands.


There were no colourful lights in the void in front of them; however, the area did look just like a broken mirror as fragments of space floated about in a disorderly manner. Among the fragments was a particularly conspicuous Void Crack that exuded the strong aura of nothingness.


The traces of this Space Technique made Yang Kai’s eyes brighten.


When he detected the dormant Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques in the Shattered Ruins earlier, Yang Kai considered the possibility of there being Space Secret Techniques hidden among them; however, he hadn’t come across any along the way, which made him feel disappointed.


It never crossed his mind that there was really a Space Secret Technique that was hidden in the deepest part of the Shattered Ruins.


Nonetheless, judging from the sight before his eyes, Yang Kai knew that this shattered space was indeed caused by an ancient Space Secret Technique, and one that had already fully exploded. The shattered Void was the best proof of this.


The emotions in Yang Kai’s heart undulated. There was someone in ancient times who had also been an expert in the Dao of Space, and that Master’s mastery of it was far greater than his own.


That was because the damage caused by the Space Secret Technique still hadn’t been repaired by the local World Principles. The Void still looked like a broken mirror.


Therefore, the danger that was ahead of them in the Void wasn’t the Space Secret Technique that was left behind, but the shattered Void caused by the Divine Ability.


If they were not careful, they would fall into a Void Crack upon entering it and never be able to find their way out.


Usually, Yang Kai wouldn’t take such a huge risk. At the very least, he would observe it from the outside and try to comprehend the secrets of the Space Secret Technique that had been left behind.


However, at this moment, they were pursued by a barrage of Divine Abilities powerful enough to vaporize them, so there wasn’t enough time for him to comprehend anything. He didn’t even have time to hesitate as he took Xia Lin Lang’s hand and plunged into the nearest space fragment.


Xia Lin Lang instinctively tried to resist as she was apparently aware of the danger ahead; however, she soon calmed down and let Yang Kai drag her away.


The next instant, they entered the nearest space fragment together.


A slight tremor could be felt coming at them and it suddenly felt as though they had moved through a Space Array. When Yang Kai came to his senses, he realised that he was in the deepest part of a space fragment. What shocked him was that Xia Lin Lang was no longer beside him.


The turn of events astounded him.


All this time, as they were fleeing, the two of them had tied their auras together to ensure they weren’t separated, and they were even holding hands just a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye, Xia Lin Lang had vanished from his side.


Yang Kai then hurriedly looked around and soon found her in a space fragment that was several hundred kilometres away.


It was obvious that she could see him as well, though she appeared quite helpless.


Before Yang Kai could say anything to her, they turned their heads at the same time and looked in the same direction.


In that direction, the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques of different colours had formed into a torrent that gushed towards them. Yang Kai could instantly recognise that the torrent consisted of the Divine Abilities that had locked onto their life auras and followed him to this place.


The torrent soon streamed into a familiar-looking space fragment and disappeared.


Yang Kai batted his eyes as he could recognise that the space fragment was the one that he and Xia Lin Lang had initially passed through. For some reason though, upon entering that space fragment, all the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were sent to different space fragments. It seemed that was also the reason he and Xia Lin Lang were separated.


Before he could figure out what exactly had transpired, Yang Kai saw the various Divine Abilities exploding in the space fragments around him. The multi-coloured lights appeared and disappeared in the space fragments repeatedly.


The sight of it caused Yang Kai to be drenched in a cold sweat.


He couldn’t really feel the explosive powers of those Divine Abilities since they were exploding in separate spaces; however, by judging from what he could see, Yang Kai was certain that there would have been nothing left of him and Xia Lin Lang if had they been struck by them.


Fortunately, just a moment later, the lights of these Divine Abilities slowly subsided and disappeared.


The crisis was resolved just like that; however, they fell into an even more complicated crisis the next instant.


Xia Lin Lang apparently wanted to return to Yang Kai’s side; after all, she felt insecure since she was all alone in this shattered space. Nevertheless, as soon as she moved, she disappeared from the space fragment she was in, and when she reappeared, she was already in a totally different space fragment that was even further away.


This caused her to fall into a dazed state.


“Stop moving!” Yang Kai shouted in all directions with his Divine Sense, and fortunately, it seemed to reach her.


Xia Lin Lang nodded gently and remained unmoving in the same spot.


Yang Kai then looked around. He still hadn’t realised it while he was outside earlier, but upon entering this place, he could finally see that the space in this area was severely shattered, and a huge amount of space fragments had been formed. He could see that there were more than 10,000 space fragments in his immediate surroundings, and he was certain there were even more in the distance he could not perceive.


As he recalled the sight of the Divine Abilities exploding and what happened to Xia Lin Lang earlier, Yang Kai formed a speculation in his mind.


He then took a step forward and realised that nothing was wrong, and it was the same case for his second step. It wasn’t until he took the third step forward that he felt slightly dizzy again. It was the same feeling as when he passed through a Space Array.


The world spun around him, and the next moment, he appeared in a different space fragment.


He looked around and realised that Xia Lin Lang was nowhere to be seen. Although he had no idea where he was, he reckoned that he was still within the area affected by the ancient Space Secret Technique. That was because he could still see countless space fragments around him, just like he had encountered a moment ago.


After his first experiment, Yang Kai became bolder.


A moment later, he disappeared from the space fragment he was in and was sent to a different place. Seeing that Xia Lin Lang was still nowhere in sight, he made a move again.


After seven or eight tries, he finally saw Xia Lin Lang in a fragment that was just a dozen kilometres away.


At this moment, the woman was clearly both confused and helpless. Yang Kai’s disappearance just now made her feel uneasy; however, from her previous experience and in accordance with Yang Kai’s advice, she didn’t dare to move around randomly.


It wasn’t until she saw Yang Kai again that she let out a breath of relief and pulled herself together.




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