Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4675, Chaos


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“Have you discovered anything?” Xia Lin Lang called out via Divine Sense.


“I have a speculation, but you should see it for yourself,” Upon finishing his word, Yang Kai flicked an Open Heaven Pill forward.


Xia Lin Lang looked fixedly at the Open Heaven Pill, which moved for one metre before it disappeared.


In the meantime, the Open Heaven Pill abruptly appeared in a space fragment that was several dozen kilometres away from Yang Kai.


Upon realising something, Xia Lin Lang said, “Teleportation!”


Yang Kai nodded, “Keep watching.”


This time, he flicked more than 100 Open Heaven Pills forward. Just like what had happened earlier, the pills slowly drifted ahead and soon disappeared.


However, there were no regular patterns to speak of when they reappeared. About a dozen Open Heaven Pills appeared in the space fragments around them, but the rest had gone missing.


Xia Lin Lang fell into her thoughts for a moment, then said, “Is the teleportation random?”


“I think so.” Yang Kai nodded. If it wasn’t random, the more than 100 Open Heaven Pills that he had flicked out would’ve appeared in the same place. However, the reality was that they only saw some pills in the fragments around them, and the rest of them were sent to places that were out of their sight.


A realisation finally dawned upon Xia Lin Lang. That explained why after the torrent of Divine Abilities entered this place, they flickered and exploded in the fragments around them.


Since the teleportation effect was random, the Divine Abilities were sent to different fragments while their powers were slowly exhausted until they disappeared.


Upon that realisation, Xia Lin Lang felt a chill running down her spine. It seemed that she and Yang Kai were pretty lucky. If those Divine Abilities were sent to the fragments they were in, they would’ve been killed.


“The space in this place is in chaos, and we can’t judge it using common sense. Although we might appear to be close to each other, we may actually be hundreds of thousands of kilometres apart, or even further.”


Xia Lin Lang’s expression changed slightly, then she asked with hesitation, “Can you come here? Or should I go over?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “There are probably millions of space fragments in this place. Since the space is in chaos, I can’t control the direction of the teleportation. Even if you remain perfectly still, I might not even reach you after a few hundred or even 1,000 years.”


Upon hearing that, Xia Lin Lang put on a bitter smile, “Does it mean we’re trapped here now?”


Yang Kai grinned, “It’s better than our previous situation. At the very least, we’re not in danger now.”


“You have a point.” Xia Lin Lang appeared slightly relieved.


Suddenly recalling something, Yang Kai turned to look in a particular direction, “I almost forgot that someone was still chasing after us.”


As soon as he finished speaking, a tall figure abruptly came into sight. The person was none other than Bright Flame Divine Monarch, Cheng Yang, who had been relentlessly pursuing them all this time.


At this moment, Cheng Yang, who was one of the few Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shattered Heaven, appeared quite battered as his clothes had become tattered. His hair was in a mess as it hung loose over his shoulders.


He was engulfed in rage, which made him look like a volcano that was about to erupt.


His encounters along the way were truly frustrating, which was why he was so infuriated. Supposedly, given his Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, he could easily capture a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; however, since he entered the Shattered Ruins, he had actually been forced to clean up the mess Yang Kai left behind.


Countless Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques had been resolved by him along the way.


Just like what happened to Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang earlier, Cheng Yang was pursued by a torrent of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques.


Moreover, the torrent behind him was far greater than the one that had followed the two of them.


Yang Kai was amazed and couldn’t help thinking that the heritage of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was indeed incredible. If he and Xia Lin Lang were faced with the same situation, they wouldn’t have escaped.


Even though Cheng Yang appeared battered, he still seemed able to deal with the situation.


Upon reaching this place, Cheng Yang soon saw Yang Kai as he roared, “I’ll shred your corpse into 10,000 pieces, you brat!”


After he finished speaking, he directly pounced towards Yang Kai, who appeared completely unfazed.


The next moment, Cheng Yang abruptly disappeared from the spot and the torrent that was close behind him directly crashed into the nearest space fragment.


Yang Kai shouted, “Defend yourself!”


At the same time, he activated his World Force and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear while keeping his guard up.


Although the teleportation among these space fragments was random, no one could guarantee that he wouldn’t be struck by one of those Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques.


The moment the Divine Abilities came into contact with the first space fragment, they abruptly disappeared.


The next instant, fireworks seemed to have been ignited as lights of different colours exploded in a brilliant displacement among the various space fragments.


Just then, a ray of light appeared out of thin air right in front of Yang Kai, who had fortunately been on guard. Without hesitation, he pushed out his spear with the Great Sun he had summoned on its tip.


Violent fluctuations were felt coming at him as he was sent flying away. When he reappeared, he was already in a different fragment. At the same time, his spear-holding arm became limp while his purlicue was covered in blood.


At that moment, he was still reeling from the impact. If it weren’t because the space in this place was in chaos, he would’ve suffered a more serious injury. The disorderly space made sure that the power of the Divine Ability couldn’t fully expand, which allowed Yang Kai to flee.


Not daring to be negligent, he grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear with his other hand and stayed vigilant.


He could see that the Divine Abilities of different colours were still rampaging about.


Fortunately, no Divine Ability was sent to him again. A cup of tea’s time later, the powers of those Divine Abilities became exhausted and disappeared.


After letting out a breath, Yang Kai put his Azure Dragon Spear away and fixed his dislocated arm. Looking around, he couldn’t see Xia Lin Lang or Cheng Yang.


He then went on to travel across the space fragments for half a day before he finally found Xia Lin Lang.


She remained in the same space fragment. It seemed that she was lucky enough to not be struck by any Divine Abilities. She also remembered Yang Kai’s advice, which was why she remained in the same spot and waited for him to find her.


Upon meeting her, Yang Kai nodded, “We’re safe for now. Let’s restore our energy first and think about how to leave this place later.”


Certainly, Xia Lin Lang wouldn’t object to it. Even an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Bright Flame Divine Monarch wouldn’t be able to easily leave this damned place, not to mention that she was just a Seventh-Order Master.


Only Yang Kai, who was an expert in the Dao of Space, had a chance to find a way out of here. If she wanted to escape, she had to rely on him.


They then sat down with their legs crossed and gulped down some Spirit Pills.


Just a moment later, the towering figure of Cheng Yang appeared in a fragment that wasn’t far away. When he saw Yang Kai, he put on a grin; however, since he had suffered a setback earlier, and he had realised the strangeness of this place, he didn’t immediately rush over like he had done moments ago. Instead, he stared fixedly at Yang Kai with a pair of cold-looking eyes.


Noticing the other man’s presence, Yang Kai opened his eyes and sneered, “It seems that you’re eager to eat me alive, Divine Monarch.”


Cheng Yang snorted, “If you had the guts to speak to me like this outside, you would’ve been dead by now.”


Yang Kai picked his ear and replied with a smile, “I’m glad you know we’re not outside, Divine Monarch. If I had come across you outside of this place, I would’ve run as far away as possible. That was what happened before. If it weren’t because of you, I wouldn’t have been trapped in this place. Unfortunately, you’ve also fallen into this place. It won’t be easy to leave here, and I’m worried that we’ll have to stay here forever.” He shook his head as though he felt sorry for the other man.


Cheng Yang said, “Although this place is strange and constantly changing, it might not necessarily be able to trap me. After I comprehend the abstrusity of this place, I’ll make life a living Hell for you.”


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Please work hard then, Divine Monarch. I’ll wait for you here.”


Cheng Yang snorted and stopped bickering with him. He then sat down with his legs crossed. While restoring his energy, he gazed at Xia Lin Lang and said, “Xia Girl, even though you’re a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, you’re incapable of keeping the World Spring. Zhao Yi had offered you a way out, but you turned down his kindness. All his efforts have been wasted.”


Xia Lin Lang pressed her lips together for a moment, then replied, “This Mistress is eternally grateful to Zhao Yi for lending me a hand in the past; however, I have my own considerations when it comes to the World Spring.”


Cheng Yang said, “It’s not easy to keep a low profile and remain hidden in the Shattered Heaven. Even if you manage to survive this calamity, you’ll never have any peaceful days again. I heard that your Universe Cave Heaven has been destroyed.”


Xia Lin Lang fell silent.


“If you can help this Monarch obtain the World Spring, I am willing to forget everything that has happened. Additionally, I’ll ensure your safety in the Shattered Heaven.”


Xia Lin Lang shook her head, “The World Spring is not with me. I’m afraid I’m unable to help you.”


Cheng Yang didn’t force her, but while staring fixedly at her, he still said, “That’s all I have to say. Consider my offer.” He then closed his eyes and focused on recuperating.


On the other hand, even though Yang Kai was aware that they were having a conversation, he couldn’t find out what they were talking about in this strange place.


Upon seeing that, Xia Lin Lang put on a helpless smile. She wasn’t an inexperienced young girl, so she knew that by deliberately persuading her, Cheng Yang was trying to plant a seed of doubt in Yang Kai’s mind. Since Yang Kai had no idea what they were talking about, he might grow suspicious of her.


However, it was pointless to explain anything at this point as it might lead to the opposite of the desired outcome, so she chose to remain silent.


At that moment, while staying in their respective space fragments, the trio did their best to restore their strength.


Nevertheless, just like Yang Kai had said, even though they seemed to be near each other, they might actually be separated by a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometres as the space around here was in chaos.


They had to rely on Yang Kai’s mastery over the Dao of Space in order to leave this place. If Yang Kai could figure out the secrets of the Divine Ability that had caused this environment to form, he may be able to find some kind of order in this chaos which could allow them to escape.




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