Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4676, Space-Time Strength


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A few days later, Cheng Yang was the first to recover and he soon disappeared from the space fragment he was occupying. It was apparent that he was trying to survey the area in order to look for a way to leave this place.


It actually took Cheng Yang half a month before he reappeared in one of the nearby space fragments, and there was a gloomy expression on his face.


Obviously, he hadn’t found any clues at all. Despite being an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was unable to force his way out of here. The space in this place was in complete chaos, and regardless of what he tried, all his attacks would be randomly sent to other space fragments. Just like the Divine Abilities that had run after him some time ago, they would move around the fragments and flicker until they eventually dispersed.


While he couldn’t shatter this place with brute force, he also hadn’t found any regular patterns to the teleportation that was occurring. Regardless of how powerful he was, he could only accept the fact that he was trapped.


In the meantime, Yang Kai was recuperating while observing what was going on in his Small Universe.


Just after leaving Pear Flower Cave Heaven, he had examined his own Small Universe and comprehended something. There seemed to be an idea that was within his grasp, but before he could fully understand it, he was interrupted by Xia Lin Lang. After that, all his efforts were put into fleeing, so he didn’t have time to ponder on this issue. Although he was trapped now, it was also a chance for him to calm his mind and tend to other matters.


In his Small Universe, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense manifested and formed into a lifelike figure. While hovering in the sky, he looked down at the migration of people, the building of cities, the cycle of life, and the rise and fall of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.


As time passed, his gaze increasingly brightened.


There came a moment when an order spread across the entire place, “Within my Small Universe, I now command the Dao of Space and Time!”


At that instant, the millions of residents in the Small Universe seemed to have detected something as they looked up at the sky. The Emperor Realm Masters were especially sensitive to this change, but when they tried to feel what it was, they realised that they couldn’t discover anything. The world seemed to have gone through some kind of transformation, but it was also as though nothing had changed, leaving them puzzled.


Following a moment of flux, the world returned to its original state.


Hovering in the sky, Yang Kai grinned while resisting the urge to laugh out loud.


Although the millions of residents didn’t know what happened, it didn’t mean there was no change in his Small Universe. In fact, the transformation was so drastic that Yang Kai was astounded.


The passing of time in his Small Universe was now twice as fast compared to the outside world.


Xu Ling Gong once said that there were two shortcuts to cultivation in this world. Other than training in a Small Source World, Temporal Rivers were the other option. The flowing of time in a Temporal River was different from that of the outside world. A year might pass in the outside world, but 100 years, 1,000 years, or even 10,000 years might have gone by in the Temporal River.


Yang Kai had entered a Small Source World once, but had only heard about Temporal Rivers. Although he was eager to find out what a legendary Temporal River really looked like, he hadn’t had such a chance.


Presently, with the blessing of Time Principles and Space Principles, Yang Kai had replicated the effects of a Temporal River in his Small Universe.


Although it was far less powerful than a true Temporal River, the passage of time in his Small Universe was now two times faster than in the outside world.


In other words, one day in the outside world would be equivalent to two days in his Small Universe, while one year in the outside world would be two years in his Small Universe.


This kind of transformation wouldn’t affect him much, but it had a huge impact on the residents living in his Small Universe.


The accelerated flow of time wouldn’t shorten the lives of the people in the Small Universe because their perception of time had not changed. It was only different when compared to the outside world.


The purpose of raising living beings in a cultivator’s Small Universe was to help with their cultivation. It took an Open Heaven Realm Master a painfully long time to make it to the next Order, but the growth and multiplication of living beings in their Small Universe would nurture Auspicious Spirit Essence and continuously increase their heritage. Even if the Open Heaven Realm Master never cultivated, this increase wouldn’t stop.


Since the passage of time had accelerated in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, it meant that he would get even more benefits in the future.


He just decided to give it a try, so it surprised him greatly that he actually succeeded. It could be said to be a pleasant surprise. However, this could only be achieved once a cultivator reached a certain level of mastery in the Dao of Time, which was touted to be a power that was even harder to cultivate than the Dao of Space. Rarely anyone in the world could make it to the Sixth Level of Mastery in the Dao of Time like what Yang Kai had done.


Yang Kai reckoned that Yang Xiao and Yang Xue would be able to achieve this in the future; after all, they were the Legacy Disciples of Flowing Time Great Emperor.


Unfortunately, given his mastery over the Dao of Time now, he could only make the passage of time in his Small Universe two times faster than the outside world.


Perhaps when he had a better understanding of the Dao of Time in the future, he would be able to accelerate this further.


Yang Kai would gain immense benefits by doing so, and with his mastery over the Dao of Time, there seemed to not be any price to pay.


In that case, not only could he gain some benefits through the living beings in his body, but the residents could also grow faster by having their cultivation time halved compared to the outside world.


Yang Kai then went on to observe his Small Universe for ten more days. Upon making sure that the acceleration of the passage of time wouldn’t affect the residents in any negative way, he returned his focus to the outside world.


Looking up, he saw a bored Xia Lin Lang darting her gaze around. As their eyes met, they nodded at each other. Presently, Cheng Yang was seated with his legs crossed, as though he was trying to figure out the abstrusity in this place. A myriad of expressions came over him.


Yang Kai sneered at the sight. Given Bright Sun Divine Monarch’s powerful Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, he would be treated as an Honourable Ancestor in the outside world if he were from one of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. However, since he knew nothing about the Dao of Space, he wouldn’t be able to comprehend anything here even if he spent thousands of years trying to do so.


However, his thinking was right.


The space in this place was in chaos, and there were no regular patterns to speak of. Since it was caused by a Secret Technique from an ancient Great Expert, they would only stand a chance to leave this place by figuring out the secret behind that Secret Technique and understanding the connection between the space fragments.


It was hard for Yang Kai to imagine the level of mastery the ancient Great Expert, who had cast this Divine Ability, had reached in the Dao of Space. Even though countless years had passed, the effects caused by this Divine Ability could still resist the self-repair of the World Principles.


After spending 20 years in the Universe Temples trying to figure out the secret behind the Grand Array there, Yang Kai managed to reach the Eighth Level of Mastery in the Dao of Space; however, he knew he couldn’t achieve what he saw before his eyes.


Perhaps only by reaching the final level, Shocking History and Amazing the Present, in his mastery over the Dao of Space, coupled with the power of the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm would he stand a chance to be as powerful as the Great Expert who did this in ancient times.


Yang Kai thus sat down with his legs crossed and emptied his mind in an attempt to comprehend the secret of the Space Secret Technique left behind in this place.


In the blink of an eye, 10 years, 20 years, and then 30 years had gone by.


Yang Kai initially thought that it would only take him a few years before he could leave this place; however, in reality, 30 years had passed, but he still hadn’t fully understood the connection between the space fragments. Although he wasn’t completely clueless like before, he was still far from being able to leave this place.


As he had a better understanding of it now, he increasingly felt that the Great Expert who had cast this Space Secret Technique was truly amazing. Fortunately, even though 30 years seemed like a long time, it was just a blink of an eye for an Open Heaven Realm Master given their extremely long lifespan.


Yang Kai, Xia Lin Lang, and Cheng Yang were all calm and collected as they were not in a rush at all. This was especially true for Cheng Yang. Since he started attempting to comprehend the secret in this place, he had remained seated there with his legs crossed without moving a muscle. It was as though he was dead.


On the other hand, Xia Lin Lang knew that she could only pin her hopes on Yang Kai, so she stopped wasting time trying to escape and simply spent her time cultivating. Sometimes, she would move around the space fragments in the hope of discovering something; however, it wasn’t certain when she would return every time since she had no control over the direction she would be heading.


When she was lucky sometimes, she would reappear in Yang Kai’s sight a few days later. However, when she was unlucky, she would disappear for a few months.


With that said, while she was unable to leave this place, there wasn’t really any danger lurking in the dark.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense manifested in his Small Universe again.


In the past 30 years, he hadn’t only attempted to comprehend the secrets of this place. If that was everything he did, he would’ve exhausted himself and possibly even made errors in judgement and understanding. He believed that he should get some rest from time to time.


The best way for him to have some rest was to appear in his Small Universe through the manifestation of his Divine Sense and wander around.


While 30 years had passed in the outside world, 60 years had gone by in his Small Universe, which was equivalent to a couple generations of mortal lives.


His Small Universe had gone through some drastic changes over the past 60 years. If the Small Universe was filled with silence in the past, it was now full of vibrant vitality.


After more than 10 million people moved into his Small Universe in the past, some of the population inevitably died; after all, sudden changes in the environment could not be adapted to by all people. The population plunged from 10 million to about 8 million within the first few years.


Now that 60 years had passed though, not only was the population restored to its original figure, but there was even some increase. As for the exact figure of the increase, Yang Kai had no idea. Although he could easily find out about all the information in his Small Universe, he didn’t do so and instead tried to look at the place and witness all the changes from a local perspective.


Through his travels in his Small Universe over the past years, he gained a lot of insights.


The reproduction of the living continued to provide Auspicious Spirit Essence and increase the heritage of his Small Universe in the past 60 years even though he had not cultivated at all during this period of time.


Now, millions of lives were scattered all around his Small Universe as there were dozens of cities of different sizes. There were also countless smaller towns and villages. It could be said that his Small Universe was now full of life.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai appeared outside of a certain town while two petite figures were seated on his shoulders. They were only the size of a palm, as though they were young girls who had significantly shrunk in size. While they looked adorable, both of them were clad in green clothes, one of them sported a ponytail while the other had tied her hair into a bun.


The two petite figures were none other than Mu Zhu and Mu Lu, who were from the Wood Spirit Clan.




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