Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4679, Zhao Ye Bai


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After Yang Kai knocked on the door for a long time, he finally heard some noises coming from the house. Given his hearing ability, he was aware that the person inside the house was cursing.


When the door was opened, a middle-aged woman stuck out her head. With a pair of sleepy eyes, she frowned at Yang Kai and yawned, “What’s wrong? Why did you knock on my door in the middle of the night?”


Yang Kai took a step back and cupped his fist, “I’m sorry, Madame. Lady Yu is about to give birth, so Grandma wants you to come over.”


“Lady Yu?” For a moment, the midwife didn’t remember who the person was, but she soon recalled it, “The woman from the East of the town?”


“Exactly.” Yang Kai hurriedly nodded.


The midwife nodded, “Grandma Zhou already told me about it. Isn’t her due date still a few days away? Why is she going to give birth tonight?”


“The rain is torrential tonight, and something happened to Lady Yu’s house. Perhaps she was too frightened, which is why the baby is coming earlier than expected.”


The midwife didn’t seem to be concerned as she was experienced in delivering babies. She then waved her hand and said, “Got it. You can go back now.”


“Aren’t you coming with me?” Yang Kai was shocked.


The midwife replied with a smile, “The child won’t come out so soon as she has just started showing signs of giving birth. Even if I go over now, there’s nothing I can do. I’ll attend to her in the morning.”


Upon finishing her words, she was ready to close the door.


Yang Kai immediately took a step forward and grabbed the door before saying anxiously, “Lady Yu had already started bleeding before I left. I’m worried that you can’t wait until morning!”


The midwife examined him and curled up her lips, “Why are you so concerned about the young lady? Are you the child’s Father?”


Yang Kai wasn’t in the mood to talk about such nonsense with her. Recalling the instructions given by Grandma Zhou, he fished out a packet of money and passed it to her, “Please lend her your assistance, Madame.”


The midwife took the packet and weighed it with her hand before putting it inside her pocket. She then said impatiently, “Just listen to me. I’m experienced in delivering babies. It won’t be too late when I go over in the morning. I’ll take up the responsibility if anything happens to her. Moreover, the rain is pouring right now, so how am I supposed to head over there? I’ll fall sick before I even reach her place.”


Yang Kai furrowed his brows, “Do you mean you’ll come if there’s no rain?”


The midwife scoffed, “What’s wrong? Do you think you can stop… the rain…?”


When she said the last word, the smile on her face disappeared and was replaced by shock. That was because the pouring rain stopped in an abrupt manner. Besides that, the dark clouds soon dissipated and revealed a bright Moon, which cast its glow down on the world.


The midwife looked up at the sky in confusion and puzzlement.


“Madame, a life is at stake!” Yang Kai stared fixedly at her while persuading her to come with him.


Both astounded and doubtful, the midwife gazed at him. Suddenly thinking of something, she shuddered and said in a flustered manner, “Wait a moment. I’ll get ready now.”


Yang Kai nodded.


Soon after, the midwife, who had now put on some proper clothing, rushed towards the East of the town alongside Yang Kai.


When they arrived at Grandma’s house, they could hear a shriek breaking through the darkness. Upon entering the place, Yang Kai yelled, “The midwife is here, Grandma!”


Grandma said, “Come in quickly!”


Yang Kai took a glance at the midwife, who shivered under his gaze, and dashed into the room as though she was afraid of him.


He could almost feel Yu Lu’s pain when he heard her wailing.


It never crossed his mind that a woman had to go through so much agony to give birth to a child, which made him realise the fragility of life and how hard it was to bring a new life into the world.


“Yang Boy, boil some water!” Grandma Zhou ordered from the back of the house.


Yang Kai grunted in response and went to the kitchen to boil some water.


An incense stick later, Grandma repeatedly took out a basin of bloodied water from the room and poured it into the ditch. On the other hand, Yu Lu’s voice gradually weakened.


Just then, the midwife was heard saying, “There’s nothing else I can do, Grandma Zhou. For a pregnant woman, it’s no different from heading towards death’s door when she’s having difficulty giving birth and bleeding excessively, yet Lady Yu is struck with both. Even a deity can’t save her now.”


“Can’t you think of anything else to help her?” Grandma asked anxiously.


The midwife replied, “What else can I do? Lady Yu might stand a chance to survive if we can invite a great expert from Seven Stars Sect over, but now… all I can say is that I can only try my best to save the child.”


“Seven Stars Sect is too far from here. There isn’t enough time.” Grandma shook her head inside the room. Her turbid eyes appeared dejected.


“Save… save my child…” Yu Lu’s voice was intermittent.


Outside the room, Yang Kai ordered in a small voice, “Mu Zhu, Mu Lu, go in to help her and stabilise her vitality.”


Upon hearing that, the two worried Wood Spirits, who had been sitting on his shoulders, instantly flapped their wings and dashed into the room in silence.


As a thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, a large amount of vitality in the Small Universe streamed into the room.


An hour later, a baby was heard crying so loudly that it was as though everyone in the world could hear it. In the meantime, a strange phenomenon took place in the sky as the Moonlight converged and beamed into Yu Lu’s room. The entire World seemed to be shaking.


However, with the interference from Yang Kai, no one else could notice the strange phenomenon other than himself.


“She successfully gave birth to the child!” The midwife sounded pleasantly surprised while Grandma let out a breath of relief.


Right then, Mu Lu flew out of the room in silence. Her reddened eyes suggested that she was deeply moved by the incident inside the room. She nodded at Yang Kai to mean that everything was fine, then returned to the room.


The people inside the room were still very busy. A moment later, the midwife shuffled out while giving some instructions to Grandma Zhou, “Don’t let her come into contact with water and wind for a month. She’s lucky enough to have escaped from death once, but if she doesn’t take good care of herself, she might be struck with health concerns.”


Grandma replied with a smile, “Although I’ve never given birth to a child before, I’m aware of the precautions we should take. Many thanks for saving her.”


The midwife initially wanted to get more money from her, but when she saw Yang Kai standing outside the room, she shuddered and hurriedly said, “Don’t mention it. It’s my job.”


Grandma looked up at Yang Kai and ordered, “Yang Boy, prepare another red envelope for her.”


A ready Yang Kai fished out a packet of money and passed it to her with both hands, “Many thanks, Madame.”


The midwife hurriedly waved her hands, “There’s no need for that. I’ve already taken a red envelope before, so I can’t take another one now.”


Upon finishing her words, she dashed out without turning her head.


Watching her leave, Grandma praised her by saying, “She’s indeed adept at delivering children. Lady Yu was about to leave this plane, but she was able to pull her through in the end. Not only was she fine, but her child has also been safely delivered. We can’t be stingy with this. You have to send her a red envelope later. She has saved two lives after all.”


“Alright, Grandma. Don’t worry, I’ll send it to her tomorrow.” Yang Kai quickly nodded, then said in a small voice, “Grandma, is it a boy or a girl?”


“It’s a boy.” Grandma put on a smile, “In that case, Lady Yu has given birth to a descendant for the Zhao Family. I’ll take care of her. You should get some rest since you were busy for the entire night.”


“You should get some rest as well, Grandma,” Yang Kai said caringly.


The next morning, Yang Kai went over to the midwife’s place and kept persuading her to accept the red envelope. Then, he left the town to catch some fish from the river.


When he returned, he saw Grandma leaving the house with the child as she said, “Lady Yu said it’s thanks to you who endured the pouring rain and invited the midwife over that she and her child were safe. She has no idea how to thank you, so she wants you to have a look at the child.”


Yang Kai hurriedly put down the fish and wiped his hands dry before carefully taking the child.


Perhaps the child was full, so he was presently sound asleep. There was no doubt that he was adorable.


While holding him in his arms, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the Space Dao Essence of his Small Universe perfectly matched the child’s aura. It was even slowly streaming into his little body.


Yang Kai had already realised it when the little one was still in his Mother’s womb; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so concerned about Yu Lu.


Grandma Zhou thought that he had his eyes on the young woman, but he was actually interested in her child the whole time; however, it was hard for him to explain such things.


[I’ve finally found a successor!] That was the idea that suddenly sprang into Yang Kai’s mind.


He had never expected he would gain such a benefit one day by raising living beings in his Small Universe. Given the fact that the child’s aura perfectly matched the Space Dao Essence, he definitely had the right to become Yang Kai’s Legacy Disciple. If the boy was talented and hardworking, he would one day stand on par with Yang Kai when it came to mastery over the Dao of Space.


Since Yang Kai was still young, he wasn’t in a rush to look for a Legacy Disciple; therefore, he had never thought about it before.


However, since a suitable successor had appeared, he wouldn’t mind spending some time to train him.


The child was born the day before, so his skin was still rather wrinkled. Yang Kai had never held such a petite baby in his arms before, so despite being a powerful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master, he was presently quite flustered. He was worried that he might harm the child if he exerted a little more force.


To his side, Grandma Zhou instructed him on the correct way to carry a child, which made Yang Kai feel quite embarrassed.


“If you’re fine with it, you should give the child a name,” Grandma Zhou suddenly said.


A surprised Yang Kai asked, “Is it alright for me to do that?”


Although he intended to take on this child to be his Disciple, they were not related in any way after all. Hence, he didn’t think he had a right to name him.


Grandma Zhou pointed at the back room and explained, “It’s Lady Yu’s idea. She doesn’t know how to name a child, nor do I. The child’s Father suddenly passed away in an accident, and he hadn’t said anything about it before his death. So, you’ll have to do it. It seems that you did go to school before. Just help her out with it.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai stopped turning her down. After giving it a thought, he said, “The child was born at the break of dawn while the Sun was rising from the East. Why don’t I name him Ye Bai? Since his surname is Zhao, he’ll be Zhao Ye Bai!”


He spoke in a loud voice so that Yu Lu could hear him in the room.


Grandma nodded her head, “The break of dawn signifies the end of hardship. It’s an auspicious name. What do you think, Lady Yu?”


Yu Lu’s weakened voice was heard saying, “It’s decided, then. Many thanks, Big Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “It’s not really a good name. I hope he won’t blame me for that when he grows up.”


Yu Lu said, “I’m sure he won’t.”


Grandma took the child from Yang Kai, “The child is still young, so he can’t stay outside of the house for too long. I’ll take him back to the room.”


“I’ll cook the fish, then.” Yang Kai then picked up his catch and walked to the kitchen.




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