Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4681, The Ancestor of Seven Stars Sect


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“If you don’t mind it, I’ll ask a matchmaker to come tomorrow.” Grandma Zhou gazed at Yang Kai with a caring expression, “You’re no longer a young boy, so you should build a family of your own.”


As they had spent many years together, she now believed that Yang Kai wasn’t serious when he said that he had several Wives. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have made such a suggestion.


Yang Kai didn’t intend to explain anything as he said, “Grandma, if a matchmaker really goes knocking on the door, Lady Yu will definitely chase her away. You probably shouldn’t bother.”


Upon hearing that, Grandma became startled for a moment, then sighed, “You’re right. Lady Yu… is a little obstinate.”


In fact, she had indirectly probed Yu Lu about it before. Yu Lu had been a single mother for years. She was naturally grateful to Yang Kai for taking care of them, especially when he treated Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya like his own kids; however, she was married once and had given birth to a child after all.


She wouldn’t have so many worries if she were just a single young lady. Now, she just wanted to focus on raising Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya. She wouldn’t dare to ask for anything else.


After they were done with dinner, Yang Kai cleaned up the mess while Grandma returned to her room to get some rest.


In the middle of the night, Yang Kai got to his feet and stepped out of the side room.


As a Second Class great force in the Void Continent, Seven Stars Sect had been doing well in recent years. That was because the Sect Master had chosen a very good location to build the Sect in the past. There were no proper great forces within a radius of 1,000 kilometres that could compete with them; therefore, the young children with excellent aptitudes around the area would all stream into Seven Stars Sect.


In the Void Continent, only great forces with Emperor Realm Masters assuming command could be called First Class. Seven Stars Sect didn’t have their own Emperor Realm Masters as the most powerful people were only in the Dao Source Realm. Although the Sect Master was a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Master, it would still take him a long time before he could make it to the Emperor Realm.


On this night, the Elders of Seven Stars Sect had gathered together to have a discussion about the Disciple Recruitment that would take place in a few months.


They would recruit new disciples every three years, and during this period of time, the Disciple Recruitment would become a major event in the surrounding region. Many of the Sects from other places would even send some people over to observe the event. That was why those from Seven Stars Sect wouldn’t dare to be negligent.


While these people were having a fervent discussion in the Main Hall, they suddenly felt a horrifying pressure descending from the sky.


Their expressions changed abruptly as they all rose from the chairs. The Sect Master of Seven Stars Sect, Shang Guan Ji, stepped out of the Main Hall and looked up at the darkness with a solemn expression. With his fist cupped, he shouted, “Seven Stars Sect, Shang Guan Ji, greets Honoured Senior. Forgive us for not greeting you sooner as we were unaware of your esteemed presence.”


The Elders and the Protectors behind him wore serious expressions as they could be heard gulping.


This couldn’t be helped, as it was apparent to them that this pressure was being released by an Emperor Realm Master.


Such a cultivator could be considered an overlord in the Void Continent. This kind of big shot was usually a Sect Master of a major Sect.


It was expected that they were shocked and doubtful since such a person visited their humble place in the middle of the night, and they were not even sure whether he was a friend or a foe. Fortunately, the person didn’t seem to have any ill intentions. The pressure soon disappeared as he didn’t intend to oppress them. He just wanted to reveal his identity as an Emperor Realm Master.


Just then, a figure stepped out of the darkness as they stared fixedly at him. It wasn’t until he came near them that they finally saw he was a young man who was clad in simple clothes.


The handsome man looked like he was only in his twenties or early thirties, but no one present would seriously believe he was really so young. There was no way a man of that age could’ve made it to the Emperor Realm.


The young man sported a smile as he nodded gently at them. Instead of appearing haughty, he seemed as pleasant as a spring breeze. He then said, “This King is Yang Kai. I’ve travelled across the Void Continent for decades, and when I passed by this place, I suddenly had a feeling of fate with this place, so I came over to have a look. Please pardon me if I’ve disturbed you in any way.”


Presently, the appearance of Yang Kai in front of Shang Guan Ji and the others was different from his true self.


It wasn’t that he had put on a disguise. In fact, his appearance hadn’t changed one bit. It was just that he had made use of his rights as the Master of this Small Universe and made them unable to see his true appearance.


There was a smile on Shang Guan Ji’s face as he spoke, “Senior has not disturbed us at all. We’re truly honoured to have Senior visit our Seven Stars Sect.”


Despite what he had said, his emotions were undulating in his heart.


The person in front of him had actually decided to visit this place on a whim. He didn’t doubt Yang Kai’s words, for the latter was an Emperor Realm Master. If Yang Kai wanted to make things difficult for Seven Stars Sect, no one could stop him. He could easily destroy them all and no one would say anything.


However, such an Emperor Realm Master must have detected something that prompted him to pay them a visit.


As they spoke, countless ideas went through Shang Guan Ji’s mind as he wondered what was inside Seven Stars Sect that could draw the attention of this Emperor Realm Master. What made him feel strange was that he had never heard of such an Emperor Realm Master in the Void Continent before.


There were only a small number of Emperor Realm Masters in this world, and every one of them was famous. Nevertheless, Shang Guan Ji had never heard of the name Yang Kai before.


Suppressing the doubts in his mind, he passionately invited Yang Kai to enter the Main Hall.


They couldn’t really continue discussing the Disciple Recruitment; after all, Seven Stars Sect was just a Second Class great force and an Emperor Realm Master had descended from the sky in the middle of the night to their home. They had no idea about his intentions, so they could only keep him company carefully. They were worried that a calamity would befall them if they offended him.


However, the atmosphere soon became harmonious and even a little cheerful. 


That was because the Elders realised that this Senior Yang was a rather genial person. He didn’t put on airs just because he was an Emperor Realm Master, nor did he look down on them for being weaker. Initially, only the Sect Master of Seven Stars Sect, Shang Guan Ji, had the courage to chat with him; nonetheless, after Yang Kai answered some of his questions regarding cultivation, the others couldn’t contain their urge to make some inquiries.


Everyone would encounter problems when they cultivated, but without a powerful master to guide them, they could only fumble about on their own, uncertain whether they were proceeding in the right direction or not.


Now that Yang Kai was there to give them some advice, they felt as though they had been enlightened.


In just two hours, admiration was written all over the faces of those Seven Stars Sect’s Elders as they gazed at Yang Kai, whose seemingly nonchalant advice could undoubtedly save them a lot of time and effort in the future.


This was a huge favour to any cultivator.


Seeing that their questions were never-ending, Shang Guan Ji had no choice but to interrupt them, “Good, Senior Yang must be exhausted from his travels. You all should stop bothering him already.”


Although Yang Kai appeared to be patient, they shouldn’t be too greedy. They had gained a lot of insights on this night, and as long as they could digest them, they would achieve greater heights in their cultivation. Shang Guan Ji even had an idea about how to make it to the Emperor Realm now.


He then glanced at Yang Kai and said politely, “Senior, you said that you sensed you shared some fate with this place. Do you have your eyes on anything in Seven Stars Sect? Please speak freely, for we shall not turn you down as long as we’re able to give it to you.”


Since they had gained so many benefits from him, Shang Guan Ji wouldn’t be stingy. If there was anything in Seven Stars Sect that Yang Kai was interested in, he wouldn’t mind gifting it to him as a way to build a relationship.


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai pretended to make some calculations with his fingers while the others held their breaths. A myriad of expressions came over Yang Kai for a moment before he shook his head, “The time has yet to arrive.”


Shang Guan Ji replied with a smile, “There’s no rush since it’s not the right time. Senior is welcome to stay here in Seven Stars Sect. You can always tell this Junior when the time arrives.”


Yang Kai nodded, “In fact, I do have a request, but I’m not sure if you’ll agree to it, Sect Master Shang Guan.”


Shang Guan Ji replied, “Please speak freely, Senior.”


Yang Kai went on to say, “Since I migrated to the Void Continent in the past, this King has constantly been travelling and exploring. I’ve basically visited everywhere that can be visited. Since this place and I share some kind of fate, I’d like to settle down here.”


The people in the Main Hall were stunned while Shang Guan Ji became energetic and asked excitedly, “Senior… do you mean you wish to join Seven Stars Sect?”


All of them gasped as they widened their eyes in disbelief.


Yang Kai nodded gently, “I’m not sure if it’s convenient for you to let me stay in Seven Stars Sect. If not, please allow me to build a hut at the bottom of the mountain.”


“Of course we are more than happy to have Senior join Seven Stars Sect!” Shang Guan Ji stood straight up as he appeared agitated. His face radiated a pinkish glow as he said, “It is our honour that Senior is willing to grace our Seven Stars Sect with his presence. Why wouldn’t we feel pleased with it?”


The others in the hall nodded like chickens pecking at rice.


The person before their eyes was an Emperor Realm Master. Although they had no idea about his Order, he was one of the most powerful people in the Void Continent regardless of what it was. If he could join Seven Stars Sect, they would instantly become a First Class Sect.


Even if Yang Kai were an arrogant and unfriendly man, they wouldn’t have turned him down, not to mention that he was actually quite amiable. It made a huge difference to have an Emperor Realm Master around as their heritage would instantly increase. They wouldn’t mind paying a steep price to make this happen.


“Many thanks then, Sect Master.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.


Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Shang Guan Ji measured his words before saying, “It is our honour that Senior has decided to join Seven Stars Sect. Given your cultivation, how does assuming the post of Ancestor sound?”


Yang Kai didn’t turn him down. Since he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was more than qualified to become the Ancestor of a small Sect that didn’t even have an Emperor Realm Master. He thus nodded, “Good.”


At that instant, Shang Guan Ji and the others rose from the chairs and cupped their fists in salute, “Greetings, Ancestor!”


Yang Kai said, “En, I shall humbly accept the position of Ancestor of Seven Stars Sect. Since this is a joyous occasion, I shall deliver you a small gift.”


He then extended his hand and pointed at the front.


When they looked up, they felt as though his finger had gently landed on their foreheads. Following that, a gentle force streamed into their bodies through their glabellas. They instantly felt warmth all over their bodies as their Source Qi began circulating smoother. Besides that, after the gentle force entered their bodies, countless ideas started flashing through their minds as they were suddenly able to comprehend things that they couldn’t in the past.


One Elder in particular, who had been stuck in the First-Order Dao Source Realm for many years, suddenly shook as he instantly achieved a breakthrough to the Second-Order Dao Source Realm.




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