Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4682, Disciple Recruitment


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By just extending his finger, Yang Kai had helped this old man achieve a breakthrough to the Second-Order Dao Source Realm. Such a strange incident was absolutely unheard of.


The people in the Main Hall became even more respectful of him, while the Elder in question bent his back so low he nearly fell over as he said in a shaking voice, “Many thanks for this enormous grace, Ancestor!”


His aptitude was not particularly outstanding, and he was pretty old now. Initially, he thought that the First-Order Dao Source Realm would be the limit in his lifetime, with no way he could improve further. Hence, it came as a total shock to have achieved a breakthrough to the Second Order. He even had a feeling that if he worked hard, he might stand a chance to make it to the Third Order.


To him, such a favour was no different from being granted a second life, and all the others were naturally envious of him.


“It’s all thanks to your accumulation over the years. I only stimulated your potential a little.” Yang Kai put on a smile, then gazed at Shang Guan Ji, “Sect Master, please keep it a secret that I’ve become the Ancestor of Seven Stars Sect.”


Shang Guan Ji became startled upon hearing that. Although he didn’t understand the reason behind it, he still nodded respectfully, “Don’t worry, Ancestor. Only the people in this hall will be aware of it. No one else will find out.”


He couldn’t help but think that it was such a shame. Initially, he intended to launch a public campaign to inform everyone that there was now an Ancestor in Seven Stars Sect. Once word spread, the Sect would be considered First Class, which would allow them to be regarded as important in the Void Continent.


However, since the new Ancestor had decided to keep his presence a secret, he could only obey his order.


Since it was very late now, Shang Guan Ji told a female Elder with an hourglass figure to lead Yang Kai to a Spirit Peak. He had somewhat figured out the temperament of this new Ancestor, who preferred peace and quiet over fanfare and glory; therefore, he decided to let him stay on the slightly remote Azure Jade Peak.


Seven Stars Sect had a total of thirty-eight Spirit Peaks, with Azure Jade Peak ranking somewhere in the middle and being pretty remote, so no one had actually been interested in it.


With that said, Yang Kai was satisfied after he moved in. This allowed Shang Guan Ji to breathe a sigh of relief.


Everything went well for the next few months. The new Ancestor was living a reclusive life on Azure Jade Peak and rarely stepped out of his home.


Shang Guan Ji finally became slightly at ease. When he was told to keep it a secret that Yang Kai had become the Ancestor of Seven Stars Sect, he was worried that the man might have some powerful enemies that would try to retaliate against him. In that case, it would be disastrous for their Sect.


Now, it seemed that his worries were unfounded. Moreover, after several months of observation, he realised that Yang Kai didn’t have any ill intentions. He really seemed to be tired of travelling around the continent, so he decided to look for a place and settle down and rest.


There was no doubt that this was good news for Seven Stars Sect. Although they were unable to reveal that there was an Emperor Realm Master with them, the Elders had more confidence to deal with any issues they might face now that they had a powerful backer.


Since Shang Guan Ji was aware that the Ancestor was fond of serenity, he issued orders that no one should disturb him without permission.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai still sold sweet rice dumplings in Seven Stars Town every day. His presence in the Small Universe was a manifestation of his Soul Avatar anyway, so it made no difference if there was one or two of him.


A few months later, the Disciple Recruitment of Seven Stars Sect that took place every three years finally commenced. The surrounding 1,000 kilometres radius was abuzz with activity and many cultivators from further afar came to visit Seven Stars Town.


At the entrance of the town, Yang Kai was standing there while watching Yu Lu adjust the clothes of the young children. She told them to be obedient after they left the town. It would be wonderful if they could become the disciples of Seven Stars Sect; however, even if they were not accepted, they didn’t have to feel dejected.


The two kids nodded in response.


A moment later, Yu Lu took the hands of Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya as she shuffled towards Yang Kai and said with reddened eyes, “Please take care of them, Big Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai put on a grin, “Don’t worry, Lady Yu. I won’t let anything happen to them. If they’re accepted into the Seven Stars Sect, I’ll come back and tell you about it. If they are rejected, I’ll bring them back safely.”


Yu Lu nodded, then gently pushed the young kids forward, “Go now.”


The young kids turned around and wrapped their arms around Yu Lu, who covered her mouth while shaking slightly.


Yang Kai looked into the distance as he couldn’t help but think that his parents might feel the same way every time he had to leave them.


Even after the trio had moved a long distance, they turned around and still saw a petite figure looking at them from the entrance of the town.


Seven Stars Town was basically a satellite town of Seven Stars Sect, so there was only a distance of about fifty kilometres between the two places.


While carrying a backpack, Yang Kai held the hands of the young kids as he sauntered towards Seven Stars Sect.


Just then, they heard the sound of a horse carriage approaching them from behind, so they stepped aside. When the carriage was passing them by, a young kid, who was about ten years old, stuck out his head and wielded his fist at Zhao Ye Bai, “Hey, I don’t want to see you in Seven Stars Sect; otherwise, I’ll definitely beat you up.”


Zhao Ye Bai pulled a face at him while Zhao Ya picked up a stone from the ground and forcefully hurled it forward, which caused the boy to instantly flinch.


With a smile, Yang Kai watched as the young kids messed around. He could recognise the boy in the carriage, who had chased after Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya a few months ago. The two of them had to sneak beneath his cart to shake off their pursuer. He was the brat from the Miao Family, Miao Fei Ping. There was no doubt that he was wealthier than the two kids beside Yang Kai, and he had an excellent aptitude.


In fact, when an Elder from Seven Stars Sect left the mountain and inadvertently came across Miao Fei Ping two months ago, he decided to take him on as a Disciple on the spot. This time, Miao Fei Ping just had to go through the registration process. Unlike Zhao Ye Bai, whose fate was uncertain, Miao Fei Ping could definitely join Seven Stars Sect.


The area in front of Seven Stars Sect was crammed with people as they had all come to try their luck. Their ages varied; there were some people who were as young as Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya, while there were also those who were in their early twenties.


It took Yang Kai a long time before he managed to help the young kids register their names. Every participant was given a Wooden Token with a number written on it. Before the test started, Zhao Ya looked fixedly at a hawker who sold candied hawthorns, which were deathly attractive to her.


Yang Kai went over and bought three sticks. While squatting in the corner, they were pleased with the taste of the food. As the young kids exchanged glances, they smiled at each other.


“Uncle Yang, what if I’m not accepted?” Zhao Ye Bai was suddenly worried about his future.


Yang Kai replied nonchalantly, “You’re still very young. Even if you fail, you can come again next time.”


On the other hand, Zhao Ya was very confident that Zhao Ye Bai would succeed, “Big Brother Ye Bai will definitely be accepted.”


Zhao Ye Bai grinned, “You’ll succeed as well, Xiao Ya.”


Right then, Miao Fei Ping appeared out of nowhere and said to Zhao Ye Bai, “Just give up. Look at how bony your arms are. There’s no way you’ll be accepted!”


There was a drumstick in his hand. While he was enjoying his food, his mouth covered in grease.


Zhao Ya narrowed her eyes as her murderous intent surged. She was chewing the candied hawthorns so loudly that it was as though she was biting Miao Fei Ping’s head instead.


Miao Fei Ping’s neck shrank as he put on a meek smile, “I’m sure you’ll succeed, Little Sister Ya. If I were a senior expert from the mountain, I would take you on as a disciple regardless of what it takes.”


After finishing his words, he left the place in a hurry.


Zhao Ya placated her companion by saying, “Don’t listen to him, Big Brother Ye Bai. Nothing good will ever come out of Miao Fei Ping’s mouth.”


“You’re right.” Zhao Ye Bai nodded repeatedly, “I don’t care whatever he says. Hahaha!”


There were many tests during the Disciple Recruitment of Seven Stars Sect, and many people would be knocked out after each test. Those who had passed were ecstatic while those who had failed appeared dispirited.


Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya were busy for the entire day. When they returned in the evening, their soles were covered in blisters.


“How was it?” Yang Kai asked.


Zhao Ye Bai appeared elated, “Uncle Yang, you know, Xiao Ya got an A Rank in her overall evaluation.”


“Is A Rank very good?” Yang Kai arched his brow.


Zhao Ye Bai made a gesture, “Very, very good! I heard that there were over 1,000 people who have taken part in the Disciple Recruitment, but only ten people have obtained an A Rank in the overall evaluation.”


“You’re indeed incredible, Xiao Ya. You’re one of those people who got the best result.” Yang Kai patted the young girl’s head with a smile.


However, Zhao Ya forced a smile as it seemed that she wasn’t joyful.


“What about you?” Yang Kai asked the young boy.


Zhao Ye Bai chuckled, “I’m much weaker than Xiao Ya as I only got a C Rank. Still, I passed the tests.”


Zhao Ya hurriedly said, “It’s fine. The aptitude test tomorrow is more important. The tests prior to that didn’t matter.”


Following a nod, Zhao Ye Bai replied, “You’re right. We’ll only be able to join Seven Stars Sect if we pass the test tomorrow. Anyway, I’m very confident.”


It was then that Zhao Ya put on a sincere smile.


Those from Seven Stars Sect didn’t prepare a place where the participants could get some rest; therefore, the group of three found a clean place and slept on the ground.


Zhao Ye Bai must have been exhausted, so he dozed off almost immediately.


In the middle of the night, Yang Kai opened his eyes and took a glance at Zhao Ya, who was seated with her legs crossed while she had pressed her palms together in a serious manner. He gently flicked her forehead and asked, “What are you doing up at this hour?”


Zhao Ya hurriedly placed a finger between her lips, then explained bashfully, “Aunty Lu and Grandma always say that there’s an almighty Lord who knows about everything in this world. So, I want the Lord to bless Big Brother Ye Bai and make sure that he’ll pass the test tomorrow. He always tells me that he wants to join Seven Stars Sect after all.”


Yang Kai smiled helplessly, “The aptitude of a person is decided at birth. There’s no way the Lord can bless him.”


Zhao Ya pursed her lips, “What kind of an all-powerful Lord is that if he can’t even grant such a simple wish?”


Yang Kai was lost for words, thinking that the Lord would be exhausted if he had to be concerned about every minor matter like this.


“Let’s sleep now.” Yang Kai decided not to delve into this topic.


“Alright,” Zhao Ya replied and lay on the ground.


However, Yang Kai soon heard her muttering under her breath. It was apparent that she was still secretly praying.


The next morning, the aptitude test of Seven Stars Sect’s Disciple Recruitment, which was the last of all tests, finally began.


This was also the simplest test. There was a round platform on the square. A participant just had to stand on it, and his or her aptitude would be evaluated.


The participants stepped onto it one by one as the platform radiated glows of different intensities. The Elders from Seven Stars Sect would observe it from the side. They would either let a participant pass the test or eliminate them during the process.


Yang Kai was waiting among the crowd alongside Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya. The kids were apparently nervous. Every time someone passed the test, they would appear envious, and when a person was knocked out, they would appear worried.




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