Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4683, Another Dream


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The aptitude test on this day was the most important test of all. Regardless of how excellent a person’s evaluation was prior to that, they would still be knocked out if they failed this assessment.


Moreover, the success rate was pretty low. Only two to three out of ten people could pass. Also, their Ranks were generally pretty low.


Around midday, a voice was heard calling out, “No. 763, Miao Fei Ping!”


Upon hearing that, Miao Fei Ping emerged from the crowd. Despite his young age, he was pretty agile. Upon stepping onto the platform, he politely saluted the cultivators from Seven Stars Sect who were responsible for administering the test. He then closed his eyes and steadied his breathing.


The next instant, the platform glowed intensely.


Everyone was amazed by the sight as the cultivators responsible for observing the results all rose from the chairs at the same time. While appearing excited, they looked fervently at Miao Fei Ping, who was in the middle of the platform.


“A Rank! The intensity of the glow suggests that his aptitude must be of A Rank!”


“Is there really a disciple with A Rank aptitude who will join us?”


The already amazed crowd became astounded upon hearing that. It was apparent to them that Miao Fei Ping had an extraordinary aptitude as the people getting tested prior to him were not able to make the platform glow so brightly; however, they were just onlookers after all. Given their eyesight, they were unable to judge Miao Fei Ping’s exact aptitude.


It wasn’t until they heard the cultivators from Seven Stars Sect that they realised his aptitude was of A Rank.


It had to be noted that many people had been tested already, and the person with the best result had only achieved B Rank. Although A Rank and B Rank were only one Rank apart, the achievements they would make in the future were drastically different. A person with A Rank aptitude would definitely make it to the Emperor Realm one day if they didn’t lose their life along the way.


On the stand, the Sect Master of Seven Stars Sect, Shang Guan Ji, couldn’t help but smile while stroking his beard.


Just then, an elderly man, who was seated beside him, spoke up, “Sect Master Shang Guan, this Old Master feels a predestined fate with this young boy, and would like to take him on as my Legacy Disciple. Would Sect Master Shang Guan be willing to part with him?”


The smile on Shang Guan Ji’s face instantly froze.


The Elders of Seven Stars Sect were not the only onlookers on the stand. There were also some powerful cultivators from other Sects that they were on good terms with who had come over to watch the fun.


Seven Stars Sect was a Second Class Sect, and the Sects they were friendly with were also of the same Class. Since they were equally matched, it was inconceivable that someone would make such a rude demand just because there was a young boy with exceptional aptitude. Such a person was basically trying to snatch their prized disciple from them.


However, this elderly man was a little different. He was an Emperor Realm Master from a First Class Sect who had been a guest at a different Sect some time ago. Upon hearing that a Disciple Recruitment was going on, he decided to tag along to watch the show. He only came here to find some small amusement, so it surprised him greatly to find a boy with such great aptitude.


Even the First Class Sects didn’t have a lot of disciples with A Rank aptitude. If he could bring this child back with him, it would strengthen the overall power of his Sect.


The faces of the Elders from Seven Stars Sect instantly fell when they heard this; however, since the visitor was an Emperor Realm Master, they wouldn’t dare to rebuke him lest he felt offended.


The representatives from other Sects appeared gleeful. Even though their Sects were on good terms with Seven Stars Sect, they wouldn’t want to see them getting a disciple with A Rank aptitude. If Seven Stars Sect managed to become a First Class Sect in the future, they would become inferior to them.


Hence, they were more than happy to see the disciple with A Rank aptitude getting taken away by someone else.


Shang Guan Ji straightened his face and replied, “To be honest with you, Senior Shen, this child was taken on as a Disciple by our Elder Guan Qian Xing two months ago. He’s just going through the recruitment tests as a formality.”


To the side, Guan Qian Xing rose from the chair and saluted Shen Xing, “That is indeed the case.”


Shen Xing frowned with displeasure; however, he was an Emperor Realm Master after all, so he couldn’t really press the issue. If the boy had not been already taken on as a Disciple, it would be fine to snatch him as he could just offer some compensation to Seven Stars Sect at a later time. They wouldn’t really dare to rebuke or refuse him; however, since a Master and Disciple relationship had already been established, he would appear oppressive and immoral if he tried to take the child away. If word got out, both he and his Sect would lose a lot of face.


After weighing the pros and cons, he nodded, “Since the child is already your Disciple, Elder Guan, I’ll not insist. Congratulations on obtaining a Disciple with such exceptional aptitude.”


“Many thanks for your kindness, Senior Shen.” Shang Guan Ji put on a smile as he was finally relieved.


If Shen Xing insisted on taking the child away, those from Seven Stars Sect would be unable to oppose him unless they asked their new Ancestor to come forward.


However, over the past months, the Ancestor had been living in seclusion as he seemed determined to keep a low profile. Despite being the Sect Master, Shan Guan Ji also hadn’t managed to see him once since the night he arrived; therefore, he didn’t have the confidence to make the Ancestor stand up for their Sect in this moment.


Since Shen Xing was willing to make a concession, a conflict was avoided.


The Elders from Seven Stars Sect congratulated Guan Qian Xing, who responded with a smile. Although he was already aware that Miao Fei Ping had good aptitude, he had no idea about the details since no test had been conducted at the time. He was pleasantly surprised on this day since Miao Fei Ping was revealed to have A Rank aptitude.


Soon, a detailed report was sent to them. No. 763, Miao Fei Ping, Seven Stars Town. His aptitude was revealed to be A-, while his overall evaluation was also A-.


This kind of aptitude was rarely seen across the entire Void Continent. There was no doubt that Miao Fei Ping was the best disciple that those from Seven Stars Sect had ever accepted.


Shang Guan Ji and the other Elders were naturally over the Moon.


Meanwhile, Miao Fei Ping left the platform and walked up to Zhao Ye Bai to brag about his achievements, causing Zhao Ya to bare her fangs in protest.


On the other hand, Zhao Ye Bai was completely unfazed as he sincerely congratulated him. This made Miao Fei Ping feel displeased as there wasn’t a tinge of jealousy on Zhao Ye Bai’s face. It was as if he swung his fist hard, only to punch a pile of cotton.


More disciples were then tested, and some of the people were revealed to have B Rank aptitude; however, Miao Fei Ping was practically the centre of attention now, so they didn’t look very outstanding. If Miao Fei Ping hadn’t been around, these disciples with B Rank aptitude would’ve been valued more highly by the Elders.


“No. 896, Zhao Ye Bai!”


Upon hearing that, Zhao Ye Bai, who had been waiting, took a deep breath.


“Go on,” Yang Kai gently pushed him.


“Don’t worry, Big Brother Ye Bai. You’ll be fine,” Zhao Ya encouraged him from behind.


Zhao Ye Bai waved his hand without turning his head, then shuffled towards the platform.


After saluting the people from Seven Stars Sect, he steadied his breathing just like everyone else had done before him.


Zhao Ya stared fixedly at Zhao Ye Bai while balling up her fists, her fingers practically digging deep into her flesh.


Just then, a very dim glow was seen, and it disappeared three breaths later.


The cultivators from Seven Stars Sect had a discussion for a moment before one of them announced, “Zhao Ye Bai, aptitude C-. Pass!”


On the platform, Zhao Ye Bai leaped into the air as though he had just won a million silver coins.


As long as a person was revealed to have an aptitude of B Rank or C Rank, they could join Seven Stars Sect; after all, those from Seven Stars Sect had knocked many people out the day before, so they wouldn’t turn down the ones who were left as long as their aptitude wasn’t too weak. However, people with weaker aptitudes would certainly be treated differently, and they would have fewer achievements in the future as well.


For a disciple like Zhao Ye Bai who had C- aptitude, he would only be the lowliest of disciples in Seven Stars Sect even though he was accepted.


Despite that, he was incredibly pleased with this.


He then returned with an excited expression as he reported to Zhao Ya and Yang Kai, “Uncle Yang, Xiao Ya, I passed the test! I passed!”


Yang Kai stroked the young boy’s head while Zhao Ya put on a beautiful smile. Imitating an adult, she saluted him and said, “Congratulations on having your dream come true, Big Brother Ye Bai.”


To the side, Miao Fei Ping was stunned as he pursed his lips together bitterly and muttered, “Your aptitude is only C-, but you look so ecstatic that it’s as though you were an A Rank.”


“My Mother always says that a person will only be truly happy by not being greedy, Senior Brother Miao.”


Miao Fei Ping refuted with displeasure, “I’m not your Senior Brother. Stop calling me that.”


Zhao Ye Bai sported a silly smile, “We’ll be the disciples of the same Sect, and you’re older than I am, so, of course, you’re my Senior Brother.”


Miao Fei Ping parted his lips, but he was unable to refute him. A moment later, he said angrily, “Don’t think that I’ll stop beating you up just because you call me Senior Brother. You’d better work hard and cultivate. If you can’t protect Little Sister Ya in the future, I’ll do it in your stead.”


“I’ll definitely cultivate hard so that you don’t have to do that, Senior Brother Miao,” Zhao Ye Bai stuck out his chest.


Just then, a person was heard calling out from the platform, “No. 897, Zhao Ya!”


“It’s your turn, Xiao Ya,” Zhao Ye Bai turned his head and said.


Zhao Ya nodded and sauntered forward. A worried Zhao Ye Bai advised her by saying, “Don’t fret. Just empty your mind and stand there.”


“En.” Zhao Ya dipped her head.


Despite what he just said, Miao Fei Ping acted like a Senior Brother, walked up to Zhao Ye Bai, and asked him seriously, “What if Little Sister Ya fails the test?”


Zhao Ye Bai replied, “That will never happen. Little Sister Ya has always been intelligent. Her aptitude must be greater than mine.”


“I’m saying what if!” Miao Fei Ping glared at him.


After giving it a serious thought, Zhao Ye Bai said, “I won’t join Seven Stars Sect, then. I’ll go home with Xiao Ya.”


Miao Fei Ping widened his mouth in shock as he gazed at him, “Don’t you always say that you’re determined to join Seven Stars Sect? Wasn’t it your dream to become a powerful cultivator one day?”


Zhao Ye Bai put on a smile, “It’s another dream of mine to see Xiao Ya growing up happy.”


Miao Fei Ping fell silent for a moment, then patted the younger boy’s shoulder as though he was a very mature person, “I’m inferior to you in this regard.”


Zhao Ye Bai stared at him in shock, “You have exceptional aptitude, and you’re from a wealthy family. Why would you be inferior to me in any way?”


Miao Fei Ping couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Just when he was about to speak, a brilliant light exploded from the platform. The glow was so dazzling that everyone present had no choice but to close or avert their eyes.


The glow soon expanded and spilled over the platform to engulf the crowd. Even the Masters on the stand were affected.


The dazzling light didn’t seem to be going out anytime soon.


Everyone fell into a commotion.


The cultivators from Seven Stars Sect who were responsible for observing the results bent forward as they widened their eyes in disbelief.


On the stand, Shang Guan Ji, the Elders of Seven Stars Sect, and the representatives from other Sects all rose from the chairs at the same time, utterly flabbergasted.




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