Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4684, The Fated Time Has Come


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When Miao Fei Ping was tested on his aptitude earlier, the platform also radiated a dazzling glow. Following that, he was revealed to have an aptitude of A-, which was unprecedented in the history of Seven Stars Sect, instantly making him the centre of attention. The top cultivators from other Sects, as well as the onlookers, were all amazed.


However, after Zhao Ya went on stage, the platform radiated an even more dazzling light for an even longer time.


Right then, someone from the crowd exclaimed, “It’s another person with A Rank aptitude!” 


Even the ordinary people who had never cultivated before could see that Zhao Ya had caused a greater commotion than Miao Fei Ping, who was revealed to have an aptitude of A-. Hence, how Heaven-defying must Zhao Ya’s aptitude be?


It was certain that her aptitude must be A Rank, but they were not sure whether it would be A or A+.


After more than a dozen breaths of time, the light finally went out, but the crowd remained stunned as they stared dazedly at the petite figure on the platform. It was as though they saw a new Star rising into the sky.


It wasn’t until this moment that Zhao Ya opened her eyes. She appeared puzzled as she had no idea what just happened. As her eyes met with those of Zhao Ye Bai, she flashed a sweet smile at him.


Before those from Seven Stars Sect announced the result, she was getting ready to leave the stage.


“Wait a moment, Junior Sister!” A cultivator from Seven Stars Sect hurriedly stopped her.


“What’s wrong?” Zhao Ya gazed at him with vigilance.


The cultivator was already drenched in sweat as he suppressed his shock and put on a harmless smile, “Don’t be nervous, Junior Sister. It’s just that your aptitude is so exceptional that we’re unable to make an immediate judgement. The result will be decided by the Elders, so please wait here for a while.”


He was extremely polite, as though he was facing an Elder or the Sect Master instead of a young girl who was only seven or eight years old.


Given her Heaven-defying aptitude though, there was no doubt that this young girl had a bright future ahead of her. Perhaps it would only take her a few years before she became someone he could only look up to, which was why this cultivator wouldn’t dare to be negligent.


If he said something wrong now, he would have no way to survive in the future.


On the stand, the Elders from Seven Stars Sect were flushing as they came together to discuss the aptitude of Zhao Ya using their Divine Senses.


Meanwhile, Shang Guan Ji stared fixedly at Zhao Ya as he almost cried tears of joy. First, Miao Fei Ping came as a surprise during the Disciple Recruitment, and now there was Zhao Ya. He reckoned that their Sect had been blessed by the Lord.


Given the aptitude Miao Fei Ping had showcased, there was no doubt he would be able to make it to the Emperor Realm in the future, and it was the same case for No. 897, Zhao Ya.


In the future, there would be two Emperor Realm Masters in Seven Stars Sect. Their Sect would become peerless in the Void Continent.


Soon, the outcome of the discussion among the Elders was decided. Guan Qian Xing walked up to Shang Guan Ji and spoke to him close to his ear.


Shang Guan Ji nodded gently, then announced, “No. 897, Zhao Ya, Seven Stars Town. Aptitude, A+, overall evaluation, A+.”


She had obtained a double A+.


Miao Fei Ping, who achieved double A- prior to this, paled in front of her.


Still, there was a helpless smile on Shang Guan Ji’s face. If Zhao Ya was evaluated properly, her aptitude would definitely be higher than A+; however, since A+ was already the limit, they were unable to give her a better result.


All of a sudden, he recalled a rumour that there was a higher Martial Dao above the Emperor Realm; however, since his cultivation was still fairly weak, he was unable to confirm the truth behind such information.


While Miao Fei Ping would certainly make it to the Emperor Realm, Zhao Ya might be able to bring Seven Stars Sect to unprecedented heights.


Shang Guan Ji couldn’t help but wonder what the Realm that was above the Emperor Realm would look like. Perhaps Zhao Ya would be able to unravel the mystery for him in his lifetime.


“Sect Master Shang Guan, I suppose this little girl hasn’t become a Disciple of any of your Elders yet.”


When Shang Guan Ji heard the voice, he was shocked as the pleasant surprise on his face transformed into horror.


While he was overwhelmed by ecstasy just now, he had forgotten about Shen Xing’s presence.


This person was already interested in Miao Fei Ping earlier. Fortunately, Miao Fei Ping had already been taken on as a Disciple by Guan Qian Xing two months ago and was just going through the formalities by taking part in the recruitment tests. That was the reason Shen Xing didn’t make things difficult for them as he still had to consider his status.


But now, Zhao Ya showcased an aptitude that far exceeded that of Miao Fei Ping’s, so it was expected that Shen Xing would be tempted.


Nevertheless, Shang Guan Ji would never be willing to let go of a young child who might bring Seven Stars Sect to the peak of the World. At that moment, countless ideas flashed through his mind, but just when he was ready to lie to Shen Xing despite knowing that he would offend him, he was suddenly engulfed in Emperor Pressure.


Regardless of how hard Shang Guan Ji tried, he was unable to tell a lie as he forced a smile and muttered, “No.”


The pressure then dissipated as though it had never been there.


Shen Xing smiled and nodded, “That’s wonderful. This Old Master believes he shares fate with this young girl, and would like to bring her back to my Sect. Sect Master Shang Guan won’t mind parting with her, yes?”


Shang Guan Ji almost had the urge to curse. This shameless old fart seemed to ‘share fate’ with any young child with exceptional aptitude. When he mentioned Miao Fei Ping just now, he still had the courtesy to ask Shang Guan Ji whether the latter was willing to give the Disciple to him, but when it came to Zhao Ya, he directly demanded to get the young girl.


He was basically snatching their disciple from them in broad daylight.


Seeing that Shang Guan Ji remained silent, Shen Xing sported a dark expression, “What’s wrong, Sect Master Shang Guan? Do you have no regard for this Old Master?”


A middle-aged man, who was seated beside Shen Xing, spoke up at that moment, “Brother Shang Guan, it’s understandable that you value such a talented young child, but Seven Stars Sect is too small. On the other hand, Senior Shen’s Southern Star Palace is one of the top forces in the Void Continent. Young Zhao Ya will definitely become very successful in the future, but Seven Stars Sect is too small to accommodate her. Only a place like Southern Star Palace could truly allow her to shine.”


Shen Xing had practically tagged along with this Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect; otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to the Disciple Recruitment of a Sect like Seven Stars Sect.


At this moment, Shang Guan Ji was resentful of the Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect. If this guy hadn’t brought Shen Xing with him, all this wouldn’t have happened.


Despite his sincere words, he actually had ulterior motives. It was already giving him a headache that Miao Fei Ping was joining Seven Stars Sect. If there was also Zhao Ya, the Second Class great forces around Seven Stars Sect wouldn’t be able to survive.


When these two disciples grew to be powerful one day, Golden Spring Sect would surely be oppressed by Seven Stars Sect.


Shang Guan Ji was aware that he wouldn’t be able to keep Zhao Ya, but he still wasn’t willing to give her to Shen Xing.


With displeasure written all over his face, Shen Xing snorted.


The Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect persuaded again by saying, “Brother Shang Guan, it’s said that an ordinary man is innocent, but treasures make him guilty. Zhao Ya’s aptitude is so exceptional that it is simply unheard of. It would be fine if Seven Stars Sect was able to protect her; however, just like my Golden Spring Sect, your Sect is just a Second Class great force. This news will undoubtedly spread across the entire Void Continent in no time. By then, rather than making your Sect thrive, this young girl will only bring disaster. Although Senior Shen has some selfishness in trying to take on this young girl to be his Disciple, he is also indirectly doing your Sect a great favour. Please think twice, Brother Shang Guan.”


To the side, Shen Xing stroked his beard and nodded as though he was really trying to help Seven Stars Sect.


A myriad of expressions came over Shang Guan Ji. Even though the Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect was acting maliciously, that didn’t mean what he said was entirely false.


Miao Fei Ping alone wouldn’t prompt those First Class Sects to make a move, but Zhao Ya was different.


If he invited trouble to Seven Stars Sect just because he wanted to keep Zhao Ya, he wouldn’t be able to take responsibility as the Sect Master.


The Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect declared firmly, “Brother Shang Guan, do you really want Seven Stars Sect to be destroyed just for a moment’s impulse?”


Shang Guan Ji, who had been trying to act tough, suddenly became dejected, as though he had aged by several dozen years. He let out a sigh since he was unable to turn things around. Just when he was preparing to give in, he suddenly looked in the direction of Azure Jade Peak.


At the same time, Shen Xing also lifted his head.


They could see a figure strolling through the sky towards them, his voice echoing around them even before he even arrived, “The fated time has come! It was worth waiting for a few months!”


Shang Guan Ji was filled with joy as he hurriedly rose from his seat.


The person, who looked like a descending Immortal, landed in front of Zhao Ya and looked down at her with a faint smile.


Without feeling fearful at all, Zhao Ya stared back at him.


At that moment, she was only thinking that this person looked familiar to her as his figure was similar to that of Uncle Yang.


When Yang Kai showed up in Seven Stars Sect several months ago, he used a trick and changed his appearance in the eyes of others.


Therefore, even though this Soul Avatar of his in front of Zhao Ya looked exactly the same as his true self, he appeared to be a different person in Zhao Ya’s eyes.


“There is fate between us, young girl. Are you willing to be my Disciple?” Yang Kai looked smilingly at her and asked.


On the stand, Shen Xing sported a dark expression. He had said something similar twice before today, but now this guy who appeared out of nowhere repeated what he had said. Was he trying to humiliate him?


Shen Xing stood straight up with fury and scoffed, “Who are you?”


It was expected that he was furious since the young girl was being snatched from him right in front of him.


Shang Guan Ji was pleasantly surprised when Yang Kai appeared, but at this moment, he was suddenly worried.


That was because he had no idea about what Order of the Emperor Realm this new Ancestor was in. On the other hand, he knew that Shen Xing was in the Second-Order Emperor Realm.


If the new Ancestor was weaker than Shen Xing, this matter wouldn’t be resolved peacefully. Even if the new Ancestor was also in the Second-Order Emperor Realm, Shen Xing represented Southern Star Palace, so there was no way Seven Stars Sect could go against them.


Shang Guan Ji wouldn’t even dare to think that the new Ancestor could possibly be in the Third-Order Emperor Realm, because the number of such Masters in the entire Void Continent could be counted on one hand.


“Sit down.” Yang Kai lightly commanded without even sparing Shen Xing a glance, and as Shang Guan Ji watched, Shen Xing really sat down as he was told.


Shang Guan Ji widened his eyes as he saw Shen Xing’s face go from red, to white, to blue. The man’s forehead was beaded with sweat, and his eyes filled with a light of terror.


Naturally, Shen Xing wouldn’t act obediently in this place, so the only explanation for him doing as he was told was that he was completely overpowered by the new Ancestor.


The emotions in Shang Guan Ji’s heart undulated as he had never expected that the Ancestor who arrived at Seven Stars Sect several months ago was actually a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master!


He instantly let out a sigh of relief, thinking that they would no longer need to fear anyone with such an Ancestor in their Sect.




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